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99th percentile

Why, hello there! So, you're curious to know about me? Hmmm, can't tell you much really. Not that I actually can't, just don't feel like it. Maybe a few gifs can give you some clues. BzUqGRv.gif DQDHXnu.gif If you figure everything out about me out of that, well congrats you're a regular Sherlock!

olivaisfire1997 joined on May 19th, 2013, since that has made 346 posts that are still accessible today, 13 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, olivaisfire1997 has given 441 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 22nd, 2019.


    @EvoRulz Thanks! Guess puberty had some work left to do on me.


    So, Cold-War solved, guess it's time to come back home, let's hope everything stayed the same since we left! Or could there be changes in the air with Rocky V?


    It is now time for Russia during the Cold War, what political drama awaits us in Rocky IV?

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    Okay, so I don't understand this... Been away for too long I guess. But I'm always in on helping someone with their voice recording fetishes, sooooooo

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    @Taro_Tanako Vampire huh? Okay...

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    Well, I'd say what made me write my bible was more the childish response. But hey, I can't really see the problem of stating my own opinion which you consider unpopular, but alas, as the great king once said: "Have it your way."

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    Oh, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear @Inia I try not to write a lot unless I find it necessary. Congratulations, you made it necessary! To start with the obvious, the childish way you proceede to phrase this statement was quite enticing, be it your own idea of provocation or just mere coincidence, I gladly oblige to it. As for my opinion on Mr, Shyamalan's work, granted it's my opinion, like you have yours, is based with the thought of all his history, and works, his quick rise to fame, his slow downfall that should've been quicker, his overall decline in quality as a film maker. He started very well, I might say, his first two movies had great potential, and are still aclaimed pieces today, the sixth sense being a work of reference for him, this sucess gave him so much hype that he was proclaimed the next Spielberg, can you imagine that? But then the downfall, when Signs came along people were starting to notice somethings, Shyamallan has some very odd ways of writting and directing, be it weird morals, twists that either went nowhere or were just too obvious to begin with, each of his movies can show so many of those flaws, signs for awfull story-telling, the village for predictableness and writting clichés, the happening for, well, disgusting acting, stupid dialogue, and all of the above. And don't get me started on the last airbender. Most of the flaws we can point out on him though come from how he just can't tell how people act in real life, he has a phobia of apostrophes, he makes kids say ridicullous speeches, etc. But he his showing promise, especially with his newest movie The Visit, some sins of the past seem to have been purged, sure not entirelly, but it does show potential, I do not hate this man, or his work, but I can't support those who defend him as a good director, he's not, he has so much to learn until that happens, people aren't so dumb as to just hate something they don't understand too, the world isn't that stupid or simple, sometimes people just goof at their job, as the backlash been too severe on him for it, maybe, we're not perfect, but he did make a ton of continuous mistakes, he isn't edgy, or artsy, or good. Movies don't work like that, the world doesn't work like that, want good directors? Try Kubrick, try Wells, try Spielberg, try Eisenstein, try Tarantino, try Scorsese, Hitchcock, Lynch, Nolan, Coppola, Kurosawa, Cameron, Scott, Burton, Cronenberg, De Palma, Anderson. The world is filled with so many great directors who left so many important marks on cinema, explore them, their gifts are plenty and so beautiful, why claim you reached the top when you have so many other bigger mountains around you? All I really wanted to say is, don't make quick judgements on things, be it your vision on a director, or the world, there's so much out there to learn, heck, the great movies that are coming out right now just show how much there still is to see. So, please, at least try to reconsider your opinions.

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    Wow, no, no nononononononono. Okay this is here for a reason, I know. But still seriously? And the village of all movies to defend? You could've chosen the sixth sense or unbreakable. The vilage is such an obvious movie, and I guarantee it does not go over anybody's head, especially that obvious "twist". Also, comparing a mediocre director with a thing that makes movies... no shit you prefer M. Night Shyamallammadingdong's work.

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    Here's some classics:

    1.Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter, seized his knees and sneezed.

    2.Chester chooses chestnuts, cheddar cheese with chewy chives. He chews them and he chooses them. He chooses them and he chews them. . . those chestnuts, cheddar cheese and chives in cheery, charming chunks.

    3.Moses supposes his toeses are roses. . .

    . . .but Moses supposes erroneously.

    Moses, he knowses his toeses aren’t roses. . .

    . . .as Moses supposes his toeses to be

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    I don't know what all this Mein Kampf business is all about, and in all honesty you make me sick! I want in. Username: Sassy_Skeletor