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omochialien joined on May 13th, 2010, since that has made 108 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, omochialien has given 152 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 25th, 2014.

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Dear everyone,

    Tupac lives with Caillou

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    gar is a bigger butt that likes me

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    is a tsundere bastard


    what is even going on in here

  • In Korra fanart thread

    @Dave ahaha oh wow my friend zuki drew that

  • In ★★★★★Kawayy Art Dumps By Yumi Toho★★★★★
    • Fugly-ass commission for our very own admin, @Acostoss http://www.iaza.com/work/120516C/iaza17477664529100.png
    • Birthday drawing for the best duck bro @DSP http://www.iaza.com/work/120516C/iaza17477693767300.png
    • A rather sketchy poopoo for the kawaii @Canon of her babies Imo and Andrew from her webcomic Witch Hazel http://www.iaza.com/work/120516C/iaza17477694775000.png
    • And here's a sad Tahno from the Legend of Korra http://www.iaza.com/work/120516C/iaza17477613961400.png
  • In ★★★★★Kawayy Art Dumps By Yumi Toho★★★★★
    • My Animal Crossing character is pimped out holla holla http://www.iaza.com/work/120508C/iaza17477663097000.png
    • I have a lot of feelings toward Earthbound and i love Ness and Paula http://www.iaza.com/work/120508C/iaza17477682433400.png
    • Aaaand I really like Bolin because he's presh http://www.iaza.com/work/120508C/iaza17477641048100.png
  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    Loki likes to wew

    and doesn't like me

    s'all i got

  • In ★★★★★Kawayy Art Dumps By Yumi Toho★★★★★
    • My bro Lil Rubio made a theme song for my best friendchan, so I joined in and did the album art. http://www.iaza.com/work/120428C/iaza17477694600400.png

    • My one true goal in life is to color all of @Matt's lineart http://www.iaza.com/work/120428C/iaza17477655539500.png

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    plays videogames and is german