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  • In Deviants?

    The reason why your sociology teacher relates the term 'deviants' to 'hardcore criminals' is because being a hardcore criminal strays from the 'norm' as majority of people are not 'hardcore criminals'. Your teacher should have explained the term 'deviant' as simply anyone who happens to stray from what is considered the 'social norm'. Essentially the term 'deviant' or 'deviance' itself is emotionless and subjective, without an opinion of those being deviant as something negative. It depends heavily on what society predominantly believes as normal or even whatever you yourself feel as normal as the negativity associated with it is added on by people when the term in text doesn't indicate it as bad.

    I don't think your teacher meant deviance as a bad thing, because it essentially isn't. If your teacher did though, that's kind of fucked up.

  • In The K Crazies

    but Butter isn't even really 'hating'. :<

  • In Let's Be Honest; We Knew This Would Happen..

    Ironically, the new Star Wars ride at Disneyland is not bad. It's funny that they already have so much Disney x Star Wars merchandise already though.


    I have an iPhone 5, and I like it :O

    In Canada, it's supposedly easier to get one...I got mine the day it came out without having to line up, but that was through a phone company. From what I hear, getting one in America is way harder. I would say to keep phoning around apple stores close to you, phone companies, and if it isn't in, either ask to see if they can put one on hold for you for the next shipment that comes in, wait, or just order it online. I highly doubt there will be some kind of magical way to just get one as the phone is still comparatively new, so wait time for a phone that is generally quite popular should be expected.

  • In Oh God Why

    Didn't happen to me but..... Once my friend was on the bus late at night, and so there was this guy on it, tweaking out and shiet. My friend thought the guy was going to rob him or something, since he kept walking back and forth, switching seats close to him. Eventually, the guy goes away, and my friend goes "whatever, not my problem." .......but then....he hears a sound, he ignores it, no fucks given, until the bus driver goes " that guy pissing on my bus?"

    Yes, yes the guy was.

  • In My life story and butts

    @wanderlust oh, bb <33

    lustay, bb, butt dance for us <333 IT'S A CRIME TO KEEP THAT SEXAY BOOTAY FROM THE WORLD ;A;

  • In My life story and butts

    I have a butt, it is average. LOL anyone who is awesome should have read the "Butt Wars" series. twas awesome. butt fighting butts, yo.

  • In Colorless IRL Baby Pictures
    me and my grandma :O
    back in HK

  • In Le New Tinychat Screenshot thread

    @KungFuTurtles @Dec gather the troops ;A; tc oldfaggotory must commence sometime!

  • In love?

    Pfft, who lies on the internet.