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im a major otaku and spend my free time either watching anime and reading manga or hanging out with my friends.

note: i may talk bout manga a lot so please bare with me! @-@

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  • In RWBY

    i love this!!!

  • In What are you reading?

    right now i'm reading house of many ways. i really like mythical stuff ^^

  • In My New Tattoo!

    omg dats so cool! i want 2 get it!

  • In Favorite Inuyasha Character

    @Ecstasy hi thanks 4 ur help i'll try harder in the future! ^-^

  • Favorite Inuyasha Character

    hey guys just wondering if there are any other inuyasha fans out there and if so who is your favourite character?

    inuyasha is a anime series about a girl named Kagome who accidentally fell through a well and was transported to the feudal era of Japan. There she meets the half demon, Inuyasha. they make many friends and evil enemies.

    my fave inyuasha character would have 2 b Sango because she is the strongest female character i have ever seen. (not really but she's in the top of my charts of strong female characters)