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shadodracque joined on Feb 2nd, 2012, since that has made 10 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, shadodracque has given 17 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 18th, 2019.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    My co workers ARE SO WEIRD! Every time I walk into the lounge room to clock in there are usually a bunch of people and there and they stare at me as I walk in. So i always say hi and for the majority of the time, LIKE NO ONE OR ONLY ONE PERSON WILL SAY HI BACK. It's so awkward because saying hi and not getting a response just feels weird lol.

  • In All about Shado

    "Wow shado is so great!" -Brilliant citizen

  • All about Shado

    A thread to appreciate the almighty Shadodracque/Shadospade.

  • Durarara

    Why does it end soon. So I sent a letter to the CrEaToRs and the replied saying "It is nice to have fans. We love you and enjoy our show!" Is this a prank mail?

  • In DarkChaplain

    @DarkChaplain Like that. Mean. U could have said that it beeps annoying and such. And I mentioned u like 4 times but not constantly. Y dont U use ur brain and think about how to TALK to people without attitude. Cuz expressing ur anger through mutes is ANNOYING.

  • In Tulpa (Imaginary friends on a whole new level)

    @JoJoBird lol

  • In Tulpa (Imaginary friends on a whole new level)

    It is called the Law of attraction

  • In Post what you're listening to.
  • In Suicide, what do you think?

    When I get depressed I do crack

  • In Final Fantasy Tactics

    I WANT TO BE A DRAGOON!!! i love the Jump ability.