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JackColor, Administrator, Minecraft Physicist Extraordinaire, Owner of The CL Pub, and Protector of Humor and News. If we become friends on steam I'll probably ask you first. I have too many steam friends that I don't really talk to as it is.
My Battle.Net: JackColor#11699; Overwatch only.

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Also CL's Owner/Operator of

The 4th Tag

--Jack-- joined on Mar 19th, 2013, since that has made 1859 posts that are still accessible today, 63 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, --Jack-- has given 2875 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 23rd, 2017.

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    I'm just gonna lock this....thing...that you've made. Remember, threads need tags and clear descriptions.

    As for things to do with a better net connection, idk maybe find more youtubers to watch, get netflix, or get into online gaming.

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    Reserved for Listing CL battle.net accounts

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    If two titles and an image aren't enough than yes, this is a thread for the newest game from Blizzard Entertainment. After searching through CL's threads I found several for Warcraft and Hearthstone things, where small groups of users have shared their Battle.Net accounts, but none for OVERWATCH which I do know at least a handful of CL users play, including myself.

    So, feel free to post anything OVERWATCH related here. Pictures, news, achievements, merch, fan art, memes, etc. I'll also make a section for sharing Battle.Net accounts below if any users wish to.


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    How extremely boring everything seems to have become in the last few months.

  • Moderator Applications

    We have reached that time again, fellow users. The time where we could use a helping hand on the moderation team. Remember, being on staff is not simply a shiny new badge and a new role. You are asked to have dedication to CL, and to be able to handle drama both firmly and fairly. As you know, Moderators are capable of seeing posts that are flagged and help to remove those flagged appropriately, able to ban users who are troublesome, and able to mute troublesome users in the chat. These responsibilities will fall to you, as well as the rest of staff.

    The two most important pre-requisites for applying are as follows:

    • Time: Are you actually here a lot of the time? Do you only come around once or twice every week? Have you been a member for a long time? We do not want moderators that we rarely see.
    • Age: Ideally, if you are under 18 years of age, your schedule could be quite extensive. Not to mention as moderators we ask for mature, formal handling of situations, even involving people we don't like.

    Please send in your application, answering the questions below, to @--Jack-- with the Private Message system.

    1. Why would you like to be a CL Moderator?
    2. What do you think you can bring to the site as a moderator?
    3. What do you do in your free time, apart from posting on CL?
    4. Does your schedule allow you to dedicate adequate time to moderating the site?
    5. Which project-related content are you interested in organizing and participating in?
    6. If you could change one thing about CL, what would it be?
    7. How old are you?
    8. What is your current/future country of residence/timezone?
    9. What is your Skype username? (Staff discusses things in a Skype group. You will need to be regularly available on this platform.)

    The Deadline for Submissions is Thursday, March 9th, 2017

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: I don't know if I meet these requirements...what should I do?

    A: Submit anyway! You never know, we may want you.

    Q: Do I need advanced technical experience?

    A: Nope, although its nice to have.

    Q: Do members of the CL staff get paid?

    A: Hahahahaha...No.

    Original Thread Image credit goes to @DarkChaplain

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    I'm hyped about encroaching political scandals. Also samurai jack coming back (see thread).

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  • It's Valentine's Day [2017]

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Although we probably have a thread for CL crushes, I'd imagine today is appropriate to have this thread, since CL crushes change from time to time. No, I don't mean just people you like! There is a legitimate section for each of us that shows our crushes on CL! People we mention and interact with the most are considered our crushes according to CL!

    You can find this section by going to the Contacts section linked in the sidebar and scrolling to the very bottom.

    Post your screenshots here~

    This original thread is ultra old.

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    @B0R3D2D347H Welcome to CL