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JackColor, Administrator, Minecraft Physicist Extraordinaire, Owner of The CL Pub, and Protector of Humor and News. If you wanna become friends on steam I'll probably ask you first. I have too many steam friends that I don't really talk to as it is.

Also CL's Owner/Operator of

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--Jack-- joined on Mar 19th, 2013, since that has made 1915 posts that are still accessible today, 70 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, --Jack-- has given 2964 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 25th, 2017.

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    @PigeonSpider Congratulations you're post is the 111,111th post on this iteration of! Here have a free Rabu Badge.

  • In CL Movie Nights - BladeRunner (1982) [Closed]

    Posted the link to join. I'll remove it after movie night is done. I did find out that only up to 25 people can join a room with but I doubt that many people will show up. Also:

    If you missed the stream, have connection issues, or simply doesnt like your modem, you can stream the movie on your own time here

    (You missed out, bub. The link is gone now).

    Note, this streaming site and the content it offers is not specified as legitimate viewing or purchasing of this movie and that link will self destruct in the next 24 hours as I have a responsibility to discourage piracy in any of its forms (what you do on your own time is none of my business).

    Have a nice day.

  • In Famous People Deaths

    Adam West

    Born: September 19, 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington, USA

    Died: June 9, 2017 (age 88) in Los Angeles, California, USA

    Adam West was always famous for the more goofy and camp Batman series, but he was also a regular voice actor, helping out in many movies, television shows, and even on some podcasts and web media such as guest appearances and segments on Funny Or Die. To add a cherry to the top of his voice acting career, many of the voices he did were simply of himself, or a likeness of Adam West, as a key character in multiple series' such as Family Guy and The Fairly Odd Parents. Most of all, he's continued to have voice roles in many of the batman series that have been put on TV. I think batman will be what he's remembered for the most...

  • In CL Movie Nights - BladeRunner (1982) [Closed]

  • In CL Movie Nights - BladeRunner (1982) [Closed]

  • In The "Would You Rather / What If" Thread

    What if you would have perfect health for the rest of your life, but a second anus would appear on your left armpit ...would you do it?

  • The "Would You Rather / What If" Thread

    This is a simple forum game many of you probably have encountered in real life or online. Since the two are so similar, I figured they'd be more attention-focusing as one thread. Would You Rather and What If questions go here, and people can answer them by subposting under them. The original thread was kind of dead, and I figured adding the What If game would be fun as well. Also this time its not turn based.

    I've marked the thread as Not Safe For Work, because sometimes the humor and fun comes from gross or lewd questions. Please don't use slurs, etc. Now then, a brief description of each:

    Would You Rather?

    Usually a choice between two things that are bad, implying one of them has to be chosen. Would you rather ____, or ____ ?


    • Would you rather eat 5 rotten eggs, or get punched in the face 5 times?

    • Would you rather have your car stolen, or have two years shaved off your lifespan?

    What If?

    Instead of two bad options, What If is whether or not you'd agree to a situation with one good aspect and one bad aspect. What if ___, but ___ ...would you do it?


    • What if you could have any food you wanted for free when eating at a restaurant, but you have to be naked when you're there...would you do it?

    • What if you could travel for free wherever you want, but whenever you sit down there's a 20% chance you'll poop yourself ...would you do it?

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Well everything has suddenly gone to hell. Just my luck.

  • CL Movie Nights - BladeRunner (1982) [Closed]

    Countdown clock

    I feel like it's been a while since CL has had any sort of movie night, so here we go! Lets watch another movie, but this time around its not anime!


    Movie Night will be on Saturday June 10 at Midnight (EST TimeZone; UTC−05:00)

    (technically Sunday June 11, listen just stay up until midnight on the 10th).

    If you're confused about the time, just use the Countdown clock to check on how close we are!


    I'll be using the 3rd party streaming/sharing website You shouldn't have to make an account to join in, but if you want to host your own thing some other time I recommend using it. has a text chat and even voice/video options too, but you can minimize them if they get in the way of your viewing.

    As for the Link, I'll update the thread and Post it when the time comes.


    As you probably know from the title, the movie we'll be watching is the film BladeRunner. For those of you who haven't seen it, its on the "Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once" thread for a reason, but I do want to inform CL users that this movie has some adult themes and content in it. Violence, Partial Nudity, etc. An in-depth list can be found here on the films IMDb page for parents.

    Also there's an explanation in the opening credits that establishes some of the setting, so I'll go ahead and post that text here so slow readers don't miss anything:

    Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution into the NEXUS phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant.

    The NEXUS 6 Replicants were superior in strength and agility, and at least equal in intelligence, to the genetic engineers who created them.

    Replicants were used Off-World as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets. After a bloody mutiny by a NEXUS 6 combat team in an Off-World colony, Replicants were declared illegal on earth - under penalty of death.

    Special police squads - BLADE RUNNER UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing Replicant.

    This was not called execution. It was called retirement.

    This movie night is now over! Thanks to all who joined in!

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