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99th percentile

I'm Retired.

Former CL experience and skills:

  • Project Planner
  • Informative Threads
  • Games Threads
  • Discussion Threads
  • Help and Advice Threads
  • General Purpose Threads, such as doodling and writing.
  • Holiday Event Planner
  • Spent more time as a member of staff than a regular user.
  • Quickest path from regular user to Administrator status.
  • Most active and responsive mod when I was a moderator.
  • Made this huge thread explaining warframe.
  • Didn't become an insufferable asshole during debates and arguments.
  • Respected confidentiality and didn't spread unfounded rumors or expose people's business.
  • Wiling to take and give advice.
  • Enforced the rules when they were broken, and only then.

--Jack-- joined on Mar 19th, 2013, since that has made 2005 posts that are still accessible today, 79 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, --Jack-- has given 3118 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 20th, 2020.

  • In What Are Your Favorite Cutscenes/Moments in Gaming?

    Without getting into any of the spoiler territory, I like the introduction of A2 in NieR: Automata

  • What Are Your Favorite Cutscenes/Moments in Gaming?

    Gaming is fun, yes. Blasting away demons, mutants, zombies, angry children in first person shooters from other countries. But sometimes its not just about the violence, puzzle solving, or the time spent enjoying yourself. Games can tell stories and evoke deep feelings and thoughts from down inside us all. What are some of your favorite cutscenes and moments in gaming? Cinematics too (even trailers, although slap on the wrist for you if they lie about the quality of the game like WatchDogs' E3 trailer did). It doesn't have to be prerendered, or even a good quality scene to be one of your favorites.

    It could be the monorail scene at the start of Half-Life:

    All the way to recent games with totally different graphics. One of my examples would be the opening to MGS Ground Zeroes:

    Important Note: Please Tag Game Spoilers Appropriately.

  • In How would you plan if you knew you were gonna be rich?

    Admin-san who hasn't been here in months

    And I still managed to be better than some previous admins!

  • In How would you plan if you knew you were gonna be rich?

    @shafnat If you buy the site, promise me you'll destroy it forever~

  • In WEG Thread? WEG Thread In all actuality I didn't expect it to be good at all.

  • In Heat Signature - A game about sneaking onto spaceships. (Major Update)

    There's been a big Heat Signature Update

    Here's the direct steam news page for the game's new features

    Among other things, more Hazards and elements have been added to the game, such as Telepads that can send reinforcements to a ship, or allow a target to escape...

    Here's some other aspects they've added, lifted from the update notes:


    Sometimes in Heat Signature the question wasn't so much "How do I avoid tripping the alarm?" but "How do I get to the captain fast enough that it doesn't matter if I do?" On ships with Autopilot, there is no captain. Tripping an alarm will always trigger the consequence - whether that's a countdown, the target fleeing, or reinforcements. And once it does, there's no way to disable it. Be very careful.

    Jammer Gates

    Some pilots in the Drift are frankly sick of you flicking on a Shield or a Slipstream and dashing through their ship before they can do anything about it. So they've installed jamming fields in every door on the ship - passing through will crash any active gadget effects you have going on. We can only thank the voidmother that there isn't some terrible new type of enemy that can deploy this jamming technology over a wider area as far as you know.

    Random Kit

    Very rarely, one type of guard aboard a ship will not all have an unpredictable set of equipment. Each guard of this type had just grabbed a random bunch of stuff, so you'll have to bring a versatile loadout and scope out each one as you come to them.


    Contractors are basically hired hands that patrol some ships. They have 4 possible classes and associated abilities. They're kind of like MiniBosses.

    The Defender

    A contractor who generates an impenetrable, uncrashable, unhackable shield for all guards near them. The only way to bring these shields down is to take out the Defender who, in one of nature's cruel ironies, only has a conventional shield.

    The Jammer

    A contractor who moves through the ship installing jamming devices that prevent any of your gadgets from working while you're inside their square of effect. The field also scrambles incoming teleportation, so glitching into it is not advised. The jammers can be destroyed up close if you can get to them. Crashing a Jammer prevents them from placing any more jamming devices. Subverting them... does something else.

    The Tracker

    A contractor with specialized sensors that track your exact location on the ship at any range. They will hunt you relentlessly, their reactions are instantaneous, and their high velocity rifle is virtually impossible to dodge. Watch for the red tracks leading to you. Crashing a Tracker disables their sensors, subverting scrambles them.

    The Predator

    The most lethal contractors in the galaxy. Step into their pulsing sensor range and they will instantly detect you, teleport to you, and kill you in the same move. Shields don't help, their blade is already in you when they glitch. Good luck. Crashing a Predator disables their sensor and teleporter. Subverting them... does something else.

    There's a lot more to do, so I figured I would bump this thread.

  • In How would you plan if you knew you were gonna be rich?

    You guys are lame


  • In Steam Summer Sale 2018!

    Steam still doesn't have its fucking servers up to where it can handle everyone at the steam sale. Had to restart the client several times just to get the store to even respond, and it still freezes randomly. Simply logging in online at least gives you the option of closing the tab when it breaks.

    Now for some of my recommended games right now: A Hat in Time:

    Solid platformer, collectathon, adorable characters, good story (although short), and pretty mario-galaxy-esque graphics.

    Earth Defense Force:

    Takes all the good things about Starship Troopers and throws it into an anime setting, and then into a fight-the-horde game with giant insects, robots, spaceships, spiders, hornets, more robots, and also giant leviathan bosses sometimes. Upwards of 60-100 weapons for each class that scale in difficulty and stats. 80 missions in the vanilla version of the game. You might think its overpriced at 20$, but its normally 50$, so I highly recommend it. Up to 4 player coop against the invading creatures, and friendly fire is always on. Ruiner:

    Devolver Digital's take on cyberpunk settings, Ruiner is a run and gun, almost-bullet-hell fighter, where you use combinations of dashes, guns, melee attacks, and other perk/skill tree based tactics to cut down enemy after enemy. With the silent protagonist role turned up to 11, and the tropes being piled on, its got an unfortunately short but intense story. Also the difficulty amps up considerably from start to finish. Also has a skillpoint system you can completely switch up at any time, and you get more through out the story to then spend on skills and tactics to assist you in combat. Oh and the soundtrack is perfect for the game.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    wow you even got reported for being so cringey

  • In Warframe: Plains of Eidolon

    @Dio Certain mods are dropped by specific enemies, sometimes very rare enemies at that. If you have a specific mod in your sights, finding it's page on the warframe wiki should tell you how to get it, or at least where it drops from.