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  • A Hat in Time - [Game Review]

    Since the forum is dead as heck I thought I'd review a game that recently came out on steam. I'm not typically bothered enough to give a review but this game is oddly charming and has a very cute style to it. Here's a brief order of what I'll be covering:


    • Information (Steam & System Requirements)
    • Synopsis of the story (no spoilers)
    • "The Pros"
    • "The Cons"
    • My Thoughts


    [A Hat in Time on Steam]

    • Price: Currently $29.99 USD
    • Genre: Adventure, Indie, 3D Platformer
    • Release Date: October 5th, 2017

    System Requirements:


    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit only
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space



    The main story of the game is that you are a kid, some kind of hat kid. A kid who enjoys hats. Also space. You're on a spaceship and you are nearly home when you find yourself interrupted by a nearby planetoid and its inhabitants. Long story short, you and all of your mysterious hour-glasses that power your ship fall to the planet and from there you have to find them all! Throughout your quest to get them all back you meet odd faces, find treasures, and use yarn collectables to craft more hats that give you various abilities. These hats and more help you to solve various 3D platforming puzzles and challenges.



    • Theres a lot of graphic options, as well as an in-game screencapture system that lets you take photos with filters, distance blur, etc.

    • The controls and physics feel very good, and theres a good range of movement options such as crouch/crawling, double-jumping, and ground-sliding/air-dashing.

    • The SFX and voices fit things pleasantly well.

    • The visuals are downright beautiful.

    • You can skip almost everything that's like a "cutscene" and you don't have to wait on dialogue.

    • Soundtrack is fitting and reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy.

    • The characters are adorable, even some of the enemies.

    • Controller Support.

    • The Worlds have a lot of detail to them, and they kind of make you want to explore before completing the mission you're on to see what's specific to the mission in that world, like in Mario 64.

    • It's been compared to Yooka Laylee.


    • There are only 5 "worlds" in the game.

    • The game is kinda short compared to games with similar prices. Can supposedly be completed in around 10 hours through "casual playing". People have been speed-running it in less than half an hour (although I do not know what content they are skipping).

    • The difficulty is very lax. The game is very easy to progress through, so you might desire more of a challenge and rarely, if at all, get one.

    • Some users report the game crashing at times. I've only had the game crash once on me but I also have more than the minimum system requirements. Your mileage may vary.

    • There are reports of more severe UI bugs and potential crashing on Mac. This is what you get for trying to game on a Mac.

    • If you backed the game on kickstarter, supposedly some of the potential mechanics and exploration were cut back or removed. As someone who didn't back it I can't easily tell whats been removed.

    • It's been compared to Yooka Laylee.


    I enjoy this game a lot, but I'm also not the kind of gamer who needs exponential challenges and hardcore modes in games, so this appeals to me more. The visuals are very satisfying, with the cartoony feel and the vibrant colors that remind me of several games, such as Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine. The platforming is pretty easy, but its still satisfying to collect things as the Badge mechanic offers a pretty good variety as long as you progress through the missions. The little things help keep the game from feeling repetitive.

    All in all it's a cute game that has a lot of well-placed jokes that also manages to mix the aesthetic of several 3D platformers, Mario, and the cartoony Zelda Games.



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    Japanese police arrest 74-year-old ninja thief suspect


    Japanese police say they have finally caught a prolific thief who dressed as a ninja to carry out raids - and were surprised to find he was 74.

    After his usually covered face was caught on a security camera this year, he was put under surveillance which led to his arrest in July.

    Police now believe he is the so-called "Ninja of Heisei", thought to have carried out more than 250 break-ins.

    He has been charged with thefts worth 30m yen ($260,000; £200,000).

    Police had been baffled by a series of burglaries over eight years carried out by a suspect wearing black, assuming they had been carried out by someone younger.

    Investigators observed the suspect, whom they say seemed little different from most elderly men, during the day.

    But they say he then went into an abandoned building and changed clothes before waiting until it got dark to steal.

    "He was dressed all in black just like a ninja," a senior official in the western Japanese city of Osaka said.

    So this old guy has been around for so long he's stolen roughly 30 Million yen worth from various places. Thievery isn't okay but you have to admit that's an impressively long run.

    Police said the thief displayed great physical ability, running effortlessly on top of walls instead of taking the streets.

    After his arrest, the man was quoted as saying: "If I were younger, I wouldn't have been caught. I'll quit now as I'm 74 and old enough."

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    @Teru I'm a fairly big fan of the game so my opinion comes with a grain of salt, but I find the "grind" in warframe to usually be mixed into the natural gameplay to a point where it can seem rewarding and fulfilling. Id really have to just say "try it out" because sometimes for certain things it does get grindy...but for a lot of the game it can seem like nice achievements rather than a grindy waste.

  • In Warframe: Plains of Eidolon


    For the next few days, you can buy a "Halloween" color palette for 1 credit and "Dullahan" mask for 1 credit, as well as all the previous day of the dead skin/syandanas/armor set for plat on the market.

    You will keep the color palette and any skins you get, but the Dullahan (Jack-O-Lantern) mask will disappear when the holiday is over.


    And for new players, 1 credit is essentially free, as a single mission will net you hundreds if not a few thousand credits. Happy Halloween.

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    What if Valve decided to make Half-Life 3 after all, but only under the condition that you, personally, cannot ever play it. Would you do it?

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    Someone on the subreddit made a detailed map of PoE and notable locations https://i.redditmedia.com/o4kOOc4u8QIOn5VmUKen1DGJn5fJy1cfHkCSnDkzj10.png?w=1000&s=3333468473bc3fd3482e6122eecda14f

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    Someone keeps adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens...