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Agitation joined on May 10th, 2011, since that has made 19 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Agitation has given 20 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 8th, 2013.

  • Durarara!! manga out in english!!
    I can't belive there isn't a thread for this yet(and if there is, please delete this one XP)

    see those awsome ENGLISH words on the cover? well they continue through the whole book!
    i just got the first volume and it's super-good A bit different from the anime, but i totally enjoyed reading it!!!! I can't wait for the next volume! >.<
  • In Anime Recommendations

    ghost hunt is suprisinly good. it has a scary sense to it(most in the second half of the series) but it also has awsome characters and a wonderful shojo plot line!(i HATE romance but this was good, it had a bit of romance) :)

    Tiger and bunny. there are no animals in the entire series XD. dont get scared away by the beging... it looks kinda weirde, but it's EPIC shonen

  • In The best MMORPG

    @InsaneBoredGame and everyone usually hates it....XP

  • The best MMORPG

    I've played Grand Fansasia and liked it (but before i got anywhere with it, my comp dyed, so i didn't play it much) and i wanna play some more MMORPGs. whats the best one? I rather cutness, with anime style more than anything, and also somthing that novices like me are good it.

  • In Guilty Crown

    HES NOT FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

    @shafnat thankyou O///O we all have our own styles so i dont think that mines anybetter then urs XD, but i use usually 0.1 (think) for plp outline, 0.03 for eyes and details, 0.05 for larger details(like maybe in the clothing) the borders are done with...either the comp9if im not lazy) and 0.1 or a size bigger, dont make then to thick ^_^ the black parts(like ties) which i find to be a rly important part in a page is usually done by a pen with a bs or bm(i dont rly know what it is, but it kinda loks like a brush thing)

  • In CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)
    @shafnat I am looking forward to the next page!! :) i see you're doing more then one page a week huh? practicly a chapter, XD i can never do that. I'm suprised i got this page up in time XD
  • In CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

    @shafnat, wow :D amazing, theres a lot more then mine. you DEFINTLY got better then ur last. keep it up! I love the backrounds!

  • In CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)
    @shafnat I HAVE confirmed my email, but i still couldn't compose a message or something :( I'm still workig at it, s wait!!!
    (Invalid img)
    well the pic kinda showedd.....

    there we go!! please enjoy the first page of the catalyst!!
  • In CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

    I'm having a bit of trouble uploading my page TT.TT I tried, but its not rly showing up, help?