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know what, I'll go crazy. I'm not pretty or smart, or very nice or even athletic.Hell even my English isn't that great. I'm pretty much useless and the only way I could be usefull is when I just do what others want of me. But, life is way too short to live someone else's life. I might still be young and inexperienced, maybe I'm the most retarted living being in the whole damned universe for thinking that anyone might actually care for this, thinking that I won't be laughed at. I probably am foolish and still a child, and there won't be any but's; there are simply none. You are what you are, there's no middle. Maybe, I hope, this won't be read with a mocking smile, I doubt it will though.And you can say, wow you're such an attention whore, go kill yourself, you ARE useless. But guess what... no one forced you to read this. It's up to you to decide for yourself, and sorry to be so rude, but really don't care what you think, and you don't care either for my thoughts or ideas.

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    is it just me or did I just think of a stereotype horror movie? Damn, I'd probably be panicing.

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    hehehe thank you ^-^'

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    Shhhhh! If you say that he might be in a bikini next time!


    I feel sorry for you. Even more if he really does steal one of your bikinis.

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    @ LittleAki

    .... I am SO glad I have a sister.

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    @ kurodesu, that man must have worked his ass off! Lol torential paper snow

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm playing Fallout 3, Bioshock 1 and Skyrim (the German version).

    All of them are pretty cool. If you like a game with alot of missions and want to decide yourself how the game will go, Fallout is pretty cool. You can decide whether you are good or evil. I like the gameplay and the guns, though it is pretty damn annoying in the begin, seeing as you hardly have any money (caps) or guns and ammo.

    Skyrim a huge game, with magic and dragons and stuff, it's up to you which missions you do up to a degree. Amazing gameplay, and you when you decide you want to be a rogue, you can also decide to be a mage. There a several skills you can master. Several things of magic, warrior, rogue, blacksmith and I believe another one but I have no Idea what it's called.

    Bioshock is pretty simple actually. About a man that had a plain crash and had to go to a place called Rapture. This is a city under the sea, built by humans. Guns and genetic manupulated powers and a lot of ugly people to shoot.

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    @CloudVariasKira. OMG!!! Didn't it like hurt? I assume you were asleep, but somthing like getting your teeth pulled out must have woken you up right???

  • Weirdest Thing Ever?

    What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen/done?

    Mine was when I walked to the train station with my boyfriend when we came across a man with a buoy, in the middle of the city, and no water nearby at all, at night....

  • In The kind of people you like/enjoy

    I like people who have same interests as me and are willing to give me a chance to try and fit in. Not the fitting in like copying their behaviour, but letting me show who I am. Like when someone invites me to talk with them or ask me if I'd like to work in a group together.

  • In small things in life

    @ Mrkitty,

    ..... oh,my, god.... That would be amazing.....