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99th percentile

Bavalt joined on Apr 27th, 2010, since that has made 52 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Bavalt has given 56 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 20th, 2017.

  • In D.O.N.G.

    Thanks - this led me to a couple motions I'd never heard of before and will be trying soon.

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    New song by one of my favorite vocaloid composers. Not of the same caliber as some of his other stuff (ie Rolling Girl, Uraomote Lovers), but I'm happy that he's making more music.

  • In mspaintCL

    Ice Bear would prefer not to have his personal information made public.

  • In The English Thread

    That tonguetwister is brutal.

  • In Overwatch

    I just picked the game up a few days ago, and have finally started playing against people rather than bots. My account is Bavalt#1891. Not sure if anyone here still plays, but it'd be cool to be able to play with friends - just be warned: I'm not very good yet.

  • In Anime Soundtracks

    Baccano! and Durarara!! both have excellent soundtracks. If I had to pick a favorite, though, it'd be Gatchaman CROWDS, if only because it's the first anime that comes to mind when I think of a memorable BGM, for this super chill downtime song:

  • In Post what you're listening to.

  • In Random Band Names

    Breakfast at Midnight (or BAM for short). The logo would be a waffle that is also a clock.

    It's actually a band idea some friends and I came up with as starry-eyed teenagers with absolutely no musical skill (who lived on opposite sides of the country.) Hooray for unrealistic, half-assed aspirations, amirite? I still like the idea though.


    It's the collector's edition one. And yeah, two boxes' worth of Arkham Horror - couldn't fit it in one anymore after buying a couple of the expansions.


    Just finished getting my new room all set up, so I figured I'd put it up here.

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