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  • In Kokoro Connect

    Yay Kokoro Connect thread.

    Inaba is obviously the best female character.

  • In Do guys hate romance movies/stories/animes/mangas?

    Romance is the best.

  • In Screenshots

    @PigBoss you da best

  • In My Midnight Battle with Maggots

    I liked how you were shirtless like a true Spartan. Truly a manly man.

  • In No Chicks Allowed Video Game Party

    No cheerleaders to cheer you on while gaming?


    Male cheerleaders? Oh god the hairs

  • In Best/Fave Anime couples

    Keima x PFP 4 life

  • In Best/Fave Anime couples

    Keima x PFP 4 life

  • In Blowjobs: an Interesting Art

    All those chipmunk faces

  • In Rap music

    Rap is still good, just not the stuff they play on the radio. Finding people just starting out or aren't big time have the best songs without question.

    Although I'm no expert on the subject, I just run across upstarting artists across the internet and like their stuff.

  • In LoL Videos

    Btw, you should make one with Teemo, nothing like the rage of enemies dying due to poison

    Also, Ezreal cross map snipes/baron steals are always entertaining since its a banana