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  • In Eurovision 2012

    Eh, I thought our entry would've been ok if it wasn't an international contest? Like, it was a nice song, and Humperdinck sang well but it wasn't catchy and the main appeal was in the lyrics which of course is made redundant when many of the audience speak little English.

    I quite liked Denmark, it didn't deserve 0 points :I

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    Gosh I am flattered that I get two UuU* Thank you guyyys SMOOSHES YER FACES


  • In Writer's Corner

    Thankyou UuU

    The glow of the sun settled, without sound, on thickly layered dust. The once-glossy-brown of the wood was barely visible, only a whisper of its former self. But there was no whisper; there was no sound, and the face stared out through the glass, unseeing, the flicker of its hand the only sign of its life. The shifting of the light was just another form of silence to be heard in that house. Down the corridor, where not even the floorboards spoke, and up the almost carpeted stairs, the cold of the wood pressing through the paper-thin material. The loudest silence came from the wrinkled man; his clothes as creased as his skin, laying amongst the faded cloth of the bed. Un-stirring — he was not dead.
    The man lived, veiled in silence; he breathed it. He was a kind man, though he now lived alone, and nobody knew it; no-one seemed to care. As the daylight evaporated, eyes as blue as the fading sky, and seemingly as old, struggled open. Aching, swollen feet found their way to the cruel, cold floor. He did not grumble at his aches. Silently, he made his way through the darkening house, waking the sleeping floorboards which creaked in welcoming. He paused at the face, touched its coffin-like body; the intricate designs of its skin mirroring his own, glancing an aged face reflecting in the glass, unable to recognise it as his. For a moment, the man watched the steadily rotating hands with familiarity. But now was not the time. He continued down the corridor, padding through the yawning house—adding his own form of silence.

    The prompt was something to do with an object that's central to the story...I think? I chose the Grandfather clock, but tried to contrast it with silence because when one thinks of a grandfather clock it's usually associated with it's chimes. In the end, the clock would chime and the old man would talk to it, but then the man would die and the clock would continue to chime for ages, like it was calling out for the man 'cause they're bestos but then the clock would die too.

  • In Writer's Corner

    Can I interrupt the challenge you've set and post something completely irrelevant to it? The last time I wrote something was last year in school, and I lost direction with it after only a few paragraphs and stalled. I'm fairly pleased with the outcome, even if it is just an introduction. So, would that be fine?

    If you're planning on putting up more challenges, and I hope you are, I'd love to try and write something for it. A bit busy with college right now though!

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    (I have no idea whether any of this has been posted before buuut) DC, pretty neat guy who's good at debating and used to do so quite often with Spookie (not sure if still true...or if ever true I JUST REMEMBER DEBATES well, debates from your side, not so much the other's) Enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering, and attempted to get others to play aswell. Quite respected in terms of anime and game reviews and is currently tweeting about how bad the Mirai Nikki ending was.

  • In I'm still dead

    @Lycan Nnno I'm good, thanks :I You can have Jesus.

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    @Lycan Hallo UvU I feel so cool that I was missed!! Although now I am scared leave moe Jesus blob alone do not use him for your perverted fantasies mister!!!

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    But @Lycan! @Keri has already proved that Jesus is a moe blob. It is physically impossible for a moe blob to hurt anyone!!!!

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  • In KONY 2012.


    You should do this with any organisation before you donate to them or get caught up in it. There are better charities out there who do much better work and put your money to better use than Invisible Children. but of course, they don't have flashy videos!!!!

    (I actually have no idea if something like this has been posted before because arguments, arguments as far as the eye could see.)