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  • In Girl/Guy friendship

    A friendship between a guy and a girl usually involves talking about penis in vaginas. But, for one reason or another, never involves the putting of a penis in a vagina.

    And on that note, I'm leaving CL!
  • In Final Fantasy XIII-3 -or- I TOLD YOU SO!

    I didn't buy XIII-2, not going to buy this one. And I find your response to its reveal and development (though it's likely you'll argue there is no development for the sake of argument) is an undesirable one. As if to express you've found a nice hard-minded minority on the internet where you can feel comfortable and have your opinions approved. Then proclaim to the majority hoping to influence numbers. To respond to something you'd like to see in a game and think "FINALLY" or "Well, it's about time" only really cycles the negativity until anything good or bad is seen as something to complain about. And that's my rant to you, @DarkChaplain =P

    As for the game, if they didn't take risks through each game, I think people would be disappointed in the fact they haven't shown innovation, as with the reception from some players of the New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.

    As for my response to this news: Just gonna ignore it. Same way I handled XIII-2. I saw FFXIII wasn't a brilliant game (although I got my hours, my moneys' worth), understood they "tried to correct their mistakes" through XIII-2 but I had no interest, neither did I feel obliged to buy the sequel - nice try Squeenix. (In fact, I handled X-2 in exactly the same way)

    More importantly, I'm not going to buy a game expecting disappointment and shout out about how I was disappointed and how I KNEW I was going to be disappointed. To me, that's a waste of money and enjoyment.

  • In CL family thread.

    I.. I.. I.. thought..


  • In Halo or Call of Duty

    Call of Duty - I care not for the setting, guns or vehicles. I just prefer the fast-paced plays, map-knowledge dependence and being able to base my performance on my own skill rather than depend on team-mates co-operation most of the time.

    And I'm waiting for the rant you're about to throw towards me purely because I prefer CoD. If you're going to post a topic like this, search through existing threads and put at least some effort into an un-biased and thought-provoking topic rather than "Halo vs CoD: Halo is better because I like it more than CoD. Also CoD is bad because I don't like it. Xbox is better than PS3 because Halo is an Xbox exclusive and because I like Halo." You even said "I'd like to hear your opinion on whether Halo is better than CoD". Have you ever posted on a forum before?

  • In Q&A Ever Been In a Situation Like This ?

    Passive aggressive speech is funny.

  • In Best Lyric Videos

    @Nightray Hahaa, were they all foreign grandmas that couldn't speak English?


  • In Best Lyric Videos

    @Jenna38 Yeah, that song really hits home. It's soft and simple but is so full of meaning =] (Also, you're better off grouping all your mentions into one reply/post. Just to let you know)

    @Nightray Oh man, Tobuscus is win. Only really watch his songs and some of his gameplays but he's so fun to listen to.

  • In Best Lyric Videos

    @13 Love that song. Got so much UNF to it. And it's one of my favourites of A Thousand Suns.

    Some well written songs from a couple of my favourite bands: