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Camellia joined on May 23rd, 2010, since that has made 6 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Camellia has given 6 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 18th, 2013.

  • In Imagine that you have a disability how would you feel about the disability?

    To be honest, I'm close to a disability. I'm born hard-hearing and I can only hear 30% of what "normal" people hear. As a kid I felt bothered all the time, because I was so shy, I lost my ability to communicate with others. Couldn't speak without stuttering and had to ask other to repeat more than once, all the time. I felt so bad about it. Even now, people have to walk around me before speaking to me so I can hear them. They act like it's no big deal, but I guess it must be a bother for them, though.

  • In Names, Aliases, and Individuality

    Here I only used the name "Camellia" since I had a DRRR fanfiction at that time with an OC called "Tsubaki", so I figured that would be an allias of her and so also mine. For Youtube channels I normally just used whatever I liked the sound of. On Dutch sites I normally used something I made of my name and sometimes a nickname people had for me. Nowadays I use the name "Requille" for most of my things. It's a girl name that doesn't excist and what I made up myself, I use it as an allias that stands for my creativity. For places where I write stories or the site for my portfolio.

  • In The kind of people you like/enjoy

    I like the ones who are really unique and the ones who "don't fit". Because I am also someone hard to understand and to get along with, I mostly feel a click with people who are alike, but yet have a completely different personality. I like the open-minded ones and normally find friends in the people who make me feel like I am a normal, since I felt abnormal since childhood. The ones I appreciate the most are the ones where I find "home".

  • In Do your plans for tomorrow ever go through?

    @llunbuRe You do? really? That's surprising, since I was more of a lurking person who only commented in only a few threads. xd I'm actually getting my black belt, first dan and my teaching diploma.

  • In Do your plans for tomorrow ever go through?

    Well, there's always someone who complicates the important things that are going to happen. For example my first dan exam of Taekwondo, would be on the same day as when I move in with my fiancé in Berlin, while I don't even live in Germany. After the financial problem was solved, they decided to move the date of the exam a week later. But I can't just change the date of my moving so easily. -_-

  • In This place still exists?

    I also just came back... Wow, it has changed, but at the other hand, it still feels the same.