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99th percentile

I really just came here to chat. Not interested in spoilers. If you've got a problem with me, don't be shy to say it to me, we're all humans and have ample room to improve ourselves. That's what means to be imperfect. One of my favourite quotes is from Hunter x Hunter 2011 by Ging Freecs: Enjoy the little detours of life to the fullest because that's where you'll find what's more important than what you really want.

Chaotic-loner joined on Apr 15th, 2015, since that has made 3 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Chaotic-loner has given 5 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 21st, 2015.

  • In Blame the user above you. [GAME]

    And I blame myself for being a foolish naÏve little piece crap who forgets things too often and tells too many pety lies(oh wait! I got personal......ignore please...)

  • In Blame the user above you. [GAME]

    I blame @BakaHime for being an idiot, and also blame her for my internet becoming slow.

  • In New User Introduction Thread

    Hello, I'm a chaotic-loner! It has also become my username because i thought that my username had to be related to me somehow. I googled chat sites that have the same interface as that of Durarara!!! and found this site, I hope i get along with everyone in the chat. I'll drop by the chat whenever i feel like it. As for my basic info which i can give to anyone: I'm 15years old and a highschool first year, my exams are right around the corner and i'm not very good at studying hard, math is a real bummer for me, but so is history,physics and chemistry...you get the idea,right? Anyway, i hope to improve soon. I love shounen manga and recently i have been getting into the horror genre.Though, i think i like the psychological genre more.