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  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    People really don't give a shit about Zoe Quinn, Noodle. They just don't. Quinn is irrelevant to the movement. However, she does try desperately to get back into the spotlight. Heck, mainstream media is trying to drag her back up from the swamps as well, when #GamerGate supporters have stopped paying attention to her or talking about her many weeks ago.


  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    I've associated with "Actual Social Justice Activists" before. I completely disagree with their way of thinking and think it's actually really shitty that Western society's accepting their ideology, but yea the people who genuinely believe in SJ are alright people just like how genuine Communists can be great people. SanFran journo cabal and their abusive allies don't represent real SJs.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    @kirn, you don't understand.

    This about the celebrity thing. That was an example to say mean that, IF WE STAY SILENT, PEOPLE BELIEVE THE ACCUSER. And nobody wants to have the tag of "literal misogynerd and doxxer" above their heads as a group for the rest of eternity. It's unfortunate that not everyone gives very little shits about the world like you do but perception DOES MATTER.

    Second, I'm not sure you understand. This has gone beyond gaming as an industry. It's become this proxy war between abusive, authoritarian cultural Marxists who've infected the modern Left and meritocratic leftist libertarians who want to take their politics back. There is a clear difference between the two kinds of ideologies. Every time your Russian friends look at America and sees some ridiculous news story of someone being offended and rules being changed because of that, that's the attitude that these journalists represent and they will do ANYTHING to keep it prevalent in the modern West.

    They call themselves leftists but they're neo-puritanical authoritarians. The rest of the world hasn't swung far enough to the traditional left to see it yet. But in half a century Russia will be struggling with the same problems: people who LITERALLY place feelings above logic, decrying it as some sort of patriarchal construct. Gaming as an industry is well and fine, but these people tried to fuck with the wrong demographic. Everybody else has been brought up to worship a human's identity instead of their deeds. Their scare tactics won't work against the most meritocratic hobby of all time: videogames.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    @Kirn I get your point, but it is impossible to NOT be on the defensive when "reputable voices" accuse you of things that you did not do.

    Say two celebrities are having a spat. A accuses B of something they did not do through a media outlet. What is B going to do, stay silent? Of course not. B will say that A has no evidence or maybe show that A is full of poppycock. B has to defend themselves when A attacks. It turns out A is completely wrong and has no evidence, but the onus is still on "B" to "not look bad". This is onus is on the defender in the Western media. It's a stupid situation but unfortunately true.

    And the fact about "this doesn't matter at all". You probably haven't looked into it too much, then. These people are the same ones who put out articles saying that playing games somehow makes people sexist murderers and use cherrypicked examples to advance their agenda. You might not see it in Russia but in the West there are A LOT of people like this who want to self-righteously relive some sort of civil-rights era fervour that they never got to experience, so they unleash holy anger in the name of political correctness and false "progressive values".

    This is but a front in the larger, finally declared war against this shit that people have been buying for too long. You see it subtlely everywhere: college campuses, even the highest level of academia. It's disgusting and has undermined everything the traditional left has worked for in the Western world. I honestly don't really care about this. The kind of games I play aren't really directly affected, but I'm in it to fight an attitude that has infected the modern left that I don't like one bit.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Here's a guy who dismantled that Verge hit piece, section by fucking section:

    (Twitter because a direct link wasn't showing up for some reason)

    I know that this all started from Literally Who and blah blah blah but nobody cares about her anymore. It's become something a lot bigger, both in the gaming world and in the modern left.

    Finally, the nuts more concerned with being more politically correct than others are going to soon have to take a back seat to people who vote for true justice for labour unions, women's reproductive rights and anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

    You might laugh at it now, but the tide of political in the Anglosphere has somewhat turned. More and more people are seeing that it's intellectually lazy to judge people based on then identity and support them just because of the colour of their skin, gender or sexual orientation instead of attacking their points. We won't see the effects now, but when we start getting slightly older, voting and running for office more frequently and raising children who will be doing the same, the effects will become more apparent.

    I hope that the young modern leftists galvanized by this event can roll back the co-opting of the Democratic party and other leftist groups in the West and realize that we don't have to play petty identity politics and pander to minority identities to win. Our ideology was based on the principles of equality of opportunity and fair labour for everybody. We will soon retake the centre from the right, or at least force more competition in terms of economic issues instead of scaring people into voting for inane social issues because otherwise they're racist bigots who don't support progressive policies. This is not a sustainable position and the SanFran hipster cabal and their highschool tumblr-user friends have finally undermined it.

    God bless this time, for people will surely look back and recognize it as the epicentre of the slow earthquake we are about to experience.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    About the argument surrounding the #NotYourShield tag. Why is this even an issue still.

    Here's what literally happened: 1. #GamerGate starts, every kind of person supports it and nobody gives a crap about their politics or identity. 2. The mostly white, heterosexual male journalists call the tag out for being mostly misogynist, white, heterosexual males who "live in their mothers' basements". 3. A young black man creates #NotYourShield to say that no, that is not the case. That this isn't just a small group of people hating on a few but an issue that a lot of diverse gamers care about. 4. Accusations of sockpuppetry get thrown at us. 5. We prove them wrong, time and time again that if there are sockpuppets, they number in the tens, compared to thousands, upwards of tens of thousands of real people. 6. Now people are saying the tag was "forced"? YEA of fucking COURSE it was "forced"! But get this, it was THE JOURNALISTS DOING THE FORCING. They FORCED us minorities to create the tag and use it by erasing our identity with a brush using "Misogynist White" paint.

    If anything, it just goes to show the moral character of these people to take something that was NEVER ABOUT IDENTITY and then badger into "proving" that we're "real minorities". Who the heck does that.

    Erasure, and then objectification (denial of agency by accusation of being a sockpuppet). Using a broader definition, they literally dehumanized us, and you're sitting here talkin' 'bout how the whole tag seems "forced". Yea, no.

    You can disagree with the entire rest of the movement, and I'll still consider you a decent person and literally will not give a poop if you support us, don't care at all, don't think our complaints are valid, that we're still all misogynists, whatever. But this is one point I will not give in on. "Internalized racism" my bum. Claiming that we're all just lapdogs of the White patriarchy is the single most offensive idea I have EVER come across in my entire life in regards to my identity. And believe me, I've heard some shit.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Why is the second page of this thread broken?

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Holy crap that is actually terrible. Like, I don't think there's any doubt that these people don't take things seriously at all and think they're just all highschool kids fucking around in a videogame club. No. There is money involved and ethics do matter.

    In other news, another example of why I hate calling myself a leftist nowadays:

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    I initially ignored that video because I thought it was another one that he did for money but I came across it here again and HOLY CRAP IT'S HIS LEGIT CHANNEL. WHAT A GUY.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Leigh Alexander, the game blogger who doesn't even play games by her own admittance?