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  • nice gal

    Good luck if you are going to do it ;)

  • In Web development : Rails, J2EE, symfony2 ?

    Don't worry about not replying completely, there is no rush... i'll wait ^^

    It sounds like Laravel is faster to learn than symfony2 from what little I read.

    On the net, I sometime see framework which are said to be lightweight (laravel being one) : what are the advantage ? Faster to learn or have better performance for basics projects ? I don't think code size is an issue here..... or is it ?

    On another subject, I once thought about doing a site with games' walkthru and I am still wondering about what would be the best option to write em, as they won't change often and as the pages are to be pretty big, I think a database is a kinda lame way of doing it. Is a xml file (per walkthru for the above example) a good solution ? (parsing it as we parse bbcode or smthing)

  • In Web development : Rails, J2EE, symfony2 ?

    Sorry (I wasn't able to go there for some days.... and then forgot ^^' shameful I know)

    @Gargron I actually already know everything you said about language and framework. Sorry if I looked like a complete noob (and sorry to be so rude as to forget you for one week already :s)

    However, I don't understand what you are trying to say when you talk about workflow (you actually don't mention it in your post afterward)

    Then, in your conclusion you says Laravel is the best PHP framework : 1) you said at the beginning of your post that laravel was a ruby framework (sorry I didn't search for it myself), so which is it ? 2) I know it have nothing to do with the best but : in the industry, I think (I may be wrong) Zend is the most used, why ? (I would like a comparison between Laravel and Zend, statements like "they have already trained their employees and don't want to invest anymore" are not useful) 3) I read everywhere about Symfony2, how good is it ? Is it worth learning if you are already working with Zend or smthing ?

    If you have some times ahead, I'd like you to develop your point about rails being limited for bigger project. Is it worth learning and if yes, it is good only for self improvement or for true project ?_? (and by true project.... errr let's says :°)

    (i'm no native speaker so if some sentences are weird, feel free to ask me to edit ;) )

  • Web development : Rails, J2EE, symfony2 ?

    What's the best for website development in your opinion ?

    Is symfony2 weak in comparison of the zend framework ? Are J2EE and Rails fun somehow but completely useless ? Or maybe, you think your good ol' PHP + jquery beat'em all ? ^^

    I, myself, never make a true website in anything but raw PHP. I learn a bit of zend and I ran some sites in local with J2EE. I'm learning Ruby right now and I'm wondering if Rails is as good as I heard it was...

    Give your opinion ^^

  • In Website Bookmarks!

    lol @ fakku ^^

    1. google (gmail, some random rss, translation)
    2. youtube
    3. mangafox
    4. duckduckgo (for search)
    5. twitter
  • In Personality Test


    Not surprising almost everyone here is I ^^

    @PigBoss funny ^^ thanks for sharing ;)

    Introvert "Moony loners. [...] some of them are serial killers" lulz

  • In Favorite Drinks?

    Kwak : way to go

    I also drink tea, and Coca-Cola

  • In Post Pictures of Tits and Boobies!

    @DarkChaplain epic

  • In If you could make any anime your life witch would it be?

    Welcome to the NHK (anime version) If I can have Misaki-chan ^^ Cage Of Eden If I can have Rion :o FMA Well Alchemy is badass.... and there is winry :)

  • In CL Merchandise? [New Poll, Vote Again!]

    A T-Shirt or a bracelets may be nice... Well the price will probably be too high for me... and with the shipping.... :/