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CrimsonAlchemist joined on Jan 26th, 2012, since that has made 34 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, CrimsonAlchemist has given 46 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 24th, 2012.

  • In If you didn't laugh, you're not a human

    I am no longer a human

  • In Let's Talk About: Steins Gate

    Didn't read the VN... the anime was pretty cool IMO but I found the ending episodes subpar (reading others comments.... I believe I'm the only one to think that) Still didn't see the ending OVA... not available in my language yet (and I don't wanna see it in english-sub)

    My favorite characters are Suzuha and Kuris-tina =)

  • In "DLC" what's your take?

    I don't like paying DLC, they are a way to make a game more rentable when you should have already most of contents. Not to mention 60 bucks is already a heavy price to pay for most people and some don't want to have a psn/xbox/other online account.

    Completely non-mandatory adds are ok (side bosses for example... broken endgame weapons, sidequests that goes into plot/characters' development are off-limits) Free DLC are perfectly fine (who would be against bug fixes ?).

  • In FF versus xiii

    @AlphaHikari_1A14 well it's a ARPG which is part of the fabula nova crystalis It has kick ass graphics... but the battles are a bit sloppy IMO (close to FF type-0) AFAIK, the setting is modern (not steam punk or futuristic but truly contemporary).

    You can find some great vids on youtube. ;)

    As far as development goes.... I have no clue... ^^' If I have to make any bets, I'd say that the dev teams were more into FF13-2, FF14 and KH3D, explaining the few informations we had

  • @SENsei thanks ;)

  • Seiken no blacksmith, Dyurarara! and Sword art.... you are my god *crying in joy*
    ....well, too bad I'm a true newbie in japanese ^^'
    Will still ddl them and wait until I can read em

    *pushing his luck* do you have NHK ni youkoso and/or spice & wolf by any chance ?
  • In learn japanese with yuru yuri!!

    I'm getting better and better ^^

  • どうもありがとう。 (I manage to said that thanks to your method =) )

  • In Valentine's Cards

    Thanks @pigboss :3

    Happy valentines everyone ;)

  • In What's utopia for you?

    @Xaiku utopia is by definition an ideal socio-political place so no one can live in it ^^ and no one will probably live in it either

    @Settsuo-kun I'd like to see you give more explanation and example on your rant, I'm not trying to provoke you as my definition of utopia is quite close to yours

    For my utopia, I would say the world is ruled by multiple interconnected IA (much like Magi from NGE) This way, corruption is thrown out and political decision won't be covered by some lies (as it would be against the IA nature)

    Medical care and food are free.

    Humans still have to work to earn a living but jobs are aboundant and working hours are shortened (20-27h a week), thus they can enjoy everything the life as to offer salary is heavily controlled by the IA (no CEO gaining 100 times as much as their employee) Those unable to work are given a fairly high living

    Jails are places of penance, prisonner only have access to a library (I always find sad to see that in our time, prisonner have a better life than homeless)

    Helping each other with no interest became common behavior and private life is respected.

    Police force are firm but respectful as they are themselves controlled