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Welcome to the Profile of CL's Lord Inquisitor, Lord of the End Times, Brutally Honest Cynic as well as Prime Martyr and Cancer of CL! Precure Enthusiast, Reader & Reviewer, Apparently Legendary.

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DarkChaplain joined on May 14th, 2010, since that has made 3756 posts that are still accessible today, 153 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, DarkChaplain has given 6955 upvotes, and was last online on May 25th, 2018.

  • In Your Creative Pursuits

    I've been getting back into the business of painting miniatures over the past month or so, ever since I got my Shadespire set and range of paints. Started painting up some primed Space Hulk Terminators for practice and since it was readily available and a sore spot that I never finished painting them, but after my spray primer arrived, I went straight to Shadespire's Core warbands.

    Finished them by now, here's a few photos from a week or so ago:

    I'm pretty satisfied with the results, especially considering I haven't touched a brush in what, 7 years? Anyway, I've since moved on to painting skeleton dudes and dwarves, but those aren't ready for photos yet.

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  • Your Creative Pursuits

    I figured we could make do with a new, unified thread for all things creative. We have art threads, writing threads, video threads and all, but nothing where you can just quickly drop by and share what you're currently being creative with, regardless of medium or genre constraints. So here we have it.

    Limits of this thread:
    Keep things SFW whenever possible. If you have to share NSFW art, use spoiler tags:


    On top of that, please only share things that concern your own pursuits, not anybody else's. While I wouldn't frown over you showing off your inspiration, piece of equipment you got for your works or help resources you're following or reading up on, this is not a place for random Youtube videos just because you adore them, unless you're, say, making a song cover or playing with a particular drawing and want to link the original for reference. Just make sure you provide context as to how somebody else's work relates to your own!

    So, CL, what do you have going for you lately? Anything you're willing to share with the rest?

  • In What anime is everyone watching currently?

    What shit taste does one need to have to call this trainwreck good?

  • In Summer Plans 2018

    Itsumo doori~

  • In Summer Plans 2018

    Sugoi desu yo

  • Summer Plans 2018

    Alright, seeing how this place is dead anyway, let's see what the remaining few are planning to do this Summer. Like, what's going to keep you too busy to keep coming here, like all the others before you?

    Anything fancy happening during your holidays? Are you just going to live the life of a lazy potato or going on adventures that may or may not drain your parents' wallets dry?

    Disclaimer: I don't actually give a shit if you're staying home, go to the beach, travel to Sweden to meet your gay friend for some mutual wiener action. You could travel to Mars for all I care. I just figured this is one of those topics that most kids can still contribute to if they give a flying shit about the forum in the first place :^)

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  • In I Miss You CL...

    I know you did it on purpose. I'm still disappointed that you felt the need to cover it up and covertly insult someone. If I want to call you a retard, I'll just do it, I don't need to edit and rely on email notifications to deliver it. It's just weak, you know? I'd expected that by now, your balls might have dropped, but I was obviously mistaken.