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    Passive aggressive, @TalTal? I must agree with IBG, you're a liar :'D

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    just bought games and didn't look at reviews and articles

    Because consumers should just gobble up everything that comes their way without an informed opinion on anything, right? Because spending money sight-unseen is totally helpful for consumers in an industry that has come to charge 70 bucks (both $ and €, mind you) for a base game, and asks for 90 or more for the full version with the cut content added back in.

    Blindly buying shit is obviously the mark of a clever consumer who values his time and wallet.

    When I got golden eye, I didn't look at a review before buying, I just bought it and played.

    When you got golden eye, you were what, 5? The game was released in 1997. If you got it any later than that, you've most likely heard that it was a good game anyway. Besides, your parents paid for it, so why would you have needed to think about how to spend the money?

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    And Intel? Hah, they're praising GamerGate!

    Perhaps it won't surprise you to learn that microchip manufacturers and car companies are pretty sympathetic to the concerns of male consumers. But some of the things said to me--all, sadly, on condition of anonymity--have been nothing short of remarkable.

    There's the Intel vice president who told me via email that GamerGate was "doing great work" and that he was "sick of slander and self-loathing from the press". He was talking about male journalists who do misandrist feminists' work for them.

    "I am pressing that team, it's not mine, but I am exerting influence when I can, to stop spending money with people who hate themselves and hate our clients," he added by phone later.

    Then consider the product manager, who was happy to be identified as "senior management at a German car manufacturer", who told me that, "the violence against women is unacceptable and we cannot support it, but we will not financially support people who insult our customers either".

    The manager told me: "We would prefer not to make headlines like Intel. But you should expect to see strategic changes in how we spend in coming years. It is very much an open question inside the company and we are watching closely."

    Finally, the executive at a household name video game developer who said: "Opinion is sharply divided within the company. But that's remarkable in itself, given how totally the media has slammed and lied about gamers. We're split straight down the middle.

    "One thing I can tell you, though, is that when claims about gamers being woman-hating or abusive start to unravel, because journalists didn't check them properly before running these 'bleeding heart' editorials, it's very difficult to win people back from there. So God help Kotaku and Polygon if any of these women are shown to be making stuff up."

    This reaction, in its entirety, has been the objective of GamerGate all along--and it is being achieved through politeness, persistence and reason. Journalists of all stripes are on notice that they can no longer blithely insult and ridicule their own readers without consequence.

    The next step will be to uncover proof of illegalities in the way journalists operate--such as collusion and industry blacklisting of journalists for doing their jobs. That is starting to happen already, and with each concrete revelation its pace will increase.

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    And for the ethics thing, I believe that I've made my opinions clear on that. Simply put, I don't care. I don't care about the gamer identity and I sure as hell don't care about clickbait.

    I remember this post of yours from last year

    [D]on’t dismiss a whole genre (which is large enough to define it's own medium) just because you can twist around words to mock one of it's central concepts.

    How about you don't dismiss a whole movement (which is apparently large enough to define gamers as a whole, according to the main stream media) just because you can twist around words to mock them based on fringe elements they are actively denouncing? Let's start with that.

    And from a following post:

    It's just that I'm really used to non-comic fans mocking me, saying that "this stuff is really stupid so why are you so into it?", "why don't you just grow up? ".

    And yet you have been little else but condescending on this thread, mocking the people who DO care about this, telling them it is dumb and nothing to seriously get invested in. Do you see the irony in that?

    You got your panties twisted over somebody daring to say that superheroes are silly, easy fun, because you identified heavily with the comic book genre at the time. Yet you act this way about people who identify as gamers and are heavily invested in the medium. It strikes me as odd.

    And for the ethics thing, I believe that I've made my opinions clear on that. Simply put, I don't care. I don't care about the gamer identity and I sure as hell don't care about clickbait.

    Exactly the problem here. You do not give a damn about the core problem GamerGate is opposing, and hence cannot possibly understand why people are so invested in it. You cannot see what people are fighting for, putting themselves at risk for.

    I see GamerGate as inherently sexist and thus I'm against it. It's as simple as that.

    That's your decision to make and opinion to form. I can only tell you that you are inherently wrong due to your opinion being based on high amounts of media propaganda and lack of hands-on knowledge.

    There is a definite problem with the power structure, and until you can find a way to clear that up everywhere, police and force the doxxers and harassers out of your movement, it's going to be continually filled with misogyny.

    Uhm... Buddy, people in the movement are actively forcing doxxers and harassers out. They're even reporting "supporters" on twitter and forums, and directly say that people who doxx are anti GamerGate. There is ZERO tolerance for that shit.

    On top of that, doxxing and harrassment are not synonymous, or even comparable, to misogyny. You are linking three different things together, as if all the bad stuff is targeted at women, or being done because they hate women. Foolish.

    You can't pin every piece of bullshit on the internet onto GamerGate. You can't even prove that actual GamerGate people did shit. And guess what, there are plenty of 3rd party assholes who don't give a fuck either way, but enjoy causing chaos for both sides. Shocking consideration, eh?

    To speak of more recent incidents, let's talk about Felicia Day. She was doxxed for speaking out against GamerGate so one can only assume that the doxxers considered themselves part of GamerGate. And why not?


    And anyone else. I put my real name and reputation behind this movement. I'm tired of having to constantly disavow anonymous trolls. We can't control what anyone says or does in the name of GamerGate, but we can send a clear message that we don't stand for it. It does not represent us. If anyone feels unsafe about talking to gamers, it is because Gawker crafted that narrative. The sidebar shows there are 15,232 of us behind GamerGate. I have faith that no fewer than that will stand behind this message.

    God damn it, Felicia Day got doxxed? Are you fucking kidding me? Who the hell is doing this shit?

    Gamergate condemns all doxxing. That we have to constantly repeat that point only reinforces what we are here fighting against.

    If you dox, you are anti-GG. It is as simple as that. Doxing hurts us. The person who does it, does it either on purpose or because he/she is a stupid asshole. We need neither in this movement. I don't like our "enemies". I don't like Sarkesian, Quinn or Wu. But their personal physical safety should be a top concern for us anyway. We need no threats. Our arguments are way better.

    Case in point.


    The thing is that I believe, given GamerGate's power structure, the only thing that can speak for it as a movement, is the tweet that made it.

    By that logic, the only one who can ever speak for the USA are its founding fathers, but never the population who is now alive, hundreds of years later.

    Who or what labeled it is, in the end, irrelevant.

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    Doesn't know that SobKnight has asked for a name change. Might get disappointed by that.

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    Yeah, no, @InsaneBoredGame. You really need to get off this Quinn train and start reading/listening and comprehending what people are telling you. Right now, you do not appear to be worth having a discussion with. You accuse others of handwaving and ignoring things, yet that is all I'm seeing from you.

    You are hell-bent on driving the topic back to Zoe Quinn who, again, hasn't been relevant in a long time. Again, she is a symptom of what is being opposed, not what is being opposed.
    And frankly, no, I won't have that anymore, on here.

    Seeing you argue with such tunnel vision really doesn't make me confident in resolving anything. People have been piling info, explanations and counterarguments at you, but instead of taking them into account, you have spent page after page beating the same dead horse over and over. It is getting tiresome.

    And you know what? That is reflective of why you can't seem to find people talking about ethics - because people like you seem to find it more appropriate to engage them over the same tired topic over and over, never accepting that your perception is flawed, and their motivations and goals aren't down to misogyny, but expecting better from the media.

    So cut the crap now. All you are doing at this point is derailing the actual topic.

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    So why exactly does it have a deviant art watermark?

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    Let's see if Anita is going to accept :)

    And there's also this:

    Previously neutral in all of this (and still kinda is), she's now taken up #NotYourShield as well:

    But why?