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    So why exactly does it have a deviant art watermark?

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Let's see if Anita is going to accept :)

    And there's also this:

    Previously neutral in all of this (and still kinda is), she's now taken up #NotYourShield as well:

    But why?

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    A few days ago I tweeted this:

    My fears were confirmed:


    Oh, and Anti-GG elements are also trying to sabotage CHARITY DRIVES because.... reasons?

    And Wu is still slinging mud:

    (for the record, a crazy amount of vocal supporters ARE minorities. heck, Milo Y. is gay, CameraLady's got autism and various disabilities, and don't even get me started on the "race" topic)

    Oh, and Nathan Grayson admitted to have written a preview about Depression Quest, which was the cause for the mention in the game's credits. Make of that what you will:


    Oh, look, victim girl spreading "doxx-like" content herself. Surely, she should be against this kind of shit? Even though it is hardly doxxing, it IS sending her hounds at him, resulting in a lot of shitslinging at the guy.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread



  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread



    Carry on, folks.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Point is, if you willingly join a bunch of misogynistic assholes because of "games", because your feelings being hurt are the greater evil, don't complain about being misunderstood.

    Okay, friend. Welcome back to where you left off, I see.

    but consider any attacks on gamers, and questions on whether your favorite is morally sound, unforgivable, well, I actually don't know what to say to that.

    GamerGate is no echo chamber. Criticisms are being issued "internally" all the time, people disagree on things regularly. You know what happens? They discuss it, give feedback, and talk it over. Heck, we've had "pro" GamerGate people called out for lying about their "pro" GamerGate campaigning. Corrections and updates are handed around quickly.

    Heck, this is on point - see the reply chains? People. Being. Fine. With. It.
    Oh, look, a thread by an Anti-GG reddit user, on a pro-GG board, and things stayed civil on both sides for some reason.

    Also, this:


    Point is, YOU are trying to drag the topic back to Quinn, who is a symptom of what is being fought, not the actual cancer. GamerGate is about cases like Zoe Quinn. It is not about Zoe Quinn. Zoe Quinn is a simple, prominent example, and an active instigator herself, so of course she is being discussed. But she, as a person, is irrelevant. Her gender, which you seem to harp on a lot, is irrelevant

    There is no handwaving about this. If anything, you are actively waving away all the legitimate points to get stuck on one specific, irrelevant woman who happened to be the unfortunate person to break the camel's back.


    Polygon & Gone Home

    Gawker not paying its interns (who handle more than they should) and getting sued

    Some icing on the cake, in case previous link dumps weren't enough to realize there's a problem.

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    Since the Zoe Quinn topic came up anyway

    Nathan Grayson, one of the guys Zoe slept with, was directly mentioned/thanked in the credits of Depression Quest. The source code on the website has not changed since february 2013, so this here is undeniably a half-truth:

    “At the time, Nathan and Zoe were professional acquaintances. He quoted blog posts written by Zoe and others involved in the show. Shortly after that, in early April, Nathan and Zoe began a romantic relationship.”

    I don't know how much "professional" acquaintances do for one another, but apparently DQ would've been "dead in the water" without Grayson. Curious...

    And another Gawker story:

    Shut Up About "Clickbait"

    Basically, they went to great lengths to defend their shitty, sensationalist style of reporting on things. The most interesting line I'd say is:

    You are the product, not the customer

    Which, while true, since they are being financed by advertisers, who place ads on the site due to the product they get in return: the eyes of the audience, is a very cynical thing to say, and neglects the need to pay respect to your audience.

    Then, I guess #GamerGate is not a consumer revolt, eh? It's a product revolt.
    Kinda shitty for them when their product starts telling the customer (the advertisers) that they shouldn't buy from that particular store...

  • In The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    GamerGate was put into motion after the Zoe Quinn sex scandal, yes. However, you're not seeing far in this.

    We cannot go back three years to complain about the Dorito Pope, or even just half a year to when Microsoft made a deal with Machinima to have people on the network promote the Xbox One. Youtubers aren't even journalists to begin with, but even then, as TotalBiscuit and Boogie made clear so many times these past weeks - Youtubers manage to police themselves better right now. Just this weekend, a lot of popular Youtubers took part in a discussion on reddit re: brand deals, and had civil discourse about it.

    But then, GamerGate is RIGHT HERE when these things happened:

    We also talked about the Shadow of Mordor brand deals, but then, there wasn't much reason to, as the issue has been addressed by the youtubers who took them, or refused them.

    People really don't give a shit about Zoe Quinn, Noodle. They just don't. Quinn is irrelevant to the movement. However, she does try desperately to get back into the spotlight. Heck, mainstream media is trying to drag her back up from the swamps as well, when #GamerGate supporters have stopped paying attention to her or talking about her many weeks ago.

    Brianna Wu, meanwhile, is still being talked about because she pulls her strings to publish bs articles on sites like the Washington Post (and the comments to those show exactly what a cesspit it really is - far worse than GamerGate, at the very least).

    And Anita Sarkeesian? She, or rather her co-writer/partner (who is suspected to be the one in control of the FemFreq twitter account), is making blatantly retarded statements, and they're both trying to stay relevant via games like Bayonetta 2 getting released.

    All three of these directly benefit from being seen as victims, rather than instigators (which all three have been on many occassions - nobody gave a damn about Wu before she started trying to troll GamerGate with stupid memes and sockpuppet accounts). People donate to their paypals, patreons and buy their games out of pity, out of feeling guilty for being white males. It is actually working out for them.

    But in the grand scheme of things, this is not about them.

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    @Farris isn't among us anymore.

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