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Welcome to the Profile of CL's Lord Inquisitor, Lord of the End Times, Brutally Honest Cynic as well as Prime Martyr and Cancer of CL!

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"You're DC so your teasing is different and special."

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DarkChaplain joined on May 14th, 2010, since that has made 3087 posts that are still accessible today, 130 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, DarkChaplain has given 6120 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 18th, 2014.

  • In CL Short Story Project 2: Sword & Sorcery - Submission Window Closed; Round 3 Draft

    Still okay, as long as its an .rtf file. Alternatively, you could also throw it at me via skype

  • In Music Player Theme/Layout Thread

    Currently running on the secondary screen. Good ol' trusty MediaMonkey


  • In Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

    Got this, 4 days late, and with lotsa dents =/ I'd have it replaced, but it was the last copy available and the publisher's pulled it.


    Well, at least the series is almost complete, 3 more to go.


  • In Don't forget Tinychat

    .....no tags, no links, no sense. not only that, but we have a couple of tinychat threads already.


    Update: Oh, hey, he's finally learned how to edit a post and added the link!

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Welcome to the club, deary.

  • In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | Who's Playing?

    @Settsuo-kun Am not playing it anymore. Played during Beta before initial launch, at some point late in the original run's lifetime, then in Alpha and Beta for ARR, but then didn't bother starting again after the wipe. I'm sure I could've gotten a bit of free playtime out of my old account, but it ain't worth it to me, knowing that I won't be paying monthly fees anyway, and thus all my efforts would be wasted.

    It has definitely improved a lot, and they've implemented a lot of nice ideas that drive the game in the right direction, but it is not enough for me to wanna play it, or pay for the subscription. For all its good ideas, it is far too similar to a lot of the free MMOs currently out there, and aesthetics alone don't sell games to me.


    please, just... shut up

  • In Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

    That's the point. People go play free, overhyped junk rather than spending money on better games.

  • In Warhammer Online Ends Its Run

    Personally, I despise World of Warcraft for its treatment of the Warcraft lore, and I hated how WAR treated Warhammer. It took up a valuable license but then did not deliver anything close to what the franchise ever was about, and a lot of character classes were only recognizable by name, not role or skillsets. I think they even fucked up the gender-exclusive roles.

    They fed off a popular IP. If they hadn't gotten a hold of it, the game would have died years ago. EA probably wouldn't even have bothered grabbing it, and keeping it up. Hell, they're STILL selling subs for it on Origin, for ridiculous prices...

  • In Warhammer Online Ends Its Run

    As somebody who remembers the "Warhammer Online" that was being worked on and trashed before they made WAR, I tried to like WAR, but couldn't. I do own the Collector's Edition box, including the artbook and graphic novel, but the game itself was a lorebreaker and generally mediocre.