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  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Winner Crowned!


    As much as I like Alucard, he doesn't act as an all-out villain in Hellsing, whereas Father did pursue his plan for centuries - and succeeded. Yes, he succeeded, but victory was stripped from him afterwards.

    Vlad's rebellion and his inner turmoil are great stuff, but Father just takes the cake when it comes to villainy, and he's been a well-constructed character you could come to understand, even if you may not agree with him. You see where he came from, and where he wants to arrive. Alucard, meanwhile, is still shrouded in mystery. While I think less can be more, it doesn't make for a well-built villain if you leave his motivations and struggles aside to boost the badass factor.

    Yes, Alucard eventually got development, flashbacks and his self-loathing becomes evident, but he does not act as the villain in Hellsing - he's basically the last bastion in defense of humanity, whereas Father tried to wipe out more than 50 million people in one act of defiance against "God" and "Truth". All this rooted from a simple desire to be free of the constraints of his flask and the shackles of his limited existence. Alucard, meanwhile, seems to abhorr what he has become, while Father fears having to return to the maelstrom he originated from.

    As such, I consider Father the more intriguing, more successful, more engaging and better written villain in this match.

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    Know what would be great to present a game? Screenshots, a trailer of the thing in motion, and a mention of the game being region restricted, kicking europe out of the picture right off the bat.

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    • my favorite Disney princess is Bella.

    Belle, you mean?

    I say the horse riding is bogus.


    Don't forget the trailers, Jack!

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    Watched episode 3. Got a bit more of the sibling relationship, but mostly focused on Tatsuya as part of the disciplinary committee. The part with both siblings was also used to hint at further mystery and character development, and wasn't just self-serving.

    Some really cool action scenes towards the end of the episode, but that cliffhanger pissed me off - I want episode 4 right away.

    Some screenshots:Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

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    I vote for the mutant cat. No particular reason, but there's something appealing about a cosmic wish harvester creature.

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    Father. I elaborated on my vote before.