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Welcome to the Profile of CL's Lord Inquisitor, Lord of the End Times, Brutally Honest Cynic as well as Prime Martyr and Cancer of CL! Precure Enthusiast, Reader & Reviewer, Apparently Legendary.


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DarkChaplain joined on May 14th, 2010, since that has made 3611 posts that are still accessible today, 151 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, DarkChaplain has given 6790 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 17th, 2017.

  • In Welcome back to the Cold War. You were missed.

    Germany pretty much struggles in building up renewable energy sources, and even after Fukushima, where the anti-nuclear demonstrations were at a peak and our government decided to shut down the nuclear plants early, they gave in to lobby and scaremongering of "if we shut them down early, we'll not be able to keep up with our demands, and our industry will go down the drain with poverty on the rise".

    Do you really think, hellstorm, that Europe, as fractured as it is on so many things, with its years and years of drawing out decisions on an EU-wide level, and implementing laws, would be able to quickly set up their own power plants within the next five minutes of russia potentially shutting us out or raising the prices significantly? Don't make me laugh. We find so many reasons NOT to invest in cleaner energy that doesn't poison our soils, one of them being the "free market", it WOULD have a devastating effect on Europe. While we may be able to cope in the long term and reorganize our own needs, the short term loss would be significant.

    Europe is an inflexible beast. The amount of countries in the Union is too high for anything close to quick solutions. Fuck, especially with recent events involving Greece and co you should have noticed that the EU is not nearly as stable or unified as one might hope.

    But then again, I already heard hellstorm's opinions about renewable energy on chat a few weeks ago - "why bother, let's build space colonies instead, mother earth is fucked anyway".

  • In Dolphins - Fear Them!


  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

    Have started reading, and should be done with the edits PMd to me. Fingers crossed for a release on Friday.

    In other news: I have no idea what to put here yet:


    ...and don't even ask about the Afterword...

  • In What's your age?


  • In The Oculus Rift: 4D gaming is the Future!

    Oculus Rift was just bought out by Facebook for two billion dollars.

    Glug, glug, glug, down the toilet....

  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

    I received corrections from all participants except @hellstorm901 so far. Sadly, he hasn't bothered PMing me since I sent out the previews. If I don't receive a PM by tomorrow, say, 24 hours from now, I'll include his story as-is.

    Moreover, I'll need short 50 to 75 words descriptions of the following participants for the About section:
    @Ecstasy, @Rinneko and @UmiYuki. Please PM me your bits and I'll be putting them in. I'd also be glad if @--Jack-- would write a new one, since the last I just realized was oddly specific to the first anthology (oops, its also in the second ebook... my bad).

    To provide an example:

    Johan thinks of himself as intelligent, resourceful and polite. In these difficult times of instability, he is an ever-growing beacon of patience and solidity. A God in the making, he does have some rough edges. But despite all his greatness and his faults, he has the heart of a little child. He keeps it in a box. You will agree that his ego is at least impressive!

    Any of the others who would like to write new descriptions of themselves are welcome to do the same, otherwise I'll be keeping their previous lines (see the other two ebooks for reference).

    Depending on my own schedule and reading progress, I anticipate a release of the ebooks on Friday. This means I'll have to conjure an editorial and afterword until then.

    If anybody's interested in reading the pre-release copy until Friday and wants to type up a bit of feedback, maybe even for the release version of the ebook, please let me know asap. This excludes people who already participated, and I deserve the right to refuse people who I don't trust enough to get into gear and write feedback.

  • In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [PART 3'S TRAILER IS OUT]

  • In New CL Moderators 2.0

    Glad all three got in. See, sometimes one needs to be pushy to see results :)

    Congrats, @--Jack--, @Cenica and @Gwynn. May you wake up staff from its seemingly eternal slumber. With you joining the team, we may be approaching a 50% activity rate on the moderation team!


  • In The Colorless Writing Prompt: Song Fiction

    Swearing is fine, as long as it suits the story's context and you generally don't overdo it

  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

    Got a bunch of PMs with corrections already, hurray! This is going quick enough for my liking :) Thanks, guys and gals!

    You should all have a new shiny Writers-badge by now as well~