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  • In PC Gaming Bargain Bin Thread


    Saints Row The Third: The Full Package - 75% off ($12.49 / 7,49€)

    23 hours left for this deal! Go grab it asap, then proceed to shoot things in hilarious ways.


    Civilization V Gold Edition - 75% off ($12.49 / 9,99€)

    Next expansion pack is coming up, this package here will bring you up to speed. At this point the game is much more complex than it was after the base game launched, and while it still has a lot of kinks and lacks in the depth department compared to its predecessor, this is one of the easiest ways to get some bang for your buck - if you are looking for some relaxing turn-based strategy game.
    It also supports mods via Steam Workshop, so there's plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

    If you want less taxing Civ games, or simply think V is a bit too shallow in some ways, go with Civilization IV Complete for $7.49 / 6,24€ or for an even more oldschool experience, Civilization III Complete for $1.24 / 1,24€. Both should run on your toaster by now, so go ahead. No need to worry about the ridiculous loading times of Civ V.


    Trine 2: Complete Story - 80% off ($3.99 / 3,39€)

    Go. Buy. This. Game. It is MARVELOUS, a pure beauty. It also supports coop up to 3 players (3-Pack for $7.99 / 6,79€) and the Trine Complete Pack comes for $4.99 / 4,29€. I'd also recommend picking up the Sountracks & Artbook DLC for $.99 / 0,89€, as the soundtrack is truly fascinating.

  • In Your Thoughts on Aliens

    Its been a debate for years

    If it has been a debate for years, then why don't you introduce us to the arguments in favor and against the existence of extraterrestrial life? There's a LOT to say on this topic, but if you actually do want to discuss it, why not make an effort?

    Honestly, this could be an interesting topic, but the way you present it here is just... sad?
    I also am getting the feeling that you have a very hard time taking advice and leaning back for a day and not making any more threads in an attempt to become somehow popular on here. If anything, you are close to reaching the opposite of that goal - becoming a pain in the arse.

    Aside from that, your image link seems broken.

  • In Whats on your mind?

    With that, I will close this thread.

    I guess it is time to propose a thread creation requirement again, as in, number of posts on other threads or a week since the sign-up etc....


  • In What is the best Anime ever?

    Please use the forum search. There are plenty of threads trying to discuss that, including a top 10 thread on the frontpage right now.



  • In Whats on your mind?

    Don't mind me, I'm just waiting for @Kirn....

  • In NSA/PRISM: US collecting data from Google, Skype, &co

    It is totally fine as long as it doesn't hit americans or people residing in the US, gotcha....

    Also this:

    DNI Statement on the Collection of Intelligence Pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

    In particular, the surveillance activities published in The Guardian and The Washington Post are lawful and conducted under authorities widely known and discussed, and fully debated and authorized by Congress. Their purpose is to obtain foreign intelligence information, including information necessary to thwart terrorist and cyber attacks against the United States and its allies.

    This part is what worries me the most. This was put in place by those in charge, fully knowing that they're violating people's rights all over the world. The USA has made decisions that cut deeply into the rights of all, without ever discussing the matter even with the representatives of the EU or the countries affected by it (aka all of them).

    This display of sheer arrogance is the exact reason why I do not ever want to live in the US. A country of hypocrites and paranoid capitalists who have long since lost sight of the meaning behind all their talk of freedom and rights they love to use as excuses and shields.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Just played Hotline "fuckin'" Miami. God, this chapter 10 is biting my arse.... I really do love the game, but god damn, it makes my blood boil at times, and then things go down rapidly. Especially when I fuck up somehow close to the finish line....


    Still two and a half days to grab it with the Humble Bundle 8!

    Also played like 6 hours of Saints Row The Third last night, coop and such.

    Great game, but the story side is obviously rather weak and... unpredictable. It lives from its over-the-top concept, but when you start out with the DLC (which comes with the Full Package), you'll be ridiculously overpowered very early on. But hey, having your gang deliver a fuckin' tank to your position at any time can be pretty awesome, for about 10 minutes before it feels too much like cheating...


    And hey, look at this, its a sale AND a free weekend!

  • In Names, Aliases, and Individuality

    Yeah, I know OP has over half a dozen accounts, most of them were used for silly things or to spam/troll chat, I'm afraid.

    there are a finite number of names

    I disagree. As long as the number of possible characters is not limited, there is an infinite amount of names. Sure, most will sound silly or like you've just had a stroke and your head just fell onto the keyboard, but that's not the point.

    It doesn't surprise me, though, that something anime-ish gets covered plenty of times.

    I've had my fair share of aliases over the years, some I still remember, others I've forgotten. Some were, and still are, pretty neat, especially for trolling purposes on various sites.
    On CL alone I've been using plenty of usernames in the past, most because I needed to update my threads during bans or to keep up on things happening while I didn't feel like getting plinged all the time.

  • In Vampire Knight Manga Ending (SPOLERS)

    I don't see how @Maudia might be seen as bashing the thing.

    For the record, I gave up reading after a few volumes. It didn't even manage keep toilet break status....

  • In What kind of food do you like

    Dec, you should know better than to do this here on purpose.

    Asonohara, I do not see that this thread has an nsfw tag, so keep your nsfw pics off it.

    I guess this is what happens when DC plays games all night and can't be arsed to check on the forum... Say, where's Ren?