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  • War of the Human Tanks

    War of the Human Tanks is a story driven strategy game with a gameplay reminiscent of Battleship and Chess, featuring a story of war, loyalty, sacrifice and human shaped tanks.

    This story takes place in a land vaguely reminiscent of modern-day Japan. In the twenty years since the first Human Tank was developed, the war raging between the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon has turned into a proxy war fought between Human Tanks on both sides.

    The Empire of Japon once ruled the entire land of Japon. Now diminished and cornered, the Empire prepares to make its last stand as the tanks of the Kingdom of Japon draw close to its capital. Shoutaro Daihon'ei, Lieutenant of the Imperial Army moves out to the battlefield, followed closely by the loyal Human Tanks in his company.


    Key Features

    • Fast-paced strategic battles in over 30 maps
    • Use resources earned from battles to develop new tanks
    • Customize your tanks with various modules to deadly effect
    • Multiple endings based on your performance
    • Replay the story keeping your previously earned units and resources
    • Free battle mode to practice and gather extra supplies
    • English localization features two all-new bonus maps, hand-drawn battle backgrounds and an improved user interface
    • Episodic TV drama style story with openings and endings changing by battle's progress

    War of the Human Tanks is a strategy game combined with a visual novel. It recently got released on Steam, and judging from my first impressions, it seems like a blast. The Visual Novel aspects are rather heavy, and the humor is what you would expect of a game with HUMAN TANKS. So yeah, go pick it up if you seem interested. There's also a Demo, check the Steam Storepage for that one!

    Website - Steam

    The game is available for $9.99 / 8,99€, with the Imperial Edition going for $16.99 / 15,99€, which comes with the rather extensive soundtrack.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

    Stage 1 done, better than expected. Camera troubles left and right, though, not easy to keep your bearings with enemies swarming around you. Enemy variety in stage 1 was on the weak side, but I'm not complaining about that just yet, since it is basically the game's introduction level. Mistakes can eat into your health quite a bit, but playing it smartly should easily get you high combos - too bad there doesn't seem to be an achievement for combos beyond 100 hits...

    So far, though, the game holds up with its pricetag and my expectations. It's a doijin game, and should be treated as such. Comparing a small project like this to Devil May Cry, for example, will only lead to disappointment - the production values are leagues apart, for obvious reasons. Still, that doesn't mean that there's no enjoyable game to be found here.

    Guess I'll go ahead and play the other stages over the coming days - there are only 5 of them, with 5 waves + boss each. One thing I would have liked to see, though, would be linear levels with enemy encounters placed on the map, rather than it being an arena fighter. That would've been pretty cool. Still, no hard feelings.


    Space Hulk

    Space Hulk just released the first Chapter DLC, which brings Vlka Fenryka, the Wolves of Fenris, the Space Wolves, to the game. It also adds the classical "Fangs of Fenris" 3 mission campaign to the game, as well as new gear and a stronger close combat focus for the Wolves, and new psychic powers. I'm glad to see this finally released, that's for sure!

    So I'm gonna be playing that one today -

  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Opening Cinematic!

    If you aren't so keen on the first game's gameplay, you can jump straight to the second. They did a good job with the introduction videos, telling you the basics and plot from the first game. A lot of people I know felt the first game was a bit too tedious in places, so its great to not be required to finish it to understand what's going on in the sequel.

    Oh, and they just released Time of Contempt, the third book they translated to english. The next one, Baptism of Fire, is coming shortly as well. So even though the games don't require reading the books (due to amnesia and such), if you want to dive deeper into the world and enjoy some of the nice cameos and references, you now have the option. Kinda sad that the novel series' translations were delayed so often....

  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Opening Cinematic!

    DELAYED til February 2015!

    Open Letter below:

    Ever since we started working on the third installment in The Witcher franchise, it has been our aim to produce a title that would take our 11 years of experience in creating RPGS and distill them into a quintessence, into a game that would effectively crown those years. At the same time, we have wanted The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to expand creative boundaries, set new benchmarks, develop the genre as a whole. Ultimately, you, the players, must get an unforgettable adventure to experience in a vast, open world – and that’s most important. We’ve created a story that flows naturally, cinematically, rendered it in amazing sound and visuals, while preserving full freedom of choice – all for you. We knew this to be an ambitious plan, but believed we could achieve it by bringing together our team with its creative energies and current gaming platforms with their technical capabilities. A project this vast and complex would inevitably require special care in its final stages, manual fine-tuning of many details, thorough testing time and again.

    We recently reexamined what we had achieved thus far, and faced a choice about the game’s final release date. The decision we made was difficult, thoroughly considered, and ultimately clear and obvious. We could have released the game towards the end of this year as we had initially planned. Yet we concluded that a few additional months will let us achieve the quality that will satisfy us, the quality gamers expect from us. Consequently, we have set the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for February 2015.

    Dear gamers - we know many of you would have liked to play The Witcher 3 sooner, as soon as possible, even. We’re sorry to make you wait longer than you, or we, initially assumed you would. At the same time, we believe the game will prove to be worth the wait and meet the expectations you have of us. We believe The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be an exceptional RPG, one of the best, providing many hours of wonderful entertainment.

    Dear shareholders – we are aware of the responsibility that rests with us and thank you for the trust you have granted us thus far. We firmly believe that quality – more than any other factor – determines a game’s success, and that the decision we have made is thus equally valid in business terms.

    The Board of CD PROJEKT SA

    I'll wait as long as it takes, and trust CDProjekt RED to deliver an excellent experience. Especially loving the way they addressed their shareholders <3 These are the good guys!

  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

    The submission window is now closed to the public!

    Congrats to these people for submitting their stories!

    The others I either haven't heard back from, have dropped out along the way or aren't ready to submit as of the deadline's arrival. Too bad, but I guess it can't be helped, I guess.

    I'll start the ebook-editing over the next few days, and, as in previous rounds, will be sending out preview shots to the authors via PMs, towards the weekend.

    If you find some grammar or spelling errors in your stories and want to fix things, you are free to submit a revised document until Friday, March 14, 23:00 GMT. I won't allow big changes to your stories, though!
    Only minor edits and proofing allowed!

    I'll keep you updated on the progress.

  • In CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!


  • In Dark Souls 2: March 2014

    60FPS and High Res textures as well as other bells and whistles and choices > early access

  • In Dark Souls 2: March 2014

    Only 1 day to go!!

    More like a month, 15 days....

  • In Only Dog Nose

    That sadly doesn't explain jack shit

  • In Only Dog Nose

    Good question for once, @Asonohara_45. Anybody willing to look it up?