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  • In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (aka Hoenn Confirmed)

    Rather disappointed here.

    I was hoping they'd let the X/Y change settle, maybe make Z now (we all know its coming), but hopefully port the franchise to Wii U in some capacity.
    The Wii U definitely NEEDS a system seller like Pokemon on it to stop losing them money.

    Worldwide sales ended up at $5.6 billion, down from a revised forecast of $5.79 billion, which was once projected to be $9 billion in April 2013.
    There was an operating income shortfall of $455 million, more than the predicted $343 million, and a far cry from the original prediction of a $981 million positive result.
    Net income was up a bit from projections, allowing Nintendo net less loss to be $229 million as opposed to the predicted $245.4 million. All of this means Nintendo’s total loss for the last three years is $1.18 billion. This fiscal year, Nintendo is predicting a positive gain of $392.7 million.

    The Wii U is at what, 6 million now? The PS4 did that already in this past half a year, and that console's been having supply shortages left and right while nobody wants to buy the Wii U. Heck, Pikmin, which fans cried about having to wait so long for, hasn't even cracked a million sold copies. Donkey Kong, for all its goodness, failed to sell well.

    And yet Nintendo comes ahead saying they'll port another old Pokemon game into the new engine. Something they've done so many times before with this franchise, I'm surprised there's still hype for it.

    I was very happy that Nintendo finally got around to make the move to 3D environments with X/Y, but bloody hell, this is Nintendo. Their innovation comes late to the party, but once it arrives, they'll try to sell their old products again, incorporating that innovation in the new version. And then they'll do it until they've got nothing left to update and repackage, and maybe take another small step in another few years.

    The success of the Pokemon franchise has made them absolutely lazy. The success of the Mario franchise has made them absolutely overconfident. They thought launching the Wii U without a Zelda or Metroid or Pokemon or Smash Bros was a good idea, when the competition was way ahead of the curve already. Stupid.

    Nintendo has reached the point where they are stagnating not only their franchises, but also their sales. They haven't had a new IP in years, and even Smash Bros suffers from the lack of new characters (instead offering variations on old ones).

    Nintendo needs to get its head out of its arse and work on something new and exciting, instead of recycling the same old ideas over and over again til everyone's sick of 'em.

    Will Alpha and Omega still be good games? Absolutely. But Nintendo won't be making the most of the remakes, and they'll waste massive potential as a result.

  • In What are you reading?

    If my package were to arrive, I'd be reading these two:



    But lolnope, why the fuck would they deliver my package?

    So right now I am reading



  • In Original Oreo's vs. Golden Oreo's which is your pick?

    @lordhappyface see, that's what I'd expect from a thread OP to explain

  • In Original Oreo's vs. Golden Oreo's which is your pick?

    btw, I'm not a fan of oreos to begin with.

  • In Original Oreo's vs. Golden Oreo's which is your pick?

    No, @9mm, not just "title". At least provide a sodding picture of the two variants.

  • In Transistor: It's OUT, It's Beautiful!

    You can now Preorder Transistor on PC for $19.99, or $29.99 for the game + soundtrack.

    The Soundtrack can also be preordered on disc for $14.99 (which includes the digital download version or digitally for $9.99

    The Transistor Original Soundtrack features more than 60 minutes of music created for the game by Supergiant’s Darren Korb, with vocals by Ashley Barrett.


    Platform specific features:

    Transistor for PlayStation 4 Features

    • DualShock 4 Light Bar flashes in sync with the Transistor’s speech
    • More than 30 Trophies (including a Platinum Trophy)
    • Remote Play & Share Button support (standard for PS4 games)

    Transistor for PC Features

    • Full controller support & fully remappable controls
    • Steamworks support including cloud saves, achievements, & trading cards
    • DRM-free: You can play the game offline if you want (uses Steam for downloading/installing)

    PC Minimum System Requirements - OS: Windows 7 or newer - CPU: 2.6GHz Dual Core CPU or greater - RAM: 4GB or greater - GPU: 1GB Video RAM or greater, e.g. Intel HD Graphics 3000, Nvidia 9400 GT, AMD HD 5450 - Hard Drive Space: 4GB free

    What is the game’s native resolution? Transistor runs at 1080p on both the PlayStation 4 and PC. The PC version also contains 720p assets for compatibility with less powerful systems.

    Hm, now the question is whether to buy the CD or not. I already own the Bastion CD, signed, and would like to add this one to the collection...

  • In Jahari Window - Find out what personality traits others see in you!

    @Gwynn But now @Rebel did.

    Then again...

    REBEL t(-_-t) thinks: self-conscious, tense, ingenious, searching, silly, religious.

  • In The Lord Inquisitor: An Unofficial Warhammer 40,000 CGI Movie



    Torquemada Coteaz


    Marcus Allenbrisk


    Grey Knights




  • In The Lord Inquisitor: An Unofficial Warhammer 40,000 CGI Movie


    Check the Youtube Channel for updates!

    Christmas 2013 Update

    Promo 2013 Update

  • The Lord Inquisitor: An Unofficial Warhammer 40,000 CGI Movie


    Let me present to you a fan-project that has been in the making for years:


    The Project

    1OtvprK.jpg The project of making an animated fan-movie set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe was started as far back as April 2010, officially. Of course we can easily assume that the planning and brainstorming took place even before that.

    Responsible for the initial creative spark is Erasmus Brosdau, who is working at Crytek, Germany, as Senior Cinematic Artist. He brings a lot of experience to the project, having worked on 3D since he was 19, and having gotten his first 3D-modelling job at 22. The man's put out a few rendered fan-images for 40k over the years, but decided his next big hobby project would be a feature film of about 10-15 minute length - and he initially worked on it on his own.

    By now, the project has evolved from his early ideas, posted in April 2010 (even then he expected the project to take up 2 years time, and around 20.000 frames - which would've taken around 100 days to render on 9 QuadCores(!)), and so has the team and project scope.

    Rather than facing the threats of the Immaterium on his own, the team working on The Lord Inquisitor spans around 15 people, with more volunteers chipping in. The team includes industry veterans, professional composers, artists and writers.

    In fact, the writing was given over to Aaron Dembski-Bowden, an author for Games Workshop's own Black Library publishing arm, who also happens to be a fan-favorite by now.

    The project can also pride itself on having gotten official permission from Games Workshop to proceed and use the IP. People familiar with anything GW will know that their lawyers are absolute bloodhounds, ready to sue violations of their property rights on a brink, and even when the case is not at all clear-cut. For Erasmus and the Lord Inquisitor to have gotten official permission is, in itself, a huge achievement already.

    The Story

    elw2H0N.jpg Not much is known about the story so far, outside of the characters. The main-man in the movie will be Lord Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz, who has been featured in the lore for ages. The plot will likely focus on Coteaz' Acolyte, Marcus Allenbrisk, following his Lord and the Grey Knights Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) to root out daemonic taint.

    Marcus Allenbrisk is a character created specifically for this project, whereas Torquemada and the Grey Knights are from the background material.

    http://i.imgur.com/cWPWIpf.jpg The Grey Knights are a Chapter of the Space Marines that stands aside from the rest of their kin - their gene-seed is modified and said to feature aspects of the Emperor's own genetic material. Their recruitment of the Grey Knights, the Chapter designated as 666, is especially testing - aspirants are chosen based on psychic abilities, will be mind-wiped, given new names and go through extreme trials before making it to the ranks of the Grey Knights - if they survive.

    The Chapter has its roots in the Horus Heresy, 10,000 years prior to the present 41st Millenium. Where their creation was shrouded in mystery, their existence is still held as a secret, only known to the Inquisition and select Space Marine Chapter Masters. They are following the requests of the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition, also known as the Daemon Hunters.

    And that is exactly what the Grey Knights excell at. Their psychic powers, and psy-bound weaponry, are devastating to daemonic enemies. They use telepathic links among each other to coordinate their actions, but are masterful warriors each and every one. Their losses, however, hurt the Imperium of Man dearly, as the creation of more Grey Knights is, as already mentioned, diffuclt at best.

    Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden released a Grey Knights novel back in 2012, called "The Emperor's Gift". The novel dealt with questionable assignments, finding your place in the psychic network between brothers, and loss. It also dealt with the 1st War for Armageddon, pitching the protagonists against Daemon Primarch Angron and a myriad of Greater Daemons.

    Having read the novel, I can assure you that AD-B certainly knows how to write the Grey Knights in style, and that his narrations are well-suited for animated presentation. Even if you are not a 40k fan, or not even familiar with the setting, you'll still find enjoyment from it on the merits of being an action-packed story.


    Another trailer is due to be released soon, and in anticipation of that, here is the old Winter 2011 trailer.

    This trailer was released when the project was still down to Erasmus alone - the quality in animation and modelling has increased significantly since. Check the Website to stay up to date!