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  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Dear Tomato

    I ate you just to spite my girlfriend, I don't even like tomatoes.

  • In The Science Thread

    Impossible colors

    Stygian blue - Mix of black and yellow. Your brain remembers the yellow while looking at the black, and makes this really deep blue colour.

  • In The CL Internet Speedtest Thread Plebs

  • In Concert Thread!

    I have seen many big metal acts now. I'll just go through the ones I remember with short descriptions.

    Lamb of God:

    I was just off the side of the mosh pit, because fuck the mosh pit, I didn't want to die that day. They made the crowd to a wall of death (google this if you don't know what it is). The singer didn't want to do any growling shit or fancy stuff with his voice, so it was a little bland. Though it was good overall.


    WOOOO!! This was one of the best concerts I've been to! They were spot on with everything! From sound to hitting all the notes. I headbanged so hard my neck was sore for weeks!


    This band is my most favourite metal band, and they're French. I was dead centre of the moshpit and I put all my energy into moshing. It was magic. I only got half way through the set before feeling like I was going to die (because I couldn't breath due to all the people trying to get closer to the band). Also, the drummer Mario totally did the metal sign at me when I was like "WOOO MARIO FUCKING ROCKS". When they played flying whales, the crowd was moshing in sync and singing.

    Anyway, that's all I can bother remembering.

  • In The Science Thread

    Cutting beer bottle with cotton string/yarn Wrap your yarn. If you don’t have yarn available, you can use any thick cotton string. At the location of where you would like the bottle to break, wrap a piece of yarn around the bottle 3-5 times. Tie the ends together and cut off any excess string. Soak the yarn in acetone. Slide the yarn off the end of the bottle, and place it in a small dish or lid. Pour a bit of nail polish remover or straight-up acetone over the yarn until it is completely soaked. You can pour the excess acetone back into the bottle afterwards. Wrap the bottle again. Take the yarn and replace it back on the bottle in the exact location you want it to break. Try to make sure that the loops of yarn are placed close together and are tight so that you get a level, clean break. Light the yarn on fire. Use a match or a lighter to catch the yarn (on the bottle) on fire. Rotate the bottle slowly so that the yarn burns at a consistent speed around the entire bottle. Dunk the bottle in cold water. Have your sink or a pot filled with cold water - you can add ice as well if you would like. Wait until the fire on the yarn has burnt out, and then stick the end of the bottle with the yarn directly into the water. The bottle should break cleanly off where the yarn was wrapped around it. (Warning, do not inhale glass smoke, duh. Maybe do this step with the glass underwater) Sand the edges. Use a rough sandpaper to smooth down the jagged edges on the broken section of the bottle. When you have removed any sharp corners, switch to a fine grit sandpaper to give the bottle a smooth, soft finish. You’re done!

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Dear work,

    Thank you for the ICT job, in which I have no experience in other than hobby stuff I do at home. Whatever pays the bills! I will say this, however, Google Ultron will be installed on every computer, and there shall never be an out of date Adobe Reader!

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Mr PM,

    With the raising costs of education and lesser government funding to help people pay for the funding, you're taking away education from the poorer people of our communities. Uni students will be hit hard with fees, though you give your daughter a $60,000 scholarship, and you've given her a job at that Uni AND SHE HAS NO FUCKING JOB ROLE. Everyone has to do it tough, that also means your daughters.

    These uni students are protesting the budget, because it hits them hard. Though we have articles like this, almost like "The peasants are revolting". Shit makes me angry, some rich snob asshole writing this crap.

    We all have to do it tough, but you go out and buy $12.4bn worth of fighter jets. We don't need this shit, how about putting that into hospitals or schools.

    Suck my balls, Mr Prime Minister, Suck my balls.

  • The Awkward Yeti Comics

    Just a web comic, Link above. I'm enjoying these comics so I thought I'd share.

  • In EarthPorn Thread

  • In EarthPorn Thread

    I like dirty earth porn.

    That's good shit.