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Di-Kitsune joined on Dec 13th, 2011, since that has made 78 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Di-Kitsune has given 95 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 20th, 2012.

  • In CL user appreciation thread.

    who am i gona make fun of? -by Yukimaru<

    Yo face!

    aaaaa what's with this notifications today! Haha :D There's a holiday tomorrow so i wont be working for couple of days :) Happy face ^.^ So i promise i'll be on more often this week!

    :) I appreciate @Yukimaru and @CloudVariasKira since they appreciate me, sounds fair... :P <3 Much love guys make sure to be on tomorrow!

    P.S. and @akumawolf ^.^ Cos we are family in some kind of way :P

  • In Location, Location, Location

    @CloudVariasKira full time office job partly office manager party translator party this and that cos the group is so small we end up covering things we are not supposed to, especially during this crisis. Plus half of the staff is missing on vacation -.-'


    @Pirateness oh pardon me i'm still waiting for them too! It was so awesome i don't think my hope will ever die :P


    @izzyswan i got printed pages copy from a friend, have no frikin idea where he found them but first few chapters are!! and other stuff fuck i don't know anymore :/ Seems like everyone is on hiatus. There used to be couple of people on livejournal traslating it. Try the link for now.

  • In Location, Location, Location

    @CloudVariasKira yeah i noticed it too, it's moving slower than before, personally i'm really busy with work altho things are starting to calm down :) @Yukimaru, Yuki! I miss you :'(((((

  • In Does Anime suck?

    it's true there are less good anime to watch now but there are good once too, so gooooo run my horsie RUUUUN and read some goddamn manga, novels watch some movies!

  • In Location, Location, Location

    Sorry guys, i'm pretty very busy with work this last couple of days, @CloudVariasKira there is such an option of linking Russian, USA and EU threads with mine since its location and all, that way people might get a chance to expand their view on who's around. We shall see but for now i have to survive this week and then get all the sleep i missed out on....

    P.S @Yukimaru Did you speak to Min yet?

  • In Why not let a book describe your sex life?

    "During the next year or two he had turned up fairly often, coming unexpectedly after dusk, and going off without warning before sunrise" JRR Tolkien- The Lord of the Rings.


  • In CL's Beauty Pageant (2nd Round begins !)

    It's winter, why swimsuits? :'O

  • In CL's Beauty Pageant (2nd Round begins !)

    @TrevInc v.v Just don't take a picture of you sitting in a suit... on a black leather chair. That is all i ask for my sanity