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  • In How do you feel about college dropouts? How do you feel about dropping out?

    @TokoyamiSenshi ^.^ You wont be mad if i add your name to my thread?

    Yeah i live in Cyprus and EU came here not so long ago as well, we had our changes as well the most painful one was changing the curency from cypriot pounds to euro but everything else wasn't that bad ^.^ maybe it wasn't 'cos we didn't have that many free thiings to begin with :/


    @CloudVariasKira when it comes to martial arts i guess you can be creative with techniques that is. But mainly for me i think its dicipline of both will and body


    @Pirateness people just step on our dreams and hopes :'(

    @TalTal19 I read the novels but i'd still love to see the anime, cos i enjoye the story, art and music. So it's not as much about wanting to find out what is gona happen as for i want another good anime to come to life for my own entertainment =)

  • In Spiderman MEME thread


    I've been waiting for you spidey meme

  • In How do you feel about college dropouts? How do you feel about dropping out?

    My country is beautiful. As long as you pass the entrance exams, you get to go to college for free; you only pay for what you fail. @TokoyamiSenshi

    o.O So freakin jealous... Which country is that? I'm moving to you... NOW =P

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    @CloudVariasKira No sorry not yet, i can let you know if i hear of any?

  • In CL's Beauty Pageant (2nd Round begins !)

    Btw @TrevInc it's very depressing but you look exactly like my boss

  • In CL's Beauty Pageant (2nd Round begins !)

    I'm still thinking what kind of porn everyone would be interested in so this will take a day or two ~

    @Arachne Cosplay Yaoi ;P


    @Neko-Chan haha that was always my problem with ninjutsu our ranking system is very confusing

    There are 9 basic levels that you have to pass, each of those levels trains you in different aspects of ninjutsu for example on 1st i might do only stances learn unarmed techniques and on 2nd it will be knife techniques and so on and so forth. What my sensei did is he simplified the system dividing it to 3 main parts with different belts. 1-3 is white which includes unarmed combat, stick and rope then its 4-6 green knife dagger rope 7-9 grey sword and a weapon of your choice.

    Basicly we need a specific amount of knowledge to pass the level. They do a test and a one on one/ many on one (depending on the level) fight.

    After 9th you get a title of Shodan and black belt and continue leveling going from 10th Dan Judan to, 10th Dan Judan Chigyo Happo Biken 10th Dan Judan Suigyo Happo Biken 10th Dan Judan Kagyo blablabla -.O hate this ranking system.

    Anws i said i got 2 more because i already covered most of 7th level and it shouldn't be long until i get my next. ^.^

  • In The Amazing Spiderman

    For a second there i thought that was spidermans son. -.-'