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99th percentile

DictatorHilton joined on Jun 20th, 2011, since that has made 109 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, DictatorHilton has given 165 upvotes, and was last online on Jan 21st, 2018.

  • In Pinging the Dead Thread


    hey buddy. thx for listening to all of my teenage angst back in the days. you rock

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    bring me BACK to this golden age

  • In Nostalgia Thread

    Totally underrated show </3

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    @Dane Thanks buddy <3

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    I actually got into med school and before I even got the chance to be a little bit happy & proud about that my parents just had to go and ruin that by being extremely underwhelmed. I'm not asking for a party or anything but can I at least get some recognition? lmao this is why I have attachment issues

  • In D.O.N.G.

    i came into this thread expecting something way better

  • In What are your favorite ghetto memes

    this is so caucasian

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    If you don't think Mads Mikkelsen is a sign that god still loves us then we cannot be friends. You're also ageist

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    Literally the entire cast of How to Get Away with Murder can get it

    Dean Thomas all grown up panders to my girlhood dreams

    Smol bean

    If you look up the word symmetry in a lexicon this is the picture right next to it

    Crush me zaddy

    A Beautiful Delicate Flower

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    @Wolfangle i'll cut you