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Domo joined on Aug 3rd, 2011, since that has made 249 posts that are still accessible today, 5 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Domo has given 559 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 30th, 2016.

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    has proposed to me on numerous occasions (no homo) & is @masculyn's grandchild

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    @Dark-B good shit

    bump because what a satisfying season finale? i'm days late but whatever, even. i appreciate the condensation of content in s6 even if it askews time. it's a lot more engaging and im SO excited for season 7. i want to know where the greyjoy-targ relationship goes ;) want to see two queens of westeros tbh

    season 7 predictions are jon finds out about his true parentage but this causes a rift in the north because he's lyanna's son but what claim does he have tbh. she was just a pretty face in the north, like kit harrington is bound to be. sansa marries jon to strengthen his claim, baelish dies finally.

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    ok @ me

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    NICE [flame emoji][100 emoji][ok emoji][tongue emoji][water emoji]

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    Bump for new features! Take the Ilvermorny sorting quiz. (Thunderbirds, wya)

    Also not that I'll ever play but I'm Bee on Pottermore and unfortunately a Ravenclaw.

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    i'm legal in denmark; please serve me.

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