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99th percentile

Kholodkb. <3

Ethereal joined on Mar 4th, 2012, since that has made 192 posts that are still accessible today, 6 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Ethereal has given 619 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 22nd, 2018.

  • In Colorless shipping thread

    @Ecstasy and Ethereal ! Bwahahaha. Ecstasy's the best tsundere <3

  • In ...Donyatsu

    I can't tell if I wanna hug them or eat them...

  • In Dance of the Knights

    This jam makes me even more scared to mess with you than before D: this is some grade A I'm a kick yo ass music. Gargy ish scary ; ; and i wuv his music

  • In How your music taste changed over the years.

    Let's see, the first band I ever acknowledged was NSYNC. I don't remember how young I was, but it was right when they had some new song with a music video of them as toys, and it was also when MTV was actually about Music.

    After buying some of their CDs, I then learned a few years later that they are not the only band in the world, when my friend started playing some Lincoln Park. I believe I was around 10 by this time. Starting then, I fell deeply in love with Lincoln Park, Papa Roach, and pretty much anything else I heard on the radio.

    Then the big one came, my cousin. had given me her old computer which had about 20 gigs of music on it. I was amazed that you could have different songs playing for literally days until you heard all of them. I think I must've been around 13 at this time. This is when I learned to like Silverstein, Good Charlotte, Paramore, Phillmore, Blink 182, Aqua, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, and many more.

    Then somehow when I turned about 16, I stumbled upon Nightcore and listened to that for a long time, which then led me to other EDM genres such as Trance, which is where I currently am, although I still love to listen to an occasional Yellowcard or Jimmy Eat World.

  • In Osu!

    This game... is overly addictive.

  • In Enigma: Between Generations

    Really beautiful. I used to listen to music like this all time. This reminded me why. Thank you.

  • In What's your Ice Cream of choice CL?

    Always Strawberry mixed with Cotton Candy. Though I Birthday Cake is delicious too Q have to agree with @Maryam on that one.

  • In Chrome: Colorless Blacklist

    Ooh, this is amazing! Thank you Gargy :3

  • In ~ The Colorless Olympics ~ ¬°FIRST CHALLENGES UP! TADA.

    Oh thank you so much @ n1xx xDD my bad

  • In ~ The Colorless Olympics ~ ¬°FIRST CHALLENGES UP! TADA.

    It's the 12th, so... I just post my thing here...right? ._. RIGHT? Why is there nothing posted D: Am I out of some loop? Did this get canceled? I'm so confused QQ I just post it here, RIGHT?