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  • In The Colorless's Purpose

    I feel The Colorless is a place to both seek help from, and contribute to each other when in need. This can be in the forum of direct help, such as question/answers, or just from being there and having a community to talk, even if it doesn't relate to whatever you may need help with. A place where you can meet other people that all, for the most part, on your side.

    I think the best and easiest way to say what I feel the purpose of The Colorless is, is just to be one big team without knowing all your team members right off the bat. It's not a team for any game, or a team for just anime or games or discussion, but a team for everything and anything.

  • In We're on Mars, people

    I should be excited about this, but for some odd reason I'm really not. Rather, I am extremely frightened by how far we've come. Space is a scary, scary place (/'.')/ However, it is intriguing none the less. Now I must find a way to combat these scientists doing and finding all this stuff shakes first Dat science stuff be overpowered...

  • In CHESS

    It's been ages since I've played chess. I remember always playing, starting back way back in like... 6th grade or something crazy. I remember MSN let you play on that, except you had to pay after a set amount of days. There was another site I found, but every time I challenged someone they would end up just sitting there and never make a move again (it had no timer on it, and allowed you to come back to a game days, months, or even years later.)

    I notice Chess Titans has an option to play with humans, except it appears to be LAN based or of the sort.. Any way to set it up to where we can choose who we play against? I'd love to play a match or two against someone on here.

  • In Offline MMO

    xD I love playing with groups or with people, but there is just something about the exploration of any MMO I find fascinating. Regardless if people or there are not, I think it would be extremely fun to revisit those worlds (especially for the sake of screenshots!) It may seem a little silly, but I would be much more comforted playing an MMO knowing that, no matter what, I can return to it. Especially, since you do play with others, memories are made. Just as some people enjoy to revisit houses they lived in as a child, or parks they used to play at with their friends.

  • Offline MMO

    Alright, the title is a bit contradictory, but wasn't sure what else to title this. Anyway, I'm curious on everyone here's opinion on this, especially those that know a bit of programming, economics, etc.

    Imagine your favorite MMO was shutting it's servers down. Would you prefer it just shuts down and you're never able to play again, or that you get some version of offline play to keep all your data on and able to explore the world? There would be extremely limited you could do, since most MMOs require some sort of group aspect, as well as it'd probably be pretty bland with no one else.

    However, if companies were to do this when shutting down games, do you think it would be good for their reputation? Or bad for it? How hard do you think it would be to implement a feature such as this? Do you think there's any other way to shut down a game while still allowing for a good experience? (dedicated servers maybe?), and how much of a hassle/cost any alternative ways would be.

    What about if they were to make it LAN? So you can only play it with your friends, or of the sort. Again, do you think that would be too much hassle and money to implement if the game is already going down?

    Now, I understand if the company is going to completely collapse because their servers are going down, they probably will want nothing of the sort since it won't help them in any way. But what about companies that are large, such as Blizzard, NCsoft, or even Square? Do you think it would attract more players towards their MMOs if they knew when the servers eventually shut down they'd be able to continue their playing experience?

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @InstantRamen Oohh, now I have to hope you finish it! Good luck on the project :'D

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    You mentioned online games, so I will throw a random idea that just popped into my mind while reading this xD I have yet to see an online game where you go back and fourth between two worlds. Like, say how in Persona 3 you have your base world with social stats, and then there's Tartarus where you enter a sort of surreal world with monsters, and who knows what else. So the idea might not be original overall, but as an online game, I think it may be.

    Maybe say, a dark and light world that affect one another. You can choose to start in either one, maybe each has a different race or something of the sort, but they directly influence each other in some way or another. Maybe if a boss were to die in the light world, a new one will spawn in the dark world after that. Or if a castle or piece of land has been taken in the dark world, then the light world changes in one way or another as well.

  • In PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) aka the greatest thing to ever grace Korean music in recent times

    Funk Korea is BEST Korea.

  • In I challenge you!

    I TOOK THIS CHALLENGE! I found out I drive much better like this, even if it was my first time getting pulled over! Didn't get a ticket at least :'D

  • In What do you like about anime fandubs?

    @AK-Chan Likewise for coming off in a manner I did not intend :X