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EvoRulz joined on Oct 8th, 2015, since that has made 1675 posts that are still accessible today, 13 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, EvoRulz has given 4808 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 28th, 2017.

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]

    had a random idea: @KittyCat vs GrumpyCat

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]

    Anyone have any ideas about soundtrack-wise what we could do? im thinking 8 bit tracks, but its not closed off to just that~

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]

    @Everyone, if you would want your character to have a few items that represent you as a CL user/yourself irl what would you have? sub post below~~

    Also feel free to suggest what other users could have :D

    I would have a guitar item or something :3 i cant think of what else id want rn xD but i can think of some suggestions for other users:

    @Kirn would have a bloody shovel @Kinnear would have his gun @Enami would have some kind of oreo item @BakaHime would have a lightstick maybe xD @Kittycat might have a slice of pizza? @Warlock would have a banhammer @Yugure would have a carboard box @Loki would have chains

    oop my train just arrived gtg for now guys enjoy

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]

    you want to be an NPC @Sheep? XD any more ideas for what the NPC would do or where they'd appear or what they'd say so on? xD

    If your character was a boss or had a giant variation of itsself as a boss maybe its noise upon summoning could be the scream from the pokemon chorus xD

    or maybe that noise could be lowed heaps and played whenever you kill a sheep xD

    also there could be somekind of @Sheep x @Enami running gag somehow maybe, also @Enami could have some dolphin/oreo related abilities if not actually be a dolphin? xD lemme know what you guys think

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]

    since who wouldnt want to be the protagonist, i think it would be cool to get to choose from a list of as many users as we can think of of that we know, or get in touch with, unless they'd rather be some kind of boss or common enemy like the replacement for one of those little mushroom things in mario (someone pleaae refresh my memory on the name of that ahaha goomba or something right?

    if not that, then it would be in my opinion to have either server tan/kun or @Kirn as the protagonist because that's very CL, i really think the first option would be better though and to instead includ @Kirn as some final boss who is legitimately difficult to beat (heck if he allowed this we could potentially even ask him to say some lines for his character or ask if we can grab some from previous choruses)

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]

    even if you cant help spam your ideas here <3

    also, probably some kind of rpg(?)

  • In CL Literature 2.0

    @lilyisnotonfire you might be interested in this thread maybe ^^

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Round 2 (also extended)]

    cmon people fighttt!

  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]
  • In TheColorless As a Game? [Brainstorming]