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99th percentile

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Gargron joined on May 2nd, 2010, since that has made 1250 posts that are still accessible today, 158 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Gargron has given 2263 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 4th, 2015.

  • In Dota 2 anyone? :D

    @Kittycat I'll add you Kitty. How long have you been playing?

  • In Dota 2 anyone? :D

    So I'm into this now. Bump.

  • In Comet vs WebSocket

    For god's sake, people. Here, I'll spell it out for you:

    What is WebSocket?

    WebSockets are a technology introduced in HTML version 5, which was new at the time the chat was made and not all browsers supported it yet. They allow the browser to connect to the server directly, with a long-lasting connection. This allows for instant, real-time communication. The socket connection is neither HTTP nor HTTPS, so it uses a port different to 80 and 443, which are standard ports for those protocols and open on most computers and networks.

    What is Comet?

    Comet, also known as "long-polling", is a fallback technique which uses the standard HTTP port 80. It makes a HTTP connection to the server which waits for a long time before timing out. If new content is available on the server, it responds to the HTTP request without waiting further; if there is nothing, the request times out. In both cases, right after that the browser makes another such request, ad infinitum.

    It is slower, it is not real-time, and it's nobody's first choice if they can help it. It is a fallback option.

    If the chat cannot establish a WebSocket connection for some reason, it automatically attempts to connect via Comet instead. The dropdown is there to help people who know what they're doing help themselves.

  • In The Oculus Rift: 4D gaming is the Future!

    RIP Oculus Rift

  • In CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

    @Ecstasy :D


    Here is a probably helpful article about the Ukraine situation (written pre-Crimea though): http://pando.com/2014/02/24/everything-you-know-about-ukraine-is-wrong/

  • In CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

    I've done the recording. Screenshots though, that's one hell of a task. I wrote a script to post the lyrics to the chat automatically, but screenshotting it programmatically made my laptop run out of memory. I'm not sure if optimizing that would be worth it. Are these screenshots really needed? Are you sure you can't just, I dunno, generate the chat bubbles that you know you'll montage in on your end?

  • In Math/Programming jokes
  • In CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

    I think leaving them as is will make the project run much more smoothly. Imagine the overhead of writing fitting lyrics content-wise and rhyme-wise. And then everyone learning them. And then the recording thing too. It's not worth it, we just want to have fun, I think

  • In CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

    I'm going to sing. Have at ye, Kirn, betcha you didn't expect that!