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Gargron joined on May 2nd, 2010, since that has made 1262 posts that are still accessible today, 158 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Gargron has given 2278 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 29th, 2015.

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    @Kiboune Wait, you telling that to me? You realize I have nothing to do with the management nowadays, right?

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    It is very likely that a person looking at this thread being a user of this website was born after 1988. If you don't understand likelihoods that's your problem, old man.

    Other than that, people making chats won't fix the situation in any way. Just make things more broken.

    This makes no sense. People looking at the loading indicator vs. people actually getting to talk to each other again, seems like a fucking fix to me.

    It's up to staff to actually set up a replacement chat, if we need one, and put up anouncement on top of the site so everyone would see it's official and unified.

    Agreed, but do you see the staff anywhere? Nope.

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    I don't think anyone takes offence at being called "retard" as it's comparatively mild to some stronger and more creative insults, people don't get offended for their own sake but for others. A straight man doesn't really lose anything from using "gay" to describe something bad or from being called a "faggot", but if a community signals that those words are okay, people who are not straight will not feel welcome. Same with other minority-related slurs. If you want to foster a community of white supremacist men, sure, go all out on those insults; otherwise we have to keep the bar higher than that.

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    @--Jack-- @Wolfangle


    Rizon and Freenode are different IRC servers, not just clients. In fact, it doesn't matter what client you use, you can install HexChat on your desktop for example.

    The channel name "cldowntime" doesn't sound canon to me either, I suggest above to use the channel "#colorless"

  • In What's wrong with saying the word Retard?

    ^ This. Using "retard" in a deragatory manner light-heartedly just seems in bad taste. There are actual people who suffer from such a condition who did not choose it.

    Now, nobody actually prohibits you from using that insult if you want to. But most people do not feel like randomly hurting other people, so they don't use it and will look down on you when you do, that is the consequence you have to bear with.

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    When chat is down, use IRC. Like #colorless on irc.rizon.net or something. It's not an established chat room at the moment, I personally hang out in #histogramm-bbs but that's just my thing.

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    A lot of text here, with broken line breaks/headlines which makes me believe you copypasted this from somewhere, anyway, most of the text is just waffling about, here are the delicious bits:

    Feminists love the vagina, but they seem to hate the womb. They’ll do anything to save a woman from her own fertility. Give her contraceptives, so she can have sterile sex to her heart’s content! Make sure she is at liberty to kill her unborn children, at any time and for any reason she pleases!

    Women's bodies belong to women. If they don't want children, they don't have to have children. "Kill her unborn children" is extremely loaded language, what we're talking about is abortion of foetuses that have not become children yet. Tumours are also "life", is removing tumours equal to killing too? And if you base your position upon the potential for it becoming a child, do you feel extremely guilty every second you don't have sex? And every time you masturbate? Rhetorical question, I don't care.

    Women do need men. On the level of society, men have in spades certain talents and abilities that are much rarer among women. If we’re honest, most of us want protection and support from men, and especially from our fathers and the fathers of our children. Too often feminists fail to address that basic reality.

    Um. Sorry to bring this to you buddy, but there's nothing that a man can do that woman can't do. Your position is actually misandrist because you imply that men are inherently obliged to be the protectors and supporters and not the other way around.

    Of course, this argument runs the other way, too. Men are healthier, happier and generally more productive when they have women in their lives. They want women to transform mere dwelling-places into real homes. They want them to love and nurture children. Women also have distinctive gifts; for most men throughout history, it is women who have connected them to larger society, making it seem worthwhile to get out of bed in the mornings. I don’t believe that women are obliged to subordinate themselves to men in every way the latter may desire. But I do believe that we have obligations towards men (and especially towards the particular men in our own lives) that are in some ways “woman-specific.”

    You need women as a tool to feel happy and healthy, nice. Glad to know that women's role in this world is to transform dwelling-places into real homes.

    In a truly thriving society, we shouldn’t need any feminists. Let’s all be humanists instead.

    You are a Status Quo Warrior. Eagerly defending the way things are because you believe that everything is fine, because you never bothered to check if maybe you're just lucky to have never come across the power structures and prejudices that permeate our society to this day. And the issue is not that you simply don't see those things, it's that you actively try to shut down those who do. For shame!

    As I said before, go back to /r/redpill. No recruiting here.

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    The d is Dota 2