"I used to have a life before The Colorless"

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99th percentile

Hello person reading this. You look lovely today. I feel like it's time to change the "only pop in once in a while" to "I'm invested in the shit friendships I've made on this beautiful site". Feel free to befriend me, and also request any songs for me to do. Yes. Okay. PEACE.


Cheshire is Cannon, @Kittycat <3



Best Ship


Steam lopsidedgrin

Skype danceswithblades_

League Of Legends lopsidedgrin

Sound Cloud Lopsidedgrin


Me when I get out of bed.

http://33.media.tumblr.com/a8accf8cf6aed2873d41f14d1978f43e/tumblr_ncxli4OifI1rt69p4o6_250.gif Bae http://i.imgur.com/WNMgjO4.gif

Grinners joined on May 1st, 2015, since that has made 46 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Grinners has given 72 upvotes, and was last online on May 21st, 2017.

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament Starting June 3rd]

    I'm in, thanks for the ping. Hopefully i don't flunk out right away like last time.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    "Everyone knows Warlock's patreon goes towards his Ahri skins." - @Kittycat

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    I can't believe I missed @Lycan while I was gone, I'm so peeved. I miss you buddy. ):

  • What Brought You to Colorless?

    Hey Colorless,

    I've always been interested in knowing how many of the Colorless users found this site, and what made them stay. This is a thread just for those kind of stories, and reminisce on some memories. Feel free to post your stories below. (・ω<)☆

    My story:

    Basically I joined this site under a different name [Trebleclef or something like that] when my friend introduced me to it back in our twelve year of highschool. I met Wolfy, Square and Jack as well as some others. She was pretending to be a dude though, so it got weird and I stopped coming on. Two years later I rejoined as Grinners, met @Lycan and @Itsuki and and bunch of others that got me hooked on this community. Since then I have never left.



  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    I haven't been on here in a while, and I miss a lot of my friends.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Don't push people past their breaking point.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    Imagine this: Your entire family has anxiety disorders, and anxiety feeds off each other. So your brother had an anxiety attack, and now has to deal with an asshole professor who is accusing him of cheating on a final because he was mentally unwell to do it in class. Now you feel that anxiety, on top of your own anxiety and want to curl into a ball and cry, but also be strong and support your brother. THEN your mother comes home, a jumble of anxiety from work to only feel yours and your brothers anxiety and she assumes you two were fighting and now the whole house is anxious and you're dying and just want to shut down. Holy fuck I am tired.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    Don't make me cry by referencing that anime you punk.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    I don't want to study, I don't want to go out and get the presents. I want to sleep, and play games all day. I just want Winter Break to be a thing.

  • Final Fantasy Gifs

    Hey, I have a deep urge to post a lot of Final Fantasy X/X-2 gifs and didn't see an appropriate place. So here is a thread for anyone to share their love for the Final Fantasy games, and their aesthetically pleasing cut scenes, or their weird faces through gifs.

    Here we go:




    My ship v







    Okay done.