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Heyo the name's ImmaculateSable, otherwise widely known as "IS" or "Sable". I'm just a laid back person who doesn't really care about much at all if it doesn't involve me. Drama ain't my cup of coffee.

"IS" (I)mmaculate(S)able

ImmaculateSable joined on Jul 27th, 2011, since that has made 68 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, ImmaculateSable has given 111 upvotes, and was last online on May 16th, 2019.

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    I Built the Sky - The Sky Is Not the Limit

  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    Seeing as i've been here for quite a while, albeit inactive the majority of the time, I still have memories here during "hard times" which had helped me get to where I am today. I would definitely miss CL but would also understand that times change, people move on, and life continues. So like everyone else, i'd move on with my life.

    Shoutout to the long-run friends/acquaintances, you may not remember me but I remember you. @Wolfangle @123-456-7890 @Maryam @Warlock @Sol @Lhyunsu @Pigboss @Viral @EvoRulz @Taro_Tanako @Bleachedsnow; and some whose names escape me...

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    Nothing like a good beat to tickle your eardrums.

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    Indie Vibes:

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    I am grateful for the opportunity to have been apart of the CL community for over 5 years and have enjoyed the time i've spent here(though had rarely been involved in any huge events). I also had the honor of getting to know some great people and becoming well acquainted with them, even enough to call them my online family. I'm not too great with goodbye's so i'll cut it short, this is for you fam:

    P.S. skip to 11:50 and enjoy from then on.

  • In Game Of Thrones- Winter's Coming! [TV]

    Time for Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers!!!!!


    NOTE: Hover over images to view them

    For those who have watched Season 6, the cliffhanger they left us with showed Danaery's Targaryen Sailing along with Varys, Tyrion, Theon, Yara, the Sandsnakes, as well as Olenna Tyrell. At last Danaerys is making her way to Westeros with a united front, but wait ... where in Westeros is she sailing?

    Below is a leaked image showing Dothraki who have seemed to reach a shoreline in which Stark soldiers are present along with the "King in the North", as well as his right hand man Davos Seaworth. It would appear as though Jon had arranged to meet with them prior to them washing ashore. (Looks like Jon finally has a royal escort, somewhat of a "Kingsguard").

    Now we all know that a meeting between Jon and Danaerys was bound to happen, though who would've thought it'd be this soon? This image shows that Danaerys, Tyrion, and what appears to be Jorah Mormont on the top section, have come to an agreement or created an alliance for the time being. Glad to see the return of Jorah "Friendzone" Mormont!

    Towards the end of Season 5 and during Season 6 Theon finally seems to have regained what was lost back in season 3, his balls. After killing Ramsay's "bootycall" and safely escorting Sansa through the wolfswood, which eventually led to Brienne and Podrick Payne saving the duo, Theon stated he was "going home". After reuniting with his sister, proclaiming Yara as the rightful heir to the salt throne, and stealing the iron fleet from Euron, Theon and Yara create an alliance with Danaerys and set sail to Westeros. Though as Theon himself said to Sansa, "Nothing can change what i've done: Betraying the North and Robb" he's somewhat right. As we all know, the North SOMEWHAT remembers!

    Below shows a confrontation between Theon and Jon. Jon seems to be threatening Theon or is scolding him on his betrayal and is questioning Theon's position as a "potential ally". Nevertheless it's great to see a reunion between the two considering they haven't seen each other since season 1 episode 1.

    Maisie Williams was captured in Northern Ireland getting ready to go on set with an entirely new set of clothing. Compared to her clothing from the past seasons she seems to have geared up for the coming storm, or should I say ... SNOW. Arya Stark seems to have acquired "Noble clothing" that we have seen all the Stark children wear. We last saw Arya feeding Walder Frey a pie of his own making(literally), which was actually Walder's sons carved up, and killing Walder by slicing his throat. Arya being at the twins shows that she is making her way back home to Winterfell, but I guess this picture can confirm that she reunites with her siblings.

    Ellie Kendrick was spotted on set in Northern Ireland as well dressed in her Wildling attire. Is it safe to assume her and Bran made it back past the wall and to Winterfell? Grenn held the gate, Hodor held the door, but can Ed hold the Wall? At least until the North is ready.

    With the bastard of the dreadfort dead and the bastard of Winterfell becoming King, what about that other bastard from season 3? What was his name, the one everyone seems to have forgotten about? That's right, after rowing his boat for about 3 seasons he finally seems to have reached some shores. Shores that, ultimately, is the worst place he could've wound up on: King's Landing. Joe Dempsie had been spotted having dinner and on set with the game of thrones crew and cast.

    Below shows Gendry along with Tyrion and Davos either docking or leaving before two Gold Cloaks show up, Gendry depiciting a younger King Robert Baratheon doesnt help in this situation, Tyrion being the Dwarf that killed his father doesn't either. It appears as if though the Gold Cloaks wish to apprehend Tyrion and Gendry but before so, Davos tries to distract or bribe them with something. While Davos distracts them Gendry seems to pull something out of the boat, an indication of his Nobility and shows he is the son of his father Robert Baratheon, a Warhammer. Gendry then proceeds to take out the Gold Cloaks with ease.

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  • In What does your username mean?

    "Immaculate" Due to being a neat and tidy person, as well as the color of my skin "Sable", being a tan, sand color.

    Pretty lame I know.


    @Warlock Happy Birthday Bruv! I wish you good fortune in the years to come.

    • Your old buddy ol' pal, Sable.
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    A couple examples of how I dress, I don't take pictures so I don't have anything of me to upload.