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InsaneBoredGame joined on Aug 26th, 2010, since that has made 827 posts that are still accessible today, 15 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, InsaneBoredGame has given 1025 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 20th, 2014.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    I haven't watched Psycho-pass either, but Makishima because I really don't want Kyubey to win

  • In What would you do with the power of Geass?

    Geass myself to have motivation. Geass someone at a job interview to hire me. That's all, really.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Vector is the true path. Plus all of the reasons Tally and I posted over here, this asshole goes from kind prince to mad ruler (who killed all of his subjects and invaded countless nations) to crazy dead rock alien to crazy dead rock alien pretending to be a alien cop pretending to be a middle school boy to crazier dead rock alien to all powerful chaos god to even more dead to a goddamn NEET by the finale.

    He's in a card game anime, only wins two duels (both with someone else), yet is pretty much the biggest threat for the longest time. He willingly loses a few times just to gain another advantage. He's as hammy as shit, incredibly petty, pretty damn cruel, and ridiculously patient. He engineered the deaths of over half the reoccurring cast.

    Also, he's a really good actor. Like would you imagine someone of that description to pull off this?


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  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!


  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Dio Brando all the way

  • In Spring 2014 Anime Chart

    Currently only watching Arc V and Legion Mate out of all these.

    Might pick up Dragon Collection and Oreca Battle, because yeah, card game anime.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Hell yeah, Gilgamesh. Diva villains are amazing.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Nominees & Rules

    Let's not forget that he completely breaks the yugioh formula. He's a goddamn cheat, giving Yuma cards "as proof of their friendship", then "kidnapping" his disguised self to make Yuma go after him, only to have a field spell set up in advance to burn away Yuma's lifepoints and have a trap card that pretty much destroyed Yuma's deck (which would only work if Yuma had the cards he gave him in the first place).

    This asshole enjoys every minute of it, too. Making Astral (the spirit buddy) go nuts and posses Yuma, while giving off this face.


    In his past life, he went nuts and murdered his whole kingdom. When we find out that the evil chaos god he contracted with was responsible for him going nuts, he laughs, says he knew it all along, and absorbs his power, still intent on killing everyone. Only after trying to pull the innocent act again, which actually works surprisingly well.

    This piece of shit has only won two duels, yet is responsible for the deaths of half the cast. He waited hundreds of years for his point system to reach one million to kill the guy he hated. He had one of the most tragic deaths on the show, and when we were convinced he was really dead, no coming back (the ending theme really supported this), he shows up 30 secs before the end of the finale, announcing himself of all things. Remorseless, naturally.

    He's such a dick and yeah, favorite character.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Nominees & Rules

    Vector from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (@TalTal you better back me up with this) http://media.tumblr.com/b997a317c07b9d42fd61da6582adfd15/tumblr_mir2gsM9991ronyfgo1_500.png

    I barely watched any other anime. Zexal is enough. Zexal is supreme.

  • In Your Hogwarts house

    @TalTal19 No no no, Tally. I am simply testing their patience and house loyalty. I am helping them.

    Very hufflepuff of me, yes?