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  • Battleborn $35!


    My latest obsession! (It's being sold for $35, links at the bottom!)

    its a completely different type of game (hero shooter/arena fps/moba hybrid) with: (if you're turned off by the moba part, if you read after the modes I explain what they take from that genre)

    a single/co-op player story mode

    personal profile and leveling rank up to 100

    3 game modes:

    Battleborn’s team-based competitive multiplayer action can be experienced by up to 10 players online in 5v5 matches and includes three distinct multiplayer modes

    Capture: Teams of heroes face off in a fast-paced death match and must capture and hold objectives on the map to win (king of the hill, its the closest to being fully arena fps, but it has moba elements and you definitely have to work with your team in any mode)

    Incursion: Teams of heroes must defend their 2 sentries from the other team while working together alongside their own minions to destroy their opponent’s 2 sentries (defense based and a good medium mix of fps and moba elements)

    Meltdown: Teams of heroes must guide their minions as they march to their death at the center of the map. Points are scored for every minion who throws themselves into the incinerator, and the team with the most points wins. (offense based, mode that resembles moba the most, but it still isn't. It just takes from it a lot more than the others with following your minions and trying to push them to the goal or you can play offensive and defend yours)

    all with a huge focus on PvP

    (clarifying the moba elements now, buildables that are sporadic on the map, the in match leveling system, the fact minions exist and influence incursion and meltdown in different ways, adds, it really just adds more to do and love!)

    it has leveling systems within each game session and they made it so that new players don't feel under leveled for not having gear, which is amazing because gear in an arena game should just be a nice bonus anyway

    They also have a huge campaign that is growing and hilarious and amazing! There's a lot of replay value there and it feels like I'm raiding like I do in other games. I've played it all through on advanced, it was a challenging blast!

    It's also been really easy to find new friends to play it with me :) just by talking on mic and adding people on steam I have met some pretty nice people! The game integrated steams friend system to make it easier to add others.

    Anyway, It just has a lot of unique different characters and has lore missions that help you delve into the games lore and each characters past and throughout there's a ton of borderlands type humor!

    what I really appreciate about Battleborn is that all of the lore is accessible to everyone, with or without the game!

    not a gamer? hate multiplayer shooters? can’t afford the game?

    doesn’t matter.

    if you are interested in the characters or the story but can’t / don’t play the game, consider this is your invitation to join the fandom!

    is the bootcamp trailer from Gearbox that already includes all the character profiles except for there newest edition Alani that is found

    the official story trailer from Gearbox is here!

    There's a launch trailer found here

    that shows mainly the characters and it’s battle aspect (not fully representative of its extensive game play).

    is all the cut scenes in the entire campaign from start to finish, with more on its way! it’s included in the video that shows every cut scene, but if you want to instantly fall in love you can see the prologue opening cinematic here!

    They have a beautiful, hilarious “animated” prologue comic that lets you learn more about the characters and what they did before hand. It’s at its 3rd chapter so far which can be found here and are in browser! battleborn.com/story/en/

    Battleborn has a rich setting and amazingly well-developed characters that really have a focus on the lore and characters with amazing gameplay. I love that they worked in their poc characters well and don’t over sexualize anyone! Plus that borderlands humor is hard to beat. Here’s an easter egg to show off Nova and her silly personality!

    or this you would only hear if you played as Phoebe in one of the campaign missions here about her crush on Caldarius!

    You also unlock and learn about each character through completing lore missions, they are spread out through a ton of videos so you’d have to look them up on youtube!

    Non-players don't actually know how much content is in this game and how pleasantly different it is than other games. It’s a moba inspired/ fps arena /hero shooter hybrid. While being part moba might seem weird and strange, just watching some pvp gameplay and see what the campaign has to offer! There are 3 different pvp modes that give you a totally different experience than one another and more are being added soon!

    Here you can learn about how great Battleborn actually is with all the details! (its totalbiscuits youtube video titled Battleborn vs. Overwatch for dummies)

    It’s also a pleasure to see them avidly responding and keeping us updated with all the changes and updates through reddit where they even reply back and tell us when they are going to implement our feedback. They really care about the us players and the game. Don’t think that because you’ve seen less of it around or that it has significantly less marketing than overwatch, Gearbox isn’t that big of a company. I love the fandom so far and the fanart just keeps growing! I especially love this video the fandom already made!

    I very much recommend it to anyone who is interested!

    But as a tip, their motto of fight together or die alone is dead on. It’s all about teamwork and playing your role right!

    It can be found here for 35$ as of right now www.greenmangaming.com/games/battleborn/#b

    Its also on Bestbuy and Amazon for 40$


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    I tried to embed the youtube videos, but couldn't figure it out so I just made them links.

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    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Afterbirth and Undertale

    are my current poisons

    add me on steam Invisible_Rainbow

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    @Ni8 www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1075244

    I was there for the tumblr post, but they quote it in that link. It was never confirmed by Hussie himself but the post was made by someone who was related to the team so its credible, but obviously not 100%. "He tells me he actually can’t tell me anywhere but through kickstarter because of a settlement he signed" so.. I hope that he gets the money back. The majority of it was stolen, I don't know how the fuck they are going to manage this and if they dont get a lot of the money back then like.. the games gonna suck. I just.. I don't even know.

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    @Momimochi oh i forgot to tag you that i replied.

  • In Homestuck Adventure Game

    Basically Hussie decided to team up with a game studio as him and his team had never worked on video games before it seemed like a smart idea, right? Nope. The studio name is "The Odd Gentleman". Hussie gave them a decent amount of money and time to work on the game, they said they would have it out in like 1.5 - 2 years. It ended up that they used the money to make an extensive prototype/demo for their game "King's Quest" so that another game company would help fully fund it. In the end they had shit to show for the money Hussie paid them and the whole time that they were "working" on the game, they barely let Hussie direct or help (cuz they weren't working on it). Hussie then made an announcement that he was going to switch to just fund his own game dev team and make it under his supervision. (Good thing we funded so much money) So, it's going to take even longer cuz tOG wasted like 2 years and his team is smaller and etc. Theres been like teasers of the game and stuff if you look it up on youtube. I'm still concerned about it, but I'm sure once it comes out i'll dig its feel and fall in love with the new story (or so I hope).

    tl;dr Fuck the Odd Gentleman. Lets kill em.

  • In Homestuck Adventure Game

    3 years later and we are still waiting. It sucks that a good chunk the money we raised basically got stolen, but at least now they are on track with their own team instead of those pieces of shit. I'm still wary about it because Im not v open to new characters.. got too invested with the old ones and now ive kinda faded out of the fandom, but eh might not be so bad..

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    • Name: Domo
    • Age: 21
    • Gender: Cis Female
    • Location: Orlando, FL / Ocean City, MD
    • Orientation: Pan
    • Interests: anime, cosplay, not super into furry stuff but am trying my hand at making a cute oc, video games, programming for games, deck building games, board games, SU, Gravity falls, Bojack Horseman, Rick & Morty, -whispers used to be heavy into HS-, whatever is fun and usually nerd like, have any questions or just feel like talking for whatever reason hit me up!
    • Looking for: friends
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    Heres me and my kitten (1/3) and he looks likes hes a little alien. I look like my soul has been sucked out on purpose because a lot has changed since I joined CL almost 6 years ago :P the blue filter is because i didnt want to fix my hair. deal with it :P

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    so you're going to write it in javascript instead of java?