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I am the Royal Prince Albert of this era, kneel and acknowledge that it's not loose change clanging in my pockets.





If there was audio you'd know i was le prince.

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  • In The Colourless UK

    South west signing in. I'll bring farm animals and cider to the table

  • In New Musical Instruments

    Four Tet is one of my Favourite producers. watched one of his production videos on Sing and he said he used a Tenori-on which i thought was brilliant because apart from him the only other commercially successful artist i knew using one was Little Boots. I'm sure there's others but those are the two I know.

    Really enjoyed this thread, it piqued my interest because I enjoy artist that use instruments that aren't expected or maybe don't usually appear in the genre that much. For instance i recently fell in love with mini harmoniums and zithers. Which brings me to a point of it's not instrument that makes the musician it's the Artist's intent which really creates something beautiful an example being, another musician you linked, "Trent Reznor".

    on a side note i'm guessing noise jelly works on the same principal of organic contacts and closing circuits? it reminds me of this amazing video:

  • In True Detective

    It's good. I'm watching it weekly on Sky Atlantic and don't feel the need right now to watch everything online as of yet.

    2 episodes in I'm pretty intrigued so far as to how it's all going to play out and how mcconaughey's character develops. I have to say it's changed my opinion on him as an actor though since during my lifetime I've only seen him in romantic comedies and bad action films such as Sahara being latter and Failure to Launch being the former. As of late he's been taking on much more serious roles and having not seen Dallas Buyers Club yet, in which he won himself an Oscar for being in, It's given me belief that he's become a much more serious actor. I do find myself having to say "hang on what was that?" because he mumbles quite a bit when telling a story (could be my ineptness as an English person trying to listen to southern Americans)

    The title music is by The Handsome Family and having liked them for a while it really helped hooking me in from the get go. T Bone Burnett picked out the songs for the show so i knew it was going to be good musically him having produced and wrote the score for O' Brother Where Art Thou and having done the same for Walk The Line in which he also helped the actors with their singing roles.

    So yeah, so far I'm enjoying it steadily and looking forward for more. Certainly one of the better TV Shows that are popping up as of late.

  • In New Daft Punk album!!!!!! (COMING MAY 21ST!!!!)

    "Not many people have heard of them, period." that's a massive lie. They were huge well before Get Lucky maybe not in mainstream or commercial success but they were huge. There's a reason they were able to do a 48 show tour over 2 years consisting of festivals and arena venues and that's because lots of people knew about them. I'm not sure how popular they were in america at the time in europe they've been at the forefront of electronic house for a while. This isn't actually the first time they've one a grammy either. The album created from the just mention tour "Alive 2006/2007" one best electronic/dance album in the 2007 awards .

    Now, the recent success of their latest could be due to the boom in EDM (electronic dance music) in america. It is the number one genre to get into right now in the states because of accessibility of being able to produce a track in your bedroom and that you can do it alone so lotsa dollar to be made. Combine this with the rise of popularity in dubstep and you've got the perfect breeding ground for the success of well established and long running dance producers in Europe to really hit it big.

  • In New Daft Punk album!!!!!! (COMING MAY 21ST!!!!)

    Shit?!!?!?! It's almost like for 20 years they've been unknown and unrecognized. It's not like they've been receiving global critical acclaim since 2001 or that their 1997 album Homework pretty much brought the mainstream light to French House. I mean, now they have a grammy they're totally legit musicians.

    Honestly though it's nice to see the award going to them rather than Taylor Swift or some shit. I believe there are other bands much more deserving of Best Album and that Get Lucky is great pop track but boy there were a lot of "great pop" tracks last year. I totally agree on the engineering one as the album has some really nice production on. I hear that they used a microphone from each decade from the 70s upwards to record the vocals which is pretty interesting.

  • In Post the song that matches your current state of feeling in life.

  • In Post the song that matches your current state of feeling in life.

    @Reage you do know Ian Curtis (lead singer of Joy Division) killed himself, right?

  • In What is your country known for?

    @Taro_Tanako you forgot The Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Michael Caine, The British Empire, James Bond

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    @Gwynn Moon is a very good film enjoyed it a lot. @Kip Stranger Than Fiction I thought was pretty good too. On a similar sort of tangent Everything Must Go is another film which stars Will Ferrell portraying a more serious character it's pretty funny but sad at the same time.

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