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i am the CL Prince due to Taro_Tanako

Jake joined on May 3rd, 2010, since that has made 106 posts that are still accessible today, 14 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Jake has given 120 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 26th, 2013.

  • In Le New Tinychat Screenshot thread

    Why not?

  • In Le New Tinychat Screenshot thread

    bump, do you guys still use TC

  • In Don't forget Tinychat
  • Don't forget Tinychat

    Do you guys remember tinychat that this site has? If you are new this site has a tinychat, it has been used to create some Cl memories and you should create your own.

  • In The New CL Mincecraft Server

    can i join please, name on Mc is Hetro12

  • In Project C

    heya can I join? it seems interesting enough :) Could I be the Gladiator ?

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    Joined in 2010, a cat is the picture

  • In CL Game Nights

    Anyone up for a game night tonight?

  • In CL Game Nights

    I am going to start game nights on saturday evenings (well evening to me), the first one will be on pc, sorry to those who don't like pc games. leave links in the posts to show which games you lot want to play. try to keep them to low spec needing games for those who don't have great computers/laptops.

  • In CL Game Nights

    I will put you down anyway. I know that not everyone will make each one.