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Hey, it's Jay_Jay. I'm a 18 year old girl who lives in Mobile, Alabama. But I was born and raised in LA.

I like anime, manga and video games. Some of my favorite anime shows are Soul Eater, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and InuYasha.

I love the Mortal Kombat series more than any other video game series (Mortal Kombat was the first game I ever played).

Jay_Jay joined on Jan 17th, 2013, since that has made 16 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Jay_Jay has given 24 upvotes, and was last online on Mar 10th, 2015.

  • In Naruto's Reaching a Climax, Soon.

    @cj3366 Yeah. It's like they jam packed so much into one chapter. But Naruto's son is beyond adorable.

  • In If you could bring one manga series to a deserted island, which one would it be?

    @Kittycat Much appreciated.

  • In If you could bring one manga series to a deserted island, which one would it be?

    @vickylannister You have the right idea.

  • In What would you do with the power of Geass?

    I'd Geass everyone into completely obeying me forever. That's horrible, but I'd do it.

  • In If you picked up a Death Note, what would you use it for?

    I wouldn't do anything with it. I'd run as fast as my fat legs could carry me if I ever saw a death note on the ground. There's no way I'd use it.

  • In Naruto's Reaching a Climax, Soon.

    I love how everything turned out. Everyone who I shipped got together. It was perfect.

  • In What type of anime watcher are you?

    1 and 13. Definitely me.

  • In What's your age?

    I'm 18.

  • In What Colour is the Dress?

    Lol I'm so done with this....

  • In Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus [Anime Discussion]

    Not a huge fan of the anime, but I do love the English VA's performances, so I'll watch. If they are gonna stick closer to the manga, then this is gonna be awesome!