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Jin_sama joined on May 27th, 2010, since that has made 65 posts that are still accessible today, 3 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Jin_sama has given 79 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 9th, 2016.

  • In Super Monday Night Combat

    i installed the game and gave it a go. the moment i realize i have to reload my gun. i quit and uninstall.

    it claimed to be a shooter moba. it is a shooter, yes, moba, no. there's not much element of teamplay, ganking, etc to it. it's just a shooter with the objective of pushing enemies back. and if i want to play a shooter with that kind of graphic, i'd go for Team Fortress.

  • In Paper size and Pencil

    Pencils and papers are for pussies!

    lol joking, can't remember the last time i touch paper and pencil but when I used to, I use HB pencils, 2B pencils and mechanical pencils, each of them good for a different thing but i work with what i have most of the time.

    now I'm going digital 100% _ more convenient but tbh, line art work on digital sucks compare to pencil line art. And so because of that, I've created a weird situation for myself, to make the "perfect" painting, I like to sketch digitally, cos its fast, convenient, easy to Undo, trace, redraw, liquidfy, transform so you can get the form you looking for much faster and more accurate than on paper. But then as I said, I want pencil line art, so when I'm done with sketching digitally, i'd have to print the sketch out and trace it with pencil. And to colour it, i'd have to scan the pencil line art back into my computer! such a lengthy procedure :( i hope i get the chance to try it at some point tho, see how it'd work out for me.

  • In It's me, the founder of this site! I need people with money. For science. You monster.

    on that screenshot, "faultyAI" is my (artist) name /sparkle

  • In JIN - open for commission

    @Ethereal haha you're welcome to :) I've got nothing but ONE commission so far lol not going well even with that price lol

  • In JIN - open for commission

    I dont know what's going on :( like sometime the image do appear, sometime they don't D:

  • In JIN - open for commission

    aww man , something went wrong , the photos aren't displaying :( /head to edit to fix

    @Gargron yea :) heard Trev talked about it today :D looking 4ward to it xD

  • JIN - open for commission
    hi guys, a small notice for anyone who interested, I'm opening for commission :)
    details on this is on my dA page:

    basicly I'll be open for 2 kind of commission

    1st is character's headshot:

    (@DSP i painted your character as examplezz!! xDDD )

    price: £10 each
    payment through paypal so whatever currency you pay by just use the paypal conversion thingy.

    2snd type is portrait matte painting: (click to see bigger image)

    (basically like those "change yourself into a cartoon" but more posh! i kid lol)
    price: £8 each

    so yea, that's the gist of it, if you're interested, head over to my dA page and read the details :)

    spread the words if you can, and thanks for reading :)
    have a nice day everyone :)
  • In Photography!

    @Bunko Canon, all le way! lol jk, the 2 major brand atm r Nikon and Canon, whichever you prefer really I personally using Canon, I think Canon is more friendly to user. Its just personal preference really :P

  • In Photography!

    @Keri thanks :D the fifth one was taken with a 18-50mm lens + Macro filter :D those filter quite cheap for they r, like 10 pounds for a set of 4 or 5 give it a try if you interested in macro photography :D and yea, pretty girls r pretty xDDD too bad they r "just friends" :P

  • In Photography!