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    A rhyming book

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    You're a god frey

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    Everyone has their own opinion and i quite enjoy it.

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    They changed that. The only thing premium users have is increased drop rate and exp rate.

    Its the new age

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    @Johtoh - Johtoh

    @Frey - Freey

  • Wakfu [Turn Base Fantasy MMORPG]

    Hello! I am here to introduce a F2P Turn base, tactical, MMORPG named Wakfu.

    Wakfu is made by a company called Ankama Games and they have only made this and a previous MMO named Dofus. Wakfu is Dofus's predecessor and shares a better quality art style.

    Original description:
    Touchdown in the World of Twelve and set off on a great adventure in WAKFU - an original massively multiplayer online role playing universe where humor goes hand in hand with action-packed, tactical battles.

    Climb Mount Zinit in search of Ogrest, the fearsome ogre behind the cataclysm that devastated the World, or mark your own path across the archipelagos who feverishly work to rebuild their once mighty nations. Become a warrior, politician, merchant, or craftsman, but whatever you choose... in WAKFU, everything depends on you!

    What does it have to offer?

    Well apart from turn base content it has 15 unique classes!
    You can become a sneaky Sram who is an assassin like character, a Cra ranger who's range is unrivaled, a plant summoning Sadida who is an all rounder type, a drunken Pandawa who lifts and gets more powerful as it drinks, a pokemon master Osamodas who summons aren't the only thing you should be worried about, a treasure hunting Enutrof who's accompanied by a mole like creature and trembles the battlefield with his/her pickaxe and lucky coin, a berserking Sacrier who uses its blood as a weapon to deal massive damage by spreading AIDS, a time mage named Xelors who's hands undermine their enemies, a warrior gambler which either amazes or fools themselves named Ecaflip, a Feca who are protectors the moment they were birthed which uses shields and the round gold trimmed glasses to keep their allies in tip top shape, a warrior named Iops who are…. yeah, The healer named Enirispa, the Rouge who uses bombs and its trusty pistol, a Foggernaut who is part machine and part badass, and the tricky acrobats named The Masqueraiders

    In WAKFU, you can become a citizen of one of the game's four Nations. During your political career, you can serve your Nation by occupying a governmental post, which will give you additional rights and duties. And even at the end, run for governor which can decide who you wish to war or love with!

    The plants and animals make up a truly vibrant, living ecosystem! Kill too many Gobballs without giving them a chance to reproduce, and they'll disappear forever. Reap too much wheat without resowing, and it'll be your last harvest. You're free to protect the local species or exploit them to extinction. Your world, your decisions... Which means it's also your responsibility to deal with the consequences.

    There are 11 Professions you can choose from. Want to build a fence? BECOME A HANDYMAN. Want to bake bread? BAKER DUH!. Want to poke something? WEAPONS MASTER HERE I COME!

    Sell stuff, name your price. Garvan deals, garvan wheels.

    All of the classes have 3 trees you can choose your spells (Earth,Fire,Water,Air) from and have 10 specialties you can choose (5 active, 5 passive).

    You are not limited to a branch, you can experiment! Fire-Air Iop? YEAH! Water Enirispa? PLEASE!

    Apart from having spells you can also use your equip weapon you loot or craft.

    Did i also mention there was dungeons? Wakfu has over 30+ dungeons which range from levels 15-120 max. Also! They have end game content also!

    Ultimate Bosses!

    They require a full party to kill.. Seriously, don't get cocky and try it alone.


    Apart from adding friends you can also make/join a guild! Guilds have a separate level which grant you bonus's the higher it is. And also not to mention gain the access to get a….. HAVEN WORLD!

    Haven Worlds are basically guild owned plots or islands. Decorate it with trees and useable structures or turn it into a complete depressing farm.

    It has its own unique geography that depends on the area you buy a haven world in. They are sold in auctions and you must compete against other guilds to get the Have World. You can only own 1 Haven world per guild but can add on more land on your Haven World.



    This game is "Grindy"

    There are different servers depending on the region you are in. I have linked the asia server because thats what i play on :3. They have a EU and NA server also.
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    003: @Gywnn

    Description: Inspirational Microphoned Bunny Speaker Pokemon

    Type: Plastic

    Entry: A strange humanoid bunny figure who carries a microphone with it always. Usually makes cameos in korean dramas but is rarely noticed due to its HM lurk. Before entering battle it seduces its opponent with its special mating call "Microphony Monotoned Screech". If you encounter one in the wild, be careful of it. You will surely drop your panties.

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    Its deeper than incest. Its love~~~