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  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    Alright. This is a quest from Wadjet Eye games, and if you haven't heard of them by now - you don't play quest games. They made Blackwell Chronicles, which I praised around here greatly, and a bunch of other pixel-style quests. With some nice voice-action and developer commentaries, usually. And this one is their latest work.


    So. This one is a supernatural investigation kind of game. The premise is simple enough. You - a nameable protagonist (you can also pick gender this time around) - have been possessed by a blood-thirsty demon about a year ago. Since then you have been on a murderous rampage all over the city, until you were found by New-York branch of Unavowed - a supernatural organization, that protects the mundane world from paranormal buggery. They exorcise demon out of you and, since you are technically innocent, but very wanted by the police, let you join them.


    That is the premise, so let's talk gameplay. Over the course of the game, you will be visiting several distinct places. And when I say distinct - I mean it. There's almost no puzzles in this game that carry over several locations, so every part of New-York you investigate is kind of a separate quest in itself. This actually makes the game easier than you would expect quest to be, because you know that your investigation area is limited. Additionally during the game you won't actually pick up many items. I don't think I ever carried around more than five at a time, towards the end of a game.
    Now, all this makes the game pretty easy. Maybe even too easy at times. Sure, there are places where you might be stuck for a little bit, but overall - you are progressing very fast. It's a neutral point for me, cause there's still some puzzle-solving, but hardcore quest-lovers would probably be disappointed.


    One veryt curious mechanic is companions selection. At the start of the game, you meet two companions - a warrior and a mage, let's say. So your first few areas will be explored with them. But during the game, you will pick up two more, so, when going to the next investigation, you will have to select 2 to take with you. And I believe, at any time one of the original two should be present. This gives some variation during puzzle-solving, because there are things that you cannot do, and then you need your companion skills to help you, and selecting different people will give you different approaches to some stuff. Also, while you walk around, your companions strike up conversations with each other, which is pretty damn endearing. All in all, i wish I could take them all with me at once, cause all main characters you meet there are pretty awesome in their ways. But that's the usual thing for games from Wadjet Eye.


    Story is... well, it's obviously interesting. You live the life of paranormal investigator! And it's high peak of activity in good on NY! So expect to see a lot of weird stuff. The story fits the genre really well, and goes in mostly expected, but enjoyable way.
    Now, the whole cast is voiced except for... your character. Which is actually not true. Yous select things to say, but only other characters are voiced, which changes after a certain plot twist. Which is also not true, at it's not really changes. And yes, I am not making much sense, but I can't go into more detail without spoilers.
    Also, game actually has several endings. Along the way, you will be presented with choices, so you will definitely see the pattern of where it is going, eventually. Your choices will matter in the final location, and then... well, let's say, I am pretty sure I did everything right, and in the end I had a choice of four ending - fucking horrible, really bad, okay and good. I assume, if you don't finish game as successfully, you may get less options. Or maybe not, I am not sure, actually.

    In any case, what the game gives you is satisfying story, which, while being supernatural, is logical, and has a decent twist. Game is simple, but gameplay is present, so it's more quest than, let's say, recent Telltale games. And, of course, if you like pixel-style quests (with actual good art), and/ Wedjet Eye games and their voice-casting - this is definitely for you.

  • Samurai Jack (animated series)


    @Lieutenant recommended me this, and at first I wasn't really all that enthusiastic. I mean, a show from year 2001 of Cartoon Network? I watched some of those, in late 90-ies, and I really wasn't all that impressed. However, I decided to give it a try. I mean, it's a show about samurai, and it's made by Genndy Tartakovsky - Gennady Borisovich Tartakovsky, who is Russian-American. So I was at least somewhat curious.

    I shall now spoil the whole first 3 episodes of the show, just so we can get into the core of the things.
    In first episode ancient evil shape-shifting demon called Aku awakens from its imprisonment and proceeds to attack the one who ipmrisoned him - the Emperor of Japan. Emperor fails to defeat the demon again, but send away the magic sword - the only weapon that can hurt the demon - and his own son away. Sword is hidden, and young prince undergoes harsh training all over the world, that lasts for 22 years, and ends with him getting the sword and traveling to fight the demon. And just as he's about to land a final strike, Aku uses his magic to send samurai thousands of years into the future.
    Second episode shows Jack being landed in a crazy futuristic metropolis, reminding me of The 5th Element movie. There he barely escapes being crashed by all the machinery, gets called 'Jack' a lot by some definitely drugged up locals and ends up in a bar. Where he promptly gets into a fight with some weird monster-looking aliens, and then takes a job from a bunch of talking dogs that take him away in their rocket.
    Third episode shows Jack helping the dogs to protect their archeological dig from Aku - who is the ruler of all Earth and, it seems like, big part of the universe - who just sent hundreds of evil robots to kill them all. Most of the episode Jack sets up traps and even more of the episode he fights, ending the episode completely covered in black oil after cutting down hundreds of robots.


    These three episodes were presented as a sort of a pilot movie, and that what started Jack's journey into the world of the future. But important thing is not the story exactly. Important thing, that made me take good notice of the show immediately, was style.
    First episode. for its most part, shows montage - or sequence - of Jack going through 22 years of his training. There are no words - just imagery and music. The story is told as visually as it can be told. You understand everything, and even though it's incredibly drawn out, you don't mind it, because it's part of the story and important world-building.
    Second episode mostly sets up the world of the future - Earth is now some futuristic mess, with aliens being allowed to live there for a tribute to Aku, and all sorts of weird humans, aliens and robots roaming all sorts of landscapes. The episode explains the main idea of the show - samurai from the past in environment he is absolutely foreign to.
    Third episode is all about that fight with robots. All the moves are shown, all the traps are used - all of them! - and Jack slowly and painfully goes from wearing full set of armor to losing all protection and getting covered by robotic blood. The fight is incredibly visual - I don't see fight being as well taken care of in most of today shows. And it's there for the sake of the fight. It's a show about samurai, and it must have fights - as simple as that.


    And that perfectly ties up everything you need to know about the show to go into it. It's always the combination of absolutely crazy setting, and of visual storytelling. Some episodes feel absolutely experimental - plays on art and animation styles. Some episodes are pure references. I mean, they have scenes from 300 movie there before 300 movie was ever make. How cool is that!
    There are some recurring characters and themes, but mostly all you see over the course of 4 seasons is new. And also it ranges to some incredibly silly stuff to things that would almost make you tear up. Along the way you get some more references to the main story, though the premise always remains simple - Jack tries to find portal to the past, but always fails due to him trying too hard to help everyone else around him. Oh, and he also loses his shirt a lot. Yes, that's a thing.


    The show got to me and I didn't even realize. Eventually you get involved, and the crazyness of world becomes secondary - it all becomes about characters. With Jack, of course, being the center one, and Aku playing constant supporting role of big bad evil. There's also Scotsman - recurring character who is both antagonistic and similar to Jack, and eventually becomes friend to the samurai. Though, the rest of the cast is quite memorable too. Guardian of the portal, White Rabbit girl, Scissorsmith (he's a horrible bastard btw), the Guy with a case... list is long.
    My concern at first was that Jack, being as trained and proficient as he is, would feel just too strong and uninteresting. But while he can overcome pretty much any opponent, his struggle is also presented, and the weight on his shoulders is sometimes more than even the best swordsman in the world can bear. That his own uncertainly makes it good and justifies his physical power.


    Now, I mentioned 4 seasons. But in total, there are 5. Apparently, after 13 years, show finally got it's final season, that concluded the story. And that one was quite unlike the first 4. First of all, it was very deliberately a fan-service celebration, referring the previous seasons - from characters to even the old opening. Next, it was, this time, a complete, streamlined story, all tying up together in the end. And lastly, it his us with must more serious themes that the first seasons of the show. And, with all the battles still there, generally it was much more intense and dramatic.
    It did feel ruched at times, and somewhat awkward at times, but all elements of the original show were still there, and conclusion - definite conclusion - to the story probably game a lot of satisfaction to those who waited for it for 13 years.

    All in all? Real gem of the show. I feel bad I never knew about it before. Thanks @Lieutenant for the recommendation.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Some more AMVs.

    This one is AMV for 5 anime, including Baccano!, Black Lagoon and Drrr! with song being 'Jungle' by X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons. There's no wholesome story to this, but it's a good rhythm with a lot of action-crime scenes happening.

    Second one is for even more anime, which I will not list, and the song is 'My Shiny Teeth and Me' by Nathan Sharp. It's good dance anime, cheerful, upbeat, slightly maniacal... and this probably can be used as any tooth paste commercial ever.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    So, this is a Visual Novel. Innovative visual novel. Chinese, I believe, originally. Recently it got translated and put on Steam, where I took notice of it, watched video, got interested in gameplay and, well, tried the game. I did not expect what exactly I was getting into.


    So. Gameplay. In this game, you are Myth - a young girl, who is also a god. She lives in a house among the cite under a red sky, with her dog Will. Who is also a god. Their function, as gods, is to receive requests from people - prayers - and try to fulfill those prayers by changing around events in the letter. And yes, you receive prayers by mail, in this day and age. Oh, by the way, some of the letters will be from a cat. Do not even try to figure this out.
    Now, changing letter around to get the correct, best, ending is not the only thing you do. There are many possibilities, so you can get many endings. Heck, you can make things worse, silly, absolutely improbable... you are god, after all. Each ending you get gives you more text and a rank - from S - being the best, super, rank - to X usually being very horrible outcome. Of and there's also... actually, nah, that would be a huge spoiler.
    As you 'solve' these requests, you receive more of them, from more people, eventually opening stories of the main characters and how they overlap with each other, eventually making a single picture.


    Now, the story is, obviously, the key part here. I mean, this is visual novel after all. And I want to say right here, that the story of this made me feel extremely bad. And not because it's a bad story. No, it's interesting and engaging. Different characters got different outlook even events, so you are going to see wide range of action there - from high-school romance to Korean kung-fu fighting stories. Also there's a cat. Some of the main characters are in close relation, forming sort of a groups that may intersect only in the most insignificant ways.
    However, game very quickly turns into something you don't expect. I mean, you saw the title screen? There's a cute girl with cute dog. And she solves people's troubles. Sounds cute, right? Well, it's not. As soon as you save someone from one thing, they go into another bad event, which turn to more and more horrifying as you go along. Themes explored in there game? Murder, rape, domestic violence, bullying, slavery, torture, pedophilia, prostitution and going batshit crazy. At times stuff they were going for there made even me uncomfortable. And as you go along, trying to solve it all, everything just gets worse and worse. Not to mention, even circumstances of you being a god and helping others become somewhat more and more creepy...


    To be honest, fate-altering interface was nothing special. Most of the time it was easier to just try all pieces combinations, one by one, than to actually think about how events should really go. Plus, going through variants, you would get all the possible endings faster. Single-character events were simple, 2-character events were harder. There is one 3-character event in the game, which was kind of a hell to get through, and that took me the longest. At time it felt very tedious, but in the end, altering letters is not the biggest part of the gameplay - bigger part is reading through the results of that altering.
    And results are rewarding. It starts simple. Simple stories, simple troubles, no images even. And as it all progresses, you get good art, memorable characters and story made of stories. I spent a while on this, and I feel that my time was well spent, and in some ways I might have been bettered by it all. Well, maybe not, but still, it was a story worth reading.

    Would recommend to anyone who likes visual novels with rich story and doesn't mind additional gameplay elements.

  • In Songs inspired by games. For gamers from gamers.

    So, Steam now got Red Faction: Guerilla remastered on, and trailer to this game features quite an interesting song - Space Asshole. Well, alright, people do put curious songs in their trailers. However, turns out the song was created specifically as fan song for the original game. And it is so good, now it got some official representation from game devs. Success!

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Haven't seen anything based on true events in a while, and.... my fucking god...

    Death Of Stalin (2017)

    Oh, fuck my life, where do I even begin... While watching this movie, I had really weird feelings. This movie is a caricature, of course, over-exaggerated and grim, both at the same time, of something most of the world have no real idea about. Not only there's a set of propaganda about all that in the west, but there's a whole domestic set of propaganda about it, originating right in Kremlin. So, how do we even know what is true?

    Well, frankly, we don't. Thankfully, the movie is NOT trying to be a true movie. As I said, it is a caricature, which shown characters as extremely over-exaggerated versions of themselves, playing on whatever was known of their personalities. Plus it represents the caricature view of Soviet Union at the time with literally half the country in gulags. This is the setting we are given, and everyone has their own idea of how true or not true that is.

    Now, the disarming thing movie does is throwing some very real events in there. Movie ones with event when the music concert was repeated, after they found out they didn't make a recording, and Stalin wanted one. That fucking happened. Incident with hockey team and a plane? That fucking happened. Note from the pianist? Different text, but kinda happened.
    And while the movie shows its characters plotting in a cartoonish way, events are actually somewhat true, with haphazard scramble for power, army involvement, hasty trial and so on.

    All in all? Grimm comedy of absurd, which, while being utterly ridiculous, throws more facts at you than you may realize. Honestly, this feels like the weirdest movie I seen so far, this year.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    As always, this thread goes to shit without me. Well, here's another quality title.


    You might or might not be familiar with "Stories: The Path of Destinies" game. That one is about going through story, again and again, picking up key information on some routes, that would help you on other routes, eventually getting to the true ending of the whole thing. That, and it's set in a world of human-like animals. Well, Omensight is a game from the same company, and it is a sort of a spiritual successor to the Stories game.


    And I am being literal, when I say 'spiritual', because you play as a spirit in this one. But let's start the story from where it starts - from the end. In the middle of bloody war between Pygarian Empire (ruled by birds, with cats and dogs being middle to low class citizens) and Rodentia clans (mice and bears mostly, but also raccoons and other woodland rabble), the world suddenly ends. Just like that - purple flames of death erupt and giant world-eating wyrm emerges. And that's it, everyone dies. The assumption is, that the cause of this is the recent death of the Priestess Vera, whose soul was safeguarding the world. However, world has more safeguards, and that where you come in - as a protector spirit, the Harbinger. It is your task to repeat the last day of the world, following different characters, gathering more and more insight about what exactly led to these events, and how to stop it.


    The game is basically 3rd person action with roleplaying and quest elements. At the start of the day, you can select one of the main characters, to follow them and see what they did and what was happening. Of course, you being with them changes their course of the day - and even more so when you start gathering solid evidence and - in form of truesight visions of what happened - and start using it not just to follow, but to lead the characters into paths you want to see them take. Eventually, over several iterations, you gather clues, keys and understanding of that whole day, and events before it.


    The game, right at the start, tells you that controller is strongly recommended, and it is true. I play with keyboard and mouse, and it's not the most convenient experience. Especially since the game got quite a lot of action. At first you meet simple enemies that can be clicked to death, but later on you will need to use everything from dodge and magical abilities (including your companion abilities), to environments to survive. Days usually end in a boss battle, which are also pretty difficult, even on normal level.
    To help you go through all that, you gather experience and shards while you travel. Experience levels you up, opening up more abilities, or improving old ones. Shards allow you to buy your own preferred bonuses - it may be more health, more magic power, better sword or even upgrade to companion powers.


    After playing for several hours, I can tell you that I have seen absolutely all locations game has to offer. And also that all locations still hold secrets. And those are some bloody secrets. Much like the game itself - it may be a fantasy about cute anthro animals, but they slaughter and betray each other like there's no tomorrow. Which is literally true. And you add a solid portion of violence to that.
    Characters you follow are on different sides of the conflict and often, joining them, you will have to fight against someone you might have followed previously. And kill them in search of truth. Not only that, after uncovering more clues, you can set allies to go against each other. And since all 4 characters are likeable in their own way, it is bloody brutal to see them kill their friends only to die in the inevitable end of the world.


    I wish I could go in greater details about story, but the story is what it's all about, and I myself am yet to get to its conclusion. I will tell you that it escalates. Even though it's kinda hard to escalate from the end of the world threat. But the story gets the usual detective twists, and switch of the suspects, and it gets darker and more sinister. I honestly hope for happy ending, but at the same time I don't expect it to be all that happy. Not for everyone. Definitely not for everyone...

    Aesthetically game is alright. Graphics are nothing special, and music isn't that memorable, but the setting is pleasing, cute animals and all that, and it feels to me that creators of the game took a lot of Russian cultural inspirations for this title - it really can be seen in some names, clothing and even architecture. Which was really weird to me, but entertaining.

    Definitely recommending this for everyone who loves fast action games and good story.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Well, after the previous one I did some related digging, and here are a few more hidden gems.

    This one is again a mix of something like 30+ anime shows, but it's absolutely justified, as the song is 'Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny' by Lemon Drop, which is about all the characters in the world anyways. Edited by hand, so there's a lot of effort there, even though the editing doesn't always look modern or perfect. Good fun all around.

    And even another mix. Not as many anime shows as the last one, with main emphasis on Saint Young Men, because the song is 'What Would Jesus Do?' by the Axis of Awesome. Editing? Editing there is putting Jesus face on everyone, but the idea is actually damn great, and it works well with anime.

    And this one is a AMV trailer. Anime is Outlaw Star, and the trailer they parody is Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, which uses song "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac, so hey, this counts as AMV in my book. Simple but tight editing, perfect rhythm, awesome show and characters match.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Something very lighthearted this time. This AMV combines something like 50 or so anime, and all them characters go to the beach. And that's basically it. Music is 'Cake By The Ocean' by DNCE. Not a lot of effects, but a great deal of mixing and matching of different shows, combining them all in the same theme. Good light thing to watch just as beach season is coming around.

  • In I Miss You CL...

    he's like missing y'all and you're being assholes as usual haha

    This is what the site is all about and always have been. Noone really gives a fuck beyond the effort of stating how much noone gives a fuck.