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Early mid-twenties, likes to game and appreciate good art. Have a love of video game music but I've had a taste of multiple genres. The Shin Megami Tensei franchise has a special place in my heart. Like, really special.

Amateur digital artist at best, just plain f*cking bad at worse. Getting used to my graphics tablet, saving up for one with a screen. I like this format.

I try to write sometimes. I really, REALLY try. Fond of fantasy and sci-fi as well. Magitech is love.

Stories in the works: ...1. I lost a lot of things as time passed by and I'm slooooowly getting them back. It's an uphill battle.

I'll update my profile as time goes by.

T-A-D-E-D \o/

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    Points to @Farris and @DarkChaplain. You're both right on that account and I fully agree. Looking back, it was stupid of me to even allow that to happen.

    Onto today's confession, and it's a more tame on:

    I've been feeling pretty worn out lately. Like, these past few days I just lay in bed thinking "I should do something", "I should draw", "I should game", or even "I should watch some videos"...but a mix of laziness, lack of motivation and the hollow feeling in my chest just ruins it for me. The constant rain and flooding also doesn't help.

    Meh, I feel burnt out. And to think I was just joking about this kind of thing back in highschool. Joke's on me now I'm trying to immerse myself in sleep and music/videos/games/manga to recapture that spark I used to have, oh so long ago.

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    You could also leave either a TV or some music on. The background noise tends to help...

  • In Confessions

    Met my old crush today. She was the one who kept warning me about the long-distance relationship I had that didn't end well due to my ex's lack of self-control/unquenchable thirst. I learned that she, i.e. my old in a long-distance relationship.

    I tend to show my disappointment in people in one very simple way, and it's guaranteed to let them know how much they f*cked up: I don't speak to them unless I'm spoken to/interacted with. Pretty obvious given how talkative and animated I tend to be with friends.

    Plus really, she managed to tick me off (ditching me when we agreed to hang out once I've arrived at the meeting place for one, being affectionate one day and suddenly going cold the next, projecting her lust for her big sister's boyfriend's appearance on me which i learned from another friend of ours...). Let someone else handle that panda baggage she has going on.

    I must've been one evil mf in a past life for me to encounter the worst potential love interests (lol) in this timeline. Yeah, maybe I kicked half a dozen puppies off a blimp, cut kitten tails to craft Christmas decor and steamed baby ducklings for Thanksgiving. That's the only explanation for my rotten luck with love.

    As more and more time passes, I realize how...inconvenient an actual love life is. I'm lonely, but at least I'm not pissed off and/or vulnerable. Easing back into a familiar lifestyle is soothing in a sense.

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    That looks really nice...

  • In Artists of Colorless

    Pardon the inactivity, we got flooded and cleaning took up a LOT of my time. Like days. ;-; Quick portrait I made a few hours ago as I try to get back into the groove.

  • In Artists of Colorless Another thing I made, though this is kind of a quickie. Had to get the idea out of my head before I continued onto my story's concept art :/

  • In Post what you're listening to.

    "This music has me feeling a heat welling up in my heart. The burning desire to push myself beyond my normal limits...that desire blazes in my chest, begging to be let loose...I feel like I can do anything, BE anything I want."

    "Just listening to it makes me wanna take the first step towards changing my life and keep taking step after step after step until I reach my dreams! No, walking isn't enough. This song, this heat...all I can do to match and exceed it is RUN!"

    Came up with that while listening to it. That's what I feel whenever it comes up in my phone. I exercise to it. It's nice.

  • In Artists of Colorless New thing I just finished, fanart of someone I just found online. I like her avatar. Her voice is nice too. I'm mucking around with my lackluster technique to see what I like.
    I'm weak to yeah. I felt a compulsion, a drive, a great NEED to make this. It's a good feeling, but I need to sleep. :|

  • In New User Introduction Thread

    @shafnat Thanks! I'm not quite the regular artist, but I'll post whenever I make something...
    @Farris Thanks, I like it.

  • In Artists of Colorless

    Looks pretty dang amazing, @Lieutenant. Nicely done and really brings out Nero's character. "Aocaelum"

    Another character that I came up with yesterday while fleshing out the story of my WIP's protagonist.