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99th percentile

Male,24 years old. Keeper of /ru/ channel. BIG Thanks to @Izukio & Victim @Najka for AWESOME art!

Someone who always online in /ru/

Таймлорд-тролль информатор и Анти-Яойный Оверлорд 7го измерения !Канра-сан путешествует в полицейской будке, внутри которой скрыто ателье по пошиву одежды и своим буром он пронзит небеса Еквестрии!

Kiboune joined on May 3rd, 2010, since that has made 243 posts that are still accessible today, 3 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kiboune has given 397 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 18th, 2020.

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    @EvoRulz he is from /ru/ just AFK all the time

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    @EvoRulz guy from chat. Looks like he's forgot to log out from chat on phone

  • In Post what you're listening to.

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    Что за пустой комментарий?

  • In What countries have you visited?

    France - my favourite country in Europe.Love their architecture and their cozy towns.I wish to live on Montmartre...French Alps are breathtaking!
    Italy - my second favourite country in Europe. Great food, lots of interesting remnants of past civilizations.Venice is awesome! One downside - too many tourists everywhere and streets sometimes are too narrow for such crowds.
    Poland - ok. Love old town in Krakow, but don't even know what else to say.
    Germany - castles are cool and so is old small towns, but cities are nothing special, except few parts of Berlin.Bundestag is boring. Good only for better view at city.
    Georgia - not so awesome right now, but in couple of years, it can be great country to visit. Right now it's like a big builduing site
    Netherlands - I was only in Amsterdam and in winter, and it was freaking cold. And I'm from Russia! But just as weather, everything was cool.Love their small and colorful buildings, and weird atmosphere.You can buy weed in any form or shape. You can go to red lantern district to window-shop, while you licking lollipop made with weed.
    Monaco - looked like no one lived there. Super quite atmosphere at day. Too posh for me, but has it's charm.
    Azerbaijan - if you want to see giant cave or mountain lakes, it's a great country. But if you think it's a good place for summer beach's not. Everything in bad shape and no one even tries to fix it.
    Czech Republic - Prague feels like town from movie about vampires.Not so many memorable sights, but definitely very memorable city. Also Czech hotels have best breakfasts in Europe.
    Belgium - meh. Theri waffles and chocolate are good, but I don't remember any special sights.
    Austria - if Prague is like from movies about vampires, Vienna is like from boring tv shows about kings, princesses and palace intrigues. And in Prague you can find house from Soul Eater (Hundertwasser House).

  • In Are you ever going to get married?

    Are you ever going to get married?

    Chances are low,but who knows how life will turn

    What type of wedding would it be?

    Totally not in a church and it's not gonna be something big, with lots of guests. Maybe only two of us (and a priest) on beach at night, in light of the moon and tiki torches

  • In What Are Your Favorite Cutscenes/Moments in Gaming?

    Dante and Vergill team up and JACKPOT

    5th opening of PSO2
    and one cutscene from PSO2, from final fight against Mother

    Not cutscene from game, but trailer for gunslinger class in BnS

  • In Guess who's back also important post

    why would I care? Maybe you can resurrect main, but not /ru/

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  • In Summer Plans 2018

    3 days train ride, in August, to see lake Baikal