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  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    And while I haven't seen good BeBop AMVs recently, I pretty much never saw good Persona 4 AMVs at all before. But since the anime was surprisingly good, it was only a matter of time 'till I stumbled upon one of those. So there it is. Persona 4: Animation AMV, music is "Shinedown - I'm Alive". Again, pretty much a pure action AMV with fast rhythm and damn good visuals.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I haven't done it in about... maybe 6 or 7 years. But I am doing it again, I am replaying the Legend of Mana.

    You know, I am not a fan of Mana series, nor am I really knowledgeable of the whole world of it. But this one game... this game is ultimately the best PS1 game for me, I like it better than any FF game out there even. Hey, back in the day I replayed this game at least once a year.

    And really, after taking a look at this game, one would say that it looks extremely childish. And it does. I mean, hell, one of the first quests is to help a fat anthropomorphic rabbit with his business deal. On the outside the game style is bright, fairy-tallish and quite silly. I mean, there are pirate penguins there! Led by a walrus! And they are considered to be technically humans. Because fairies think so. And there's a poet centaur running around the world, trying to romance all the weird girls - sirens, mermaids and basilisks. And there are mages from the mages city playing fun war games as class activities...
    But when you look closer, you can find that this cute game hides some grim and nasty world. When you get to the main stories you will find demon, stealing other's life, you will find brother and sister locked in a battle to death, you will see the demise of a whole race... Even in smaller things the world is quite vile - there are shadows dragging living people into the underworld, and there are soldiers who can't stop serving the emperor even after death... The game never stops being a fairy tale, but it also never makes you think 'I am too old to play this'.

    The feature of the game that I like the most is that you are pretty much free to explore the world as you like. There's even no real 'main story' here. Sure, the game ends with the restoration of the Mana Tree, but finishing the game is actually the least important thing to do. Because there are 67 quests out there, and you will have fun doing those and meeting various and extremely diverse characters. Well, the game has three major quest chains, that can be considered to be the 'main stories'. But again, you are free do to those in any order, one at a time, or alternating between quests from each of the line.

    Interestingly enough, while game feels and plays really simple, it has a lot of mechanics to it. There's a combat system which is extremely simple until you get to unlocking all the skills and weapons super-attacks. And then you can add magic instruments to it. Which you have to craft. And you can craft magic items, weapons, armor and... even golems, which are robots that you will also have to craft programming for. Which is something I never could do right, honestly. Plus you can capture and raise monsters to help you in battle, and you also have a garden in your back-yard.

    If you don't want to bother with tedious in-game mechanics, you can play the game as casual as you like. Just watch the beautiful hand-drawn world and enjoy the characters. And if you want - you can craft the ultimate weapon, access the forbidden tome and go pit yourself against level 999 enemies. Game really allows you to play in a way that you want.

    So yeah, my emulator is running this right now, I am about 15 quests in, and I am really glad I am back.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    While Ukraine government is experiencing some changes, this month we already had major changes in separatists government too.

    About a week or so ago prime-minister of Donetsk Republik - Alexander Borodai - has stepped down from his position. If I am not mistaken, prime minister there now is Alexander Zaharchenko. And a few days ago leader of Lugansk Republic - Valery Bolotov - also changed. He said that that's only temporary though, and for now this post will be help be Igor Plotnitsky. But the main thing that surprised everyone was information that Strelkov is leaving the post of defence minister of Donetsk, leaving this post to another separatist commander Vladimir Kononov.
    Now, what the hell does that all mean? Obviously one is inclined to think that Donetsk and Lugansk government are experiencing some internal problems leading to government changes. Still, the explanation for most of it, given by separatists, is not problems but working on restructuring the government. Borodai, for example, is not out, he's still in the Donetsk government and is giving interviews or explains things. Lugansk leader claims that he was wounded, so he is leaving his position temporary, until he heals.
    The most mysterious situation is with Strelkov now. Few days before news of his retirement, there were news about him being seriously wounded. That information was immediately called false by separatists... and, interestingly enough, it seems even Ukraine side of the war is not confirming the information now. Still, few days after he supposedly leaves his post. Well, right now it is said that Strelkov will continue working on coordinating military efforts of Donetsk and Lugansk... however, they also claim that he will take a short break, possibly outside of Ukraine.
    For now I will be waiting for some report of interview with him, but right now his situation, in my opinion, is still very uncertain.

    Now, with that out of the way, let's get to the retardness.

    While trucks with humanitarian aid from Russia were prepared a long time ago now, to this day those trucks have trouble entering Ukraine. Actually, I am not sure if they are in now - I am pretty sure they weren't in 12 hours ago.
    But them being on the border already makes Ukraine idiots as hysterical as they can get. Different politicians are screaming that 'we don't need Russia's help' or even 'we don't need them invading our country'. Journalists on the border had a chance to investigate trucks btw, and they didn't see anything evil inside - no tanks, no rockets, no bears.
    Hey, it would have been okay, but now Ukraine just makes stuff up. Day before yesterday some politician seriously said that 'during the past few days Poroshenko personally stopped Russia from invading Ukraine several times'. I will let you find any logic in that. But there's more. Apparently, two journalists of the Guardian claimed that they saw a column of Russian war tech entering Ukraine. Obviously, no pictures were taken. But as soon as that claim went out, NATO immediately claimed that they had aerial shots of that happening. Obviously, no shots were shown. Just to remind you - that's why noone sends any military tech across the eastern border, because there's constant surveillance by many countries.
    So, story got out, and every one of those who doesn't need evidence to believe in stuff - believed it. But that's not all. Now Poroshenko personally phoned David Cameron and personally said that "Ukrainian military destroyed most of the Russian forces that invaded Ukraine". Again, Russian forces that never was there...

    I really have no idea what to make of it. Was Poroshenko that delusional or did he get too many of the drugs they gave to people on maidan back during winter? Actually, one can't even be sure now - if this a complete lie, or did Ukraine army destroyed some separatists military column and claims that it was Russians, or did they rained artillery fire on their own column? Knowing the state of the country and how this military operation is going, all of the above is possible.
    And while there are, once again, no proof that Russians ever entered Ukraine, countries like England or France are already trying to shame Russians or protest against 'the invasion'. I kinda expect now to see some new sanctions against Russia 'because they attempted to invade Ukraine'. You know, because downed plain is quickly becoming old news that will likely be buried now.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    It's not often that I see new purely BeBop AMVs. So any of those is an event. And any good one is a great joy. So here it is - BeBop AMV. This one has a short monologue from Rock'n'rolla movie, and continues with the song from the same movie - "I'm the man" by Blackstrobe. Also some Medelssohn music at the start. In any case, there's no lip-synch, but the pacing of the AMV scenes follows the music extremely well. No story here, but a very nice action AMV.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Well, it's more of a show of how stupid the things around investigation are now... Supposedly, main experts who should take information from flight recorders are British and... Dutch, I think. Plus, Malaysia obviously should have a say in the matter as it was their flight. Also US, since it was their plane, but as they joke on the internet now 'on 8th of August USA, USA, USA and USA signed a document'...
    So yeah, obviously there are investigators who are not under any obligations with this document, including Russia who pretty much provided the most information so far. But this whole thing reminds me of how our parliament does things - instead of investigating matter or doing things, they just met and passed special bills that would state 'how things are'.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    During past few days I was collecting articles, as usual, to make a summary here... And I was planning to make this post today. And exactly today I get another piece of news, which, once again, pushes the situation here into some retarded area.

    Now, let's start with what is hot in the news now. Russian humanitarian convoy going to Ukraine. Pretence is simple - Lugansk and Donetsk regions are fucked up beyond all recognition now, so people need humanitarian aid, which Russia proposed to provide. However, the first proposal of that, made by Russia, met immediate and incredible resistance in UN. They pretty much said that Russia want to get into Ukraine to, I don't know, destroy it, make some provocations or something along those lines.
    However, after some days of discussion, everyone gave this a go. So, now Russian convoy made of a number of white trucks will be sent to Ukraine... which immediately opened up many more problems. First of all, Ukraine is still screaming that Russia wants to get here to rape and kill everything and that trucks are actually re-painted military trucks, and will have not supplied but rockets and tanks and soldiers inside. And basically, Ukraine, it seems, is denying entrance of those trucks to some of the Ukrainian regions already. Russia in turn claims that there are no soldiers going with the convoy.
    Now, here's my personal thoughts on this. Obviously, claims that Russia may get some arms in Ukraine that way is stupid - there will be UN people watching the whole process, obviously. Plus, if Russia would actually want to invade Ukraine - there would be no need for a Trojan Horse of any kind. Then again, I find Russia's claim about there being no soldiers with convoy not the best one either. Because they should have some, and I hope they will have some, because those trucks are going to the combat area where there are not only starving people but also roaming gangs of Russia-haters. Another thought I have is that in all possibility, the convoy will have normal supplies. But those supplies, somehow, would be rerouted to the separatists. As I wrote, separatists already said that they are extremely low on even the basic supplies, so now is a good time for Russia to support them, and a convoy can possibly be a way to do it without attracting attention. Again, we will see how it will go.

    So, with that out of the way, there are some news about the crashed plane. Then again, it's actually more like news about the lack of news. But let me expand on that.
    First of all, here's another article from the blog I read, talking about the downed plain again. As you can see, this time they explore the possibility of the plane being shot down not even by missile, but by a Su-25 plane. Again, not by a missle, but by plane guns. From what I gather, the main basis for this idea is this analysis by a German pilot. In particular, using this picture one can see the signs of machine gun exit holes. Now, I am no expert, so personally I can't judge.
    Funny thing is, with this there are theories resurfacing about the Ukraine just mistaking Malaysian plane with Russian presidential plane and shooting it down. I still find this theory silly, but if the Boeing was in fact shot down by another plane, it would be obvious that Ukraine is to blame.

    However, we will never know that now.

    Here are a few articles. July 25th - flight recorders are passed along, and they are in good condition. News article. Next one I found was July 28th - here it is. Notice how all information is that just plane was destroyed by shrapnel from missile. There are no in-flight recordings, and additionally it is stated that 'the devices aboard the plane are older versions likely to provide only limited information regarding the sequence of events following the presumed missile strike on the plane'. So yeah, apparently we won't get any real information because of "sub-par flight recorders".
    So, what will happen now? Well, after Russia's sanctions, Australia already made a truly beautiful claim - they said that they will hit Russia with more sanctions, unless Russia accepts full blame for downing the plane. Read this again and try to find some actual logic.
    And today I saw another truly inspiring article. Ukraine now claims that Ukraine, Australia, Belgium and Netherlands on 8th of August signed a paper claiming that facts about the downed plain will... not be disclosed without the agreement of all four parties. So yeah, this is pretty much like saying 'we won't tell you what happened if we won't like the end result'. Oh, and notice how Malaysia isn't even on this list of countries who decide this.
    Obviously, countries that didn't sign that document, are not bound by any agreement, but this is the state of the 'investigation' of the crash right now.

    And to finish it off with some war news. Last thing I heard was news about major attack being planned... by both sides. Obviously, Ukrainian government claims that they will soon make a final attack on separatist. However, another news site I red claimed that Donetsk Republic is also getting ready to major attack, aimed to throw out Ukraine forces completely, if not go towards Kiev itself. Now, I didn't find any information about it on separatists site, so I have no idea how serious that claim is.
    Oh, and I wrote before about rumour about Parubiy retiring. Well, he was retired some days ago now. Poroshenko thanked him for his service (which is hilarious because those past few months for Ukraine military were a total fail in political, moral and any other way there is, they didn't even get good results on the war) and let him go. I don't know yet who took his place, but that event was another Timoshenko comrade being removed from power, and it is in itself a removal of a key figure of the revolution from the office.

  • In Weird World News

    For those of you who loves Japan. You really should know it is a place more weird than you can imagine. Maybe even weirder than California. And not just because off all the anime and tentacle sex obsession thing. No, they also pump out some properly weird trends...

    Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan

    Yes, men's bra. And if you check the picture - it's not even for those man who got manboobs, no, it's apparently advertised for men with good muscular figures!

    Sure enough after searching Japanese online shopping site Rakuten, there were six pages of bras designed specifically for men on sale.

    And it seems that this trend is finding some perverted buyers from all over the world... As always, it's not really that weird that someone sells it, but it is weird that there is an actual demand and market for this sort of stuff.

    So yeah, order your man-bra today.

  • In What Movies Should Everyone See at Least Once?

    So, this happened. And what is the better way to remember an actor that by watching his best works? So, here's a movie you may be interested in.

    An incredibly successful radio DJ says in his talk show something that makes some guy go and commit a murder. That throws his career and his life into a total disarray, and at the lowest end of it... he suddenly meets a person that was hurt the most by what he did. So he suddenly decides to find redemption by making a life of that person better. But it's that same person - who is a complete mental case btw - who helps him to get on with his own life in turn.
    This is a comedy drama, and if anyone would ask me what is the most thoughtful movie with Robin Williams, I would be torn between "What Dreams May Come" and this one. But my favourite is this one, because it's more down to earth, so to say. It's more human and understandable, even though it's extremely weird. Oh, and it really should be weird, because that's Terry Gilliam's movie - that's the guy who did those weird-ass cartoons for Monty Python shows, and if you saw his other movies, you know he is seriously crazy himself.

    So yes, this movie is weird, strange, awkward and there's a naked man in NY Central Park there. You have to watch it.

  • In CL Short Story Project 5: Supernatural - Submission Window Closed, Editing.

    Oh, well... I'll look through my stuff during the week then, sure, if we have time anyhow.

  • In The One Billion Dollar Question

    Quite honestly, having that much money would made me extremely uncomfortable. First thing I would know is that I can get killed for it in a second if any fucker would ever find out I have it.

    So, first thing to do would be to call up me uncle, who is a financial genius and knowledgeable about how to work with money. Using him I would make money disappear out of sight - some of it would be in stock, some of it would be in a lot of different banks. I would try to make it so not all accounts are tied to me. I would run into a risk of technically giving some of the accounts with the money to someone else, but that would be to beat the risk of all the money being taken by attacking me personally in any way. So that's an okay trade off.

    When, and only when, I would feel comfortable enough... I would improve my comfort. I will buy me the best PC money can buy, I will buy me a good clean apartment where I will want it, and I will redecorate the whole fucking thing so everything is convenient for me. And looks good. Then I will spend money for some small quality things I want but I can never get enough money fore - better food, new razor, some medical care, stuff like that. Other than that... most likely, I will never have a lot of money on me ever again - everything will stay in accounts, some of those would be growing, some would be dwindling. In the end I would probably not need anything ever again, and soon enough I would stop knowing how much money I would have. I'd imagine at least half would get stolen eventually or lost in some other way, but I wouldn't really care. But yeah, I won't do anything useful with it beyond providing for my own comfort.

    Also, here's a thing. I actually thought about what would I want to do with A LOT of money... And I found out that billion is not nearly enough for any kind of a serious planning.