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  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    So, speaking of experienced and authorised people. Representatives of Malaysia arrived on the scene. There were reports that they almost got into some artillery fire, but, thankfully, they didn't get any direct fire - just some shits in the distance. Important news is that they received the flight recorders taken by separatists, and it seems they are satisfied with the condition those are in. Well, obviously, there was some fall damage, but from the news I red, at least some were in pretty good usable condition, and Malaysian people didn't see any signs of tampering with those.

    Here's the article on that

    Now, concerning the crash itself, there is still a lot of external investigations going on. Particularly, a day or two ago, there was a special press conference organized by Russian Ministry of Defence where they presented their findings.

    Here's the video of that

    Now, I have to say two things about this video right away. One thing is, because everyone is actively pointing fingers at each other, this video is not an exception in a way. During the speech there are questions like 'if US has evidence, why don't they also release it then?' and 'why the time of the crash and the time of US satellite going over that region of Ukraine is the same?'. US can't answer there questions right away, because its Russian Defence briefing, obviously. Still, technical information and surveillance data from Russian side is presented, so it's worth a watch.
    Another thing is pretty simple - translation is really not too good, doesn't even sound too good. Actually, I was thinking about taking time to just translate the text myself, but these days I don't have time to even write my story, so you'll have to do with what there is in the video.

    And, while all this is going, war is back into the active stage. Army is actively pushing, taking minor cities and villages around Donetsk and Lugansk. Those two cities are not breached yet, but they may soon share the fate of Slavyansk.
    Well, saying all that, there are also reports of separatists taking some villages back, so the fighting still goes both ways. Situation is not good though, because with this plane crash a lot of people forgot that there's also an actual shooting going there, so a lot of fighting can pass unnoticed even by those who care.

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    Funny how Hellstorm stopped using good words like 'allegedly' or cite any sources. In a way, one can be envious of him. Who wouldn't want to have such a conviction and to feel such a certainty without any real basis for it?

    Anyhow, I don't see anything worth properly replying to in his recent posts. I will add some news on what we have here when there will be some.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Well, as I wrote, the plane wasn't even supposed to be there, wasn't its route. But at the time, for some reason, altitude over 7900m wasn't even closed off. So it really is one big fuckery.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    So, I have been looking through some info, and there are a few things I can add to the whole crashed plane situation.

    I will start with the most controversial piece. After going through the net, I gathered that Strelkov has no twitter. Actually, Strelkov is not posting anywhere on internet social media. In the end I got to the site that was identified as the only site with actual information from Strelkov. From what I red, he doesn't post anywhere else. Here's another interesting thing: there's also another site, with a very similar design, and with the site address difference being just one letter from that other one, where there are also messages from Strelkov, and they are not the same as on the first site. This site is considered to be a fake one, though I have no idea who made it.
    So, first of all, this adds up to a whole level of disinformation, again, sadly, making any reports based on information from separatist military forces difficult. Second of all, it adds another theory to the deleted twitter messages, which is simply that that wasn't Strelkov's twitter. Now, quite honestly, I haven't went to that twitter yet myself, to check if the messages there are more like the messages on the real site or the messages on the fake site.

    I also found a video with some members of OSCE commission and journalists being near the crash site.

    Now, I am not sure if that's the video Hellstorm talked about, but there is a soldier not allowing entrance to the most prominent crash site. Then again, probably that's not the same video, because this guy, it seems, is denying the entrance to journalists.
    Actually, the guy is not really well-spoken. Not rude exactly, but yeah, he wouldn't win any public relationships awards. Along the way he goes on a small rant about Ukraine military there.

    Anyhow, some OSCE members are already working on the scene, however, today I saw a press-conference with Donetsk separatist prime-minister Alexander Borodai, which was recorded yesterday. Won't put the video here because it's all Russian and I have no transcript.
    Key points of his speech was the fact that only some of the experts already arrived. And among those, while there are representatives of OSCE, there was still no experts on plane crashes on the scene - they all were still in Kiev. So, while there is at least some work being started on the scene, there's still no proper investigation going, so he urged the rest of the OSCE commission to hurry there. Well, he also mentioned that commission promised him to arrive today.
    Another interesting thing he said is that he talked to some OSCE representatives before, and pretty much what was asked of them is to maintain the scene and not touch things. Which is what they were doing, and that's why they didn't recover any of the flight recorders. Now, this information clashes with what I red before, about 2 of those already being found. Well, some news article I red stated that 8 out of 12 of flight recorders were found already... Well, I guess, there are two possibilities here - either information I have is just conflicting with each other or the flight recorders were found but left untouched on the scene. I actually hope for the second version, obviously, as flight recorders missing from the scene can add to more confusion and blame appointing.
    He also stated that, while the scene is maintained, they did search for passports and took those from the scene. There was no information about the exact number of passports though. Obviously, Borodai also touched the subject of how the plane crashed (though, he didn't start it himself, he was asked by journalists after his speech). He also said that Donetsk separatists only have military equipment able to shoot down planes on the altitude of up to 3000 meters, so there's no way they could have shot down the plane.

    Not really relevant, but also a think I wanted to point out. During his speech Borodai talked about humanity of the situation. He urged all the members of OSCE commission to come because they also can't move the bodies, and those are starting to rot (it's quite hot here this time of year). Well, that's not what I wanted to point out.
    During this talk, he also mentioned that some bodies were naked. And apparently, this is a natural thing, because those people fell from 10 km, and when someone falls from that height, uninterrupted, pretty much clothes can be easily torn off. So I would guess, this is the reason of why some journalist didn't see bags or cell phones. Even if they would have remained intact, they would have likely to be ripped off the bodies and landed possibly kilometres away.

    So, to sum up. While western media claims that OSCE commission wasn't allowed to the scene, Donetsk People's Republic prime-minister is claiming that most of the OSCE commission is being stalled at Kiev.
    By now we can only hope that soon investigation will start properly, because the crash site is pretty much in the combat area, and there are talks of Ukraine military making another push, so there's no guarantee that at some point the site wouldn't be blown up by some missile.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Kirn, oh yeah you didn't count on a camera crew being there did you?

    Why do I get the feeling I will be accused of being or working for FSB next?

    Here's what a journalist on the scene had to say. ""There isn't a single cellphone, wallet with money or camera to be found in any handbag or on the bodies. It's like they all mysteriously disappeared overnight."

    So, was commission ordered out, or did they actually managed to look into the bags? Anyhow, I personally didn't see the video, so you may as well show it here, you know.

    Here's another thought. What is this talk about cell phones anyhow? The sites I read talk about the damage done to the plane and wonder about how that damage occurred. The sites you read obviously want to grasp at every straw to blacken separatists and, obviously, Russia too.

    Also RT is your source, seriously Kirn, RT?

    So, you would rather trust your media that, as we already know, takes its news from the people close to Ukrainian president who are pretty much waging this war?
    Also, again, if you would even make a single attempt to read my posts, you will notice many different sites. And hey, I can find same news on other sites too, I am just not going to do it just because you are having some fit.

    Anyhow, since you, again, don't say much, even make even less sense, I will end it with this:

    These people just shoot down a commercial airliner after they had spent the week shooting down Ukrainian military aircraft. Of course Ukraine is going to start advancing on them as they've shown themselves as little more than murdering terrorists.

    Congratulations, you are now exactly in the state of mind our current government is in. Which is 'let's shoot everyone there now, they are all obviously terrorists there anyway.'

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    So, not a single mention of stuff from Hell's previous posts. So eager those posts were, so full of happiness... and now forgotten so quickly after realization that they are empty and retarded. So, let's get to the next one?

    We now have, unconfirmed as of this time, video evidence released appearing to show a BUK Missile Launcher system driving across towards Russian border and appearing to be missing one of its missile pods, an indication that it has discharged one of them.

    Unconfirmed, as you said. Oh, and I notice you didn't put a single link in your post this time. Probably because the video is something like 15 seconds of a thing going down the road. Great proof, especially when Ukraine army, as I wrote, has 40+ of them there, all moving east (that's towards Russia btw).

    Russia's official standpoint seems to be that the "Separatists" do not have access to such types of weapons although it appears even their own sources and media can't get Moscows "story" straight as we've got media trying to mask their previous admission

    This may come as a surprise, but news usually cite some source of it. On 29th news hit Ukraine, and obviously, Russian news picked it up, citing the source. And hey, I already wrote in me previous post, that right now Poroshenko got report from military forces that separatists never got this tech. Report states that missile forces were swiftly relocated from the east region before separatists could take them, leaving only a few inferior and/or broken pieces of equipment like cars or trucks. So, now both Ukraine and Russia pretty much said that separatists don't have that tech.

    International observers have reached the crash site and attempted to look at the site however they are reporting that armed gunmen have blocked them at the site itself

    Do you know that that news is not getting better and better? Today I already red that they were met by drunken soldiers shooting into the air. Oh, and another news I red said that observers arrived and are shocked at the scene of carnage after the crash.
    Again, I wrote this in me last post. While some leaders of separatists talked about cease-fire, in the end it was decided that there will be no such thing, but only the place of the crash will be free from fighting for investigation, and separatists will be the one maintaining the perimeter there.

    On Russias front they seem to have brushed off the dust of the Korean 007 cover up manual

    Again, my previous post. Say.... did you even read it before going on your rant again?

    There also seems to be confusion over the black box recorders

    For fuck's sake, read my last post! Seriously!

    That is also a case I cite as proof of just how far Russia will go to lie and protect its involvement. A Ukrainian Air Force pilot was taken prisoner by the "Separatists," we know she was they boasted of it and showed they had her. Yet now she appears to be in Russian on drummed up murder charges

    In case you don't know - Russia for quite some time now had started a legal process which pretty much goes like this - based on the reports of all the war atrocities, certain people are claimed war criminals. Some of them are known, like a local oligarch, who now has a private army in this country running around shooting everyone. Others are not specified, like regular members of military and such.
    This goes right back to this thing. Ukrainian plane pretty much bombing the park area in Lugansk. Just a centre of the city area, with people walking around. Quite honestly, I would have expected from separatists, in case of catching any of Ukraine pilots ever, to just crucify them on the spot. Instead they sent a pilot to Russia for trials? What exactly is the point of complaints?

    I imagine Kirn will completely refute everything as usual and then we'll get to hear the glorious version of events and evidence as pre-checked by the FSB and handed to RT.


    This is all leading to the likelihood that Russia could be pushed into a recession especially if the EU and US intend to press ahead with more sanctions over this incident which they likely will.

    By the way, this is a great example of logic used currently. "Plane was shot down over Ukraine, we are investigating, but for now - let's have more sanctions for Russia!" Reasoning and common sense go out the window. Well, that's not news though.
    Thing is, while US is always happy and ready, EU is not so willing now. First of all, Russia is not actually crumpling, like many would expect. If anything, Russia is working hard on BRICS association with the aim that will let it stabilise economy and also would fuck up dollar.
    But the key thing here is that big companies in EU already noticed that sanctions on Russia can and will backfire on them. While US doesn't give a fuck - not about Russia, not about EU - Europe realizes that if the huge trade partner would go down, it won't be good for anyone. So, while sanctions were made by US and EU in the past, it is now clear that this is no way to stop Russia from doing whatever you think it is doing. And it is a bad business. So there's no more unified sanctions front.

    By the way, you want to know some real news? While the plane hysteria is going on, Ukraine military used this chance to launch an artillery attack on Lugansk. Once again, civilians were killed just walking on the streets. 15 or 18 of them, by different reports, I think, and many wounded. There were also reports that Ukrainian military took part of the city, but citizens themselves deny it, saying there was an attack, but no part of city is at the moment under military control.
    So yeah, while UN meeting is going about how Russia is evil, this is what Ukraine (while complaining the most) does:

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    So, I really would have liked to do the post on the current Ukraine situation a bit later, I even had a sort of an editorial planned. But seeing how Hellstorm jumped the gun, I guess I should write some stuff. By the way, these kind of things really obscure the truth - something claims something, and the next thing it is picked up by the internet...

    Now, concerning the Hell's first post - I will address parts of it, but the main thing I want to say about it will probably be in the later part of me post, because it actually ties with the editorial I wanted to have here.

    Your second post, however, I will make fun off right from the start. Because what you are showing there is the file made by Security Service of Ukraine. And currently those are the guys that are providing all kinds of disinformation and hide facts. Btw, notice the name of the video? It's "About shot down plane (updated)". Why was it updated? Because they already threw out a version of that video as soon as they could, realized how botched of a work they did with the mixing and remade the sound.
    Also, take note of the upper-right corner. First time-stamp is 16.40. Next talk is supposedly after the plane is checked - time-stamp is 16.33. Then, during that talk, it jumps to 17.14 and immediately to 17.32. Pretty much the only time-stamp change they managed to do right is from 17.32 to 17.40 when it's the next talk.
    Also. Cossacks, really? For those of you who has no idea - cossacks are currently more of a volunteer military organizations. They aren't a regular army of Ukraine. Now, they do own some weapons, tend to have at least some rudimentary arms training and they often support this or that political protest. Funny enough, often different groups of cossacks would support opposing causes. Now, here's a fact you may want to know - Strelkov (that's the guy whose deleted tweets are the cause of Hell's happiness) was volunteer in one of the cossacks groups. However, that's not why he's the separatists military leader and that's not why he is the military leader. Quite honestly, when I thing of a regiment of cossacks manning the anti-air missile system it makes me giggle.
    So, to sum up. What you are posting there, so proudly, is actually a botched up fake made by our government in a big-big hurry to blame the crash on separatists. Badly made fake, I may add too. Buying into this crap the first minute it came out? You probably got it off British news.

    Now, with that retardness out of the way (and yes, I do remember I still have a first post to reply to), lets look at information surrounding the crash.

    WARNING!!! As of now there is no definite proof showing how exactly plane was crashed, by whom and by what means. There are no definite facts supporting any of the versions currently. What I will be posting next is just some info from the internet. You would do well to remember that.

    The one that has been pushed forward by Ukraine government and picked up by some western media is that the separatists have shot down the plain using Buk missile system, mistaking it for, if we are to use Strelkov's twitter as a source and definite proof of mistake, An-26.
    Now, I already wrote here that it's interesting how Ukraine media structures their news. They announce separatists to have some military tech or other, and next thing they announce separatists using that to shoot at cities, like it was with Grads. And yes, at the very end of the last month there were news about separatists owning Buk missile systems. But once again - it's a tech that is brought there by Ukraine army. They have something like 40+ Buks there currently. So, how many of those separatists have? Who can really say... Hey, there are reports by Ukrainian media that Poroshenko was told that separatists actually had no Buks.

    You want to know the wildest version I heard? Plane was shot by fighter jet, there was noone on board except for the pilots and the foreign passports were planted on the scene. What do they base it on? An eye-witness who saw how it all happened. Yes, on altitude of 10+ kilometres. Eye-witness personally saw a plane breaking contact with Boeing, Boeing exploding, but not before 2 people jumped off with parachutes (btw, jumping with a normal parachute from this altitude is pretty much a certain death). And later passports taken from the crash looked strangely unaffected by burning and destruction. Oh, and the pictures of dead people? Plastic mannequins.

    There's also another version going around, stating that Ukrainian military shot down the plane thinking it was.... a plane with Putin on it. Interestingly enough, Malaysia plane and Russian president plane went along the same route in the sky above... Warsaw, I think. And it is said that visually they look similar. And it is said that Ukrainian military mistook the plane for Russian one because of the colors of it.

    Does any of those versions sound silly to you? I should hope so, because those are examples of the same jumping the gun as Hellstorm shown already, but from another side.

    Now here are some information with links.

    The territory above eastern Ukraine is already a no-flight zone. And it was such a zone even before, but only for planes going below... 7900 meters I think. So, technically, civilian flights could still go over it. I actually have no idea why that was even allowed, especially considering the news about separatists having Buk missile systems.

    Btw, if you would allow me to side-track a bit here. While Buk system is indeed made to shoot down planes on every altitude, it is said that it is extremely difficult to shoot down Boeing using that. That is, it requires a well-trained military personnel to operate. Again - really, not cossacks. Also, the signatures of Boeing 777 and An-26 look very different. If anything, Boeing 777 is even hard to mistake with IL-76 - larger military transport which separatists would obviously look out for. Just follow the links and check the sizes of the planes - that's the first and most obvious things.
    Another interesting thing is that while there are videos of plane going down, there is no video of missile going up. And the launch of such a missile would have been quite noticeable. But anyhow, there's even no footage provided by any side of any missile launch, and trust me, it's not too hard to find some footage of missiles being launched here these days. There are also no reports from any side of the world, any superpower, about any satellite picking up such a missile launch. And we all know that a whole lot of satellites are aimed at Ukraine right now. So, the facts about there being a missile launch using Buk missile system are sketchy at best.

    Now, back to the flight. Someone noticed that exactly on that day the route of the flight was different from the usual. Usually the flight goes through Ukraine, but way to the west, not going above the fighting area. Here's the flight scheme for 3rd July, here's the same thing for 10th and here's the route for 17th. Notice how it goes way to the east on the last picture.
    Now, if we are once again to listen to conspiracies, people see the links to South Korea Boeing going down in 1983. For those not knowing about that - back in 1983 USSR shot down Boeing going above their territory. However, the plane wasn't supposed to be there, it was about 500 kilometres off-route. While officially every side supports the evidence of plane having faulty equipment which led to that, conspiracy tells us that it was a plan by US who changed the route to make USSR shoot down the plain and blacken them in the eyes of the western world.
    Now, conspiracy or not, the route does look like it was way out of place yesterday. Once again, for now there are no evidence of why it was like it was then.

    Speaking of evidence. I heard different reports about who got to the crash site first - separatists or Ukrainian army. Though I think there is some certainty about it now. From more recent reports, I am to believe that separatists were the first on the site and already found the flight recorder, which they wanted to send to Moscow. However, there were more reports about a second flight recorder being found, and about separatist holding to recorders for now because they expect for the arrival of international commission to aid the investigation.
    By the way, while there were some talks about a new cease-fire for the duration of the investigation, those statements seem to be retracted now.
    Anyways, I would say with some certainty that recorders are in hands of separatists now, but I can't really day anything about their future destination.

    Another thing to note. There are reports of a a Spanish flight operator in Kiev, who was working there on that day. In his twitter he made a few alarming messages about 2 fighter jets following that Boeing. And later he made messages about Secret Service people going into the flight control room. Interestingly enough, yesterday, when I saw those reports, I could go to the guy's Twitter to see if those are really those messages. Now the twitter is completely gone.
    This version actually supports, at least partly, the theory about Boeing being shot down by Ukraine planes. There is still nothing about the reason. However, now it is all tied together with Russia being hit by new sanctions a day before, and with Ukraine screaming 'it was separatists', British people were wast to pick up on the hysteria and are now calling for a new UN meeting. And already some Ukrainian politicians use the incident to call NATO forces in Ukraine. So, this theory talks about 295 people being sacrificed to instigate more hostilities.
    Sounds unlikely, yes, but hey, I personally never expected 40+ people burned alive in me own city, so I am keeping an open mind here.

    Speaking of hysteria. We know British got it. We know some of US politicians are sure that pretty much Russians shot down that plane. However, here's a transcript of US State Department Daily Press Briefing. It's Jen Psaki - the iconic finger-pointer of the war. And yet, right there she says that nothing is certain yet, and it is too early to blame anyone. This, quite honestly, blew my mind.
    Let's go into conspiracy land again. What would make US tell that they are not really certain who did it? A good bet would be the fact that there is in fact some definite evidence about what the fuck happened. And that evidence may as well be published, that would make any of US bold statements shatter. And that's why they are not making any yet. That would also mean that US may have some idea already about what really happened, but doesn't want to voice that idea. And, to compare, British are the ones who has no fucking clue, were given no info, and are now just doing what they can in the dark - follow the bullshit spewed by Ukrainian media.

    So, what here can we trust? I would trust the fact that the plane route was different. I would also trust the fact that flight recorders are in separatists hands now. I would also look more closely at how US would deal with the situation on the official level. Other reports? Can't be certain about any of those yet.

    Now... all this leaves me with the Strelkov's twitter, which ties to my editorial. And lo and behold, my editorial will be about how Russia may be participating in the war and manipulating information!

    This was actually mentioned in one Russian article. And you can find me mentioning the same events in me posts in this very thread. I have said times and times again that Ukrainian army is likely to quickly crush separatist. I also mentioned times when reports made by Strelkov - who is the leader of Donetsk region fighters. He mentioned in his youtube reports that the army is pushing then hard and they are likely to fall without the help of Russia.

    Btw, let me get side-tracked here again. "Russian separatist leader known to be a GRU operative"? Really now? You do know that Strelkov being a GRU operative is, once again, information spread by Ukraine media which, I can see, Brits picked up. The thing is, there was no need to invent something like that, because Strelkov himself said that he is a retired FSB colonel. And honestly, you can imagine all sorts of things about him after such claim. But no, our media felt the need to invent something of their own, western media felt the need to pick this up. This is sad, really.

    So, back to the guy. I myself said that his messages are readily available. And he claims that separatists are soon to die because they get no Russian help. However, after leaving Slavyansk, separatists are now successfully holding in Donetsk. Even more, after Slavyansk, there are suddenly many reports about separatists having a lot of victories over the army - large number of soldiers killed, a lot of tech destroyed, planes shot. Fighter planes, mind you. Separatists had so many victories that even out own Ukrainian media had to confirm some of those.
    So, separatists are not, in fact, being crushed. They are at least still holding their own. So why would there be a message pleading for Russian help? One theory is to make people believe Russia isn't helping at all.
    Let's look at the bigger picture now. What would happen if, for example, Russia would sent the army into Ukraine? Russia would be labelled as an aggressor, and next thing we know, NATO will be shooting down planes about Russian territories because that's where there will be the new no-flight zone. Not to mention the fact that that would probably start the next world war. So, obviously, it's not a good thing for Russia to send the army.
    However, it wouldn't be a good thing for Russians to have US-controlled Ukraine right here. For all sorts of reasons. And I think I already wrote here somewhere that the sad fact is - US fants to finish this war as soon as possible, but it would be beneficial for Russia to make it at least drag on, to wait for more global political changes.
    So, can Russia be in fact helping separatists in some ways that would help them hold? Arms? Supplies? More people? If anything, I would say - people. Why? Also because of what Strelkov said. He himself claimed, almost right at the start, that a lot of Russian ex-military people, him included, came to Ukraine as military volunteers.
    And that brings me to my original point. It is quite possible, that Strelkov's reports are not only to actually report the situation, but to create a correct information coverage. So, if he plainly stated that many Russian ex-military people came to Ukraine with him, there can be reasons to suspect Russia sending people in. Trained people who can hold against the army.
    The same is with the report claiming separatists will die without Russia help. First of all, it makes Russia look completely clean. And second achievement of that is that it possibly made the army more relaxed. They also believed they will win soon, and I can tell you - recent defeats hit the pro-government people here hard.
    Sadly, this brings us to the question of trust. Can we now trust Strelkov's reports? Not really. I can't even trust his reports about victories or defeats. Hell, now we can't even be certain if he's really the leader of the armed forces, and not just a figurehead. As I said, this is sad. Disinformation is, obviously, a weapon both sides can use, but it fucks my search for truth a lot and then some.
    That brings us to the twitter report about the plane being shot down. Now, there are no new information from Strelkov about that at this point. And now the message about the plain can look all sorts of ways. There are three main theories at this point. First and the most obvious - they did shoot down the plain and later realized the fuck up, so the tweet was deleted. Again, contradicting this theory is the whole mix-up with Buks and the fact of huge difference between planes. Second - they actually did shoot down the military transport, but deleted the tweet because of the possible link to the civilian plane. However, since there are no reports on the military An-26 being shot, this is unlikely. Then again, following this version, Strelkov could just write up a plane they didn't shoot down, just to give a better image about military campaign. They already had a few reports about fighter planes being shot down, so they might as well wanted to add another just because. And obviously deleted it after news of the Boeing for obvious reasons. And the last theory going around is that Strelkov heard about the civilian plane crash and decided to make his post hoping people would make parallels. Fear tactics. But then someone from high up told him that that was a bad idea, and he deleted it.
    Obviously, for some or other reason, all theories can be doubted. And, as I said, at this moment there is even no way to tell what exactly was the reason for the crash.

    In the end, if you just red all this - you did it for no reason whatsoever. I cannot present you the truth behind the crash. At least for now. And you should know that noone really can. Not yet at least. Then again, considering some of the thing I wrote, we may yet see some interesting evidence.

    Let's wait for that, eh?

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Nice to see you happy about a whole event.

    However, you should have done what I am doing - wait a bit. Right now, in care you aren't aware of this, there are many versions of what happened. The smart thing would be to look through as many as you can and try to figure out what happened. Or at least to present the versions you are aware of.

    That's what will be in me next post here.

  • In CL Updates: July 2014: Chorus Badge Live!

    See, now this is a good badge, showing real participation. And something quite a few people deserve and can rightly be given to those now. Good work @Kip.

    So, what do we have at the end of a day?

    New writers badge - decent badge with exact purpose. Corgi removed - good, that was a useless badge.
    Nerd made - bad, and there's no reason to swap one useless badge made for vanity with another useless badge made for vanity.
    Awesomnauts still there - useless then, useless now. Someone just can't find the strength to part with it, it seems, eh?
    Podcast badge in the works - less of a 'hard work' badge, not counting people hosting and/or editing the podcast, but still, a mark of something done.
    3 pokemon badges we have already - don't think I don't see those. I am already suspect enough about how those will be used.

    All in all, it feels that with new badge-making system, there's an influx of badges. And not all of them are good. Nope, not all. One can only hope this trend will pass before it will become a serious problem.

  • In CL Chorus Villains Medley: Coming Soon!

    Today sent the last of me recordings... well, technically the last. Did Jafar, Other Side and Be Prepared. Listened to Hellfire some, but it really isn't my thing.