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  • In Tourist Scams

    Obviously, where I live, since we are kind of a tourist city, we have overpriced taxis. Especially in the airport. They are about 2 or 2.5 times more expensive than they should be. And actually if you point that out - they don't give a fuck. They do not lover their prices, so the only reasonable way to get away from the airport is by a bus.

    But I am now remembering a time when I got scammed by a gypsy. I was very small at the time, so I somehow allowed the gypsy to get a hold of me and start working.
    So, what she did is said she will tell me future if I give her any paper money bill. So I did. Remember, I was really really small. But I managed to see some interesting stuff. What she did, when I gave her the bill (obviously, the smallest one I had), is crumple it while speaking something incoherent. Then she demanded another bill of the same value or higher. She wrapped the second bill around the first one, again crumpled it, muttered some more gibberish and even licked it. And asked for the next one of the same value or higher. She repeated the process of crumpling and licking.
    By the time I was on me third bill, I realised I am being seriously fucked with, so I said I am leaving. And that's where I saw a thing of true beauty. To not appear as if she was plainly swindling me, the gypsy proposed to return all the money. But here's the thing, the good nice bills I have given her were now reduced to crumbled, dirty lumps of paper, slightly moist to the touch. So, obviously, I was too disguised to take them back, so she got her money.
    Never gave money to anyone on the street since then, but I do remember that incident fondly because it really was a nice display - to base a final touch of your scam on a natural human disgust.

  • In Comet vs WebSocket

    Comet is useless and most people have no idea about it, and those who use it are like animal-fuckers!

    Which is something I would have liked to say, but I actually used comet once or twice. At times, when chat got fucked and weird, switching to comet helped. Since I have no idea what those two options even mean, I have no idea why did it work. But if we supposedly won't have weird bugs like that any more - sure, to fuck with the damned thing.

  • In Quotes, wew and more quotes :D


  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Small update with some minor news.

    Parliament coalition does seem to be in some sort of agony. Parties Udar and Svoboda left the coalition. It seems they weren't agreeing with some parliament decisions and budget allocations. Also, Udar didn't get enough seats in the parliament, it seems. So their move was to initiate a new parliament elections sooner... Or something like that. And, as I said, Yatsenyuk declared he is resigning from the prime-minister position.
    Now, Yanukovich supporters - those few we still have left - and just some of people opposing the current government are happily remembering how government after Orange revolution also fell into disarray fast. Well, however it may seem, parliament re-elections was something in the plans of the current government. Still, I think they wanted to wrap the whole war in the east thingy. And another thing is, parliament was supposed to vote on some new issues of Euro-integration this week (yeah, like they are the ones who can decide anything on that front) and now they may have some trouble with this. In any case, they are not exactly releasing Yatsenyuk yet, but they are preparing for his retirement. I guess, they will try to pass as many new bills as they can this week, and then disband people with some attempt of damage control.

    Got no news on the plane situation. I managed to find some English articles from the usual anti-US sites, but they don't state anything I haven't touched here anyways.

    There was however an interesting news article some days ago. More planes were shot down - two Su-25 planes. Military planes. But what was said by our army and security and media is this - planes obviously were shot down from Russia side because separatist couldn't do it because they don't have the equipment to shoot down anything on that altitude. Altitude being 5200 meters.
    And there are two sides to this. Obvious side is that they blamed separatists for shooting down something going on 10000+ meters altitude, and now they say it's impossible for them. But the proper way to look at it is that our government decided to throw all efforts on blaming not just separatists, but Russia directly, to further the case of western sanctions and all such similar stuff.

    Another thing to note - 40+ Ukrainian soldiers defected to Russia these days. They got surrounded and cut off from main forces, realized noone is coming for them, and surrendered. Separatists escorted them to Russia border where Russian border people took over. Funny thing is, right now Ukraine is actively blaming Russia for being the devil, and at the same time they already asked Russia to treat their injured.
    There are some protests going around the country because of the prolonged mobilization. As I already said a lot, separatists are strong in their resistance, so now more and more soldiers are dying, and people - even in the western regions - are starting to realize that the war is not without cost.

    Obviously, war is still on. Once again, I have no idea at all about the general situation, so more news on that in some later update.

  • In RWBY

    That was one weird food fight... One can only hope they will keep up with the battle scenes pacing they started. And use real weapons next time.

    Anyhow, good to have it back on now.

  • In CL Chorus Villains Medley: IS OUT!!!

    So, one thing to say right away - congrats, people, we murdered Disney!

    Well, saying that, I do have some things I wanted to mention right away after listening.

    @Kip is damn good, as always. Even though she always says she is ill in some way.
    @Frey is surprisingly good as a hyena.
    @abinit123 has incredible range of emotions on her song. Pretty much spot on.
    As much as I wanted to do 'Be Prepared' best, I'd say 'Friends on the other side' I did better than other songs. Oh well..

    Also, as an idle thought. Since we recorded pretty much all the songs, but got only small parts of most of them (except Jafar one), I guess this chorus would be the one with the most percentage of the sound files not used at all )

    Oh, and a very nice image of Server-tan it is!

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Well, I leave for two days, and this is what I return to... Fucking damn...

    Anyways. I was somewhat removed from news sources these days, so I can't get any immediate news on the plane or the military activities.

    However, there was a big political event, which is, in my opinion, not unlike shooting the government in a foot.

    I wrote before that current government is working hard to close the communists party. The way they went about it was they said the communists were supporting the "terrorists". Obviouskly, that didn't work, as noone could provide any evidence.
    However, a few days ago, I heard about a new bill being prepared. That bill would alow for disbandment of any political party with less that some exact number of members. Now, it didn't mean that if the party would hit less than needed number, they would go down right away. No, they would hit the number, then the parliament would have to prepare the document for their disbandment which would have to be sighed by a president. All that to make sure no 'proper' political parties would get threatened by this.
    So, they draw this up, they pass the bill, and while you were talking to Hellstorm here, communist political party was disbanded in Ukraine. I guess, next target would be the Regions Party, which is already almost dead anyways. But in any case, this is another great example of the government we are now having. I don't remember any other government we had since 1991 banning opposing political parties. We always had the governing coalitian and we haed an oposition. Now we don't have that.

    Oh, and speaking of governing coalition. I have no details on that yet, but there were news of Yatsenyuk talking in parliament about him quiting, Reasons for that, as he said, was some failure by coalition to pass some laws. Now, again, I didn't manage to get much info on that too, not yet at least, so I can't say if that's some weird single incident, or if there's some inside problems in the current government already. I will write something about that if I get more proper information.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    So, speaking of experienced and authorised people. Representatives of Malaysia arrived on the scene. There were reports that they almost got into some artillery fire, but, thankfully, they didn't get any direct fire - just some shits in the distance. Important news is that they received the flight recorders taken by separatists, and it seems they are satisfied with the condition those are in. Well, obviously, there was some fall damage, but from the news I red, at least some were in pretty good usable condition, and Malaysian people didn't see any signs of tampering with those.

    Here's the article on that

    Now, concerning the crash itself, there is still a lot of external investigations going on. Particularly, a day or two ago, there was a special press conference organized by Russian Ministry of Defence where they presented their findings.

    Here's the video of that

    Now, I have to say two things about this video right away. One thing is, because everyone is actively pointing fingers at each other, this video is not an exception in a way. During the speech there are questions like 'if US has evidence, why don't they also release it then?' and 'why the time of the crash and the time of US satellite going over that region of Ukraine is the same?'. US can't answer there questions right away, because its Russian Defence briefing, obviously. Still, technical information and surveillance data from Russian side is presented, so it's worth a watch.
    Another thing is pretty simple - translation is really not too good, doesn't even sound too good. Actually, I was thinking about taking time to just translate the text myself, but these days I don't have time to even write my story, so you'll have to do with what there is in the video.

    And, while all this is going, war is back into the active stage. Army is actively pushing, taking minor cities and villages around Donetsk and Lugansk. Those two cities are not breached yet, but they may soon share the fate of Slavyansk.
    Well, saying all that, there are also reports of separatists taking some villages back, so the fighting still goes both ways. Situation is not good though, because with this plane crash a lot of people forgot that there's also an actual shooting going there, so a lot of fighting can pass unnoticed even by those who care.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Funny how Hellstorm stopped using good words like 'allegedly' or cite any sources. In a way, one can be envious of him. Who wouldn't want to have such a conviction and to feel such a certainty without any real basis for it?

    Anyhow, I don't see anything worth properly replying to in his recent posts. I will add some news on what we have here when there will be some.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Well, as I wrote, the plane wasn't even supposed to be there, wasn't its route. But at the time, for some reason, altitude over 7900m wasn't even closed off. So it really is one big fuckery.