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  • In Songs inspired by games. For gamers from gamers.

    So, Steam now got Red Faction: Guerilla remastered on, and trailer to this game features quite an interesting song - Space Asshole. Well, alright, people do put curious songs in their trailers. However, turns out the song was created specifically as fan song for the original game. And it is so good, now it got some official representation from game devs. Success!

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Haven't seen anything based on true events in a while, and.... my fucking god...

    Death Of Stalin (2017)

    Oh, fuck my life, where do I even begin... While watching this movie, I had really weird feelings. This movie is a caricature, of course, over-exaggerated and grim, both at the same time, of something most of the world have no real idea about. Not only there's a set of propaganda about all that in the west, but there's a whole domestic set of propaganda about it, originating right in Kremlin. So, how do we even know what is true?

    Well, frankly, we don't. Thankfully, the movie is NOT trying to be a true movie. As I said, it is a caricature, which shown characters as extremely over-exaggerated versions of themselves, playing on whatever was known of their personalities. Plus it represents the caricature view of Soviet Union at the time with literally half the country in gulags. This is the setting we are given, and everyone has their own idea of how true or not true that is.

    Now, the disarming thing movie does is throwing some very real events in there. Movie ones with event when the music concert was repeated, after they found out they didn't make a recording, and Stalin wanted one. That fucking happened. Incident with hockey team and a plane? That fucking happened. Note from the pianist? Different text, but kinda happened.
    And while the movie shows its characters plotting in a cartoonish way, events are actually somewhat true, with haphazard scramble for power, army involvement, hasty trial and so on.

    All in all? Grimm comedy of absurd, which, while being utterly ridiculous, throws more facts at you than you may realize. Honestly, this feels like the weirdest movie I seen so far, this year.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    As always, this thread goes to shit without me. Well, here's another quality title.

    You might or might not be familiar with "Stories: The Path of Destinies" game. That one is about going through story, again and again, picking up key information on some routes, that would help you on other routes, eventually getting to the true ending of the whole thing. That, and it's set in a world of human-like animals. Well, Omensight is a game from the same company, and it is a sort of a spiritual successor to the Stories game.

    And I am being literal, when I say 'spiritual', because you play as a spirit in this one. But let's start the story from where it starts - from the end. In the middle of bloody war between Pygarian Empire (ruled by birds, with cats and dogs being middle to low class citizens) and Rodentia clans (mice and bears mostly, but also raccoons and other woodland rabble), the world suddenly ends. Just like that - purple flames of death erupt and giant world-eating wyrm emerges. And that's it, everyone dies. The assumption is, that the cause of this is the recent death of the Priestess Vera, whose soul was safeguarding the world. However, world has more safeguards, and that where you come in - as a protector spirit, the Harbinger. It is your task to repeat the last day of the world, following different characters, gathering more and more insight about what exactly led to these events, and how to stop it.

    The game is basically 3rd person action with roleplaying and quest elements. At the start of the day, you can select one of the main characters, to follow them and see what they did and what was happening. Of course, you being with them changes their course of the day - and even more so when you start gathering solid evidence and - in form of truesight visions of what happened - and start using it not just to follow, but to lead the characters into paths you want to see them take. Eventually, over several iterations, you gather clues, keys and understanding of that whole day, and events before it.

    The game, right at the start, tells you that controller is strongly recommended, and it is true. I play with keyboard and mouse, and it's not the most convenient experience. Especially since the game got quite a lot of action. At first you meet simple enemies that can be clicked to death, but later on you will need to use everything from dodge and magical abilities (including your companion abilities), to environments to survive. Days usually end in a boss battle, which are also pretty difficult, even on normal level.
    To help you go through all that, you gather experience and shards while you travel. Experience levels you up, opening up more abilities, or improving old ones. Shards allow you to buy your own preferred bonuses - it may be more health, more magic power, better sword or even upgrade to companion powers.

    After playing for several hours, I can tell you that I have seen absolutely all locations game has to offer. And also that all locations still hold secrets. And those are some bloody secrets. Much like the game itself - it may be a fantasy about cute anthro animals, but they slaughter and betray each other like there's no tomorrow. Which is literally true. And you add a solid portion of violence to that.
    Characters you follow are on different sides of the conflict and often, joining them, you will have to fight against someone you might have followed previously. And kill them in search of truth. Not only that, after uncovering more clues, you can set allies to go against each other. And since all 4 characters are likeable in their own way, it is bloody brutal to see them kill their friends only to die in the inevitable end of the world.

    I wish I could go in greater details about story, but the story is what it's all about, and I myself am yet to get to its conclusion. I will tell you that it escalates. Even though it's kinda hard to escalate from the end of the world threat. But the story gets the usual detective twists, and switch of the suspects, and it gets darker and more sinister. I honestly hope for happy ending, but at the same time I don't expect it to be all that happy. Not for everyone. Definitely not for everyone...

    Aesthetically game is alright. Graphics are nothing special, and music isn't that memorable, but the setting is pleasing, cute animals and all that, and it feels to me that creators of the game took a lot of Russian cultural inspirations for this title - it really can be seen in some names, clothing and even architecture. Which was really weird to me, but entertaining.

    Definitely recommending this for everyone who loves fast action games and good story.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Well, after the previous one I did some related digging, and here are a few more hidden gems.

    This one is again a mix of something like 30+ anime shows, but it's absolutely justified, as the song is 'Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny' by Lemon Drop, which is about all the characters in the world anyways. Edited by hand, so there's a lot of effort there, even though the editing doesn't always look modern or perfect. Good fun all around.

    And even another mix. Not as many anime shows as the last one, with main emphasis on Saint Young Men, because the song is 'What Would Jesus Do?' by the Axis of Awesome. Editing? Editing there is putting Jesus face on everyone, but the idea is actually damn great, and it works well with anime.

    And this one is a AMV trailer. Anime is Outlaw Star, and the trailer they parody is Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, which uses song "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac, so hey, this counts as AMV in my book. Simple but tight editing, perfect rhythm, awesome show and characters match.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Something very lighthearted this time. This AMV combines something like 50 or so anime, and all them characters go to the beach. And that's basically it. Music is 'Cake By The Ocean' by DNCE. Not a lot of effects, but a great deal of mixing and matching of different shows, combining them all in the same theme. Good light thing to watch just as beach season is coming around.

  • In I Miss You CL...

    he's like missing y'all and you're being assholes as usual haha

    This is what the site is all about and always have been. Noone really gives a fuck beyond the effort of stating how much noone gives a fuck.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    All the Money in the World (2017)

    Wanted to watch this one for a while. This also have initially been Kevin Spacey movie, but he got involved into scandal, and got replaced with Christopher Plummer. Well, no matter the drama around it, let's look at the drama in the movie.
    Movie makes a point to write, right at the start, that it is inspired by true events. Which is the usual way to say that it's not exactly true to the events themselves. It also makes point to confirm that some events were changed for dramatization. It's a nice touch. Now, I didn't find my usual site article, but here is the Time article comparing the movie and real events. From what it says, we can make some assumptions. Old Getty really was a horrible miser, trying to save money everyone he could, including all legal technicalities he could, and he was prone to collecting a fuckton of art. He also only paid ransom after the ear was send. So we can believe that this character is pretty correct. Chase character is a real person, and he was involved in ransom exchange. And while the starting scene of the kidnapping is somewhat realistic, the rest doesn't seem to follow true events, from start and to conclusion, so I guess that's the part that is the most over-dramatized.
    All in all, the movie is somewhere in the middle in terms of truth - not exactly truthful, but not all that wrong either.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    The Post (2018)

    This one is about Katharine Graham - woman owning The Washington Post newspaper - and her decision to go ahead with publishing of some closely held government secrets about Vietnam. The newspaper went to court for this, but managed to win the case. There, spoiled it for you.
    So, what is this all about? Now, my usual site for fact-checking says that most of the story is actually true. The Washington Post got their hands on government secret report, and there are a lot of true details thrown into the movie like organizing it all at Bradlee's house, flying papers on the second plane seat, and even Katharine receiving the call while making a party speech. And, of course, the main story is true to the facts - Post got into the game after Times, got to court over it and managed to survive the case while being in the process of becoming publicly traded company, which added some financial stress on the events.
    Specific thing that is pointed out as wrong in this movie is overly evil representation of Nixon, but I think pretty much everyone demonizes Nixon in movies. Also, while now exactly an error, movie concentrates at the Post while their involvement in actual scandal reveal was not all that major - Times were the first to break the story, after all. It is quite possible that the reason for movie's point of view is that Post had female owner at the time, and her struggle is in the center of the movie.
    All in all, not bad picture, detailing scandal during the Nixon administration, that happened even before Watergate, and something I didn't really know off.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Greatest Showman (2017)

    Great musical movie with Hugh Jackman as a main actor... wait, that reminds me of something... Well, nevermind. This one is about Barnum - the showman that brought people the really weird and freaky stuff. And who also wasn't above some swindling.
    Now, this was to be expected from musical film, as really, it's all a fabulous show, but goddamn, the usual fact-checking source claims that almost all movie is quite untrue. Well, except for the main line - Barnum opened and operated a literal freak-show museum, which later burned down, so he moved to a proper circus.
    Other than that? Barnum financial situation and age are wrong, the whole scandal with opera singer is false, and he was probably not as likeable person as he was portrayed. Also, the whole story of his partner and his feeling for trapeze artist girl is entirely made up, as are both characters. Though, interestingly enough, several of the 'freaks' presented in the movie are references to the actual Barnum performers, including, of course, the famous bearded woman.
    So, like some of the Barnum acts, the movie is mostly not true, and does what it does just for show. Still, good show it is.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    This one is somewhat melancholy, but pretty good. Anime is Mahou Tsukai no Yome which I haven't seen yet, but planning to, and song is 'Crystals' by Of Monsters And Men. The world in the anime looks highly bizarre, which works good with the song if you know how bizarre Of Monsters And Men music videos usually are. In any case, got nice feeling from this.