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  • In The Shovel Lord's Birthday Celebration

    @Lieutenant well, that was a pretty epic description ) Thanks, even though you know well that I don't celebrate this day. Oh, yeah, and thanks for the cake )

    Hmmm... looking back, I joined this fucking place, when I was Kadota's age... time sure flies.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    So, this was a very interesting week. Mostly because of two events. But let's go over it all in order.

    These days I have a feeling that everyone now know that the country will fall and break into pieces. And a lot of people are waiting for it. Poland for example. They are waiting for Ukraine to go down to get some of our western regions, which at some point historically were part of what was then Poland.
    Now, this would be very funny, cause more stupid Ukrainians want to join Poland. And Polish government is already preparing a list of everything they think they historically own in Ukraine. Well, it's nothing new, Poland screamed for long time that Russia owes it something since WW2. But if paft of Ukraine becomes part of Poland, I seriously doubt our people there will get good life. More likely, it will be back to lord/serf relationships those regions had few hundreds years ago.

    Anyways, that's not new, but that's something that it possible in current situation.

    Financially we still look bad. And now Russian banks are just pulling out of Ukraine. I am no economist, so I am unsure what that will mean for us in the long run, but yeah, seems like Russia sees no need to keep financial representation here. Though, it's not only Russia. I think, other foreign banks are starting to pull out of here too. That surely can't be good for our economy.
    Though, hrivna to dollar exchange rate is more or less the same still. It's 24.8 hrivnas for dollar now. Though, I am still pretty sure it doesn't represent the real situation. Thing is, people in post-soviet countries are kinda used to exchange rates very exactly representing the real situation of how bad things are. Here in Ukraine we got used to that idea from 90-ties, when exchange rates did just that and we entered horrible inflation period at that time.
    But now exchange rates are being firmly controlled, so, while rates are rising, they aren't rising as fast as they should be. Articles I read state that hrivna would just fall the fuck all the way down right near the end of the country itself.

    Speaking of money. Our pension fund is now officially bankrupted. And that's the place that pays people their pensions. Well, paid. It's a real chore to get your pension here, and now, I guess, it will be even harder. Will thin out local old people - we already had a few news of some grannies dying of hunger cause they had no pension money.
    Currently government states that it's doing all it can, obviously, to fix that. I am pretty sure they ask more money from other countries, but we all know that money never reches its intended destination.

    The governor of my region - Mikheil Saakashvili, forger president of Georgia - now claims that he will participate in parliament elections. Back at Georgia. And yeah, he's still the governor here. But he claims that he got a whole political party in Georgia and will present himself as the leader the country needs.
    This is retarded for many reasons. Well, we all know that Saakashvili gt no allegiances of any kind. He will just do what's best for him, no matter what country he's in. But the fun fact is, there's still a criminal case against him. In Europe and in Georgia. And if he returns to Georgis - he would be arrested immediately... actually, I hope he returns there and stops fucking with my region.

    Okay, now we come to 2 big ones.

    First of all Nadiya Savchenko - war criminal I wrote about who was detained in Russia - is now returned here. She was traded for a few Russian detained in Ukraine. And this is a very funny situation... because Nadiya is... Well, she was pumped up to be a national symbol. While she was detained in Russia, in Ukraine she was made member of parliament and a living saint - no joke, she is saint in Ukraine church. And now we got her back.
    She is violent foul-mouthed idiot with no control over her own actions, and she already stated that she will join the next presidential elections. Nice, right? No school education to speak of, never knew anything except army or prison and.. wait, actually, she would be perfect for next president of this country.
    So yeah, for now Ukraine is being ecstatic about getting her back, but I do wonder how fast that would wear off, when they would have to actually deal with her being here. I guess, she will make Timoshenko look like a reasonable and cultured woman.

    And I have no idea if that is connected, but seems like we are so ecstatic now, that we attacked Novorossiya again. Well, we attack Novorossiya every day, with artillery. So much so, that OSCE members who are observing the Ukraine/Novorossiya borders are thinking about actually carrying guns these days.
    But no, what happened is, in addition to artillery strikes, few days ago Ukrainian army actually tried to advance the frontline - something that hasn't happened in a while. They got pushed back, both sides had some losses, and Ukraine never reported that attempt on local news. But it happened, and I wrote before that there may be some increase in conflict, and it seems even more possible now. Don't know if it was just a show of force or trying out the strength of Novorossiya defenses, but now I am waiting for more news about escalations like that.

  • Where to Invade Next (documentary)

    Hello, one and all, let's take another jab at America, shall we? Yeah, that's right, with another documentary.

    So. This Michael Moore guy seems to be an active critic of the, how you call it, globalization and stuff like that. Pretty much a political activist who holds a very critical view of USA's government and ways of life. And what he does in this movie is he travels to different countries and learns about some social problems are being dealt with there.
    I will say right away, that I found this to be pretty interesting. However, at the same time, it's a sort of movie that goes for effect, and leaves a lot of research out. Let me tell you what I mean. During the part of the movie about female political leaders, screen at one point got filled with photos of female political leaders from different countries. And I recognized one photo - Timoshenko, who is a leader of a political party here. And while she's certainly a political leader... she's a horrible fucking example of a politician.
    Well, what I mean to say is, this movie is good for taking those interesting facts shown there, and doing research on it on your own. You can consider it not as image of how things can or even should be, but on different perspective on doing things. And I certainly can say that it was interesting to see a representatives of a lot of different countries. So, while I feel like this is an instrument of political propaganda, it is quite educational in its own way, and I do recommend it.

  • In CL Chess Club

    @Qarr @Biscuits 2nd post of that thread got link for our lichess club, which you can apply to.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    The Finest Hours (2016)

    Disney movie about what is called one of the greatest rescues in the history of the coast guard. In 1952, during a storm weather, two WW2 era tankers just broke in two. One managed to send a distress signal out, but not the other, so while one got a lot of attention, all the second one got is one boat with 4 people going out to save them.
    This is pretty much a very standard rescue drama. We have a main hero - awkward but likeable, his girlfriend - a strong female character in 1950-ies, they even got a sort of an antagonist of the movie - main hero's boss. Story is pretty simple, but visuals are quite amazing, so, if you like that sort of thing - you will like this, but you really won't find anything new in this film.
    So, how true is it? My usual website gives a pretty extensive breakdown of facts. I think, some of those are taken from witness accounts, some from the books about that whole story. The whole movie is based on the book of the same name.
    It seems that a lot of this is actually true to the real story. Just 4 people on a small boat went out and saved 32 people from the tanker that just snapped in two. They lost compass along the way, but managed to return safely. Still, some things are obviously not true. For example, while a lot about how Bernie and Miriam met is true, she didn't go to the coast guards station to plead for him. That arc is pure hollywood drama. Additionally, the tanker wasn't set aground, the crew actually steered it away from ground, so it wouldn't break up completely. Plus, it seems, the episode with life-boats os overdramatized. Still, key facts seem to be there, and that rescue really was just as daring and improbable as it was shown in the film.

  • In CL's Top Anime Couple! [ROUND 3 GROUP 3]

    Round 3 Group 3

    Ryuuji & Taiga - Toradora



    Megumi Noda & Shinichi Chiaki - Nodame Cantabile


  • In CL's Top Anime Couple! [ROUND 3 GROUP 3]

    You know, Fate/Zero is a more deep relationship... more complex... more mature.

    So yeah, I vote Isaac/Miria, because goddamn, they are just adorable together.

  • In Weird World News

    Irony at its finest. But yeah, you don't fuck about with Everest.

  • In FOOD PORN: An Extravaganza of Visual Culinary Delights

    @Lieutenant oh, it seems the donut picture I posted above is related to it. And I had no idea it was made in Russian even!

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Haven't posted anything here for a while.

    Last time, as you may remember, I talked about possible problems during 2th of May, and 9th of May. Well, I have to say, not much happened during that time. Though, obviously, there were some clashes.

    2nd of May is anniversary of pro-Russian activists being burned down in my city, and that day here was extremely tense. Ukraine government brought literally everyone here - police, national guard, western football hooligans, who were participating in the burning 2 years ago... Every crossroad in the city was controlled by some representative of one group or the other.
    Most action was at the union building where the burning happened. All the pro-Russian activists in the city, and just people who felt sad about burnings, they all wanted to go to the square, to that building, put flowers, have some protest to what happened. But they were denied that opportunity by the government. What happened is, all the square was cordoned off, and there were metal detectors placed to screen people wanting to get it. Like, they "wanted" to let people in, but only after screening. Which would have been okay...
    But that didn't happen. Instead, early in the morning, there was a call, that the building is mined, so they sent a bomb squad there, and people had to wait behind the cordons. Then, after some hours, bomb people reported that building is clear... after which there was report about another called that building is mined. Just to make it clear - during that time noone except for police was in the building, and there were hundreds of witnesses to that. But no, they had to check the building again. Also, during that time, they found some grenades hidden nearby.
    So, in the end, noone was let to the building itself, so people just put flowers as close to the cordon as they could and had the protest there. All in all, people are pretty sure that all this was just hoax by the police itself to not let any protesters to the square itself.

    9th of May went somewhat calmer. It's USSR victory in WW2 day, and I was actually surprised that we can still celebrate that. But no, we do, apparently. Still a lot of retarded Ukraine rhetoric that Ukraine was the one who brought real victory. Also, president gathered veterans of WW2... but he gathered together people who fought for USSR, and people who collaborated with Nazis. And put them in one room and congratulated them together, which is idiotic as fuck.

    So, that period passed, and let's see what happened after all that.

    Orlando Bloom visited our conflict zone to see children and conditions they live in. Not much to say here, just a celebrity going on a UNICEF mission. Seems like it's some research about children and their education in crisis areas like ours in the east, but hell, these days there's really not a lot of coverage from our warzone, in global media, so that's good in that at least.

    Gas. There's always gas... we are still struggling with it, and... it goes to ridiculous lengths. What current government does is, once again, raising the amount of money people here must pay for gas. And for, well, pretty much everything. Next raise will be on June 1st, I think, and communal payments will be increased by 90%. People are being squeezed dry before they die, I guess.
    Another somewhat funny and sad piece of related news. One of the members of our parliament went and said that maybe "people in villages should just stop using gas. I know it's a radical proposition, but I think we can make it a new national idea". So yeah, right now it's either paying a lot for being provided with gas, water and other things, or just trying to survive like in olde medieval days, which is exactly where we are going.

    Next one I just have to mention. Euro-fucking-vision. So okay, I still don't watch that shit, but yeah, I get the news. And hey, I myself mentioned Eurovision on previous page, saying that possibly Ukraine thinks that our candidate with that song will get 1st place just for purely political reasons. Which is exactly what happened. So yeah, Ukraine won Eurovision, with ridiculous song, totally in confrontation with public voting, and we have been ecstatic about it ever since.
    There's actually a whole technical side to this, because, if Ukraine won, that means next Eurovision will be held here. Meaning, we would have to actually organize it. Meaning, we would have to spend a lot of money to... wait, what money?
    Currently, Ukraine got no money, we are defaulting hard, and there's no guarantee there will even be a country by that name next year. Well, there probably will be, but I doubt we would get any money by then, too. Currently, there are talks that we can spare 10 millions to organize next Eurovision (previous one costed 48 mil), there are talks about which city it would be (my city is on the list too, please, no, just no...), and there are talks about actually passing the right of organizing to someone else.
    Currently, though, Ukrainian politicians are hoping for influx of donations from other countries-participants, to steal so... I mean, to help organize the contest. I guess, if there won't be a lot of donations, we will try to push that to someone else. Oh, on the funnier note, some politicians already talk about restricting access to Eurovision for Russian and pro-Russian singers. Our usual idiotic rhetoric... Though, I red that some Eurovision official stated that Ukraine will not be allowed to do that.

    Oh, this next one very minor, but great. One of the local news media published that "during extreme fights with Russian terrorists on the Ukraine border", our glorious army captured Putin's son. And that there are now talks about exchanging him for Savchenko.
    There's just one problem. Putin got 2 daughters and 0 sons. I have nothing more to comment on that.

    Another thing to mention here is, again, our warzone. Currently, all the artillery that was moved away from the frontline (in accordance to Minsk agreements) is back on the front, and these past days it's working non-stop, shelling Novorosia again, with all they got. In response to that, Novorosia is also getting all their military tech back to the conflict. And Novorosia already states that if someone won't remove those threats, they will.
    And, seeing how warm months are coming, and weather will be perfect for driving tanks, there's a lot of expectation for conflict escalating to how it was last year. I guess, we will see about that at the end of this month or at the start of next one.