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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson

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Twice moderator, twice retired, four times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1065 posts that are still accessible today, 49 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 1407 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 18th, 2014.

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    Yes, the picture looks pretty correct. And no, I do not. Figure it out yourself.

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    No. And what exactly made you ask that kind of a question?

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    First drawing of me you do in color... and I am blonde, have boobs and a short skirt. The most horrible thing is, this looks actually pretty correct.

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    pretty much the whole post

    I mean, really, there's nothing to reply to. One has to just read this, out loud if one wants, and try not to laugh or facepalm too much.

    I will address the 'leaflet' though. It's written 'Headquarters on Independent Donetsk Republic' there. Which is something that is not existing. The name at the bottom is the name of the separatists leader. And I already stated those guys in my third point as one of the current problems. But you should really give me something more than a document copy without signatures supposedly made by someone who has no political power. Yet you present this (and all the other weird crap you tell) like something official. Was there by any chance a voting that created Donetsk Republic while I wasn't looking? I don't think so.

    Fuck, I can print you the same document in five minutes right now.

    I seriously hope that you are just trying to troll here, because if not, then the stuff you actually believe in is... well, it's not healthy, I can tell you that.

  • How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    So, apparently people here and on other sites ask me - what is going on in Ukraine recently? Well, I am happy to say that it looked okay for a while, and then it all went to shit again. Allow me to explain.

    I always said that the best time for Ukraine was 1996-2004 period. We were right between Russia and Europe, did good business with both, were pretty independent. I also always said how that was the period when government never gave any fucks about people, which was really the best thing Then we had maidan and orange revolution, and it all went down from there.
    With that mindset, I firmly believe that, if we already have maidan idiots ruling the government, we could at least try to live with that. This country is facing serious challenges as a country, and I don't mean any riots here - I mean simple things like having enough money to pay debts without bleeding people dry and trying not to keel over. And people we currently have in the government, they do understand that. They are thinking about the situation, trying to find some solutions. Well, I have no idea how good they would be at that, really. But right when we really need a working government, we are faced with some sad facts.

    1. While the government we have now may be thinking about country at some times, most of the time they are still doing things for effect. I mean, we all know that Ukraine owes Russia a lot of money for gas. What did the government decide? They made a bill about how they don't recognise the debt and want Russia to return the money it already received. And that's how they deal with stuff now. They just gather up in parliament and decide to think this or that. I mean, they decided that Timoshenko is innocent of all charges, and they decided to ban the book that talked about her crimes. Okay? Those are apparently the serious issues. And the politicians we have now will scream any lies and disinformation too. Hey, there were reports about defensive structures being build on the east to protect the country against Russians. Nope, I talked to people who been there - nothing happening in exactly those places. So, that's the main problem we have - the government is fucking around instead of putting all resources to unfuck the situation.

    2. Maidan fuckers are still running around. And I mean them right-wing fucks - dumb, violent and listening only to their commanders. And it is a serious problem - a whole lot of people, instead of finishing schools or universities or whatever, goes around the cities beating people. It started right after the maidan won - the politicians that went to work that day were threatened by people who gathered right in the government building. Which made for those shots that western media liked to present - how during those days everyone voted for the same things all together. Yes, they did, and you would have done that too in that situation.
      But it didn't end there, and now it even goes to ridiculous lengths. Right-wingers attacked directions of tv channels, for showing 'too much of Russian shit when Ukraine was struggling'. Yes, the reason was something like that. But fuck that, now we have presidential candidates - the ones orange crowd does not approve of - beaten openly on the street. And that is to addition of current government already trying to remove 'bad' candidates by coming up with some crimes to charge them with.
      As I said, we now have a whole lot of people running around yelling that they rule this country and beating up on pretty much everyone they don't like. And they don't listen to the government we currently have, I have to stress that point. It's more like the government is listening to them and supporting their actions. Oh, and the government is going to make more of them. Right now there are talks about the new police division, akin to Berkut that we had who were disbanded, but with more anti-anti-maidan aim in mind. I will get back to that soon. Oh, and Timoshenko now takes time to create civil militia. With the same fucking goals in mind. Which brings me right to the next point.

    3. Anti-maidan fuckers running around. And you may say "but Kirn, aren't you also supporting anti-maidan views?" And I will say "yes, I do, now shut up". You see, what finally happened is eastern people, anti-maidan activists and the like, are attacking administrative buildings. They pretty much do what right-wing fucks did on the west side of the country during the Kiev riots. And that isn't even something surprising, because everyone who knew something, including me, were expecting them to rise up. The deal is, the east part of this country is where many factories are, and a lot of those factories are working to make stuff to sell to Russians. That's how it always was, and it was fine and good. Now this country is trying to implement a very active anti-russians policy - limiting the time russians can stay here (90 days out of every 180), refusing to pay debts, openly screaming about russians wanting to attack the country. Ukraine is now a country hostile to Russia. Enemy territory, you may say. So, would they really place more orders for our factories? And those factories support a lot of people in the east, and they know that Europe won't place the same orders because Europe wants to keep its own factories active, obviously. So, interestingly enough, while people in the east respond to the situation with a violence similar to what right-wing activists did, they actually have a good reason for it.
      And yet, this situation just further destabilises the country. And here we go into that funny little argument - if what happened on maidan was considered legitimate act of the will of the people, then how come this activity in eastern regions is considered to be separatism and terrorism? The same argument that was made for Crimea, really. But the funny fact is, right now it is considered to be pretty much terrorism. And, as I said, new police squads and anti-russian militia are to be formed. To be formed in those pro-russia regions, to be exact. Quite honestly, I am not sure how it all would end. Maidan riots were never hit with any real force, but these anti-maidan riots may be hit with just that. I mean, the world is supporting the free Ukraine and frowns at pro-russian separatists, right? Sure.

    Now, saying all that... I am not really affected by most of it. Sure, we had some protests in my city, but we never had any serious confrontations. And I can safely walk here without any fucker coming up to me and asking who I support.
    The situation is the country, however, is far from good. We had a bit of calm, if you may call it that, when presidential candidates were signing in. Now, seeing how some of them are treated, many people became certain once again in that there will be no real elections, so we have riots on the other side. Interestingly enough, during the past few days hrivna is stabilizing - it is now at 11 hrivna for a dollar after peaking at 12.5 hrivnas for a dollar. Though, since we started at the 8 hrivnas for a dollar mark, financially we are pretty fucked anyways. I am just waiting for the prices to catch up to that.
    Unfortunately, with the stuff I am reading, it is more and more unlikely for Ukraine to recover in any way. We will owe money to both Russia and Europe, and half of the population will end up hating another half. And if any region (other than Crimea, that one was a special case) would actually manage to go separate from this country... well, if that would be proven to be possible, more would follow. It would be like the current joke on the ru-internet: the last region to stay in Ukraine will be the one paying all the gas debts.
    Hell, it is just ridiculous now. Yesterday a lot of news sites published the article about anti-maidan protesters in Odessa (my city) claiming that Odessa region is now an autonomous republic, and calling for people to gather up and support this, and to block roads and stuff. And about two hours later the local anti-maidan protesters said that it's a lie and they never said anything about turning Odessa region into a republic, and it's just disinformation. And that's the state of faggotry we are in right now.

    So, to sum it all up. Government is fucking around, violent people on both sides are running unchecked, the country is falling apart and you can't trust anyone. And we are now waiting for shooting at the new riots.
    You know, after orange revolution it was pretty hard to do business with foreign people because they stopped trusting this country... And now, I guess, it will be pretty much impossible to get any foreign investors here now.
    Oh, and another thing. My city is a famous city for tourism - every year about a million of people go here from Russia to relax here and swim in our sea. I do wonder, how many we would get this year.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Father here. No competition. I love FMA for many things, and great characters is one of those things. This guy was kept in the shadows for a long time, and when we saw him... he didn't even do that much evil at that moment. But the whole scope of his schemes, his power and arrogance...
    Massive villain who is pretty much too big for anyone to even really understand. Reminds me of a saying of how when you are in Trafalgar Square, you can't see England. That's exactly the feeling I get from this guy. To see everything he's done, you would have to look at the planet from orbit or something.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Voting Alucard here. Well, Johan summed it up nicely... (btw, that Rip scene is actually very sexual, you know) But still. This is pretty much the character from the first manga I started reading seriously. Ever. And I love the bastard. He is a caged monster, and at the same time he himself is the castle, the whole army of evil. And he is stylish about it.
    Ridiculously overpowered, and one of those monsters who understood that it's still just as fun and no less evil to kill for the 'good side', and nobody gets on your back for it.

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    @Ecstasy this immediately reminded me of this old winrar thing.

    "...миша сурово, как блять берия, натягивал на себя свой любимый чудо-свитер, апогей суканах пост-модернизма, привезённый из каково-то Чуркистана. Это сейчас, с высоты, тыксызыть, своего опыта, я понимаю, што на етом предмете одежды силами таджикских ткачей, по совместительству наркоманов и дальтоников, художественными срецтвами был изображён героиновый приход, но в ту пору мы были свято уверены, што это пять зелёных всадников ловют чёрную рыбу в красном поле под палящим фиолетовым солнцем."

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Well.. seeing how I don't like DBZ, Naruto or 1 Piece... hey, I will vote for the cute cuddly devourer of little girls. Quite honestly, I never was big fan of the show, though I did enjoy it. And I never understood all this Kyubey hype. If anything, this thing is a plot device. However, I did enjoy seeing those little girls suffer and die, and if that white creature is responsible for that, then hell, it deserves my vote for this match.

  • In CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Let's do this!

    Well, since I was the one putting Vincent here, I will obviously vote for him. As I wrote already, he is a very blues-style villain, perfect for BeBop universe. Lost with no memories, not even sure if he is alive. And he is willing to kill the whole city just to open the door to heaven. And while being all that, he is damn strong - even managed to beat up Spike, which is a serious feat.