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99th percentile

"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson Shovel from Hell badge by @OneDollar

Twice moderator, twice retired, five times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

Art by @Shirosuke Art by @TeruShinozaki Art by @Izukio, background and blood by @Kiboune Art by @Ecstasy Arts by @Lieutenant

Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1943 posts that are still accessible today, 74 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2309 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 29th, 2016.

  • In The Milo Thread

    One should just use a shovel to grab a spoonful of milo.

  • In The Colorless News (Issue #13)

    Nah. Back in good old days I did 7-pages long rants. But we had properly retarded staff then.

  • The Colorless News (Issue #13)

    The Colorless News

    (27.08.2016, Issue #13)

    Staff missing, send help!

    There was a big break between CL News Issues number 12 and 13, for one simple reason. CL News mostly deals with major site developments and changes in CL staff. And in recent year, there was not many events worth noticing. Things have looked so calm, in fact, that it raised the question of being that lack of news news-worthy all in itself. However, in this state of calm something was missing. And, as it turned out, it’s a big part of staff that is missing.
    Now, missing may not mean they are actively missing from CL. But the contribution would certainly be something that’s not apparently seen. And CL rangers are the obvious first target in that area. MrTingles, who was made ranger after his step down from mod position, haven’t been active on chat. Lycan remains a shameful spon on the whole CL staff history, acting only when it’s in his own interest. Kiboune exists only on ru channel. And we even have OneDollar, who is rangered for no reason other than making badges, and who isn’t ranger in any official capacity. Things with that group are a real mess.
    Going up one level, we have moderators. On the outside, things look better here, with project participation and even organization, and somewhat active presence on chat. Even Gwynn – who was the least active moderator – is now having bigger presence on the site. However, what can be said about the actual moderator work recently? One can argue, that there was no need for moderator action recently, and it is certainly true, but what if there is? It is known, that the chat argument may remain unstopped even with moderator present. It is also known, that timezone coverage remains lacking. Even more so with only 4 mods left. And Rinneko remains a single Asian moderator, while 3 others are located in US, leaving Asia timezone only partly covered and EU timezone completely empty.
    But it’s well-known fact, that moderators state represent the state of admins. And here is where the trouble is. Admin presence on site is currently almost non-existent. Warlock, while appearing on chat at times, remains very inactive and had only 4 forum posts in last 7 months. There are rumors of him making new CL site, and he can be reached through staff, currently the head admin is very hard to see. Which the second admin is completely missing. Kip had no forum posts in the past 6 months, and was last seen on CL more than month ago (preceded by another month+ period of not even opening the site page). Her participation is staff affairs is also non-existent, meaning that unbanning Kirn remains her main act as CL admin, and no better contributions were made, not for a long time. While reasons for her absence – which we will not discuss here – are understandable, lack of warning before disappearing and the fact that the site now has ‘ghost’ admin are quite disturbing.
    Years ago, CL’s problem was overblown staff. That was the problem that DC started to fix, when he was Admin, but it now seems like staff got too small, and perhaps even powerless. Which leaves community to tend for itself. Perhaps, with the state of CL now, this is enough. Perhaps, not.

    Colorless project. Slow, but, hopefully, kicking.

    While things on CL are slow, site still manages to put out some projects, though not it a very active way. After Second Colorless Chess Tournament, it is again time for singing and writing. Pokemon Theme Song, aptly made during Pokego hype, recently got completed, combining efforts of 9 singers, 2 editors and some additional guests. Brave Shine chorus, which will use Fate/Grand Order art for video, is now in the video-editing stage. Which will last a while, as Momimochi – manager and only editor of the project – stated, that video will take from 1 to 1.5 months to make. Writing project, with Love and War being the current theme, seems to be having some troubles. Due to the lack of submissions, Jack has extended the project deadline, which happened 11 days ago. Since then there was no activity on the thread.

    Issue #13, from 27.08.2016
    Staff: Lurker-reporter, editor, designer – @Kirn
    The Colorless News is the property of Lurkers inc.
    If it is publicly posted - we will use it with your name in it.
    Anonymity of private informants is guaranteed.
    We know where you live.

  • In Durarara General

    So here's a fun fact. I wanted to write up some of my thoughts about the Drrr 2 Ketsu (seriously, who the fuck even makes up those names?), but we don't have thread for it. And I am NOT going to make one, so fuck you, I am necrobumping this thread here. Seems appropriate.

    So. Drrr 2 fucking Ketsu... One thing I have to say immediately - I actually liked it. I really enjoyed it much more than I expected to. Well, partly I can blame the lowered expectations after Shou and mostly Ten... yeah, no, fuck it. It will be Drrr 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. Much more convenient. So yeah, Drrr 2.1 had a really long build-up, but last eps actually were a blast. 2.2 on the other hand was pretty much crap all the way, and who the fuck are even all those people they brought there? I never even bothered to remember them all. But 2.3 keeps up the action for all the length of it, returns the proper characters and is actually interesting and funny.

    Also, some of the new characters are actually decent. Chikage Rokujo is good man, and doing good things after Kadota knocked some sense into him. Vorona overthinks things, but is never hesitant about taking action. Kasane Kujiragi has her own charm and kick-ass ability, which looks damn sweet. They are alright.

    What else... I do like to see 2 out of 3 main idiots of the show getting kicked. Kida got kicked quite literally, at first, by Ran... and I mean, really, that guy broke his hand with his head, and I went like "yeah, serves him right!".. and then Kida got mentally beaten by Chikage, which amounted to what every normal person watching this anime was saying for years now, and which goes something like this: "boy, you acted like slowpoke idiots all this time..." I mean, someone just had to finally tell that to one of them.
    Anri didn't get kicked physically (because really, who would kick a glassed girl with huge tits?), but she sure had enough talking to in that chapter. And I do enjoy that her last talking to was given by Kadota, reasonably explaining to her what's what. Too bad there was not many Kadota scenes this time, though. But he did good. Got out of coma, and immediately ran away from hospital. That's something very relatable for me. And he remains the voice of reason through the series.

    Mikado, however, did not have anyone to just hit him on the head and say 'hey, you act like a complete retard', so we got what we got, which was cripple vs weakling fight. And I am very very very sad that he didn't die in the end. Mikado remains most hated character of the show for me.

    Btw, I noticed, a whole lot of people ended up injured by the end of this. Kadota, Kida, Shizuo. I guess, that's the plot device, so they wouldn't just straight-up overpower their respective opponents towards the end of the season. Though, Shizuo still overpowered as fuck, obviously. Actually, even Vorona got her leg injured before going against karate girl (who the fuck is that character anyways?). So yeah, it's certainly a recurring theme this time.

    Main villain sucked, though. I mean, I couldn't even remember who was that guy until the very end, and then I was 'what? this is the villain of the season? are you shitting me?' Then again, he ended up being stab-fucked to death. Quite literally... So it's all good, I guess.

    In any case. Show obviously has it flaws, but they really cleaned up their act since 2.2, so I would say, this is a decent enough ending. And really... there are some really good stuffs there.

    Like Kida breaking his arm. Can't be happy enough about it.
    Like Shingen hiring doubles, or trying to throw head and failing pathetically. I mean, who even does that!
    Like Simon explaining "Это зомби. Укусит, станешь таким же." during Saika invasion, like an expert.
    Like Erika hiding in plain sight by using red eye lenses and totally missing the point.
    Like Shinra kidnapping scene, which was all awesome, and later Shinra reacquiring his love, which was also pretty damn awesome.
    Like Namie finally finding her true calling as an internet hater.
    Like Togusa, realizing he's the only normal person in the apartment.
    Like Shizuo, riding the black rider's... bicycle... of death... into action... yeah.

    Not bad at all!

  • In All about Shado

    So, how the fuck is this public masturbation not locked yet?

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    The Man Who Knew Infinity Official Trailer (2015)

    This one is about math. A-and, I probably lost you all right now. But still, this movie is about Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian genius mathematician, who in 1914 went to England to show them Brits, what's what. And he did.
    So, how true? Well, the guy has a pretty big wiki page. In addition, I haven't found a decent article on truth of the story, but here's a praising review, which mentions some obvious dramatizations and inconsistencies like Hardy's age and overly simplified racial bigotry.
    However, interesting this about that movie is that it really serves only to tell the story of this Indian mathematician. There's no patriotism, no moral in the end. Quite honestly, dramatizations are sorely needed, because, really, it's a movie purely about math, and that's it. So yeah, for anyone with unhealthy love for mathematics - this is surely a must-see movie.

  • In Lucifer [TV series]

    Characters are quite clueless at times, yeah. Especially Chloe with all her not recognizing the devil's powers thing. Well, that's the plot, nothing can be done about it.

    I do wonder if they will mix things up in second season. Though, I am quite bad at keeping up with ongoing shows, so I imagine I will see it all sometime at the end of the year.

  • In Weird World News

    Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Health Rumors by Opening a Jar of Pickles on Jimmy Kimmel

    Recently, members of the Republican party a.k.a. "Healthers" have been targetting 68-year-old Clinton's well-being by questioning her "brain injuries" using conspiracy theories as evidence.

    But on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Democratic presidential nominee put the rumors to rest by proving she's in deed in good health to serve as the future POTUS.

    So, okay, apparently, you have to be THIS HEALTHY to be the president - have a pulse, breathe, and be able to open a jar of pickles. And you're good candidate.

    To further prove her strength, Kimmel surprised the grandmother of two with a dare to open a sealed jar of pickles.

    So, exactly, how does that prove that one doesn't have brain damage?

    For me the weird part is not that this was done on TV. For me the weird part is the fact that, apparently, at some point Clinton's campaign manager and Jimmy's show producer met and had something close to this conversation:
    - So, how should we prove she got no brain damage?
    - I dunno. Make her do something physical? Open a jar of pickles! That'll do it!
    - Great idea! I bet everyone will get distracted and even applause!

    And it works.

  • Lucifer [TV series]

    Hello, one and all. As you may or may not know, I am not a huge fan of TV series, but I do go out on hunts for some decent ones from time to time. And I just finished watching the one I felt was pretty good, so I am here now to share it with you, you lowly humans. Praise me.

    Now, this is pretty self-explanatory. Lucifer decides to take a big vacation, leaves hell, starts living in LA, though, god knows, there are seriously better places out there to pass your time. The idea for the character comes from popular comic writer Neil Gaiman and his best work - Sandman. In these comics, Kucifer at some point became so fucking bored with ruling hell, that he announced that key for hell is up for grabs, and anyone who wishes for it, can try for it. Which caused quite a bit of the commotion, after which he fucked off to have fun with life. And he did, he got his own spin-off comic series, as far as I know. Which I never red.

    That all is, however, perfectly useless here. The show here is not taking after comics, and I have to say - that's very good. Cause then if would have been to mind-fucking to enjoy. No, only initial idea - satan taking a break from hell - is what similar.
    So, the main story if this tale is that Lucifer, while living among humans, starts to change. To the point of actually becoming more human and even more humane. That is connected with him meeting the female lead of the show - Chloe, who is a cop and, possibly, one good pure soul in the whole damn city. Demon gets interested and proceeds to help her along with her investigations. While being constantly bothered by another angel and his own demonic bodyguard. Oh, and also by his therapist.

    So okay, let's get technical here. This show got 1 season so far (2nd one in the works, first episode is due in September). Mostly every episode is similarly structured - each revolves around some police case with Lucifer being a constant, but very helpful, annoyance to... well, to everyone around him, really. But, obviously, mostly to Chloe. Along the way the main storyline would get some movement to, eventually leading up to a definite conclusion with all the same definite route for continuation.
    And now I will tell you something horrible. This is a family show. You may start laughing now. But there's no gore. I mean, sure, there are people being shot and brutally murdered, but it's not done gratuitously. There's no actual nudity. And I know what you think - how can a series about club owner who is a devil have no nudity! But there really is none! I mean, sure, people are getting undressed at the time, and there's a fuckton of dirty jokes going around, and in more than half of episodes, Lucifer wakes up after having 3- or 4-somes. But it's all done in mild way. Fuck, they even 'bleeped out' the word fuck in this production!

    So, why exactly do I like it? Well, mostly because of the Lucifer himself. The character is properly enjoyable. He is absolutely honest about his origin, enjoys fucking with people (in all ways), gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks, and is a constant and deliberate pain in the ass for everyone who meets him. He is charismatic, and he alone is worth it to watch the show, with his combination of juvenile desire for stuffs and overpowering abilities. Actually, show had to try hard with (spoilers here) taking away his abilities to make the character rely more on wit and talking than on just overpowering anything. Though, we do get to see some nice demonic/angelic ass-kicking from time to time, and those scenes are also quite timely.

    There are 2 other things I do enjoy about this. You might be surprised with this, but the show's decency made it very agreeable to me. I often complain that recent tv series attract their audiences with tits and pussy and nothing else. Which is not the case here. As I said, all the dirty stuff is mentioned, is kinda shown, but there's no focus on that, and that's what makes it nice. It's like saying 'yes, this guy fucks 3 girls named Britney at the same time, but we don't make that the attraction of the show'.
    Second thing is actually a very simple thing, but it made me watch it to the end. The music. There's some good rock there! Obviously, a ton of songs about the devil, as you can expect. And, really, this whole thing starts with "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked", which got me hooked immediately. I respect people who care to put good tunes in the work.

    Now, whine I obviously would mention good things, t is my obligation to mention not so good things. The obvious being the criticism towards the show, for not being properly based on the Lucifer comics. Well, I did explain that already - while the character is based on idea of those authors, it's not exactly based on the comic itself. However, they do have a very good point, being this turning potentially very powerful character into just another cop with a twist in another crime drama series. Which is actually a valid point, and I have to agree on this entirely. As I said, episodes all follow the very straightforward route, and if that's not your cup of tea, you won't be interested.
    Another thing is... this is a very, as I stated before, mild production. It's not taking risks, I think, is the right expression here? I mean, at the end of the show, there's actually not much changes in the dynamics and relationships between characters compared to the start. Sure, there are plot revelations, that change things, but basically everyone stays in their place. So if you are going for some major plot changes and huge developments - skip this one. This one is entertaining you on very humble scale of things.

    So, I was googling pictures to put here, and stumbled on this article. Christians are fucking morons, which I said times and times again, and they keep proving my point.

    In any case. This series, in my opinion, is a decent source of some good clean fun without too much thinking about it. Which can be a very good thing at times. For me the show worked, obviously, due to my immediate feeling of connection with the main character. For you it may or may not work, but I do urge you to watch the pilot at least. Since the show stays pretty much the same from the start, your opinion about the first episode would be a good way to judge if you would want to see the rest of it or not.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Holy hell, I haven't posted here for a month! Well, actually, I didn't see any good AMVs in that time, so yeah. But now I got a few!

    This one is for Sidonia No Kishi anime. The music got no words. It's a composition called "Through the Walls" by I am waiting for you last summer. Wiki tells me, it's a Russian music group, but there are no words, so it doesn't matter. Video edited pretty damn well, following the changes in the music. I think, this actually could be a really cool trailer for the anime.

    This next one is... well, first of all, it's a real mix of anime, and other things. From Prison School anime to Love The Way You Move music video. Song is "Energia" by RUSSKAJA, which is, and I am quoting wiki again "a Russian Metal band from Vienna, Austria". Song is pretty much about being very energetic in a wacky way, but really, even without the lyrics understanding, this may give you a good chuckle.