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  • In What are you reading?


    So, I was seriously pissed off at myself for not reading any book in a long while. And I really wanted to read something about dragons. And not just how people defeat dragons, but something with dragons as actual characters. And this book is part of the trilogy I found.
    Now, I did not expect much. Not sure what I expected exactly. It is a fantasy story, with some humor, about a girl who gets more lucky than ordinary girl would be. Which is really simple. The story starts in a humorous way, and you expect things to be like that. But somewhere in the middle it gets much more serious, and even dark towards the end. And while the heroine of the story does perform some amazing things, the book occasionally brings her down to earth in a very realistic manner.
    All in all, this is not a completely serious book, but it has interesting story, and, most importantly, pretty nice dragon characters, which is why I am reading it in the first place. So I will be going over next books too.

  • In Weird World News

    Danish student branded a terrorist after training as 'Lady Death' sniper to fight jihadis in Syria reveals she has lost everything


    A Danish politics student who trained as a sniper to fight Isis in Syria has told how she has 'lost everything' after being labelled a terrorist - and now faces assassination by Isis.

    Joanna Palani, 23, dropped out of college to join the battle against jihadis in Syria, spending nine-day stretches alone on the frontline with her Russian sniper rifle trained on Isis targets.

    So yeah, I think we hear more stories like that recently - someone takes a rifle and goes to shoot them ISIS fucks. However, in olde days they would have been praised. But now...

    The politics student was issued with a travel ban in September 2015. But she defied authorities to rejoin comrades in her battle-hardened Kurdish unit fighting ISIS in northern Syria from June to October 2016 because she says she couldn't bear to leave the women she had trained.

    Now Joanna, who arrived in Denmark aged three with her family as refugees from Iraq, faces up two years behind bars for breaching the travel ban, intended to stop Danes from joining terror groups in the Middle East.

    Pretty much, she got reward for hear head, set by ISIS. And her own country government wants to prosecute her for being the same as ISIS. Which is a bit retarded, seeing how they want her dead. This is really strange attitude towards someone who decides to fight what is globally considered a threat to everyone around.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Well, 2 more weeks. I have to say right away, not much has changed around here. I mean, sure, there is vicious fighting in the east, retarded Tatars are trying to blockade Crimea again, we are totally fucking up Minsk agreements, and Ukrainian militants are shooting each other across the country. Nothing new, really.

    Exchange rate went as low as 26.8, but is not at 26.95. I am not sure why it generally goes down, so I will assume that exchange rate is still being controlled by the government directly. That, or dollar is not feeling too stable itself.

    Pretty much, we have just 3 things I want to talk about. I mean, sure, as I mentioned, the retardation is not stopping. For example, Ukraine army has lost a whole squad of people in the east, and noone knows where it went, other squad recorded video-message criticism Poroshenko, and got stent to the very front lines, and one of the militants in this country is now claiming, that he is a direct descendant on Tutankhamen. But really, who wants to know stuff like that?

    Mostly, it's more interesting to look outside now. And, looking outside, we can see Trump trying to figure what the fuck my country is even. Local mass media have been blowing out of proportion the future talk between Poroshenko and Trump, and already were celebrating the fact that Trump will 'surely support Ukraine against Russia', with no evidence to back this up.
    Well, the talk happened. Poroshenko congratulated Trump on his presidency, and they talked a bit about calming down the situation at the east of the country. Which, is I can assure you, haven't been calmed at all after that.
    It is important to note another thing. Some time after that talk Trump said, that he doesn't really know what is going on in Ukraine. And he wants to really know. So, there's some hope that he will try to investigate our situation. But most importantly, he isn't offering immediate support.

    And Russia is obviously grabbing that idea. I mean, while we can't volatile, completely retarded country right next to its borders. So, Russia work hard on regulating situation in the east of Ukraine, and looking for ways to do something with us. And recently Lavrov (Foreign Minister of Russia in case you don't know) said very directly, what the fuck does Russia want from the whole Ukraine business.
    First of all, Russia now puts most blame on Ukraine side, and specifically on Ukraine militant groups that are not controlled by army or government. Second of all, Russia actually puts less blame on west now, notably stating that OSCE can't deal with amount of violations on the front line. And finally, Russia presses the issue of decentralization of Ukraine.
    What it means in proper-talk would be something like this: Russia will be offering western countries to just leave Ukraine alone. Because that bitch is too costly and too retarded. And to allow Russia to deal with the country as they want - which might as well result in re-working the country's borders. You know, extreme case of that possibility might result in me suddenly becoming citizen of Russia again.
    Of course, that's just Russian position, and the next round of talks over Ukraine is just something that will happen, and noone can know how it would go.

    And now something from inside the country. People are freezing to death. Quite literally, too - the amount of frozen this winder is counted in a few thousands. There are reports about people of some smaller cities - where there is close to no heating and temperature inside homes is about 8 C - are trying to forcefully occupy heating and power stations, where there is at least warm. So yeah, such fun we having...
    Oh, and to top it all off - organizers of Eurovision (apparently, that's still a thing here) are asking Kiev government to RAISE electricity cost even more, because they lack about 1.5 million of dollars to make the contest possible. Yes, that is literally the reason.

    You know... we will survive this winter, still, but I saw zombies in better shape than this country.

  • In Moderator Applications

    Oh, here we go again... that time of the year, I guess.

  • In It's Valentine's Day [2017]

    I hate all of you.

  • In RWBY

    I gotta say, that boss battle felt more like plot development, than a fight, really...

    But otherwise - it was a goddamn heartfelt episode, and a good way to finish the season. Time of travels is over, so to speak, it should, once again, be time for action. And yes, that after-credits scene...

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Few move AMVs. First one is AMV for RWBY, cause we all love RWBY. And the song is "Heroes" by Generdyn Music ft Zayde Wolf. And it is just damn awesome. I feel, the video grasps the song feeling perfectly. And vise versa, really. And damn good editing.

    Another one is for Black Lagoon. Song is "On The Rocks" by Amaranthe. Black Lagoon is your popular anime of choice for any fast-paced song with a lot of drive, so that's what it is, really. Fast song, lots of on-screen shooting. Nothing that we haven't seen before in Black Lagoon AMVs, but it's still pretty damn good.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    Finished this one yesterday. This one is an isometric horror game, which is a pretty rare genre itself. And this particular game is created by people who did another isometric horror game Stasis. Sci-fi horror. Actually, Cayne is in the same setting, though, you don't have to know Stasis to play it (I totally forgot how Stasis went already). It is an indie game, and yes, the text on the picture is absolutely true - it's a free game, so you don't have to read me here, you can just go and get the game right now, for no money at all.


    Now, the game is pretty short. You won't spend more than 3 hours playing it, really. Though, it does have moments when you just get absolutely stuck, without any idea which item to use with which item next. Though, mostly it all is logical enough, so you don't get too stuck when you are used to the game.
    In addition to using items, you find a lot of diaries of the people who worked on the station, and in those, in addition to some very interesting reading, you would find clues to puzzles and some codes to locked doors.


    And let me tell you, the people that you read about in those diaries are a horrible bunch of individuals. No, seriously, I got more disgusted by the people who wrote that stuff, than by all the gruesome imagery, and there was plenty of that. It's like some bunch of space retard rednecks got stuck in that place, and them plotting against each other and fucking each other brought the disaster that we got stuck in.
    And speaking of. In this game we play as a very confused pregnant woman. She got drunk and accidentally pregnant, went for abortion, and suddenly woke up in this unfamiliar and scary place, being already 9 months pregnant. Not the best condition for survival, but she braves things like a champ. She also reacts to what happens with some humor, when she can, which is a nice defense mechanism I guess. All in all, she is alright character, and I did feel for her during the gameplay.


    All in all, the game is damn short, and I gotta say - it's not much of a horror, cause you get almost no jump-scares. Also, the story and the end twist are pretty predictable. But it is very atmospheric, and filled with extremely gruesome imagery and text, so you might enjoy it, if you like that sort of thing. And, again, the game is free, while being good enough to pay money for.

    And, as always, if you would be just interested in watching that - here's my playthrough.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Flagged for reasons of 1. you being a retard and 2. not contributing to the theme of the thread. You can be retarded on my thread, you fucktwat, but stay on fucking topic.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Had a long break here, 3 weeks or so with no news, so here's some more updates.

    First of all, exchange rates actually went down during this period. It was as high as 28.2 hrn for a dollar, but today the common rate is 27.25 for a dollar. I believe, government is using the fact that it now controls more than 50% of banking systems in the country to dictate the less believable exchange rate trying to emulate financial stability. But we'll see.
    Oh, and btw, speaking of the economical situation. Remember when I wrote about this country trying to build a wall on Ukraine-Russia border? Well, that stopped now - no money to build it. So yeah...

    Now, we are still very much in a huge disarray, with everyone blaming everyone. For example, Timoshenko is obviously blaming Poroshenko for everything, and Timoshenko recently went to USA, no doubt to try and cut a deal with people there to help her be the next president of this poor country. Likewise, Savchenko, who is now in a pretty big isolation, is calling Poroshenko traitor.
    In addition to that, however, we have representatives of armed bands showing teeth to each other. For example, Azov military group is now making statement against national guard, saying that they are separatists, which is now like the usual mindless insult around here. Actually, Azov is generally getting more aggressive, which is, I assume, because Kolomoyskiy is getting cut off from his resources, and he can't fund them well enough to keep them quiet.
    And another militant group - Right Sector - are calling Ukrainians to go and start even new maidan. Yes, again.
    And in addition to that, in Donetsk some another armed group attacked office of Vega Telecom - ISP and telephone company owned by a local millionaire. Good thing I am not using that ISP anymore...

    Also, we got some new reforms. Obviously, those include more gas and electricity prices rises. But also - pensions. The government is completely remaking the pension laws. I won't bother you with details, but with new rules, only people who worked without break for the past 15 years (but not before, time before doesn't count now) would be eligible for some pension. Pretty much, most people who are eligible for a pension now would not be able to get it anymore, or would get reduced one. So yeah, this is another project to give people less.

    Oh, btw, what is Poroshenko doing during all that? He promises to organize referendum to allow people of Ukraine to say if they want to join NATO. And if they do - to make everything possible to join that fucking NATO. So yeah, he pretty much still tries to make up some empty and useless promises, in attempt to show that he still runs the country.

    But alright, let's get to serious stuff. Which is Russia-USA relationships these days. You know, Trump actually offered Russia to cut a deal - USA would remove some of the sanctions, if Russia would join the nuclear disarmament agreement. However, Russia wasn't interested, cause USA already fucked that agreement up once, and it is completely unrelated to sanctions.
    Well, recently Trump and Putin had a telephone talk. And also recently there was removal of some sanctions. You can read about it here in this article.
    With all that, and with removal o Biden and Nuland, who were pretty much overseeing Ukraine affairs on behalf of USA, we here now understood, finally, that we are being left alone.

    Actually, with Trump taking power, some people are scared, that someone will demand results on the past investigations. So, the Netherlands commission still researching that Malaysia Boeing being shot down, now claimed that the black box information is not decryptable and blame Russia for it. And local 'investigators' who supposed to be investigating the burning of the people on 2nd of May few years ago (in my city, if you remember) now claim that they just plainly lost all the case materials.

    But the most important thing is that Ukraine, seeing how noone cares about it anymore and will not help, started another attack on Novorossia. And this one looks pretty damn serious. They got all the artillery, and arebringing in tanks again, which is in direct violation of all Minsk agreements. OSCE observers are being torn with some reporting on amassing of arms on the front line, while others still trying to cover up for Ukraine. This shit actually been going for a week now, with very intense fights.
    For Ukraine it seems like some sort of weird last resort thing, this trying to either get Novorossia back or to crush it. However, they don't have much hope to do so. Right now Ukraine army losses are already getting high, and if they will attempt proper full-scale infantry assault, that may result in repetition of past events, when few thousands of Ukraine soldiers got surrounded. Still, they might try anyways.

    So yes, things are getting interesting in a crappy sort of way.