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  • In Famous People Deaths

    Rutger Hauer


    Born: January 23, 1944, Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands Died: July 19, 2019, Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands Age: 75

    Actor with great presence, and also a Dutch person. Of course, his most iconic role was in Blade Runner, where he chased the hell out of Harrison Ford's character and delivered one of my favorite movie speeches of all times, which I am linking to this post. It's actually pretty relevant now... But also, Blind Fury, Sin City, The Hitcher... Hell, he even was in 10th Kingdom, playing Huntsman, one of the most brutal characters there. Sometimes his roles were just really small, like in Knockin' On Heaven's Door where he didn't even get the credit mention, I think. But he always made every moment than much more powerful.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    The Best of Enemies (2019)

    Alright, so this one is pretty social. I didn't think much of it 'till I saw Sam Rockwell there. He is always good in movies, so yeah, I took a closer look, and there it was, another true story movie.
    So, that one is about committee working on a matter of desegregation of schools. Apparently, after initial law about that, there was still a lot of push back on some states, and no surprise there. The movie tells about black civil rights activist and a guy who was, at the time, local president of KKK. They got co-chair positions on that matter, and eventually united after starting as natural enemies.
    This is pretty interesting, but it seems that a lot of things in the movie is actually true to real events. Of course there's a matter of general story, but also details like the guy's family affairs, woman wanting to stab him at some point, and how they couldn't even sit together at first. Actually, one thing that's pointed out specifically as not true (not confirmed at all) is the shooting scene. But it's the usual thing to show KKK as more vicious than they were at the time in movies. Another thing is, I can't find mention of threats to committee members from KKK, so I don't know how true movie is about that.
    All in all, it's not an event I have personal interest in, but it's an interesting story, and a decent movie for that.

  • In What are you reading?

    Basically, still reading all the Pratchett's books.











    Still doing 1 book a week, of course. In this time, I went through 3 witches series books, which really just parody the stories, so to say - Wyrd Systers mess up with your general idea of Shakespearean play, Witches Abroad smash to pieces fairy tales and Lords And Ladies cut into old British tales about faeries and magic forests.
    Notable are 2 standalone books exploring the ideas and faults of religion - Pyramids and Small Gods. After those two, Pratchett didn't really write anything specific about religion in his Discworld books, but I think it's only natural - both books explore the topic enough.
    Eric returns Rincewind back to the Disk (though, it does not save him from constant troubles), Reaper Man allows to better understand Death of the Diskworld (always great character) and Moving Pictures explores a way of how wild ideas get into this world. That one is very heavy-handed in its story, but it establishes some world principles that are used - more subtly - later.
    And of course there is Guards! Guards! - my favorite book of the series, introducing characters of the city watch, including Captain VImes - cynical drunkard who hates authority and all the people, but can't help doing what's right. The book - and the continuation in Men At Arms - explores the idea of making unlikely extras into heroes. Also, this is the storyline that is mostly like a detective novel - there's crime and someone did it and the crime needs to be solved. By luck, magic or by fighting a dragon.

    15 books in, and still reading, and it doesn't feel tiring at all. At this point there's already a stable Archchancellor of the magic university, and the rest of faculty becoming distinct, and with establishment of the guard storyline world will start building upwards on its ideas. But first, there's Soul Music - next book, that has death and rock'n'roll in it.

  • In Chernobyl (miniseries)

    Impressive work, for sure, but not accurate on quite a few points, though, so a lot of it is a propaganda about a real event. Western propaganda about Soviet event. That's the times we live in again.

  • In Game of Thrones’ ending (spoilers)

    Not only useless thread, like all you make, but also duplicate. Can be posted here.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Fighting with My Family (2019)

    Alright, so this one is pretty weird in a way, that events actually happened pretty recently - the culmination of the movie is the events of 2014, which is pretty recent. Also, there's Dwayne Johnson there, who actually plays role of himself, because, funny enough, he did take part in the story.
    This one is about a whole family of wrestlers, who try to make wrestling stars out of their children, but only one kid even gets accepted into American leagues. Or whatever they have there, I don't know much about wrestling. How, the usual site claims that a lot of details are pretty much right. Family of wrestlers, with father being ex-criminal, Paige having different stage name at first, tryouts, and even the fact that Rock was the one who told Paige about what kind of fight she will be having soon. The most notable fiction is the coach character, who is obligatory in this type of movie, but who is more of a mix of several actual people involved in WWE trailing, rather that one single real person.
    Another notable thing is, the movie is made after a documentary about this wrestling family, called 'The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family'. So you can see where the name of the movie comes from. Also, what we cannot be certain about is family relationship details. For example, Zak really did take the events pretty badly, and movie shows good jealousy, but I can't confirm if Paige was as torn, awkward and timid as she was shown. Real person obviously said that events are spot-on, but the family just likes the movie, and they took part in consulting it, so they would of course praise it.
    All in all, this is your normal sports and coming of age film, made a bit more impactful by being based on real events. Also, it may be decent insight into wrestling scene for someone like me, who has no real idea about that stuff. Also there's a Rock. Rock playing Rock is definitely a win.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    And another one! This seems like good time for pixel art games. Cause really, some of them are pretty darn good.


    In Katana Zero, you are a samurai in cyberpunk setting, and this should already make you go try the game. So, you are a samurai - you wear some sort of kimono and wield a katana. Which you use to slash your enemies. Each of them dies from one hit. But here's the kicker - you also die in one hit. One bullet, even one punch will take you out, and you have to start the screen all over again.


    Game levels are divided into 'screens' or stages. And what happens is you basically 'plan' each stage (by actually performing all the action), and if you die, time rewinds and you have to start again. Each stage is short enough, but each is challenging enough, as even the lowliest brawler can kill you if they land a shot.
    The main character can obviously kill people with katana, he can pick up and throw stuff (starting with knives and bottles and ending with remote mines by the end of the game), he can roll to dodge hits and bullets, and, most important of all, he can slow down time. That uses up charge meter, but in that state it's very easy to see what is happening, and you can easily hit bullets with your sword, sending them back to the enemies. Though, thing is - if you are fast enough, you can hit bullets even without slowing time. But that's damn hard. And, armed with just these tools, you will proceed to paint the whole town red. Quite literally.


    With gameplay out of the way, we can ask - why are we doing all this? Well, here is where it gets tricky. The main character is an assassin. Each day he goes into an office of a guy who acts like a shrink. That guy asks question and injects medicine into hero's arm. And then he gives you the file that states your next target, and special conditions. Sometimes you must leave no survivors, sometimes you should not kill anyone other than the target.
    Problems start when you targets actually start talking to you. And they talk about strange things. Things you don't understand, but things that feel very familiar to you. And sometimes you cannot discuss it with the shrink guy, cause he is not even always in his office. Which is really bad, because if you go more than a day without your medication... things will get... strange. Nightmares will intensify, you will experience same moments over and over, you will see the future, you will see the weird fucks Comedy and Tragedy playing dice with your fate... and then blissful feeling of needle in your arm, and you are back again. And almost back to normal.


    Honestly, I cannot say much more without spoiling the whole story, which is pretty good. I will mention characters, though. There are at least 2 other sword wielding maniacs. There's war veteran with severe PTSD, there's the shrink guy who really hater working with you, but he got no choice, there's little girl from apartment next door, who is your last time to actual humanity, there's Russian thug, who starts swearing in native language when he is excited (which was really unexpected for me when it happened), there are your targets even, who can provide some juicy dialogue if you choose to listen... They are interesting, and they provide you with understanding of what is going on. Then again, they can also lie to you, pursuing their own agenda.


    All in all, game has some really crazy story and imagery, good music, and really gripping gameplay. It's pretty difficult, especially towards later levels, where you have to go through a lot of obstacles in a single stage. But this is definitely great action game, and it got damn good style.

  • They Shall Not Grow Old (documentary)

    Haven't posted documentaries in a while, and this one is quite special.

    So, we all probably know Peter Jackson as director of LoTR and Hobbit movies, and while I have my own strong words to say about how he dealt with those stories, I must admit, that he knows his editing and he got great team for it. So, what he did for BBC and some War Museum, and in memory of his grandfather, is he took some recordings of interviews by guys who were real infantry soldiers in that war, and he took real archive film footage of that war, and he combined it... and then he went and enhanced all of the film. His team adjusted film speed, colorized it, made sound effects, got lip readers to see what soldiers were saying there, and voice that too over the film. Result is something you never expect to see as a real footage, when you talk about that war.
    The flow of the movie itself is pretty simple. Several WW1 veterans take turns talking behind screen about basically their whole experience through the war, from signing up to training, to going to trenches, to actual fighting, to going back home. With all the gritty and real things in between. That is accompanied by the retouched footage that would match the situation. I can't really say if at any time we see on screen any of the people who are actually telling the stories, but the effect is still very immersive. You are being told a story, and you see the story as it was. And that's basically it, there are no commentaries other than veterans talking, no change of pace and talks from experts of whatever. Movie starts silent and black and white, and then effects kick in, after a while.
    I must say, seeing footage like that in color was really strange. I mean, you can see that it's enhanced, cause colors and image, of course, cannot be the same as real colored video now. But at the same time you don't doubt the colors you see, and after a while you stop thinking about it. Also, there is a lot of really gruesome stuff. This is why I put nsfw tag here. In this movie they show you all the dead bodies, effects of gangrene, and even how soldiers went to have a shit. So if you are squeamish, this is definitely not for you, but if you are interested in war documentaries, this one is one of the best one I have seen yet, and definitely unique. And, at the same time, very humane, personal so to say, due to number of narrators, all of whom were there.

    Great war movie, which I recommend to everyone. Also, as additional bonus, here's a bit of a video on how the team went about the editing process.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Holy fuck, noone wrote anything here for 6 months. Well, let's get this one out then.


    This one I got through recently, and I will immediately say that it's really damn good. Right from the start you get the feeling of mix between classic pixel horror games, and comedy of absurd in a workplace environment. And that is exactly what it is.


    You are Brian Pasternack. Today is your first day of working for the most powerful company in the world, right in their HQ building. Well, supposedly. You are low-grade citizen, without any real skills or connections, and suddenly you got letter inviting you to receive a job there. It's all very mysterious, but you really cannot let chance to join Sintacorp pass you by. So you go.
    Somehow you get in and sign a contract without anyone really explaining to you what is going on, and then, gradually, you realize that this company is really a very very strange place. And I am not even talking about the fact that there's a forest on 8th floor, all bosses are gone, and you motivational speaker rides a horse. That's NORMAL. I am talking about bone-twisting things in the far away offices, I am talking about poison stench going from 2nd floor all the way to to 4th, I am talking about... the witch!


    And there you go. All the game happens inside one huge building (well, except for a small part, which is spoilers), and you basically got floors from 0 to 10, if I remember this right. Floor 0 is entrance, 1 is cafeteria, 2 is residential and people just walking around, 3 is IT and security, 4 is cubicles with office drones, 5 is where managers (and you) are, THERE IS NO 6TH FLOOR, 7 is archives, 8 is literally a forest, 9 is some demon exhibition and 10 is the CEO office. And yes, I remember it all by heart for now. During the game you will travel all these places, gradually getting ability to travel further and further in each floor.


    And of course there will be horrible things waiting for you in the dark. How, the interesting thing here is that this game got kind of RPG elements to it. Well, it's mostly your health stat. You got health, which goes down when something attacks you. So you must avoid damage, fight back (you learn how along the way, usually it's some sort of puzzle to solve while running away), and to make food. Yes, along the way you get coffee, pizza, noodles and other stuff which you can use to up your health. Interesting thing is - there's strict limit to how many there are. They don't respawn, so once you find something somewhere, that's it. So the game is a little bit about managing your resources and money. And saves. Saves are also a form of items, which you find in the game, and you should be very careful with how you spend them. You get enough, but you always have a feeling that it's still too little.
    In addition to that, of course, you have a large number of items you use for quest purposes, which I won't describe, as they are pretty self explanatory - you find stuff and use stuff to move further and find other stuff. Normal gaming process.


    The most entertaining part of the game is, in my opinion, the corporate dynamics you encounter. And that's actually a very good parody on real life work and employment. 'Of course it's weird there, and people seem to die a lot, and there are monsters in HR, but it would be bad to quit on the first day, right?' This is the kind of silliness I am talking about. People die, there's obviously a witch, 4th floor drones turn into zombies, there's a violent xerox machine on the loose... and people keep fucking working. Just because. Game does very good job of alternating between bloody horror and just corporate stupidity, so it's always a change of pace, and game stays interesting till the very end.


    Another thing about this game that I really liked is that it it not really in the real world setting. And I don't mean that there are monsters and magic in it. No, it's set in a sort of dystopian 90-ties, where robotics and AI research actually seemed to make a big leap, but also where society is divided into classes, with lower class people being treated like shit. And you get little bits of info about the world, which help you understand the story more, and you start appreciating how things are in the setting, which ads a bit of depth to the game. They didn't have to create who new world idea for it, but they did.

    All in all, good game, decent horror for pixel genre, and great corporate fun. Recommended to anyone starting their first job.

  • In New Musical Instruments

    @Lieutenant showed me this one and it deserves a place here