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  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    @mizlily I am sorry to disappoint, but I rarely use RT articles in my posts. So your retarded jab misses. Try actually having something to say next time.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    And since I actually finished 2 games recently, here's another one I did:


    Batman. The Telltale series. Now, anyone who knows Telltale studio know how they do things now. They found a pretty cool niche of episodic cinematic games, and they are thriving by making games get involved with a story that is slightly altered by player actions. And it's not the first time they did comics either. They do Walking Dead, which is a comic book initially. And they did Wolf Among Us, which is not just based on Fables comic book series, but is a prequel to that and, what's more, that game got made into comic book by Vertigo, meaning, it became canon in the Fables universe. Which is pretty damn cool.


    But yeah, back to Batman. And I want to get technical stuff out of the way first and immediately. This is a Telltale quest. Meaning, it really is more of a visual novel than a real game. You get some extremely easy choices, and you get to press buttons during quick-time events, and you get to decide on a lot of conversational choices, but that's about it. I always wish these games to be more complex for a player, like the Sam & Max series they did, but I guess, this is truly a thing of the past now.


    Another thing I must and will complain about - game sucks on PC. Apparently, on consoles it looks great (at least that's what I seen and heard), but on PC you are plagued with minor scene lags, weird shades and some strange glitch that makes it impossible to see things shown on TV screens in game. I guess, these episodes were made for consoles first, and then ported to PC, and this time it was not a good job.


    Okay, with that out of the way, let us take a look at the story, cause, as it is with Telltale games, that's the key thing. The story written for the game is original, never told before, and it concentrates on Batman's early days. He is already established as a caped vigilante, but he haven't yet met any of the real villains. I mean, heck, even Gordon isn't commissioner yet. So Batman just beats up on random thugs, while Bruce Wayne support's Harvey Dent for Gotham mayor position.
    And then all hell breaks lose. Combination of Wayne family past and crime surge puts pressure on Batman from all sides, drama keeps ramping up, and eventually there is nothing left in front of him, but hard choices, each of which could be the very wrong one.


    Okay, yeah, couldn't resist to put that picture. Now, I won't spoil the villains or the majority of the story, in case you would play the game or decide to watch me play it. I will, however, mention some things. First of all, the main villain of the game is as original as the story itself - it is a new Batman villain. In some respect, it is a move away from what we know - because we all know and love classic Batman villains - on the other hand it does make things feel fresh.
    And those who want classic villains - there are some. I mean, I already mentioned Harvey Dent. And when you google pictures for this game, you immediately can notice Catwoman. So, some of the familiar faces (and two-faces) are here with us. Still, as I said, the story happens pretty much at the early stages of Batman's career, so authors made some of the villains... let's say, more youthful than you would expect. No, no children, but really, looking at younger versions of those guys was quite interesting.


    Choices of the game matter and don't matter at the same time. They don't matter, because one way or the other you will be dragged through the story, and it is pretty much the same story whatever you do. On the other hand, you do get to chose details of your Batman story, and some of those can affect the characters quite a bit. And since it is Telltales, and they do write some pretty good characters, you do worry about the choices you make, and you do think about how it would affect the details.
    So, as always, they give you enough control to worry about the consequences, but not enough to really fuck things up.


    All in all, this game is very similar to other Telltale games. You get good story - dramatic and extremely brutal at times - with some extremely memorable characters. You don't get much of a gameplay, and in this case you can get some game glitches. I would say, it is a pretty good Batman story. And it was a bold move to make this game right after the Arkham Knight game, cause, even though these games are extremely different, it's still Batman games, but really, Telltale Series hold their own here.

    And of course, if you are too busy to play the game, you can watch me play through the episodes. Though, to be fair, watching me play the game and playing it would take exactly the same time.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    As someone who respects Warhammer universe, I just could not pass up this game. First person shooter? In Warhammer 40K universe? Yes please. Now, Space Hulk concept is quite old one - GamesWorkshop did board game on that tens of years ago, I think. And it is very simple - there's a mass of derelict ships, there are monsters inside, there's a bunch of tough guys space marines in terminator armors (basically - walking tanks) who go there and perform some objective while killing everything that moves.
    I think, there was space hulk computer game, that was a turn-based strategy. I am pretty sure there was. Haven't played it though. But I did get this one.


    The premise of the game is simple as fuck - new Space Hulk is found, a small squad of people with stgeel balls is sent to investigate, while the main number of space marines are fighting the Tyranid swarm somewhere outside. Initial mission is uncertain, but as the team progresses, it all becomes centered on collecting important stuff from ages past, and not letting alien monsters to grab it all before we do.


    Game is separated into levels, and you can setup your squad before each level and also during it (using limited psygate charges to return to staging area). You can modify 3 squad members:
    Barachiel - your 'kill them all' guy. He can be given the heavy weaponry like assault cannon, or heavy plasma. And he shoots better than you do, trust me. That's actually a thing in this game - AI takes shots from across far rooms and actually hits.
    Nahum - you can give him melee weapons, but his main purpose is to carry a bolter pistol and a scalpel/syringe torture-looking device that got healing charges that you can use for the team.
    You - battle-psycher, librarian of the chapter. One man army. You can carry any and all weapons, and their improved models, unlocked during the game. And you also have a wide range of psychic powers. And you get to order the other 2 around.


    After you finish each level, you get Fervor Points depending on how you did - 4 max per level. Those you can put into 3 skill branches. One improves your squad, another - your own character, and last one gives you move psychic powers. Even if you do perfect play, you cannot get all the skills, so you really have to decide on your gameplay style.

    Game is quite hard. And not just in the fact that you are attacked by huge waves of enemies. It's the fact that the enemies never stop coming. If you just stand in one place somewhere, eventually, you will be overrun - xenos are fucking uncounted, and they never stop spawning even on the lowest difficulty because this is what the game is all about - unforgivable punishment that you either take or unleash.


    But that is also game's downfall. Main problem is, game is - there's no other way but to admit it - completely repetitive. Every map you kill tyranids, and then you kill more tyranids. Along the way you get a few more types of them, but it's really just all same enemies all the way through. And when game gets especially punishing, you just find yourself stuck in the same place, killing same enemies like you did thousand times before. It gets repetitive, it gets frustrating, it's not good.
    On the other hand, I have to admit, that it is the correct feel of what space hulk idea is all about - you are locked in a confined space with thousands of clawed horrors, and you just go forward and kill them all. It is grim, it is unforgiving, because it is Warhammer.


    So yeah, my opinion of the game is quite uneven. I had fun, but I also was frustrated enough to swear in Russian during the gameplay, which says a lot, really. I'd say, gore is quite good, and this game is probably more fun in coop more which I haven't tried. Fans of Warhammer should definitely try it out. Others? Up to you.

    And since I now do videos of my gameplays, here's the link to the playlist of how I went through it.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    @mizlily I'd ask for some more substantial sources than the squealing of those pathetic sore losers you people now call 'democratic party', but I know you got nothing other than what CNN made you suck and swallow.

    But you are right - it's time for update. So, let me start by looking out the window and saying you can now get 28.3 hrivnas for 1 dollar here. And it keeps rising again. Privatbank situation is kinda stabilized now - at least, you can get your money out of the bank easier, if you are just a non-corporate account holder. I guess, government did put some money into the bank, but that really helped nothing, cause economy still goes down. It's a continuous process.

    Let's see.... quite honestly, we don't have much now, other than occasional retardness going around. President made speech about 'Ukrainian occupation' few days back. But that idiot never really specified if he means that Russians are occupying Ukraine, or Ukraine occupying Novorossia or if it all metaphorical... people steal trying to read into it.

    Here's something interesting - French presidential candidate publicly claimed that Crimea going to Russia was legitimate. You can read the article. This is not a major development in itself, I mean, I know how Crimea referendum went, I know that US and Ukraine would never stop bitching about it, but here we have a possibility that next French leader would be much more sensible in this whole mess.

    What else... we got a new general prosecutor appointed. Which immediately caused an investigation by our numerous anti-corruption committees. It is both funny and sad to see. Funny, cause it's always funny to see someone shoot himself in the foot, but sad, cause all those efforts are taken from actually stabilizing country situation.

    Here's something from my own city. Odessa is considered a city 'in danger of separatism', so we actually get a lot of militant fucks lurking around 'protecting' us.
    For example, you may heard that Russian plane fell down recently. Well, one former Berkut member went and gave flowers to the office of local Russian consulate. Well, that guy's information is not on the net, with text urging 'patriots' to hunt him and make his life worse. And it is quite obvious that at least part of that information was given by Ukraine security service, who are happy to make other mindless idiots to do this shit for them.
    Also, there's this:

    Apparently, members of Right Sector tried to make explosive devise. For whatever reasons, really. Which resulted in a whole house being blown up - first the device triggered, then the gas system of the house blew up in secondary explosion. 6 people were in the house, and not all of them were from Right Sector - some were just house owners.

    What else... presidential power in Ukraine gets less and less respect. We have Kiev businessmen publicly proposing to just bid the title on the auction. We also have records going around of members of parliament conspiring to overthrow the president. Nothing new, but really, people don't even hide such claims anymore.

    And there's Savchenko. Actually, I don't remember, did I ever write that she was kicked out of Timoshenko's political party? I might have mentioned it. In any case, she still tries to show how active she is, and the last thing she came up with is the list of Ukraine soldiers being held in Novorossia. Which immediately got her a lot of heat for 2 reasons. First of all, security service grabbed that chance to start investigation against her, meaning to find how exactly she got that list. And second reason is the fact that the list is not even correct - a lot of the people there were already returned to Ukraine during last year Summer prisoner trade-offs.

    What else... oh, Russia is working on reducing gas transit through this country. That's still in progress and long way to go, but it is happening.

    And finally, something completely meaningless - someone notices and taped Saakashvilli in New-York airport. And it just weird to see a guy who was president of a country (and a governor or a region of a completely different country later) like that. I guess he arrived to suck US dick and hope they still have use for him how. But yeah, speaking in all seriousness, he arrived close to Trump's inauguration to ding where he fits in with new US presidential administration. Still, looks silly as fuck though.

    And, that's it. President got no power, everything falls down, all we do is just start investigations against each other and blow up. Nothing special in this new year so far.

  • In CL Chess Club

    Yes, pretty much what Lieutenant said. It's important to know how often this should happen, but at least once a year is a minimum. Gotta find good time, also. Then again, this is chess, it's long-ass thing by definition, we can have matches even once a week. Anyways, we'll see about all the details.

    And yeah, I got fucking rusty myself now.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    These next 2 are pretty similar, so I will put them together. One is AMV for very nice anime series Barakamon, song is "Never Do Anything" by Barenaked Ladies. Other is for incredible anime movie Tokyo Godfathers and the song is "Sun" by Sleeping At Last. Both anime and songs are quite different, but what I find similar is how video is not necessarily showing what song is about, but it is still very much in tune with the general feeling of the anime. So it is good. Plus, both are made by pretty good AMV makers, so there's the obvious quality to them. Anyways, enjoy.

  • In Weird World News

    Grandma accidentally prays to Elrond from Lord of the Rings


    The woman thought she was praying to Saint Anthony but it turns out the figure was Elmond, Lord of Rivendell.

    And, quite honestly, that's all there is to it. Then again, if you look at the descriptions of the two...

    In the books, JRR Tolkien describes Elrond as "noble and fair as an elf-lord, as strong as a warrior, as wise as a wizard, as venerable as a king of dwarves, and as kind as summer".


    According to stanthony.org, St. Anthony of Padua's life is "what every Christian's life is meant to be; a steady courage to face the ups and downs of life, the call to love and forgive, to be concerned for the needs of others, to deal with crisis great and small, and to have our feet solidly on the ground of total trusting love and dependence on God".

    I don't think they are that far from each other. So, you know, it was an easy mistake. Though, if I am to pick a character from a movie - Obi-Wan Kenobi looks much more like some christian saint lookalike.

  • In RWBY

    Something I should have written before, but forgot.

    Since this is the season that is now made without Monty, I was obviously very much worried about the fights of the series. I mean, that's the key thing - RWBY stands on extensive and well-written world AND awesome fighting scenes. And I was kinda let down by first episodes on the season. And then, at the end of episode 6, they ended it with a start of a pretty nice fight, and I had high hopes for ep 7.

    And holy hell, did I get rewarded for that hope. I mean, it no secret that Qrow is my favorite character of the show, so I am obviously happy to see him fight. But what's most important - it was amazing fight. Good combat choreography that makes sense, varied use of weapons, even use of things around. Also, punching guy in the face. So, now my worries are gone - work of Monty lives on, and that battle made me optimistic about the future of the series in whole.

    I won't forgive them if they kill Qrow also, though. Death of Pyrrha was bad enough!

  • In mspaintCL

    That really happens at times.

  • In Famous People Deaths

    Well, the year has passed, and let me say - god fucking damnit, this was one nasty year for famous and impactful people! I mean, let's face it, this very thread was made in early 2016, when I suddenly felt like we might actually need it. And damn, I had no idea. From January when we lost Bowie and Rickman, which clearly stated what kind of year that would be, to Carrie Fisher and her mother just a single day apart this very December.

    Sadly, all of you survived, I guess, so here, have a memorium compilation.