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  • In Quotes, wew and more quotes :D

    "None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!" - Rorshach, Watchmen

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Somehow, this week was pretty uneventful, at least in my opinion.

    Still, there are some things to note. For example, EU people think about separating Russia from global banking system. That would be a very stupid thing to because, doing that, would pretty much stop all trade between Russia and the world, and while Russia will suffer, EU would be hit in the same manner. But still, there are people who want to do that.

    There was also another event of foreign journalist suddenly finding out that Ukraine national guard have fascists in it these days. This is a minor news story, really, but I do like when such info breaks through.

    There are now articles that say that 'anti-terrorist operation' in Ukraine already cost the country more than 5 billions of dollars. That's more than our gas debt to Russia, by the way, and it's quite obvious that this is exactly the money that didn't get used to stabilise economy. I don't keep records of all the news of Europe giving Ukraine money this year, but I am sure this is where most of that money went.

    Also, since we have parliament elections, there are some fun stuff there to again. In recent days our head of ministry of defence (he is the idiot who claimed Russia threatened to nuke Ukraine) complained about battalion commanders joining the election. And yes, some of the commander who fought against separatists in the east and bombed cities are now going into politics, probably hoping their war efforts would make them popular picks.
    Speaking about militaristic people, Dmytro Yarosh - leader of right sector - is now threatening Poroshenko. And it's not the first time. There was a similar event about a month or so back, but it was downplayed by both sides. But now Yarosh plainly states that supporting Poroshenko was a mistake, and strategy for east regions should be changed. And not for the more peaceful solution too, if you are wondering. So yes, as it was predicted, local nazi bastards are now starting to turn against the current government, which is already split among itself.

    And as a final note. Probably to celebrate the International Day of Peace, yesterday Ukraine army launched some ballistic missiles against Donetsk city. Thankfully, no heavily populated areas were hit - missiles destroyed one factory and one warehouse, and the third one fell somewhere near the mine. Don't know about the casualties yet. ANd yes, these were Tochka-U missiles, which I wrote about before, and by now 74 such missiles were launched against the separatists. So, as you can see, cease-fire is still going strong.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    And another one, since I remembered of it now. You know how I said that this was the most twisted and sick AMV I ever saw? Well, before that one, this one was it. So, this is a mix of anime, books and even a game, with some OC thrown in. Song is "I Can't Decide" by Scissor Sisters. And this is all made in flash, meaning it's all is original animation. Oh, and one more thing - this is pretty much a yaoi pairing haven. Yep. This is sick, twisted, wicked, horrible and, in some way, funny and entertaining enough to look okay. So, knowing how many of you sick people we have here, here's something you will surely like.
    Apparently, while this is horrible and silly, the scenes are pretty smart with some pretty nice references. I believe somewhere there was a list explaining every scene even, but I am too lazy to look for it.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Another BeBop one. Actually, BeBop with a bit of Naruto in it. The song is "What do you do with a BA in English?/It Sucks To Be Me" from Avenue Q. It really helps to know the Broadway show and the characters, because without that more subtle humour of this AMV would be lost on you, but still, even without that, this is pretty damn funny. Not overly big or epic work, but certainly enjoyable.

  • In CLpodcast Art Contest: We Have a Winner!!

    I still think this is too acid-trip for a cover, but hey, congrats!

  • In Kind of Lost in Life

    This is everything you need to realize in your life.

    That is all.

  • In Fed Up (Documentary)

    Well, genetically engineered or altered would mean direct and concious tampering with DNA code to bring up some particular qualities in something/someone. We do that for plants, making them grow better and stuff, but we don't yet change humans to give them some properties they don't have, so we are not genetically engineered yet.

    But yes, we control more and more of the environment we are in, and that's not always a good thing. Especially when big money is involved.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    At this moment I have no idea if we even have a cease-fire in effect at all. I think, we may have it... possibly... maybe... Fighting? Yeah, that's still going.

    Once again, I will start with 'World vs Russia' news, then go into what is going in Ukraine, and today I will even add some conspiracy theories about separatists. So, let's see what's new.

    First of all, do you remember the Boeing thing? Well, somewhere around the 9th the investigation experts published their report on that. That's almost 2 months after the crash. And what does that report state? That the plane was most likely... shot down by some outside force. That's literally it. Oh, and they also say that recordings of what was said in the cockpit did not indicate any technical difficulties or emergency situations. So yeah, it turns out that the plane that was shot down is actually shot down. Great investigative work. I guess, there may even not be a next report on that - the issue will just get buried.
    Next... some more weird statements from the current president of Ukraine. On the 10th he suddenly announced that 'about 70% of Russian troops have left Ukraine, which gives us a change for a peaceful resolution'. That I will leave without a comment.
    About the same time, head of the Ukraine National Bank suddenly found who is guilty in hrivna (our currency) collapse. Apparently, it's not the fact that we own everyone money as a country, or a fact that we got no factories, no production and will probably won't survive winter. No, what was claimed is that "200 FSB agents are destabilizing the hrivna". Yes, exactly 200 apparently. And yes, no explanation on how exactly they do that was provided. Again, this one needs no comment.
    You probably remember that Russian cut Ukraine from gas supply. Well, Ukraine is now sort of 'buying' gas from countries that buy it from Russia (apparently, some countries are willing to give us gas in debt just to spite Russia). Well, Poland was one of those countries, and what Russians did - they just didn't provide the gas flow increase Poland requested. They put some nice explanation on that, but the message was clear, and Poland stopped giving gas to Ukraine in a big hurry. At this moment, I think there are still countries that do that. Then again, it really won't be enough for the winter.

    So, what is going on in Ukraine itself then? Well, supposedly, we have a cease-fire. It's not really a complete cease-fire. First of all, it was obvious from the start, that Ukraine army will just use that time to regroup. And the second thing is that our national nazi battalions will not stop fighting. So that's exactly what we have now - army is pulling back, fascists and mercenaries are trying to fight still. I think separatists still can't take airport near Donetsk, and what I heard is that it is being held by foreign mercenaries. Still, it's mostly unconfirmed information, because for now the only confirmed mercenaries we have here on Ukraine side are Polish. Well, saying that, there are enough foreign people on both sides. Apparently, there are even French people here - a few of them - and some of those are fighting for Ukraine army, and some are for separatists. Still, in other places Ukraine forces are mostly on the run, still trying to cover themselves with artillery.
    Which actually presents a serious problem for our current government. Right now it feels like they are not sure if they actually want to continue the war, because they will just lose. And they can't get more people to join the army - even western cities are revolting against it now. And another problem for them is those volunteer battalions - our Ukraine nazis - which, when they realise that Ukraine won't continue the war against pro-Russians any more, will move against Kiev. And those are armed just as well as the army. So, among the crazy claims and patriotic words, one can see a lot of uncertainty in the current government.
    Oh, and they are breaking up already. As I wrote before, there are parliament elections coming. And now everyone is picking their sides. For example, after Communist and Regions parties were expelled from parliament, they are now reforming and entering the political race anew. But they aren't the only ones. Yatsenyuk - the one who made the most laughable claims about the gas situation - and Turchinov - temporary acting president right after the revolution - now joined in their own 'People's Front' party, which pretty much split the government in two, because now we have two major blocks - People's Front and Poroshenko party - that will fight each other for places in parliament. And I have to say, even after the Orange revolution the government held together for a bit longer than that.

    Well, while all this is going, there is something I do have to say. Everyone who kept an eye on the situation noticed that right after Strelkov had left the separatist 'for a rest', they started winning all the major battles. More than that, I wrote about this, about the same time a number of key figures in both Donetsk and Lugansk republics changed.
    It is theorised now, that this was a condition from some outside force - possibly from Russia. The people that were changed were the ones that would never have any kind of negotiations with Ukraine government. Those that came on their places could be more open-minded. And after the change was made, separatists started scoring major victories. Which could be possible if someone would open the flow to some resources - people, ammo, information, whatever.
    So, quite possible, whoever that 'outside force' is, by now results are obvious - cease-fire is announced, and separatists are strong enough to make Ukraine start proper negotiations. And people in Donetsk and Lugansk can actually agree to end the conflict if their conditions are met. Which would mean that the end-game of all this would be keeping the Ukraine territory as it is, de-escalating situation in a way.
    Actually, one obstruction in the way of that plan is Ukraine itself now. As I said, volunteer battalions are still fighting, not caring about cease-fire, which in turn makes everyone shoot at everyone again. And even if there will be some coherent negotiations, Ukraine side can easily mess it up - either by sheer incompetence or by pure hate. Well, we aren't at that stage yet, so we will see how it would go, but yes, some outside influence is obvious in the sudden separatists victories.

    Well, that's how we are for now. Oh, and also the second Russian humanitarian aid convoy has arrived in Lugansk. And while Kiev is unhappy about it again, this time there was no long wait at the border, it seems. So at least we have that going as one positive news.

  • In RWBY

    So, episode 7. I guess, this is more of a character development episode... coughneedlessdramacough.

    Still, some pretty fighting, even though it was very short. But the part I liked the most was... I can't dance, man! That was goddamn hilarious. And the timing of it - throwing a serious talk with Nikos first, and then hitting us with this.. this... Priceless, really. And a good way to lighten the mood. Good stuff.

  • Fed Up (Documentary)

    Okay, I had a two documentaries about artistic people, so it is surely a time for me to present once again some relevant issue you people wouldn't be interested in. And I have a movie on a pretty common thing, it seems. I already made threads on movies "Food inc." and "A Place at the Table", so now I present you with a new one talking about food.

    This movie pretty much explains why human meat is so sweet. Wait, no... Let me start again.

    This movie tells a pretty simple truth - people are screwed because they eat bad food. But that's not the main point. The main point is that even food you may consider to be okay is actually very much not so. As always with good-old capitalism, food companies are putting millions of dollars into making you eat more unhealthy food making more millions of dollars for them. And with all their little jokes like 'diet' or 'fat-free'. And it's an issue not only for US, but for all the other countries in the world mostly because of US food companies branching out to those places. Or because non-US companies follow the example of successful US empires.
    Movie provides interesting timeline too. It's always nice to see where and how exactly things started, and how they were or weren't obstructed. As usual, there are some families with obese children and talks about how they trying to deal/cope with the problem. Little spoiler - there is no happy ending for any of those kids. None. They are done. Well, I am not the one who watches these things for human interest anyways. As I said, I liked the timeline, and it is interesting to see all the food companies developments and responses to people trying to fight them. Also there's a nice analogy made between them and tobacco companies.
    Do you want to watch this? I'd say, this is interesting to see. The concept of eating healthy is simple and well-known to all, but this movie is about how hard it is to do it now, so it has a value in that. This is a good thing to watch for raising awareness and realizing how badly you are doing even if you think you aren't. So yeah, I'd recommend it, so go watch it.