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  • Dealt (documentary)

    Do you like magic shows? I do enjoy a good trick ocasionally, and one day I was watching one of the videos of Penn and Teller show, and the guy there was pretty goddamn amazing. So, turns up, he really is damn good, and he got his own life-story movie documentary.

    So, there you go. Pretty much all you need to know is in the trailer. The guy himself is amazing. More amazing that any person on this site, for sure, and actually more amazing than most people out there. And he does cards. And he struggles with disability that would have stopped any other person from doing what he did.
    Now, the movie itself isn't really about any specific events, or history. It's about this one guy, who he is, what he does, how he lived and lives his life. It may not be for anyone, and there is also obvious big emphasis on the disability itself, so if you are going into this movie to see mostly card tricks... well, no, there are some, but you won't see much of it. If you want to know about that guy, then it's a movie for you.
    I'd recommend this for any fans of magic shows, and for all who like stories of overcoming personal limitations.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    Only the Brave

    Firefighter movie, telling story of Granite Mountain Hotshots and Yarnell Fire.
    The movie here is told mostly from two perspectives. One is Eric Marsh, leading the crew, and he is a natural choice for a lead character. Another is Brendan McDonough, recovered junkie, for whom joining firemen was what turned his life around. And while second one looks like Hollywood way to treat the story, that part is actually true, and Brendan makes the obvious choice for perspective as he is the survivor of the later tragedy and the one who wrote the book about it.
    Now, the true story site tells that most of the events are pretty accurate. Some characters were changed around, some unneeded dramatization was added towards the end, and other minor Hollywood details. But other than that, this was a municipal-based crew, they did fight those fires, and the final fire story seems to be accurate enough. In fact, this movie doesn't look like fictional firemen movies I saw - in those every fire is like some dramatic event, in this one fire is mostly work. Dangerous, but work. So it is interesting in that regard, and has additional bonus of having true event behind it.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    The Red Strings Club. This is a cyberpunk bartending simulation game. And yes, immediately you can have throwbacks to this game. However, which those words can describe both games, both are very distinctly different in style. And at the same time - so similar... Goddamnit, this is gonna be hard. In any case, I haven't finished it yet, but I already got hit with a strong impression.


    The story of a game is, of course, a story of The Red Strings Club - an old-style melancholy bar. The bar is run by Donovan, who is a real magician of a bartending world. His thing is, apparently, mixing drinks based on emotions. And, seeing how that gives him certain control over his clients, it's no wonder that he also works as information broker. Game centers on him, but he is not the only playable character. Other two main heroes are hacker Brandeis, overzealous with anti-corporation activism, and android Akara, who is already one huge spoiler and is probably the best artificial intelligence in existence. This group gets mixed up in event, that makes them pursue a very specific and dangerous information.


    So, what is the gameplay here? Well, basically, it's a chain of minigames, out of which the bartending game seems to be most prevalent. Your goal is to move the marker over one of your client's emotions, and you literally do it with drinks. Mechanics get added with allowing to mix drinks in a shaker before pouring them, and with drinks that allow to rotate the marker. Of course, you aren't doing it just for fun. After putting your client into the certain mood, you start asking questions. And who knows, maybe they will slip up and give you some info when they are paranoid, or when they are ecstatic.
    Another mini-game I saw was the implant-crafting game, which is akin to making clay pots. You click mouse repeatedly to get the wheel spinning, you select a tool, and you carve. Easy as that, and you can roll-back the changes. Interestingly enough, mini-games never rush you. You are allowed to properly craft, whatever craft you are performing, and it gives a nice feeling.
    And, saying all that - there's no saving in this game. Checkpoints allow you to leave the game and continue, but you can't change your choice unless you go for another playthrough.


    Speaking of playthrough, game definitely plays with multiple choices. And it even gives you visual representation in a form of - yes - red string that you can view and see all the important turns of events. At the same time, the string is still linear - it's like a road with several nodes every once in a while, and you may pass by a specific node, but you are still moving forward anyways. So I am not sure how important my choices would be.
    The unfolding story, though... Yes, it is good. It's damn good. It's melancholy like cyberpunk story must be, and at the same time it got just a little hint of supernatural to make you wonder about this world more. Also, it feels like there is actually not much idle talk - you have a feeling that your every client directly progresses the story, so the whole feeling is quite determined.


    Art is, as you can see, the good old pixel style, which works nice, and it's a good style for what is going on. Music is also very nice, giving you the slow, a little bit melancholy mood. You cannot select the soundtrack, but I never really felt like doing that anyways.

    All in all? I love this game style, and it's a great game to relax and think about things. All while mixing drinks to maybe save the world. Or something.

  • In How would I be capable of find the correct practical helpful resource

    You fucking twat.

  • In Shovel Knight

    @Lieutenant found a great shovel-making video. Shovel is real and it is deadly!

  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    For a variety of reasons, but mostly cause this place isn't that worthy of making a big deal out of its death.

  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    If you decide to pull the plug. I'd advice to

    Fuck that noise. This site must be disconnected without any warning or notice, and all moderators and admins should change their social media accounts and never reply to any messages.

  • In If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    I will say 'finally'. Been waiting for it to die all this time anyways.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    And another one right on the same day. Now, this one almost made me close the tab by the stupid ugly 30-second long intro added for no apparent reason whatsoever... but this FLCL AMV is actually pretty enjoyable. Song is 'Kiss Me Deadly' by Reel Big Fish, and while editing is not doing any fancy effects, what we get in the song is what we see, and it's a good match.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    And now, for obligatory xmas AMV. This one is a MEP, so there are several editors and many anime - 20 to be precise. 20, because song they use is 'All I Want For Christmas' sang by Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs youtube channel, and in that one he does that song in 20 different styles, and the video follows.