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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson


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  • In Famous People Deaths

    Charles Manson


    Born: November 12, 1934, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
    Died: November 19, 2017, Bakersfield, California, U.S.
    Age: 83

    "Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson

    Murderer, leader of a cult, all around likable guy. Wrote songs, broke law, killed people, told other people to kill people, and they actually did so. Lived long and died of natural causes. Thank you, state of California, and take that, law-abiding world.
    Inspiration and a very curious case study in criminal science, even though his actual impact is more psychological than practical. But, without a doubt, a famous person, so he gets on the list.

  • In TheColorless Tribute Gameboy Game! [Project]

    so the projects success only really depends on me

    Ahahaha... yeah, nope.

  • In TheColorless Tribute Gameboy Game! [Project]


  • Kedi (documentary)

    Important fact - documentary movies are not necessarily the ones about history. Sometimes you can just get the topic and run with it, just explore it as a theme. So, what is the theme of the documentary today? Cats, of course!

    Kedi means cat in Turkish, apparently. And the movie is about cats of Istanbul. The city seems to be place of many many many cats, who roam the streets by the hundreds. I guess ,this can be sad for many cities, but in some cats are more prominent. For example, my city, which is just 830 km north of Istanbul, also is very cat-rich place.Maybe it has something to do with both being port cities...
    Anyways. What can you really say about cats? It's cats! They roam streets, they ask for food, they are being assholes to people and each other. They are adorable and you must love them. So, this documentary is not really tackling any major issues. Well, it does talk about city becoming less comfortable for cats - with all the new building projects and stuff - but that's just small part of the film
    Main part? Cats. Hundreds of cats. Movie centers on stories of several cats on particular - as told by humans who interact with them the most - and really, that's all there is to it. But it is a dream to a proper cat-lover, as you get to see different cats with different personalities, doing their own things.

    How many times did I write 'cats' even? Anyways, cats are great, watch this or die on everlasting ignorance of better things.

  • In Destiny 2 - Sept 6th (24th Oct PC)

    I am playing Arcstrider and having a lot of fun punching enemies in the face and then taking out huge electric staff and killing everyone like lightning-god version of Darth Maul. I die a lot though, but that's just me having to adjust to how this game should actually be played.


    Anyways, having a lot of fun with game - good shooter, good gun variety. Plus, the story is fun too, I missed playing Bungie shooters since the Halo days. Got to 289 light level yesterday. Can probably grind into more... I really should grind into more, cause I feel that from 290+ I can start trying prestige nightfalls, which is like the one thing I haven't tried yet. And of course, raid is coming out today, so I will do that, with clan or as part of destiny tracker group, not sure.

    Game looks and runs great - obviously, this is how you are supposed to play FPS games, ffs! With mouse and keyboard! Though, PC running is obviously not without problems. I think there were troubles with some video cards, that are now fixed, but there still remains one pretty annoying glitch - when you play for a long time, it all starts to lag horribly. And people have connected this with clan screen - on clan screen on PC player roster is broken, it tries loading constantly, and never finishes. So people reported that leaving clan fixes the problem, but leaving clan makes you miss out on sweet gear rewards, so yeah, fuck that. When you restart the game, everything fixes for a while, but it is just annoying, so hope they will fix it all soon.

    But other than that - yeah, this is good game. I like the gameplay, and I like the interactions. Also, punching people.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    So yeah, really not much new important events. World is more interested in Spain these days anyways, so we are left to our own devices. War is obviously still going. There are reports that Donetsk is now making their own sniper rifles. There are also reports that Ukraine is running out of bullets, which is a really weird thing to hear and would be extremely interesting if it is true.

    But anyways, we had a bit of an event here, which deserves mentioning.

    I used to talk about Mikheil Saakashvili. Former president of Georgia, whose ass got kicked by Russia in like 4 days. Being a person on USA payroll, he was later put in my country as governor of my region. Here he decided he wants power and starts acting against Poroshenko. So, less that 2 years after Poroshenko gives citizenship to this retard, he revokes the citizenship and makes it illegal for Mikheil to enter the country.
    Well, about a month+ ago, Mikheil suddenly announces that he is planing to organize and lead another revolt in my coutnry. Like we didn't have enough of those. He and his supporters voiced some random demands and bullet-points and started gathering people. Saakashvili crossed the border illegally and - again, without even being a citizen here - started a new political party. Somehow he got the momentum, so other political leaders, hoping to move president from power, joined in.

    In the end? Well, as always here, people went 'this will be a maidan!', but in the end... it really did not amount to much. At the start they had more than 1 thousand people, but it already became less than that after a single day. And all their demands were pretty much boiled down to 'kick this president, do new elections', which is something I am all for, but we don't have anyone good to lead this country now anyways.
    And it seems like now Mikheil and his supporters are being pressured, now that everyone sees they have no real power. I heard, Mikheil's aide got kidnapped by 8 armed people right in the middle of Kiev. You know, old-school kidnapping like you only see in movies these days.
    That actially raises a question - is Saakashvili really such a retard, or did he have some backing? Because he lost Georgia support long time ago, and while he was supported by Obama's administration in US, Trump administration obviously doesn't keep good relationships with this cretin. But it almost felt like this thing was organized... at least, at first, by someone with at least a bit of power. Or maybe he just convinced everyone.

    So, what it all amounted to? Nothing. Politicians fight, and my city now got constant national guard patrols, and new army general inserted into command center here, as people believed that Mikheil's 'maidan' was going to get weapons through local port.

    Fucking idiots.

  • In Destiny 2 - Sept 6th (24th Oct PC)

    Get ready for PC master race. Less than a week to go.

  • In CL Song Covers

    I am a huge fan of Guardians of the Galaxy movies. So, here's a song from my favorite scene from second movie:

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?


    So yeah, I do enjoy platformers a lot. And it is a very interesting genre, catering to nostalgic feeling of games style and games difficulty. If you know the feeling of finally making that one jump, that you tried for 20 times before, perfectly... No matter what game it is, you know that feeling of satisfaction. But here is the game that went one step further. It not only gives us fast-paced but nostalgic gameplay and old-school difficulty, but it also presents art-style tapping into old animation nostalgia.


    So, what's the premise? Not that it matters, but 2 boys with cups instead of heads - Cuphead and Mugman - went to a casino, rolled the dice and totally accidentally lost their souls to the Devil. You know, usual stuff. Now they have to go and beat other people who god devil contract on them, to escape their own punishment. So, with some tips from an old grandpa Kettle, buys set off to their adventure.


    And that's pretty much it. Gameplay is very straightforward - you get 3 islands (plus 4th, final area), each full of stages with boss fights on them. Also, all 3 islands have 2 run and gun areas where you perform a sort of an obstacle course while killing smaller enemies. You can get money in the run and gun zones, that you may spend in the shop to buy new passives and more types of shots. Plus there are 3 bonus stages, rewarding you with supers - powers you can unleash when fully charged.
    Of course, boss fights are the main treat here, and they are separated in the normal bosses and the ones you beat while flying a plane, in a side-scrolling shooter sequence. Each boss has at least 3 stages, with tactics changing drastically, so you go through this doing the old art of trying the bosses. You die quickly at first, you do boss till you are so familiar with first few stages, you can pass them easily, and then you eventually luck out and beat the final stage.


    I have to hand it to the game - controls, which are super important in game like that, are working well and do exactly what you want. Sure, in the heat of battle I would press wrong buttons, but it's on me. All the jumps are smooth, and you never feel you are being punished by bad controls - only by the game's difficulty itself.
    Among the passives the most useful one is the one making you invincible during dodge - that is a real life-saver. Weapon types are pretty good in variety. You can beat the game using just the basic weapon - it's simple and deals good damage, but on some bosses you can appreciate specifics of other weapon types.


    So okay... let's talk art. I mean, you probably noticed it on the screens. Art is FUCKING INSANE here. It's like you really are experiencing a seamless cartoon sequences animated by one of the olde cartoon creators. Shit, some of the throwbacks are so obvious, I just hope game creators won't get sued by anyone. And with this art style comes the world that lives by cartoon laws, with total lack of boundaries. Let me explain using 1 fight as an example. Your enemy is a giant birdhouse with a vulture in it - it is so bit, it can't get out, just its head and wings are sticking out. After beating that, birdhouse breaks, vulture falls down, and your next enemy is suddenly a small baby vulture, with oversized head, sitting on a bird nest like an alien on some UFO, and when you beat that, suddenly you get 2 sparrows hauling a stretcher with previous giant vulture - who lost all feathers but still itching for a fight - and when you finally beat that, fight ends, sparrows put on chef hats and start salting the vulture. It is fucking insane, and that's just 1 fight, with me leaving out a lot of weird details.
    Music pretty much matches that same olde style, and provides jazzy feeling to the whole fighting, getting you in that fast-paced mood. I'd say it stands out on its own too, but here it serves just as support to the art style which is the king of this game.

    So, if you like challenging platformers, boss fights and craziness of 30-ties animation - this is the game for you.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    How often do we get good AMVs for FLCL? Fuck, I can't remember when was the last one, so here's one now! Song is "Back against the wall" by Cage the Elephant, and it's just a damn good fit. Style of song goes well to the style of the anime itself, and with it we got modern editing on this old-time gem.