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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson


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Twice moderator, twice retired, five times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1894 posts that are still accessible today, 72 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2257 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 29th, 2016.

  • In CL Chess Club [Tournament round 2! Deadline: July 2st]

    @Taro_Tanako I consider TZs by giving whole weeks of time to set up a match. I cannot factor in timezones into a random brackets placement - would take entirely unrealistic about of planning, and what do in the end, when people from different timezones meet anyways? Not have a final match? I extended deadline already. Contact @Biscuits and fight on saturday.

  • In CL Chess Club [Tournament round 2! Deadline: July 2st]

    So okay... just in case, I am extending the second round deadline till the 2nd.

    Mostly I do this for @BakaHime vs @Teil match - go and play on saturday if you got no way to meet otherwise. But others, I guess, can also benefit from this.

  • In CL Chess Club [Tournament round 2! Deadline: July 2st]

    So, games that still need to be played:

    @Taro_Tanako vs @Biscuits
    I feel like with Taro being crushed by Brexit, European politics are fucking with my tournament. Anyways, have a match. For now I am leaning to letting Biscuits in next round, cause that one is on chat and actively playing and is quite good.

    @BakaHime vs @Teil
    I am sure this will happen, but still. Go on, get on with it!

    @Koushiro vs @Sheep
    Again, I am sure you will find time, but if you won't - I know you did practice round, so if you won't be able to have a proper match, I will take results of practice to determine who won.

  • In Brits out the EU! Cameron Resigns.

    @Taro_Tanako man the fuck up and try to have a chess match with your designated opponent! Drown your political worries in chess!

  • In Brits out the EU! Cameron Resigns.

    I hope for more of a V - Vendetta scenario.


  • In CL Chess Club [Tournament round 2! Deadline: July 2st]

    This is nice. Should be made out of human bones, too.

  • In Brits out the EU! Cameron Resigns.

    Some relevant caricatures and magazine covers.











  • In Discord


    Other than that it's honestly better than both teamspeak and skype.

    This is inly half-true, because, you know, everything is better than skype. TS is way better in everything voice-related, from channels setup to the sound quality and settings. And I have whole MMO guilds who tried both programs to back me up on that.

    Will have to note about how servers will be paid for in the future

    Wait, really? If that's true, that just made my day, cause the free part of it is what makes most people go for Discord in the first place. If later one will have to pay for server on this, there will be literally no reason to use it over any pay-for voice chat.

  • In Discord

    Strongly against it.

    First of all, as MMO player, I totally hate Discord, and it will never mean the same as TS or Ventrilo. First of all, it tries to be everything from voice-chat to chat to newsfeed, and failing at all. And also, just so you know, that crap-app collects information about what you play. I am not interested it letting it know that.

    But that point actually means nothing here. However, I don't like this idea for same reason I never liked it when people linked fucking tinychat back in the day. Trying to get people join that will take activity off the chat. It's pretty much taking CL userbase and drawing it away from the site. Which is not good, and I can argue that nowadays that's semi-bannable thing. Anyways, there is literally no reason to have chat app to back up site that only has forum and chat.

  • In CL Chess Club [Tournament round 2! Deadline: July 2st]

    @Teru good work