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  • In Wildstar

    Well, I really wasn't planning to update this anymore, but I might as well.

    After a year+ Wildstart is going to Free-To-Play model. Now, that happened because from its start the game... well, pretty much bombed. In a bad way. Here, let me get you NC Soft earnings chart.


    What interests us here is the Wildstar sales. And they were like all-time fucking low. Why? I actually don't know. The game was pretty good. Raids seriously kicked ass. You know what? Game started on 3rd of June. Do you know when did some group managed to clear the second raid for the first time ever? January 27th. Yes, pretty much something like 8 months since the start of the game. That's unheard of in these years. So trust me, raid content was top-notch. PvP, in my opinion, was lacking. And solo stuffs to do... well, there were alright - on par with any other big MMO out there. So, what the fuck happened?

    Well, I guess, game actually was too hard for people. Yep, that's the reason I'm going with. I mean, sure, a shitton of people got stolen by WoW once again with their WoD expansion (those people fucked off after a month), but main reason is - modern players were completely unprepared. See, these days if game says "I will fuck you in the ass and make you cry tears of blood", we do not actually expect it too. And trust me, my guild managed to finish first raid only in November, and I can tell you honestly - the games raped and made people cry blood. People did 5 out of 6 bosses in the raid and fucking ragequitted forever because they couldn't take more pressure. And not even in raids - even simple dungeons required unheard of amount of precision and skill. And you couldn't even get into raid without finishing all veteran-level dungeons with at least silver score.

    So, people started dropping of in search of something easier. But then came the game changes. That targeted difficulty levels exactly. Specifically - the silver scores on every dungeon needed to get into raids were not required any more. Bronze score was enough - that was just finishing the dungeon at all. A lot of players saw it as game becoming more casual, and also buggered off. The ones who left... Well, they left, but there really weren't much of them - very early in the game all servers were merged together, so right now there are only 4 servers - 2 PvP and 2 PvE servers for EU and NA zones.

    Well, that was the state of the game somewhere at the end of last year, and we were all pretty sure it will die completely soon. Instead they are suddenly making a lot of excited news about going ftp. Well, it's not news now - I heard of it quite some time ago, in late spring I think. But the interesting thing is, they aren't just going ftp. For their re-release, so to say, they are changing a shitton of things in the game.

    First of all, apparently, they do want to try to appeal for more casual people, so they are making leveling up and getting into dungeons more gradual and simple. There will be better loot, apparently, and there will be one new dungeon for lvl 10 players (previous first 2 dungeons were both for lvl 20, and going there without preparing yourself was suicide). That and apparently they just generally streamlined the starting up process, reworking character creation and tutorial areas.

    But in addition to that, they are completely remaking their character stats, gear and augmentation systems. And when I say completely - I mean COMPLETELY. They got rid of every stat they had before. Used to be - 6 main stats used to give you Assault/Support power and a whole bunch of secondary stats, but now, apparently, it will be just pure secondary stats on equipment. They accordingly remaking all the game gear to provide proper bonuses instead of former stats. And even runes, that augmented equipment, are now reworked in a way making older combinations very much irrelevant.

    Now, reading about those changes, I can actually say that some of the changes for runes I can actually approve of. If would make the process of picking your perfect set of murder gear less random and more comprehensive. On the other hand, it can again be seen as catering for more casual players. On even more other hand, the process is obviously made to make people spend in-game money, which is turn people would have to grind for or use real money to buy CREDD. And yes, with free-to-play model there will still be possibility to subscribe and just more exp and loot and auction space and, what's more important, you can still buy CREDD from other players using in-game money. So this might as well boost the game economy. If people will want to check it out now that it's totally free to join.

    So. Wildstar is going Free To Play. This month, actually, on 29th. Maybe some people will return. Quite possibly, a lot of new people will go and try it. And from the look of it, they do plan to make it not just like changing subscription options, but they are working hard on making it like a proper re-boot of the game. Which actually might be a good sign for Wildstar, because I remember when TSW switched from ptp to btp model, they didn't change anything. So let's hope Wildstar team put a lot of though into this and this reboot might actually revive the damn game.

    Because, let me tell you, if they get careless with the balancing of changes they are making now - they might be shooting themselves in a foot.

  • In CL Podcast #6: The Current State of CL

    Oh, I have a ton of alts, so it's not that much of a big deal. You posted that picture, awakening the ancient horror (me) so I wrote the message, using throwaway alt, which I now repeated with my own account, just so it stays there. And after that I just kept watching/poking CL more actively that previous moths... Was almost ready to give it a rest, but then stuff happened, and here we are. Nothing much, really )

  • In The Colorless News (Issue #11)


    Pretty much like that. Well, it was kinda more bumpy, with Gargron at some point stopping being admin, giving it all to Aco and fucking off, but then, sadly, returning and becoming admin again... But that's pretty much the right list of order.

  • In Colorless shipping thread

    That guy is even more stupid than I assumed.

  • In The Colorless News (Issue #11)

    That's some pretty pathetic attempt to insult the long and proud tradition of CL news reporting, so fuck off.
    You can still bump the thread though, go ahead, work in my favor.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?


    You actually mention one point I wanted to write about, but forgot. Yes, Ukraine is actively trying to "restructure" its debts. Which pretty much amounts to Poroshenko going to other countries leaders and saying "cut us some 20% of slack". As if we have any means to pay the rest 80% of what we owe.
    However, Russia did give us 3 billions at the end of 2013. Actually, if the countri didn't go to shit, Russia was ready to give us 15 billions total. But we started with getting 3, then maidan exploded, Yanukovich ran away and we got what we got. Including the debt. Well, interesting thing is, current Ukrainian government doesn't really consider it 'our' debt. The logic they go by sounds something like "this money was taken by the horrible Yanukovich, so let Russia get their money from him". Additionally, Russia claims that while Ukraine actively asks for restructuring on their other debts, Russia haven't received any of those requests.

    About bikers - I remember there was some drama going on some time back... But actually, more interesting would be to look at this as a whole. because right now a lot of celebrities make some claims on political issues. Like, at times I read about mild celebrities in US talking that they trust Pitun more than Obama.
    On the other hand, there are a lot of mass-media and celebrities in Russia going against it and supporting what Ukraine does. Much more than you might think, really. It's not only western media - medias inside Russia itself have been vulnerable for certain influences, and are serving to form very particular public opinion. Well, it's not very interesting, but yes, at times there are news about some or other person or group supporting/refusing Putin/Ukraine/Obama/whatever.

    And some small news about assignments in this country. Today we now have national police. Which is supposed to totally replace the current police in a month or two. Those guys have black uniforms instead of blue ones. And they are under direct control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    And this goes right to what I wrote before. Most of the police we had was already thrown out the window and replaced with people with no real experience and understanding. Now we just throw even that out and have some new 'national police'. And let me tell you, to someone living here this sounds too close to our 'national guard' which is nothing more than some volunteer armed civilians going to East to kill people while sporting Nazi symbols.
    I really don't expect a lot of people to trust that new police. And rightly so.

    On a more humorous note. My city got another funny assignment order. Also related to the police, actually. We got a new press-secretary of the police, and let me tell you, people got interested! Because that person - Anna Pencheva - is not known for any work in that field. Because she never did any.
    What she is well known for, however, is being a nude model for one of those good nice magazines men sometimes like to buy. Actually, here, since I tagged this thread as NSFW ages ago and you all enter here at your own risk, have a look at our "police press-secretary"


    At times I can't understand anymore if people in power do stuff like that because they are complete idiots or because they want the rest of us to think so.

  • In CL Podcast #6: The Current State of CL

    Oh! I was sure it was Nikolai! Well, I knew about Nikolai, but I didn't know about this George fellow, so yeah, that's why I though it was the wrong one. But damn, those two look similar!

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Two more AMVs. Very different, but very distinct.

    First one is AMV for First Squad - Moments of Truth anime, and the song is "Panzerkampf" by Sabaton. This AMV is pure Soviet patriotism overload, in style! Interestingly enough, video doesn't use much of the scenes directly related to the story, and instead works with general battle-related shots. Work is simple enough, but the idea and implementation are really damn powerful.

    Second one is AMV for Tonari no Seki-kun anime, and the classical music here is "Figaro's Aria" by Erich Kunzel. Music used is without words, and that is very fitting to the anime, as Seki-kun's performance there is completely silent one. The AMV is made in a way so that every 'separate' part of the music shows pretty much the separate episode incident. Damn nice idea and the rhythm feels exactly right.

  • In CL User Guide: Kirn

    So much misconception. And while you are trying to be racist, I hate every single human being equally, already making myself that much superior. As I already said recently on the chat, Russians have sort of a saying depicting people trying very very oh so very hard to make a point of how much they don't care. "I ran two bus stops after you to tell you that I don't care about you". Exactly what I am seeing here, too. Laughable.

  • In CL User Guide: Kirn

    Bah... 1% is so 2011... It's all about 0.1% now.