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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson


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Twice moderator, twice retired, five times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1579 posts that are still accessible today, 66 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 1938 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 1st, 2015.

  • In RWBY

    So, episode 4 is out, and... You know this isn't bad at all. Nice character development, Qrow being a cool uncle (I totally guessed how his story would end), nice episode overall.

    But most importantly, this episode made me worry less about the series. because, now that Monty is no more, I was really worried about the fights. Will those be any good even? And let me tell you... first 2 eps I wasn't impressed much. And even in episode 3 - the fight was pretty nice, but it was mostly blocks, and momentary switches from one shot to another. But in 4th ep... right at the start, that part where Mercury was fighting. First, when he almost made Coco shoot her partner and then when he grabbed and combo-ed them both right before Coco was taken away. You say that? That' actual interaction, that was actual combat choreography. So, fucking hurray, I now feel much better about the future of the show. Yes, really scared at first, but I feel like they are picking up the pace and re-learning very fast.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Well, holy fucking shit, did you remember like in previous post I said I may write more about Russia and France and Syria situation? Well, yeah, let me tell you, I did not plan that I would actually have so much to say about the matter now. So I will make this post a more of a special issue, exploring the happenings of previous few weeks.

    However, I will start by noting a few key things that were going in Ukraine while all that was happening.

    First of all, what I wrote about before finally happened - about a week ago electric lines connecting Ukraine and Crimea were blown up. On Ukraine side, just so you know. The act was performed by local Tatars - the same group pissed at Russia for taking the region and the ones trying to do food blockade before. Obviously, this happened with agreement from our Ukrainian government.
    Now, this means a lot of things, but the immediate result is pretty much what you would expect - Crimea mostly got no power now. Local government is trying to regulate the situation, but it's hard. For now, Crimea got its electricity from Ukraine side. There are electric lines being constructed from Russia side now, but they were supposed to be finished by December 22th. Right now, the construction is being sped up, but yeah, it will take time.

    However, this also means that Ukraine is... well, cut off from Crimea in terms of electrical power. And this is somewhat important, because we could have actually got electricity FROM Russia through Crimea, when they would put up their lines. Which will probably not happen now.
    And that is important, because you know how I always mention that we don't have enough gas to last a winter? Well, right now we have gas for about 45 next days. Give or take a few. And Russia officially stopped supplying us. Because we do not pay. And coal is now not being transported from the east part of the country.
    This is pretty much it. We got no fuel 'till we pay, and we are actually cutting ourselves from the possible supply lines.

    Well, okay, Ukraine is fucked. Nothing new. Let's take a look at the world.

    As you probably know, Paris was recently attacked by terrorists.

    You know the score. Something like 150 dead, people scared, and all that. I actually saw a mention that I found quite curios - it was said that French police neutralized 8 terrorists. And out of those 8, it was said, one was shot by police and other 7 died by exploding themselves. Which would actually mean that police neutralized only one terrorist, and the rest did what they wer supposed to do. But nevermind that. France got attacked and they went out for revenge.
    And Russia also got hit by terrorists, their plane got crushed - something like 200+ people down. So, naturally, Russia also upped their strikes against terrorists in Syria. By the way, France started attacking both Syria and Iraq. Well, positions of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Right? Not exactly.
    I heard that a lot of French attack in Syria were not against ISIS, but against the Assad forces and infrastructure. Particularly - against his oil structures. Now, I can't tell you how true that is, and I can't even say if - if true - that was French mistake or something else. I can tell you that now French are actively talking to Russians on matters of military cooperation in the region. So, let's hope things will get more organized there.

    All could have been well and good, but on 24th suddenly Russia's plane was shot down. By Turkey. And holy fucking shit... Actually, let me just link you this video somewhat explaining the basic situation.

    So yeah... Now let's take a look at the situation.

    What looked strange to me right away was that in most western news that run the article, there was the line stating that US forces did not have any involvement in what happened. It looked like they were either trying to state the point of Turkey acting alone or were plainly and badly covering up for their involvement. Now I can tell you that there are already theories that Turkey shot down the plane while being guided by US radars. Right now it's a conspiracy theory, so let's talk about more certain things for now.

    First of all - one of Russian pilots is still alive. They both catapulted out of the plane, one got shot mid-air by gunfire from the ground, and that one got captured and killed by local rebels. Another landed okay and was later rescued in an operation that additionally cost Russia a helicopter. It is said that his condition is okay and he plans to return to combat flights after recovery.

    For now, Russia's reaction is basing in 3 key points:
    First of all - there are now economic sanctions against Turkey, some important projects they had together are frozen or canceled, and government encourages people to not go to Turkey for vacations. And that was a popular place for Russian tourists to go. That advice actually serves 2 purposes - to stop Turkey from getting money and to make people go to the other popular place of summer vacation - Crimea, which would help to develop that area economically.
    Second of all - Russian forces are now flying with protection. As Russia didn't expect a strike from Turkey, they obviously didn't protect their planes from that. Now they do. This pretty much serves to show that any similar act will be either prevented or responded to with appropriate military force.
    Third of all - apparently, as Russia started its actions in Syria, it established a direct military line between itself and Turkey. Just in case of conflicting situations, you know. The line that Turkey never used, preferring instead to immediately call for NATO meeting. Well, that line is now closed.

    Two more things to note:

    I must say, it really is a mess down there. If you try to understand all the militant factions shooting at each other there, you will easily get a headache, but I want to point out a few key ones, important for this situation. Obviously, there are Assad and his troops. Those are the government forces. Then there are ISIS. Nothing to explain there - terrorists that are unquestionably bad, and even US can't openly state they are helping THOSE guys in Syria. Next there are Kurds. Kurds are another militant group, but they fight against ISIS, so they get support from both US and Russia at times. Actually, Russian pilot got saved with active help from Kurds. And then there are Turkmens, which are not just Turkish people, but another militant group in the region with, yes, direct tied to Turkey. They are the ones US would most often call "moderate opposition" in Syria. Currently in Syria Turkmen are fighting against Assad forces.

    However, Turkmens are not only ones tied to Turkey, and that brings us to reasons why Turkey decided to do this. Yes, Turkey got pissed at Russia. Turkey was major player in the region, they were going to see Assad destroyed, and now they lost immediate hope of that. But also, Turkey got close connection with ISIS. You can actually google around - there are plenthy of pictures of Turkey's president's son having nice dinners with ISIS leaders.
    You may know that part of Syria is still under control of rebels and ISIS. And that part also got oil. And terrorists are gathering that oil and... sell it. Huge convoys are going from Syria to.... to... ye, to Turkey. So right now Turkey is buying oil cheap while sponsoring terrorists that way. Or they did, before. Thing is, while US did something like 40 attacks against terrorists in SSyria during their years of involvement, Russia already made about 200+. More by now. And those strikes included strikes against convoys taking oil to Turkey. So yeah, Turkey's cheap oil got cut off and I believe that's what make them decide to actually do what they did.

    Well, currently it seems like Russian won't go further economic measures. But that doesn't mean that this whole thing is over. It probably isn't.

    And a very unexpected side-note. It is noticed that on my very own city, in our trade port, the amont of oil and oil-products raised in recent months by something like 200%. And for those who can't read the map - we are just one small sea away from Turkey.
    This a pure conjecture, but it is now theorized that Turkey is selling some of their oil to us. Or maybe selling it to other countries, using us for land route. It's also theorized that this deal is brokered by our region governor - formerly Georgian president - who kept close connections with Turkey leader.

    Old makes the world go round. And you know what? I hate the fact my region is so damn important, as it seems. So much trouble can come this way...

    Well, that's it for now. See you next time something horrible happens.

  • In CL popularity contest 2015

    Well, this was fun, so now let's make some results out of this.

    Let me congratulate apparent winners.

    3rd place with 16 votes goes to @Kip. New admins are always popular, and she is yet to make her obligatory administrative fuck ups (though, she did pardon a mass-murderer), so, even with chat being glitchy lately, people seem to like that one.
    2nd place goes to @123-456-7890 with 17 votes. New mod got a lot of support. I guess, he did up his presence on chat, made himself noticeable, and that gave him popularity. Also, again, I guess he didn't manage to fuck up anywhere yet.
    1st place, with 19 votes, goes to @Lieutenant. And obviously, one of those votes is from me, but even without that she would get 1st place. Former moderator, active projects participant, artist and new manager of CL Artbook.

    The rest of participants get nothing... Oh, the winners also get nothing. Blame the economy.

    Few points I want to make:

    First of all, even though CL votings are easily abused, it kinda feels almost like genuine votes spread. To this might even somewhat accurately represent some stuff or other. Which was a bit surprising for me - the whole thread is kinda really silly, so I didn't expect much here.
    Second of all, for some reason, while people seem to vote genuinely, most of replies I got on this thread are crap. No real feedback, and some retards just out there to try and get me, as they always do, them pathetic things, yes, you know who you are. It's like if people are okay with voting quietly, but just won't speak up and tell what they think. Are they afraid to offend someone by telling they vote for other person(s)? I don't know...
    Lastly, it was my personal hope to use this voting to make my point for CL staff - even based on popularity inside the community alone (not to mention other qualities), you should have picked Lieutenant for mod and not those two clowns for rangers from the last applications. Point made, thank you.

    CL popularity contest is now done with.

  • In Gifmas 2015

    Also to @Lieutenant


  • In Gifmas 2015
  • In I miss Kirn


  • In Weird World News

    What the fuck are you doing, internet? No, internet, stop! Put that down before you hurt yourself you silly bitch!

    Condom challenge: teens invent a new way to potentially maim themselves online

    Do I even have to comment? Yes, internet, you are a silly bitch, the title of the article tells it all. But oh well, fuck it, here's the picture.


    This year’s totally viral trend for recording yourself doing stupid stuff and posting it on the internet began a week ago, when two guys were messing around with a water balloon – before it all went wrong
    The problem is, it’s not a water balloon, it’s a condom. And condoms are a lot stretchier than balloons. And water is quite heavy. And so you can see the issue.

    And of course, now the internet retards are picking up the challenge. With various degree of success. I actually wonder if anyone managed to kill themselves like that already, and it's just not posted online for obvious reasons.

    We can’t exactly encourage trying it yourself, because it doesn’t actually look that safe. As a rule, please do not put airtight seals over your mouth and nose, particularly when they are also filled with water. It is a Bad Idea.

    But you know what? I say - go ahead, users of CL, join the fuck right in!

    Weird fucking bastards...

  • In CL popularity contest 2015



    Anyways, since Rebel qualifies, you kiss it!

  • In CL Chess Club
  • In Screenshots 2

    I don't mind screen, but I do mind messing with username and assuming anyone is gay. Hence - flagged.