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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson

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  • In RWBY

    Hurray for episode 5.

    First of all, we are told that there will be some tournament in the future. And that will surely be great to watch.

    But main thing of the episode is... goddamn, Pyrrha Nikos is powerful! I am seriously impressed with that fighting - strong attack and defence fighting style with, as it turns out, some clever magic. And again, since she obviously qualifies for the tournament, we will surely see much more of her fighting, so cheers for that.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    After the previous happenings, when we heard about many changes in the war, this week was very heavy on opposing information. And this time some of that is not just crazy ramblings by Ukrainian media.

    Let's start with politics though. It seems, Poroshenko was acknowledged as a president by Russia, because some days ago there was an official meeting in Minsk, and Putin was seen to shake Poroshenko's hand. However... that's pretty much all that happened. No real talking was made, no solutions were reached. As later some people said - noone made any promises that would have been broken later.

    Another news is that Poroshenko finally disbanded the parliament. It is now expected that we will have a new one in a month or so, obviously with some sort of voting involved. But seeing how things are in the country, that really mind have been not the best move.
    Another thing to note is that political party Bat'kivshina (Timoshenko party) is losing its most important members. Namely, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Avakov. I guess, we will see the results of the parliament elections, but it surely feels that Timoshenko party may now become even more removed from any decision-making. Then again, there may be some other plot going beyond that.

    Well, enough with the politics, let's talk about more crazy claims. Pretty much the day after I posted previous post, I red the news claiming that Ukrainian army has destroyed another Russian invasion. 250 soldiers, 5 or so tanks and some trucks. Obviously, no proof to that imaginary victory. But media pushed on.
    Next day there was a claim that there was a group of about 9 Russian soldiers, some of which were killed and some were taken prisoners. Now, as you see, this is a big drop from the usual claims of victories over hundreds of Russians. But there's an explanation to it, coming in the next section.
    Yesterday, August 28th, Poroshenko made another official claim stating that Russia is moving its forces into Ukraine. And I think about the same time NATO pushed some new aerial shots, showing pretty much nothing, but claiming that Russians are, once again, coming. And obviously, now, once again, western countries have joined the chorus, telling evil Russia to stop.

    So, what did really happened then?

    Some things actually did happen.
    Right after the parade in Donetsk, all sorts of human rights advocates started yelling about how that was a horrible treatment of prisoners. Even though those same prisoners were after that sent back - traded to Ukraine. But apparently, judging by the world, this was an act worse than shooting rockets into civilian buildings. Oh, btw, that Tochka-U ballistic missile that I wrote about before? Was used some time ago already by Ukraine army.
    But that's beside the point. I am pretty sure that the rush of information about Donetsk parade was what started these new rumours about Russians attacking. Ukraine government needed things to bash into the population again. By the way, I recently saw the greatest example of such news as of now. I saw a news report, that says that those news about Russia attacking are not true... and that they are pushed onto Ukraine by... Russia. Yes, the story was about how Russia is terrorising Ukraine and keeping it in a state of panic by false news about its own invasions. Nice, eh?

    However, things took a bizarre turn because, again, right after my previous post, Ukraine army managed to actually catch a few real Russian soldiers on Ukraine territory. 10 of them. And this time Russia admitted that those are real soldiers, and speculated that they are probably border forces that got lost and accidentally stumbled into Ukraine. Not unheard of, especially since Ukraine soldiers stumbled into Russia in mych bigger numbers by now. Hell, our military even managed to sink 2 BTRs in Russian swamps.
    However, after initial reports, came news (with added videos) that those 10 soldiers 'have no idea what the war is about' 'don't want to fight' and 'don't know why Russia is sending them to Ukraine'. This is, obviously, quite hurtful news for Russian position in the whole situation.
    I would imagine, that incident allowed Ukrainian media to run the news next day about 9 more Russian soldiers being captured and/or killed. That one was obviously fake, since noone was shown, and Russia didn't react to that. But you can see how they tried to tie the number of fake soldiers to the number of real ones the other day.
    And right after that Donetsk Republic itself made a claim that looked not too good. They admitted that they have Russian soldiers fighting for them - few thousands of those even. Not soldiers on active duty, but volunteers who went to Donetsk while they are on leave in Russia. I believe, exactly that claim allowed Poroshenko to state on the 28th that Russians are amassing in Ukraine.
    All this together makes for a very bad media image, since now Ukraine's crazy claims have a background of some true events ringing along with them.
    I would say. this story is not over yet, because now those 10 prisoners will be returned to Russia - just as Ukrainian military was returned to Ukraine - and I imagine they will be asked questions about their actions and those videos. We will have to wait and see.

    Going back to the war. News of war are as uncertain as ever. Artillery is still hitting Donetsk and Lugansk. But there are reports of Ukraine military leasing some smaller towns, and of them gathering in Mariupol, getting ready to hold against the separatist attack. So I guess there is an actual possibility of an attack.
    However, by now claims about some Ukrainian army divisions being surrounded have been confirmed. In fact, Putin himself asked separatists to cooperate with Russia and provide a corridor for those surrounded soldiers to get out and leave fighting. After some deliberation, separatists agreed, however, only if soldiers leaving through that corridor would give away their weapons and ammo, which is an obvious demand.
    However, by now it seems that this initiative will not work, because Ukraine army commanders are not agreeing to this, and it seems that they will order the troops to try and break from being surrounded. That will, naturally, result in many many dead people, but I guess that's what will happen now. Again, this situation is ongoing, and I will write later if I hear about how it would end.

  • In The Colorless Art Book Planning Thread!

    I can always provide a lot of Kirn pictures by many different authors. ) Still can't draw to save my life.

    Oh, btw, while I am here anyways:

    A Server-tan and Server-kun cosplay section. Not just anime, mind you, but all sorts of things, like occupations and figures from folklore.

    Having them in some sort of national and/or occupational costumes would, in me opinion, work much better than anime cosplay of them. So that's a good thought.

  • In Moderator Applications Open!

    ...say what?

    First of all, I probably know more about mod picking process/applications and how they look since I saw every single one of them here.

    Second, I don't care about how it looks. That's not what I wrote. I don't even apply. Which is what I wrote right there in big letters. Which you mistook for something else, apparently. So it would be much appreciated if you try to get the meaning of the post first or maybe ask me if you aren't sure what I mean here.

  • In Weird World News

    Now exactly new news as it is back from 2013, but it is weird and entertaining.

    Man Was Able To Successfully Sue His Wife For Being Ugly To The Tune Of $120,000

    So, man marries a cute girl, they got kids... and children are UGLY! So he rages and finds out that the cute girl is also VERY UGLY, but she did surgery and became pretty. But you can't cheat genes!

    The interesting part that not only he sues, but he actually won! That's a definite win for pretty people over ugly ones. Then again, looking at the picture and noticing that husband himself is quite handsome, in makes me wonder, maybe he also is too good-looking to be real, and maybe he also has similar dark ugly secret...

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    Yesterday Ukraine had Day of the Independence and now there are some important things to tell you about.

    First of all - Russian convoy finished its mission and returned uninterrupted a few days ago. No trucks were lost, no driver was hurt. Though, you can be sure, there were people in Ukraine who wanted to. Funny thing is, the way I heard it, some Russian-haters wanted to just destroy the convoy (those are the ones who publicly tell stuff like 'Russian humanitarian aid destroys Ukraine'), but other people voiced an idea that maybe we should try and somehow steal the cargo. Thankfully they didn't figure how to do that, so, as I said, there was no trouble.
    Obviously, even after trucks left, Ukrainian politicians and just retarded internet users continued to scream. The popular theme now is that the trucks, after unloading the humanitarian aid, got loaded up with other stuff and took it out of Ukraine. There are theories about cargo that go from coal from Donbass (that's the general name for eastern region of Ukraine) mines to parts from local factories to Yanukovich gold hidden in the same Donbass mines. As you can imagine every truck was checked again as it crossed the border from Ukraine to Russia, and every truck was empty. But it doesn't stop idiots from screaming.

    Oh, and on a side-note, and just to remind everyone how the country is killing itself, Fitch Downgrades Ukraine's LC IDR to 'CCC'.
    Just something people may be interested in. Even before the war Ukraine wasn't viewed as a good trade partner, but we keep going down, while the government still talks about how great we are.

    But to hell with that. Let's talk about war.
    First of all, I am happy - this is exactly the word I am going to use - to tell you that we now have US people shot on our territory. Here's the news article I found. Now, if you read it carefully, you will notice that the guy is 55 and is called 'the only American' to fight there. However, I also found another article - this one doesn't give our the name of the guy, but it puts him not with fighting forces, but with training centre. And there's a detail about the anti-tank gun... So, those may be news about the same person, or those can be to separate people.

    But Americans aside. On August one of the bloggers posted the estimate after going through official sites posting the casualties. He got numbers, counting civilians, Ukraine military and separatists as 2678 dead, and he assumed that the real numbers can be higher. However, one can't really trust any information, since, obviously, separatists and military alike would want to conceal their casualties. And there can never be an exact number of dead civilians, since Ukraine military is hitting cities with rockets every day. For example, these photos of civilians killed by artillery was made 14th of August, but were posted only on 22th.
    However, on 23rd I saw a news report by Russian 1st channel. That report claimed that Ukraine army losses are concealed on an incredible scale. They claimed that a source from a closed government meeting, along with information from a certain hackers group, said that by now Ukraine army has 12000 dead and 19000 wounded. And few thousands more missing. Here is the video though it is in Russian. Also, if you scroll to 7.30 mark, you can watch how Ukraine national guard treats its prisoners, and also you can see some people from the guard itself. Notice the sieg heil. Those are exactly the people that were fully supported by the current government which was in turn fully supported by Europe and US.

    Well, our local Nazis aside, if the numbers are even remotely true, then it means that separatists may actually have a chance of winning the war. Especially with the new reports I read about separatists in Donetsk region changing their battle tactics, going more from guerilla fights to proper confrontations. Hey, even now I have three reports about separatists surrounding more military forces - some more 5000+ people. Once again, I have no idea is those are true or which way the fighting is going... but if Ukraine military is really failing that hard while making so little progress, they may just run out of people before the end of the year.
    And it's not just people, a lot of Ukraine military tech was destroyed. And a lot of it was captured by separatists. Because that's where the tanks come from. They don't come from Russia, they come from Ukraine's own army. Here's an interesting site that lists all documented military tech destroyed of captured during the war. As you can see, while some tech is taken back from separatists, Ukraine is on the losing side here also.

    So, with all that, we had a celebration of independence, which is completely meaningless this year and which was, obviously, pumped out to be the symbol of Ukraine's great triumph. We had a military parade for it, which is something, I think, that never happened before, because Ukraine's independence from USSR wasn't a military achievement. But it didn't stop there. In his speech, Poroshenko called the war that is going in Ukraine now a 'Patriotic War'. This is the name we usually use when talking about eastern front of World War 2, yet he made this very analogy. He also stated that celebration of 23th February will now be cancelled in Ukraine.
    23th February was a Soviet holiday celebrating Red Army and Fleet. After the collapse of USSR it was continued in some post-soviet countries, including Ukraine, as the Defender of the Fatherland Day. So, what this is is just another attempt to further distance Ukraine from Russia.

    Now, while army parade was going in Kiev (and they say that most of the military machines were sent east right after that), Donetsk also had its own celebration and parade. First of all, separatists gathered and placed in the city destroyed tank belonged to the Ukraine army. During the day there were rumours of the prisoners parade... and yes, later in the day it did happen. The prisoners of war parade went through the city. Let me even link the exact video here...

    As separatists say, this is an anti-fascist parade. As they say, Ukraine military wanted to go through Donetsk - so now they did, but not as conquerors, but as prisoners. And here's the analogy of this parade: after the column of prisoners they sent street-washing trucks. For those of you who don't know: on 17th July 1944 there was a Nazi prisoners parade in Moscow, and after defeated Nazis there was street-washing trucks, cleaning the fascist dirt from the Soviet streets. This is exactly the same thing that was done here.
    This symbolism destroyed any attempt of Ukraine government to look like they are winning anything during their own parade. Obviously, a lot of pro-Ukraine people are angry at what happened. This is hypocrisy at its finest - cheering for soldiers killing civilians and screaming in disgust when those same soldiers are walked as prisoners.

    Personally, I can't really hope for separatists victory in the war just yet. Ukraine army looked to big in comparison. But if it is really that incompetent, if soldiers are really left to die or be captured by their leaders... well, maybe things will turn out quite differently from how the current government wanted it.

  • In Godzilla (2014 Movie)

    So, finally watched this yesterday. All in all - a decent entertainment.

    Have to give them credit - trailers didn't reveal what this all exactly would be about. Or even the main character, now that I think of it. Actually, it was a sort of a disappointment - I thought to see more of Cranston. Then again, he did okay for the part he was given. Watanabe was bad though. His expression, yes, but he also doesn't do much except being mildly concerned about the state of things. I have no idea, maybe it was a bad year for him or something, but after some other movies I really expected more of him.

    So, monsters. Liked the monsters. They are extremely cuddly. By the way, somehow for me, because Muto monster could fly, that one felt like it was a re-branding of the giant moth monster from olde Godzilla movies. So I wonder if people compared designs on those after the movie was out. And again, it was a pleasant surprise about what monsters there would be and what they would do. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that there weren't much monster fighting scenes, really. Even if they would have extended the first muto-godzilla fight, it would have been really nice to see.

    One thing that was done good that usually sucks for such movies - human main character. Don't get me wrong, I care not for the bastard. But think about main characters in such movies - they are either escaping or trying to get to their family. Second version here. Which immediately reminds me of War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise who was horrible. He added... nothing to the story. If we didn't see him at all, the movie would have been pretty much the same.
    Here, however, while the guy is trying to get home, he 'accidentally' follows the path that monsters are taking. And he participates, motivated by his main objective, in scenes strongly and immediately influence the story and the whole fight against the monsters. Sure, this is the same story as always - puny human trying to get to his family - and one can see all the accidents and tricks put into the script. But still, it feels much better than most such stories.

    Still, puny humans are puny.

    So, as I said - a decent entertainment. Could have had more monsters and less family fucking drama during the first 40 minutes, but I guess there are some target audience that go to see monster movies for family drama.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    This whole week I was thinking that there will be nothing major to report. But about few hours ago I got news that changed that completely.

    But let's start with a few minor ones. Well, one is pretty serious. Donetsk Republic passed a law allowing a death penalty. Obviously, that would be used for especially bad crimes, but still, it is a bit thing to do. Probably goes along with the whole restructuring of the army and political structure thing, but I can't be sure.
    One thing I did notice. In articles I red, the death penalty examples that were used were war criminals. But not Ukrainian war criminals exactly, as one would suspect. More was said about marauders and people who may use Donetsk military uniform to commit crimes. Now, that may be preemptive action, or that may be a serious problem Donetsk region has now. Actually, I would suspect, that marauders are a real problem now on both war-torn regions.

    On a more humorous note. Yatsenyuk strikes again with talks about gas. As you know, Ukraine isn't getting any gas from Russia now (I think we are trying to get some back from Aurope, but it won't feel our needs at all), so the gas going through our pipes is all for Europe and we can't touch it and have no say in how it goes.
    However, Yatsenyuk now voiced an idea, that instead of Europe having a contract with Russia, Europe should have a gas contract with Ukraine, so we would be able to change the points of the gas deal.
    So yeah, I also have no idea how that works.

    Another thing was Russian media fail. Many of media sites posted an info taken from Oleksandr Turchynov twitter (he was the temporary president right after the riots), in which he says that 'if Ukraine army can't win, they should at least die with dignity'.
    Now, the phrase is good enough as it is, but sadly, media sites didn't check the rest of the twitter. And it had a lot of stuff. Like messages about how Ukraine army is failing. Or about how people in Ukraine government are taking money from US. Or about how his son will be the king over the Ukrainian masses. And all that was there because the twitter was fake.
    So yeah, not news, but something that happened.

    Now let's get to the main event.

    For the whole week Russian humanitarian convoy was delayed on the border with Ukraine. I wrote about this. Cargo was checked and re-checked, international observers and journalists poked at it. And Ukraine screamed like it was going to be raped that whole time.
    So, today Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made this statement. It's in Russian, but it pretty much says that they complied to every safety and moral norm, they can't delay any longer and they are moving in whether Ukraine likes it or not because people are dying without help. Oh, and there's also a warning against trying to fuck with the convoy. Made in a diplomatic language, obviously.
    So yes, today convoy moved into Ukraine. Actually, as I write this, I already read that first wave of trucks has reached Lugansk.
    Obviously, Ukraine continues to scream. Head of Ukraine Security Service made a statement that Russian humanitarian convoy is direct invasion. I expect western countries to pick that scream up soon too. So far the most crazy theory I heard is that Russian drivers in the trucks are shipped into Ukraine that way to drive tanks against Ukraine army. I would axpand on that, but it's silly enough already.

    So, humanitarian aid finally entered Ukraine, so that's good. Political screams that we will probably hear during next days will be bad. And even worse will be some provocation against the convoy. Which is possible, and which can lead to some real bad consequences.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Two more! And very different too!

    First one Kyousougiga AMV. Quite honestly, I never thought about what music would be good for Kyousougiga AMV... and when I heard this... I had this extremely weird feeling that the music is really not what I would have expected, but at the same time it fits perfectly. Music is "Nine in the Afternoon" by Panic! at the disco. Actually, original music video for that is also crazy as hell, so it's actually even better fit than I thought.

    This next one is AMV with a story. And what a story it is... It's pretty much a mix of animes, and it's dedicated to all the goddamn people who can't stop shipping the characters. Stop it btw. No, really. Anyways, the song here is "I Ship It" by Not Literally. So yeah, this is the case of video being made after the song first and foremost. Great fun that one is.

  • In CL Short Story Project 5: Supernatural - Submission Window Closed, Editing.

    Actually, a break like that is not a bad thing. While writing projects are good and all, we had what... 5 in a very short span, and some prompts too, so it may as well be the time for writers to rest before the next one too.