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99th percentile

"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson Shovel from Hell badge by @OneDollar

Twice moderator, twice retired, five times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

Art by @Shirosuke Art by @TeruShinozaki Art by @Izukio, background and blood by @Kiboune Art by @Ecstasy Arts by @Lieutenant

Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1943 posts that are still accessible today, 74 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2309 upvotes, and was last online on Aug 28th, 2016.

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    @armedzerox correct. As you can see there, hais wasn't online for a longtime now, and thread is non-functioning, but it's easy to take names from there. For example, Kiboune, who stated here his date, is already written down there.

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    @EvoRulz this thread is redundant already, and, you know, you could have made a simple search to get huge number of people b-days already written down here on the site.

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    @effect interesting idea, actually. Don't think it's badge-worthy, but... Let's imagine something like that can be done. We make someone - arbitrarily - a "challenger" or "wanted" or whatever, and... Hmmm... Well, I don't think that warrants a new title in case of some number of wins, but that person can amass wins, like... "Kirn has 5 wins" for example, somewhere on the thread here. And if someone else beats him/her, that person gets the spot, the count is reset and we go again.
    It may be interesting, though it would require to watch closely for that person's matches. Also, someone strong, like Wolfy for example, would just take that place and I can tell you, it would be damn near impossible to kick him out. That, it would be fun and challenging, yes. )
    I'll think about this.

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    Accurate! And relevant.

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    @armedzerox you may try checking gravatar site. Maybe you have it there in better resolution.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    So... does the name "Homeworld" tell you anything? Back in the 1999 it was the first really 3D strategy game. Real-time strategy in space, taking you on a journey across the whole galaxy. All modern space strategy games? They all exist because of this one. Later, in 2003, Homeworld 2 was out, and while it wasn't novelty any more, it still had the story we all enjoyed. Not so long ago, remastered edition of both games became available on Steam.

    But now... 13 years later we suddenly have another brand new game in the series.

    First thing first - it's not in space. Yep, this is a prequel, so the nation that you will "later" lead among stars is now only trying to figure out what they should do on their own planet. So, technically, we have a "normal" RTS, with the story expanding on the story we knew before.
    However, if you played the old games - this will be immediately familiar to you. Yes, you are not in space. However, the gameplay is still the same. You have your main cruiser - huge machine acting as a mobile base. And you have your different types of units, separated by hull types, you have probes, you have RUs scattered on the map, units and resources that you have transfer through the game from one map to the next... hell, even good-old command view is there.

    There are some additions though. Like, if in olde games you didn't have much reason to ever try and move your mothership, here carrier is a serious power that you would do well to haul around the map. Plus, it houses fighters and bombers, which you can use for air strikes (which is pretty damn handy, I can tell you that). You also get Rachel S'jet - scientist unit, who also can't die or it's game over. And there are now two types of resources. And units cap, for all your total squads.
    So, it's a new game that feels both like old ones and as new one. Oh, and it's still obviously 3D - elevation and lines of sight play major part in what's going on.

    So, is the gameplay good? It's alright. The game isn't hard, but it had this interesting quality of not having a static base. So home is pretty much where you park your carrier. Combat is easy to learn, but if you really want to push it to it's limit - there's quite a lot of micro-management with using terrain and units abilities waiting for you. There are some things that could have been done better or more convenient, but the gameplay is solid.

    And, of course, there is a story. And I can't really talk about it without getting all sentimental. The story of Homeworld is always a story about great journey... journey through the desert, the planet, the galaxy... In a way, it feels almost religious... Then again, I am an old fan. Suffice to say, there is a story, there are beautiful videos, and if you played previous games - you will get more out of it than those who never played Homeworld 1 and 2.

    This is a sequel/prequel game that I never expected, but I think I am glad we got it.

  • In CL Chess Club [Second Tournament in concluded!]
  • In CL Chess Club [Second Tournament in concluded!]

    I feel a lot of rivalry with Hime there ))

  • In What are you reading?

    So yeah, probably most of you saw the movie. Well, it's made after 2011 novel, which I am reading right now. Actually, I am kinda alternating between reading and listening to audio-book, depending on circumstances, but anyways.
    You know the story - Mark Watney, stranded on Mars, yadda-yadda-yadda. It made nice movie, right? Right.

    Well, as you would expect from a book, it's much more detailed, obviously. There are some episodes that are more extended. And while it's going about the same as I remember from movie, right now I am at the part where Watney is preparing to start his final journey towards the launch site... and remember how it was like almost the last part of the movie? Well, there's still almost a whole third of the book left at this point, so yeah. Also, minor details are different... so I find myself wondering how it ends.
    Writing style is peculiar. Most of the book is Mark Watney's logs, in first-person. However, after a while, book starts changing between those and your regular third-person story, describing NASA shenanigans, flashbacks and stuffs. At times it feels a bit weird. Like, there was time when logs were cut by short parts of a story about manufacture and deployment of part of Mars base. It wasn't bad writing, but felt a bit out of place... generally, it felt like at times writer is trying out new stuffs in his style to see if it works.
    However, to hell with style. The real issue is the content. And it is really good. This is science fiction. Meaning it's not like space fantasy. Here everything has explanation. Actually, a fuckton of it. Long-ass technically-sounding stuff, which is still easy enough for most readers to follow. And it's surprisingly not boring. Mostly because of the other thing this book has a lot of: humor.

    I am smiling a great smile. The smile of a man who fucked with his car and didn’t break it.

    --Mark Watney after remodeling Mars rover.

    Yes, book has swearing. Quite a lot of it, actually, but considering the situation, it is justified for emphasis. And while it could be like a very serious thriller book, it's style makes it more of a survival adventure, which is much more light-themed, while still being very much serious.

    Good book, and I am eager to see how it all ends.

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    Small notice to singers:

    @armedzerox @charmeleon @CloudVariasKira @Cyth @EvoRulz @Kinnear @Kip @Kirn @Lieutenant @Maryam @Rinneko @Taro_Tanako @Teru

    We will obviously need avatar pictures from you for the video. So yeah, just a reminder - as you send your recording over, also send the picture you want us to use. Naturally, good quality is preferred.