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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1715 posts that are still accessible today, 68 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2074 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 13th, 2016.

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    Btw, I do advice you all to create Lichess accounts, really. Preferably using your CL name. Would make things more personalized, plus you will get access to some logs through your profile and will be able to review past games easily that way.

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    @Kip, joining in isn't a compulsory thing or anything, I won't be running after you with a chessboard yelling "Play or diiiiieeeee!"

    But if you are interested, you are always welcome, plus you can always ask people about playing a match on any time when you all are free and on chat.

  • CL Chess Club

    The Colorless Chess Club!

    Hello one and all. Yesterday we had quite a bit of fun playing chess. And as it turns out, we have people who are really into it. So I would like to propose a Colorless Chess Club (CCC) to organize chess fights between CL chess masters and to give people new to it a chance to learn this great game.

    And chess is a great game. A game of intelligence, a game of tacticians, a game of kings! And, most of all, it's a fun game that really makes you think and concentrate. So yes, it's good training for the brain and it's a good fun, so there's no reason not to try it.

    For now I would like for those interested in joining this activity to write here and say so. Additionally, don't be shy and share your game preference. Do you prefer to play unlimited time game or timed one? What is the good time to play for you (and what's your timezone, yeah)? How often would you like to gather up for this? Do you want to see free friendly matches or tournaments with rigid brackets?

    Now, I myself think that we should have this as a monthly event, some time on weekends, but depending on your feedback and on how this will go, times and conditions may be subject to change, so nothing is set in stone.

    In any case, write here even if you just like chess or never even played it and really want to. Members of any experience are welcome.

    Chess Tournament starts on 15th!

    After having 2 pretty good chess events, we are now having the proper tournament to determine who's the most strategic of them all. Obviously, we need some rules to set up, so here they are.


    1. Deadline for signing up in December 14th, and everyone can join.
    2. Tournament follows single-elimination rules. One lost match and you are out.
    3. After the tournament match, results much be posted on this thread. Preferable way is for loser to post the match link and for the winner to confirm in sub-post that it was indeed a tournament match.
    4. Participants can continue to play chess with each other and people not participating in tournament. And should, because chess is fun. Even if it is your opponent for that round, after your tournament match and posting results, you can have other games with them all you want.
    5. In case there would be no match between participants during the 3-day period, outcome will be decided on case-by-case basis. By me. If I determine that both participants are to blame for not being able to schedule a match, both may be out. If I would be sure it's a fault of just one person, that person may be out and their opponent would be moved to the next round. I obviously hope we will be able to avoid cases like that though.
    6. matches will be held on in a regular format - friendly game with creator picking random side and no time limit.
    7. Even though games won't have time limit, please don't drag the games out just to drag them out. Be mindful of your opponent.
    8. If players have no pieces left but their kings, or in case of stalemate situation, it is considered a draw and the match must be replayed to determine a winner.
    9. Even if you know who is your opponent for the next round match is, you should not have tournament matches against them before that round start. This is to help the flow of the tournament be more organized and to avoid some possible problems with brackets.

    Round 1 (15.12 - 18.12):
    @AshitoKenji vs @EvoRulz. Winner: @AshitoKenji
    @CloudVariasKira vs @effect. Winner: @effect
    @Koushiro vs @Kirn. Winner: @Kirn
    @BakaHime vs @Teru. Winner: @BakaHime
    @Zyxx23 vs @Rinneko. Winner: @Zyxx23

    Round 2 (19.12 - 21.12):
    @Grinners vs @AshitoKenji. Winner: @AshitoKenji
    @Wolfangle vs @Kip. Winner: @Wolfangle
    @123-456-7890 vs @effect. Winner: @123-456-7890
    @Teil vs @Kirn. Winner: @Kirn
    @Lieutenant vs @BakaHime. Winner: @BakaHime
    @Taro_Tanako vs @schmidt. Winner: @Taro_Tanako
    @Drentii vs @Zyxx23. Winner: @Zyxx23
    @Frey vs @Rebel. Winner: @Rebel

    Round 3 (22.12 - 25.12):
    @AshitoKenji vs @Wolfangle. Winner: @Wolfangle
    @123-456-7890 vs @Kirn. Winner: @Kirn @BakaHime vs @Taro_Tanako. Winner: @BakaHime @Zyxx23 vs @Rebel. Winner: @Zyxx23

    Round 4 (semi-finals) (26.12 - 26.12):
    @Wolfangle vs @Kirn. Winner: @Wolfangle
    @BakaHime vs @Zyxx23. Winner: @Bakahime

    Round 5 (finals) (26.12 - 26.12):
    3rd place match: @Kirn vs @Zyxx23. Winner: @Zyxx23 Grand match: @Wolfangle vs @BakaHime. Winner: @Wolfangle

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    @Farris will die soon.

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    Submit and obey?

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    Lieu is being too confident on chat, so...

    I ship @Kirn x @Lieutenant

    That'll put her in place!

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Well, lol. Here I was saying that I found the very best Death Parade AMV, and 5 days leter we have a strong contender for the position. Anime is, as you guessed it, Death Parade, song is "Panic Station" by Muse. Now, I still think that previous song is more to the underlying point of the anime. But around the whole point we get a great wrap, and this song matches that perfectly. I mean, they do make a lot of people panic during the show. And the editing here is really damn good. So yeah, this is more upbeat, which is something right in tune with Death Parade, it being about death in horrors of human soul in a very nice way )

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    More curious happenings.

    First of all - sanctions. I am unsure if I mentioned this before... I might have... but while Ukraine screams and whines and asks every other country to increase sanctions against Russia, we ourselves never really put any into effect. So it was a bit of a big news when last week Ukraine actually implemented some sanctions against people and some companies.
    Well, the whole process was, as it is customary here, quite idiotic. Mostly because of some specific people Ukraine blacklisted from entering the country. First of all, there were names of reporters there, and OSCE got on their case for that, because you can't deny entry to journalists - that's against freedom of speech. Yeah... Additionally, some people were listed not by their actual names, but by scenic pseudonyms. And, to top it all off, there was one of the Lugansk military leaders on the list... who was killed during fightings last year.
    Well, retardations aside, sactions are also targeting Russian air-travel companies. Ukraine plans to stop activity of two major Russian air-travel companies, and also it restricts Russian flights above their territory - especially military flights. However, while this is more real and to the point, it's also a bit detached from reality. During the last 12+ or so months Russian air-travel companies already were reducing their traffic with Ukraine. So the complete ban won't hurt them as much as Ukraine government might be hoping. Second thing is, noone flies above Ukraine if they can avoid it. Russian military never flies above Ukraine, and civilian flights try to go around these days too, because noone wants to be the next Malaysian Boeing. And lastly, implementing those sanctions will obviously hit Ukraine too, which will lose 50-100$ millions per year in taxes. And we do need money right now.

    Second of all - Crimea. Some curios stuff going near there. Ukraine obviously still trades with Russia, and part of it is that Ukraine sells its products to Crimea. That's one premise. Additionally, Ukraine is pushing hard the viewpoint that Russia is oppressing Crimean Tatars, so they should rise up against the oppressor. That's second premise. Combine that, and we how have "food blockade" on Crimea.
    Now, let me be more detailed here. Some Tatar activists leaders got green light from the Ukraine government and organized a blockade near the Crimea border, on the Ukrainian side. What they do is they stop trucks with Ukrainian products and with slogans like "Stop feeding the enemy" prevent them from entering Crimea. In their minds - and in minds of pro-Ukraine internet users and TV-watchers - Crimea now will collapse because of starvation and eventually beg Ukraine to take it back. Yeah, right...
    Reality is, obviously, a bit more different. At this moment, Crimea already uses bigger percentage of Russian food products than Ukrainian ones. People living in Crimea report that they are not really affected, and they expect prices on Ukraine products to rise about 10-20%, but not beyond that. You may ask, why do they expect the prices raise while Ukrainian products are blocked from entry. I mean, logically, Crimea should have no Ukrainian food left soon, right? Well, wrong.
    Seeing this situation - with loads of trucks standing near the border, unsure what to do - many people on Ukraine side thought that this is a great chance to make some money. Actually, the same Tatar leaders who initiated the blockade went to the side and said "we will organize a market zone here, and if Crimea citizens want to get some of the food, they should come here and buy it". They want to make money, expecting that Crimea people will cross the border for a pack of Ukrainian chips. Well, they won't do that, however this opened up a whole new market for middlemen, who are swarming around the area as I white this. And, to up the stakes a bit, Right Sector joined the party. Same people who were involved in firefight after an argument about sharing west border bribes profits in Mukachevo are now near Crimea, and they are just stopping trucks with food and strong-arming them for money - 1000$ per truck. Which pisses truckers off to no end.
    Now, while this money-grabbing waddling is going on, Ukraine government is trying to find more ways to press on Crimea. Currently we believe that they might try to cut electrical power, because currently Crimea still buys and gets electricity from Ukraine side. However, in December Russia is connecting Crimea to their own power-grid, so our government has a 1-2 months window to go through with that.

    Ukraine/Novorosia relationships are heating up again. Politically for now. Novorosia is preparing for elections. Donetsk ones are planned for the 18th of October, and Lugans will hold them on the start of November. Ukraine still works on trying to not let that happen, even though they are already doing everything they can to discredit the very idea of those elections.
    On the other hand, Novorosia isn't being quiet either. Recently NATO perresentative visited Ukraine with some speeches. Well, he was very modest with his speech, not promising anything, really, but Poroshenko once again started promising that Ukraine will oh so very soon be part of EU, NATO and whatnot. Well, we all know that this won't happen, but Donetsk sent a message that if Ukraine joins NATO, then Novorosia will take the whole Donetsk region. Pretty much told them they will attack and move border further to the west, cutting a but more land from Ukraine. Well, this probably won't happen, as there's no way Ukraine would be allowed in NATO as a member, but still, it was a very direct threat.
    Oh, and it seems like our last and most real cease-fire may not last long now. Today Ukraine reports about Donetsk snipers firing on their position near Gorlovka town, and Novorosia in turn reposts that near Gorlovka Ukraine army restarted their artillery fire. If this will ascalate or start in other regions of the border, we might return to active war state yet, and soon.

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    This was long without update, and since I got reminded of a song today, here. Some more Brentalfloss for you people.

    Shovel Knight:

    And quite epic Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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    A classical take on the problem.