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  • In CL Short Story Project 4: Crime Fiction - CLOSED!

    Well, I don't really like skype groups anyhow, and I write in me own pace, I don't feel I need something like that... Still, people who are writing or maybe who think about joining the writing, they may find this useful somehow.

  • AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story (documentary)

    Hello, one and all! Yes, it's me again, with another documentary. And, while usually I try to bring you something relevant about the world issues that you uninspired people can gleefully ignore, this time I want to bring you something I watched because it was my personal interest to watch this. Let me present you...

    So, those who talk to me a lot, know that my two favourite comedians ever are George Carlin and Bill Hicks. And I think that George Carlin is the absolute best, but I also believe that if Hicks would have lived as long as Carlin - he would have had all the chances to be just as great, or even greater. Hell, he was great already, so pretty much one thing he loses by is the pure amount of the material - he didn't have time to make more, sadly. And in his shows Hicks alternated between some simple and easy 'dick jokes', as he called them, and serious stuff like armies killing people and Kennedy assassination, presented through a comedy point of view, but extremely relevant still.
    So, what is the movie about? Well, obviously, it tells the story of Bill Hicks, from his birth and to his death. And this story is told by people who knew him best - his family and people he started up with and worked with. Oh, and consumed psychedelic mushrooms with. Yes, there's that in the movie too. You will learn pretty much everything - how he started, where he went and what he did, what problems did he have, and even what he did when he found out he is going to die. And by the way, a damn lot of this was new for me. Now I understand better at which time which albums of his were made, and knowing things he had to struggle with, I now understand some of his materiel even better.
    As I said, this movie is made from people who knew Bill talking about him. Also there are parts of his shows included, obviously. Mainly the footage consists of those taped shows and photographs of Bill taken at various times. Photos are sort of like animated a bit. But anyhow, the visuals are not stunning, and hey, it's the footage of 80s and 90s, you can't complain about the quality. Plus, the main point here is the story, and that's the key thing - if you like this guy, like his shows and want to know more about him - you will love this. If you have no idea who this guy is but want to know about great stand-up comedy... First find some of his shows, and then watch this. I have to say - I love this guy, so for me this movie never had a dull moment. So I do recommend it.

    Oh, and since two of the very best are Carlin and Hicks - here's a nice musical video made from the endings of their shows.

  • In Kirn's Birthday Celebration Thread

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    What? No posts here for two months? Goddamnit, people!

    Anyhow. I am not exactly playing this at the moment, because I finished it, but anyhow.

    Wolfenstein: The New Order!

    I had no idea this was coming, and holy fuck, was I surprised! The game made me actually feel like I am playing an old-school shooter. Which it isn't exactly, let's be fair here. No, this is a mix that has both olde FPS elements and the new ones. It has all the things modern shooter needs like graphics, extensive cut-scenes and scripts, dramatic story, fucking achievements... But when you get past all this, when you get to the meat and bones... You are running around the nazi bases, killing people by the hundreds and gathering health and armor! Fucking hell, I haven't been properly gathering armor in FPS games for years!

    Btw, the story is... well, the story is overly dramatic for such an over-the top game, but I actually liked it somewhat. Though the story-writers want you to feel a lot of drama, and it's not really that good, the characters are likeable, and there are some quite good ones, including the villains. Oh, and when General Deathshead will look at you through that window... with his special kind and happy smile... Yeah, you will fell the story part of the game grabbing you.
    More than the story I liked the setting for it. Nazi found some very cool tech, won the war, nuked the shit out of USA (Yes, thank you!) and it is now 1960, and Nazi are everywhere! And they are not stopping, continuing to make super-soldiers and all kinds of neat people-killing stuff. About half of which you will get to use by the way. It pretty much goes like this:

    Gameplay? As I said, meat and bones of it are the simple "shoot everyone, then grab health and armor". At first it seems really easy, but on later levels, when you would get cornered by combinations of elite soldiers with weapons as good as yours and Nazi monsters that you would have trouble killing even if they are alone... yeah, you will die a lot. But hey, that's how it's supposed to be, and even on normal you won't feel like you are just going through the story, like you can feel in some other FPS. And hey, the game even mocks you in the old-school kind of way if you dare to pick the easiest setting.

    Sure brings back memories... But, surprisingly, there are underlying things to the gameplay. One is, obviously, achievements hunting, which adds the gameplay value for all those people wanting to find all the secrets. However, the interesting thing are RPG elements. Yes, this is what I said. You have the skills panel with 4 branches - stealth, soldier, assault and explosives (not sure I listed them all correctly, but you get the idea). And you can see which skill gives what bonus. Yet, you aren't putting points in those skills - you complete challenges. By doing something in-game, like performing XX stealth kills, you open up particular skill, improving your stealth killing possibilities. Basically, whatever style you have - those skills will open up for you, making it easier to be the kind of a Nazi-killer you want to be. Obviously, it is beneficial to open up as much skills as you can, and some you have to really work for because just running around and shooting doesn't always cut it for gaining perks.

    All in all? A solid game that will make the gaming veterans remember the very first proper FPS game out there. Loads of gruesome over the top fun, great assortment of weapons, cool enemies. If you like the FPS genre - you have to play this.

  • In Kirn's Birthday Celebration Thread

    I choose to do whatever I feel like at the moment

    Yeah... actually, remembering the IRL thread - while you do that, you obviously fail horribly.

  • In Kirn's Birthday Celebration Thread

    @Taro_Tanako you really should fight with parasite-words like trolling and butthurt.

    I really don't troll. Well, I only did one textbook trolling of this site, about 2 years ago, but I have no interest in repeating that, even at this horrible place. What I do is honestly hate everyone in general and, at times, someone in particular. And actively channel that hate.

    @Rebel 'as much as I don't care about you, fucking asshole, I will still congratulate you'? Really? Fucking hell, decide already. Either you want to continue hating me for abusing your ass, or you want to suck up to me so I would stop poking at how pathetic you are! Be a man, pick one, stick with it for bitter end and inevitable dismemberment! Trying to suck up to me while trying to look tough and uncaring is just weak.

    So. All in all, not a bad birthday as far as these days go. People are finally learning to leave me alone, not bother me with trying to rope me into celebrating and to not give me anything except cash or money transfers so I would pick for myself what the hell I want. Good.

  • In The Blackwell Bundle

    You know, I already replayed all the games again, this time with audio commentaries. Apparently, the game creator was a bit embarrassed about how he threw a lot of exposition right away at the player in the first game. Well, and about some other points of the game too.
    By the way, I am trying to remember some point and click games from any big studios recently... and fail at that. Well, there are obviously Daedalic Entertainment, but other than those guys, I get the feeling like proper quest games were abandoned by the industry some time ago. So it's a damn good thing, people now do retro quests as an indie thing.

  • In Kirn's Birthday Celebration Thread

    What, now I will be getting a thread every year or what? Goddamnit...

    I still do not celebrate this.

  • In Wildstar

    Less than 3 days 'till headstart. And less than a week 'till full release. Here, have a features trailer:

    Also, for those of you who cares about what server you are picking, here's a final realms list:

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

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