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  • In TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

    @Lieutenant no, no CGPA/GPA here. In universities here we pretty much use ABCDEF grades, and also point system. Like, you can get max of 100 points per subject. And scoring 90-100 points counts as A. If you pass all your classes without fails, you get some moneys. But if you got straight As, on all subjects, you are eligible for increased stipend. Though, I think it's not too much better than the regular one. Anyways, I don't know much about that all, really, because I never was part of the stipend thingy in the first place.

  • In TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

    Yeah, it is. Well, we have some private universities, where you can apply only for money. But government university will pay you if you got really good grades. It's not really a lot of money though. Less than 50 bucks per month most of the time, I think. @Lieutenant

  • In TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

    @Lieutenant that is very much true. Free education is great thing, so, I can't really complain on that point. Obviously, for some, who don't have good enough grades coming from school, universities offer contract education - paid form. But if you study well enough, you are guaranteed free education.

  • In TheColorless Discussion #3: The flaws in your education system

    Hmmm... Well, I immediately can say, that my country inherited a very good education system from USSR times. USSR had one of the best educations, really. And we got those teachers, those classes, free education at its finest, and it was good, too.

    However, along the way, we kinda dropped the ball. I had teachers themselves admit to me, that the curriculum becoming worse. Generally, it can be blamed on lack of funding and the fact that education program is decided by government, and my government is shit.
    I visited a presentation recently, where education representatives clearly admitted that current education program can give knowledge, but can't really prepare student for actual work in a chosen sphere. And, even then teachers mean well, their hands can be tied by official program.

    Most old teachers I know were studying in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and for them universities there are like the golden standard, which is harder and harder to keep up with. And newer generation teachers don't even have examples like that, so the whole thing kinda goes downhill as time passes.

    Now, I can't say it's all bad. And I can't say that education is crumbling. It's just a slow downhill movement, but still, negative overweights the positive for now, so it's slowly getting worse. I will add to this, if I would think of more particular details.

  • In RWBY

    Are you as excited about season 4 as I am? I bet you aren't, cause I just finished making a whole new AMV for it. There, short, and with very simple editing, but I really felt I had to try and do this.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Well, few more weeks, few more news.

    Kherson region is under scrutiny now. As I wrote before, local administration pretty much rebelled against Kiev. Kiev representatives went there, but with no results. And now there are plans by Ukrainian government to pass law that would remove Kherson region government structure and replace it with wartime administration. Effectively turning Kherson region into another ATO zone, in addition to Donetsk and Lugansk. This haven't happened yet, but it may be in the works.

    Thing is, this is not an isolated incident. But not in a way we expected. Our media channels kept talking about 'evidence of separatism' in regions of Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa (my place). Pretty much the rest of southern regions of the country, really. But few days ago there were news about the most western region - Zakarpattia region, that connects Ukraine to Slovakia and Hungary - declaring economical independence from the rest of the country. To tell you the truth, our whole economy is fucked beyond any recognition, and for now it's nothing more than loud words, but regions keep getting more vocal about just separating from the Kiev.

    And then there's Kiev itself, which is full of absolute retards. Parubiy - chairman of our parliament - proposed a new resolution for parliament, saying that 'Russian Empire is responsible for the start of World War 2'. Now, you can look at this claim however you want, from idiocy of the whole notion at all to the fact that by the time of WW2 there was no more Russian Empire for 20 years already, it was USSR.
    But here's what matters: our idiots liked that notion so much, we actually already passed that resolution. Yes, my country decided on government level that Russian Empire is to blame for WW2. And they claimed, of government level, that all Russia decisions during that time were illegitimate. Well, okay, we can laugh at it. But...
    During that time Ukraine received a lot of its republics. Whole western part of the country was added to Ukraine SSR during WW2 times. Which Poland absolutely hated. And now they can just argue, that since we resent and refuse Russia actions during WW2, then we must return them regions back to original owners.

    Well, that's fun and all. What else we got?

    Russia. We are still in complex relationships with Russia. Actually, we still got declaration of friendship between our countries, apparently, signed shortly after the fall of USSR. And no side is removing that, cause it actually defines a lot of stuff, including common borders. So, yeah, apparently, while we yell about how Russia attacks us every day, we are still friends on paper. But anyways...

    Parliament does a lot of weird things. We pass laws that Russia is the WW2 original regressor, and at the same time there are groups in parliament that want to restore all our trade connections. So now I got another news in that area.

    Apparently, we still were using Russia's help to utilize our nuclear fuel. Whatever we use on our nuclear power stations, when it's being used up, we send to Russia to stockpile and utilize safely. We pay them 200 million dollars yearly for that. However, now we claim that we will build our own nuclear storage facility. And will keep all our nuclear waste there.
    We obviously don't have means or technology or resources or money to do that. Even more, we don't have anything to do it properly and safely. So, naturally, people around us kinda worry. Like Europe, they don't really like that plan, cause we would be using unsafe methods of stockpiling nuclear waste too close to them for their comfort. There is someone who is happy about us wanting to do that. It's US, and there's actually some talk about them bringing their waste to keep on our territory. I guess, we at least would be useful as a nuclear waste dump, eh...

    Some news from the east, too. Among the continuous war, there was a diversion made by Ukraine on Novorossia territory. They managed to blew up one of the famous military squad leaders - call sign Motorola. That guy was one of the commanders actively shown by media from the pro-Russian side, so Ukraine chalking it up as a major victory. Though, they do wonder about the consequences of it. There were promises of harsh response from Novorossia, but they are yet to decide what those will be.

    Additionally, there's still the Novorossia elections matter, which is still being postponed. This time from the start of November to I have no idea when. This has been dragging by a whole year now, and is correlating with Minsk agreements, which are dragging just the same.

    And to finish it all of, some retardation from my own region. As you may remember, we had all those people burned here 2 years ago, in May. People from pro-Russia side, I should remind you. Now our justice ministry finally 'found the culprit'. Who was it? Another pro-Russian protestant who was there that day. Apparently, by decision of our 'investigative group', he was the one somehow responsible for 40+ deaths. Oh, but here's small detail - he was one of those 40+ who died on that day.
    That's just a way for my government to say 'here, we investigated, the guy dead, let's forget about it'. This will be presented to Europe as successful conclusion of Odessa atrocities investigation.

    And that's how we do. Retarded laws, bullshittery and nuclear waste. Oh, and it's fucking cold here.

  • In Stellaris

    It is finally out! Update 1.3 with additional expansion. There are so many things reworked, I can't really mention all of them. Main features do, however, include giant fucking space creature, fallen empires waking up to fuck you up, enclaves and major changes to everything from terraforming to space-faring creatures.

    I have just restarted my own game, but in the first hour of the play, you already get some cool stuff you haven't seen before, so yeah, this is definitely worth it to start playing this again.

  • In Christmas Project Planning

    Badges for what you mentioned are worthless. It's same as wanting badge for every random post you make. Badges we got don't always require creating content - like chess badges, for example, or the one we had for easter hunt. But still. Some fucking effort is needed.

  • In Songs inspired by games. For gamers from gamers.

    This song is a few years old, but I only now realized it's not on this thread. Totally my mistake. So here it is. Tag on the video claims it's a Minecraft song, but really, i would rather put it as dwarf fortress one... No matter, though, this is properly epic tune for any 'dig up stuff and build stuff with what you dug up' game.

  • In Movies based on true stories.

    The Infiltrator (2016)

    And it's Bryan Cranston again. Man, that guy does a lot of true story movies recently. This one is about the huge drug bust that was made possible due to infiltrating the cartel and actually working in laundering its money for a while.
    So, main question, as always is, how true this all is. And again, I found the article on my usual site. And looks like, most of the dramatic stuff was added there just for the effect. No cake-bashing, no voodoo rituals, noone saw what was actually in the case, even arrest at the wedding isn't exactly true. So, I guess, this movie just outlines the facts and generously sprinkles it with a lot of Hollywood drama magic.
    Oh well. At least the guy whom Bryan Cranston plays is happy with how the film turned out.