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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 2134 posts that are still accessible today, 77 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2507 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 29th, 2017.

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Round 2 (also extended)]

    @Teru good work

  • In Brits out the EU! Cameron Resigns.

    You know, this is actually fascinating in a way. People spoke up, and suddenly country's currency is down, trade markets are shitting blood and PM rage-quits like a little pussy.

    Even though it is seriously not that big of a deal. Sure, EU countries are closely tied, but it's not like Soviet republics, for example, who all got broken off in 1991 quite suddenly and without any idea what to do. And they survived. Heck, some of them are in EU right now.

    Thinking that Brits are fucked because they won't be part of this big EU thing is like thinking that no country can survive on its own, and that's just a silly notion. Thinking that all agreements would just crash and burn is also silly. Every country out there has a fuckton agreement with everyone else, and it goes without saying that right now both Brits and the rest of EU will try to work out a plan that will allow for the same ease of trade and economical cooperation. It would be only natural, because I imagine a lot of EU countries would want to make UK's transition as painless as possible... just to be sure that, if they decide to also leave EU, they would receive the same good treatment.

    Funny thought: I know one country (other than my own) that had somewhat of a currency crash recently. It's Russia. Along with sanctions from EU, it also experienced carefully orchestrated oil prices falling, and there were removal of some wester businesses from its territory. That resulted in RUB/USD rate moving from somewhere around 30+ to 50+ and more. And... they still seem to be doing okay.
    Pound suffers what? From a 0.69 rate against a USD at the start of the week, they are now at 0.73. That... doesn't seem like much. I mean, fuck, I am not an economist, and I know that I am just watching exchange rates, and underlying processes are a bit more complex, but that kind of change doesn't quite looks panic-worthy to me.

    Actually, know what? I think Brits are fucked. But not cause it was a bad referendum result, but because of how it is reacted to. Also, because Scotland and that part of Ireland they have might take this time to decide and give them more shit. And also - here's a happy thought - just as other countries might help Brits with this transition, they also might make it as painful as possible, just to show others that leaving EU is not a good option.

    In any case, all will be seen better when the wave of hysteria passes.

  • In CL Short Story Project 6: Discussion Thread [POLL CLOSED]

    War... war never changes...

    Actually, I haven't voted for it. Then again, it would be a very familiar theme to take on.

  • In VA-11 HALL-A [Cyber-Punk Bar tending Simulator]

    So, I just went through my first playthrough.

    And this is damn good. First of all, this is a visual novel, through and through... But its unique style makes it so much more. Plus, really, it's a bartending sim. How much cooler can it be?

    Now, with amount of waify-hype this game is getting (just look at how retardly hyped-up the fuckers here are), one would almost be scared that the game is just for stupid fucks looking for a cheap anime laugh. And in some ways - it is. It's anime as fuck, it was cute anime girls, it has fuckton of internet memes. It's actually pretty fun in that regard, too.

    However, that's not all there is too it. Under the laughs and the silliness, there's a really deep story, and awesome characters. Well, they should be awesome, cause that's all the game has - mixing drinks and interacting with that incredible bunch of people, androids and talking dogs. And as you get to know them, you really start to care for them. Fuck, you start caring too much. Like, I got, I think, a simple nice ending for now, and I can't even count all the mysteries that haven't been resolved. Will they be resolved in other playthroughs? How can I even make that happen? Who the fuck is invisible girl, for fuck's sake? Maybe it's part of the deal here. You get a glimpse of the world they give you, and you feel that it's so much bigger that you can ever see. It amazes and frustrates at the same time.

    Speaking of world. This game really brings love back to cyberpunk. And let me tell you, I am also playing Dreamfall Chapters right now, and I actually see a lot of similarities between Glitch city here and city of Propast there. Corporations are fucking with you, rogue nanobots fuck up your life, crazy combat drones roam the city, and noone really thinks that it's something weird. This is how cyberpunk should be - I know that the world is familiar to you, but at the same time it's utterly polluted with so much random tech and bad choices that you can't help but love it and always ask it for more. Even though that all you see is literally your apartment, shop outside and, most importantly, a bar, you get to experience a lot of this world. Through talk with customers and, oh dear, yes, internet. Not even going to talk about them blogs and boards. Just nope.

    On a personal note, this whole crazy cyberpunk thing actually made me feel okay about all the non-straight characters we get there. I don't care much for it, especially if it's a bit part of the story... but here I don't really mind, cause... you know, why would I care about people with different sexual orientations, when I am serving alcohol to talking dogs with Hawaiian shirts? At this point there are more important things to worry about, like my sanity, or the state of the bathroom.

    All in all? Rich atmosphere, great cyberpunk setting, awesome characters, and good jokes. And don't let the hyping animetards fool you - this game is much deeper than it first looks.

  • In Brits out the EU! Cameron Resigns.

    The US has no hands in the EU outside of trade agreements


    And with that, you post is overflown with bullshit right from the start. Do I even have to read the rest? First of all, all kinds of visas to UK were always completely different from Shengen ones, and they had their own customs in place always, so Brits were already pretty separate and special.

    And these two years they will spend wisely, negotiating deals with other EU fucks - what stays, what goes. I say, it will take more management, but it's worth it for the autonomy. Hey, I am actually not sure of UK will even stop sucking up to US after they separate from EU, but I can at least hope.

    Also, really? Wikipedia page as a political argument reference? That shit was edited like 50 times today already.

  • In Brits out the EU! Cameron Resigns.

    Fuck yeah! Go brits! Finally them fucking people decided to think for their own good and not for the support of the USA global monopoly!

    Well, that being said, we have to understand, that referendum can only advice the government, not tell them what to do. But yeah, I think this will happen now. Not now, it will take, probably, 2 years for brits to fuck off from EU, but they will.

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Round 2 (also extended)]

    So. We had our first round matches... well, we had some matches and one forfeit. But now we can move on. So, here are the next round brackets:


    So, round 2 starts right now and it will go until July 1st. We will have the following matches:

    @Taro_Tanako vs @Biscuits
    @Teru vs @Rebel
    @BakaHime vs @Teil
    @schmidt vs @Qarr
    @Lieutenant vs @Kirn
    @Wolfangle vs @Enami
    @Koushiro vs @Sheep
    @Zyxx23 vs @AshitoKenji

    8 matches total, so go and grab your opponent and try to kill him/her with a sharpened king piece in the eye. Second round is on!

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Round 2 (also extended)]

    @schmidt good point, I actually missed that. Here.


  • In VA-11 HALL-A [Cyber-Punk Bar tending Simulator]

    You know, I actually enjoy this game more than I expected from watching you fuckers being hyped about it. I might write up some review some later time. Or maybe not. We'll see.

  • In CL Chess Club [Summer Tournament, Round 2 (also extended)]

    Ah, very nice! Congrats to the winner!

    Now only @Biscuits vs @CQKumber fight left.