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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson

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Twice moderator, twice retired, four times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1069 posts that are still accessible today, 49 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 1411 upvotes, and was last online on Apr 18th, 2014.

  • In Public Apology from DC

    You know, DC, recently I had the same feeling. I got to all my goals. I won the fight lasting more than three years. In epitome of my meanness I brought down the very foundations of the site! My rage was glorious and terrifying!

    But then it was over. I did what I wanted and I had nothing else to do - noone to kill, noone to smite, noone to rant about. I felt lost. I felt like I am not needed on the site anymore. I felt like I was becoming nicer!

    I mean, let's face it, the 95% of recent talks about me on chat were about how Johan loves me and how I am a cute Russian fucking loli! It could have been a severe blow to my reputation!

    But then I looked around and found that we still have fucking idiots who ruin things on the site. Maybe not as big as my last prey, but still worthy to kill and dismember. I saw that people, while treating me in a friendly way, do know when to take me seriously. I discovered, that even the current administration, which I supported on all levels and helped elect, is honestly scared of what I can do.

    And I felt good again. My shovel feels strong again. I am ready to kill once more.

    And I am not sorry for anything.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    @Ecstasy depends. Core mechanics of the game are your simple Diablo-style hacking. Nothing more, nothing less. Clicking thousand of enemies into gruesome death. If you aren't a fan of that sort of thing - you will find it repetitive quite soon.

    The game is made with a heart though, and main hero gets a witty companion, so you don't feel alone and their banter is really fun to listen to. The whole atmosphere is pretty light-hearted and nice, and that's big plus.

  • In CL 4-Koma Anthology Thread Part 2: CL-Related Comic Strips

    Hmmmm... do I smell a CL manga? The one thing that failed pretty much every time we tried it?

    Actually, no. Making this into something similar to our writing projects is a good idea. Because before we tried to make some single big-ass thing, many people joined, noone really did anything and we had no work distribution. But making a theme and making single artists or writer/artists teams work on it on 4-panel format? Yeah, that actually can work.

    The one downside I see here is that people who can't draw can't join, but well, that's a drawing project... Yes, I know, writer can join with an artist, but 4-panel format is easy enough, so you don't really need a writer even if you aren't that creative yourself, and writers would have to actively seek artists to join. An artist who would announce that he needs a writer would get swamped with proposals, I feel.

    I'd say, you should test this on a few neutral themes, but if this would go well, you can try making 4-panels about something CL-related. Maybe we then finally get something resembling the goddam CL manga. Would be an achievement.

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Started Metal Gear Rising this morning.

    Not used to controls fully yet, and the camera is giving me troubles at times (like in most ported games, I feel). Still, this is nice. And this game right from the start makes other slasher over-the-top games look pretty timid.

    I am yet to see if this game would be a good addition to the canon Metal Gear setting... (Okay, yes, I laugh at this myself - we get prime-grade over-the-top slasher and we all are like 'yeah, I'm watching this for the story') But the very fact that the number or slices I would cut my enemy into is limited by my ability alone... and that I can cut out their spines and grab them... And that there's a German doctor in my support team who asks for my enemies hands as souvenirs...

    Yep. This is a good game so far.

  • In Your Top Best & Worst Games 2013!

    Well, let's see... as always, I played a lot last year. And some of the games I played were pretty damn good. Plus, gradually I am playing more and more indie games, and those sometimes are extremely good.

    I'd say, Stanley Parable, Rogue Legacy, Dust: Elysian Tale, Arkham Origin, Remember Me, Papers Please - all great, solid games, which I enjoyed greatly. However, after some consideration, I will pick two games which were the greatest for me. Forgot to add - I am PC gamer.

    Bioshock Infinite

    Yes, this is pretty much obvious. The game gives us the FPS gameplay with usual Bioshock elements. But the main thing is that the game pretty much just grabs you and never lets go until you are done. I mean, we all know what we thought about when we heard 'Bioshock', right? Underwater, creepy sisters, pretty depressing atmosphere... But in this game, the flying city feels like some sort of fucking magical place, that just jumps at you. Bright, colorful, cheery, with songs and happiness and I have no fucking idea what else. You are baptized from everything you remembered about the franchise and filled anew. Yes, that was an obvious reference there. Anyways, I spent a lot of time on peaceful levels, just walking around looking at stuff.

    Oh, and then the setting gradually gets darker and heavier starting from racism and finishing with parallel worlds, time travel and existence - or lack - of choice. And if you red best speculations about what the ending means, you know that... well, no, fuck it, too many spoilers that would be, and those of you who know - yes, you know. It's heavy, it's gripping, it's still colorful even at the bottom of depression!

    And, of course, we had great characters there. Good villain, naturally, but mainly I am very obviously talking about Elizabeth and Lutece twins. Elizabeth is... well, for the lack of better description, she feels alive. At first she gives that 'Little Mermaid' feel, when you look at her being locked in that tower/prison. And do you remember her dancing, when she finally got out? Even a cold bastard like me felt happy for her. But then she develops other sides of her character, she faces the reality of her world, and she faces the reality of all the worlds and... Well, you really care about that character, which makes the final parts of the game all the more heavy.

    And, naturally, Lutece twins who are like a personalised Schrödinger's cat experiment. Imagine if the concept of the multiverse came alive to poke fun just at you personally. Yep, that's exactly what we have here. And they are great and you just have to like them. And I never really figured them out - do they really want to repent and help, or was it just another experiment to see it the coin toss would finally get different result?

    I think the main problem for this game is that, while you get constant talks about a choice, you, as a player, got none. The game is extremely linear, with no replay value. Also all the time-travel and parallel universe stuff an feel quite used these days. Still, it is a grand setting, so I give this game personal second place.

    So, that's one game, and it is a second place on my list. Another game that not only suddenly got me, but became this year favorite was...

    Tomb Raider

    You know what? I was never a fan of Lara Croft. Never. Never felt the appeal, never was a fan of those games, oh and the movies, like oh so many 'game movies' were bad. So, I almost let this game go. I mean, meh, another Tomb Raider game? Not really interested... But then I tried it out, and holy fucking hell, I am converted now.

    Now, the gameplay is solid enough. You have the action elements, which are a must for a game like that these days, you got a sort of achievement system with searching for stuff, which is okay and not bothersome like many such systems can be, you have a sort of rpg system, which I feel was added just for the heck of it. But again, it didn't take anything away from the game, so I didn't really care. The very core of it was pretty old-school shoot-em-up gameplay. I mean, yes, this girl kills a LOT of people along the way, but hell, that's exactly what we are supposed to get. Fast shooting, lots of enemies. You do not ask for more in a shooter.

    Main point of this whole game was, naturally as every single person knows, new Lara. Restart of the franchise promised us vulnerable character we could love and worry about. And... I am glad to say, that they pretty much failed at that. Let me explain. Yes, this Lara is hit hard both physically and mentally. We get to see her at the lowest, we get to see her bloodied, we get to see her despair. Does it make us feel for her? Yes, of course. Does it make her vulnerable? Well, in a way, yes, because we see very clearly that she can be hurt. But seeing her overcome any and all of those challenges, do we see her as vulnerable? Fuck no, she's the strongest female character this year, and probably able to go in a firefight against commander Shepard. And it's not like a game makes a weak girl into a tough one - no, seeing all the things thrown at her from the start, you clearly see that she's already got it in her, she just never had the chance to show it yet.

    So yes, as you might have guessed, this restart was a huge hit for me. Square Enix done good, and I praise them for it. And let me tell you, it was extremely welcoming sight since recently where were quite a few franchise restarts that made worse characters than originals. Hell, go look at DmC if you want a clear example. No, this game did it right, and, after starting the game with no expectations whatsoever, I finished it with a feeling that I saw a masterpiece.

    Oh, and to get some sense of reality back. Admit it, guys, we didn't have a female character image change during the game that much since we played FAKK2. ))

  • In Inequality for All (documentary)

    Don't have much time for books these days, sadly, but thanks. I might ask you to remind me about this thing at some point.

  • In Winter 2013/14 Anime

    Not sure what are the good ones here... well, I know I will watch Silver Spoon, cause I liked the first season... we shall see, I guess.

  • Inequality for All (documentary)

    Hello, one and all! I am here, once again, to give you another documentary movie. Now, those are usually about some event (like the one I posted about the killer whales), or they can be about some social or other situation - usually in US. Cause US gives us no shortage of things to look at and frown. I mean, they are making these movies themselves. However, this film, while being about USA, deals with something that affects every country in a big way.

    Robert Reich is the 22nd United States Secretary of Labor, he worked in numerous presidential administrations, he's a professor who teaches classes, he's a political commentator. He's also a very short guy, which he turned into a theme - making his fight against inequality quite graphical. What he talks about during the movie is the growing financial inequality between 1% and 99%, how it came about and pretty much what it all means.

    I believe, I already posted a documentary before, talking about how some US middle-class people don't even have money in their budget to get enough food. Now, I can argue about that, using words like 'lifestyle' or 'planning', but I won't argue about one thing - from a financial point of view, things are not exactly as they should have been. And that's where the movie is relevant to many countries - while US is often a prime example of such things, many countries are facing same problems. Some not as severe, some only in the long run, but this is something we would also hit. Not even mentioning that US financial situation constantly affects a whole lot of other countries.

    The movie is, as you can expect, pretty much all talk and some graphs. You won't find any action here. You will, however, find some interesting info and correlations. Also some facts about the Robert Reich and his life are added to the mix... personally, I wasn't interested in those much, but they are okay for short breaks between more talking about problems. And since this guy is a professor and we get to see him teaching the class, the movie feels like a lecture or a seminar, which is nice in my opinion. So, if you are interested in some wealth distribution and some 1% against 99% history - you definitely should watch this.

  • In Songs inspired by games. For gamers from gamers.

    Found another guy while I was banned. Some "Harry101UK" - here's his channel btw, go look at it. This guy is freaking amazing - he makes Portal-themed songs, and he animates and voices them himself. As I said, go check out his channel, but here are the best things:

    (and yes, those two were "The Nightmare Before Christmas" style)

    Now, I have to be fair here - not everything there rhymes good... But still, this is freaking amazing and absolutely worth a watch!

  • In Secret CL Holiday Chorus: Project Solstice (The End is Here)

    @SirTingles well, like they said on Nostalgia Critic, 'just do your best and you will succeed'. You know what I really liked? The 'away in a madhouse' recording. That one was entertaining, unexpected, properly creepy and had a lot of heart. I think that was the best part of it, and well done on that!