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Twice moderator, twice retired, five times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1977 posts that are still accessible today, 75 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2344 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 21st, 2016.

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    I figure, it just gives simple relation between participants. Like, let's assume that you nad Neopolitan on your screen, and you chose her over 5 other characters. But then you got Mercury, and you chose him over Neo, and by that you put him over her AND over those 5 characters already, so those did have to be matched against him. It's still a lot of clicking, but yeah, the mechanism makes sure that you eventually set clear priority between every pair of characters.

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    Oh lol... I... did not think of this at all )

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    @Lieutenant this is a nice matching site! If they crunch enough numbers there, it would be really interesting to see full statistics.

    Anyways, here's my list. No real surprises there )

  • In CL Chess Club [Second Tournament in concluded!]

    Fuck is this?

    @effect first, of all, I am tired of your pathetic complaining. You can't even be bothered to register on site, so I could fucking log you, you twat, you moan like a jerk about people actually having time to think about the moves, and now you threw fit like a jerk because people aren't running around implementing your idea immediately. Grow up.
    Also, no, badges stay. We had enough troubles with putting them on people and making sure everyone gets the right amount. Makes it hard enough already without you.

    Now, for those who might also be interested in all this. We right now have 2 types of badges, one of which you get just by playing during specified events time, and during tournaments. We had 3 of that before. Basically, those badges are - yes - quite worthless, because all you have to do is play at certain time and save the log. But I am using those to get people interested in playing at the event time. I always say that playing chess is reward in itself, but hey, I don't mind giving out a bit extra as incentive to play for some people.
    The important badge of the one you get for winning in tournament. Wolfy has it. We all hate him, he's a great player and a chess champion. That badge is self-explanatory - you get one for winning in a tournament.

    With that, I feel, we already have more than enough badges associated with this thing. I myself don't like badges much, as an idea, and we certainly have more than enough.
    However, that doesn't mean we can't have new type of ideas there. For example, idea effect had is pretty interesting one, which I wrote already, and it might be implemented. But I wouldn't allocate badges for it, which for that jerk apparently means that idea is rejected and he's now throwing a tantrum like a child.

    All ideas are appreciated, and even more - I am not even really needed for those ideas to take place. Some things can be self-organized, though, of course, for me it's easier to keep track and to change info in first posts of the thread. But that doesn't mean you can't have interesting chess stuffs without me even.

    Be active in chess. Play! Lichess site offers some fun game modes even, like fighting against wall of pawns. Have fun with chess.

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    I think, those who took dolphin out of the water, should be placed under the water for the same duration.

    And it wouldn't even be hard to identify those fuckers - they posted selfies all over the net by now I guess.

  • In CL Chess Club [Second Tournament in concluded!]

    So. It was a pretty busy time with stuffs and other stuffs, including chorus. However, that is not to say I have lost my love for chess. And I hope you haven't lost that also. So I would like to do another event. Not tournament, just a regular gaming days. I figure, in a week will be alright time - from friday 26th to, including, sunday 28th. With badges presented to those who can show they did at least one game.

    So yeah, nothing fancy for now, but let's get back to playing casually.

  • In PSA: A Possible Threat to all iPhone Users

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Well, this is interesting...

    Among all that happens here - and believe me, a lot happens here, and if I write all of it, I will not have time for anything else - there are news that are really important. Those are not just something I would write here for fun or for effect. Those actually matter. And this time I have whole 3 of them - one economical, one political and totally fucked up one.

    Let's start with economical. Right now, it seems, Ukraine is blocking Russian cargo trucks going through the country. For those who doesn't know - cargo trucks go to countries of Eastern Europe to deliver some or other exported goods. All as per trade agreements between appropriate countries. Ukraine is the country that a lot of cargo goes through - we are just very conveniently located. So, Russian trucks go through us, as per, again, international agreements.
    Well, now Russian trucks are blocked in north-western regions of the country. Formally it's "civil" blockade, like, government got nothing to do with that. Obviously, as with blowing up of electricity lines to Crimea, government gave full agreement to that, in secret. So, there's a blockade, and now even Right Sector people are joining in, smelling some money to be had. And Ukrainian government makes a big point of doing nothing to regulate the situation.
    Well, in turn Russia said "fuck it", and prohibited movement of Ukrainian cargo trucks. Well, Russia did it officially. Now there's a very weird situation - both countries have trucks of other country on their territory. And they, I think, plan to exchange them, as hostages are exchanged.
    Economically, this is bad for everyone. Russia loses convenient trade route. They still can send their cargo trucks to Europe through Belarus (and it will be good for Belarus), but it will probably cost more. And we lost our money we got from transit payments.

    But we dont' seem to care, because we, still and again, have big political movements. It was decided, after reviewing the last year of parliament work, that our parliament sucks dicks. Which is what I said right away, but now it is "official". What that means is, not the process started on removing our Prime Minister from that position. The bastard, in turn, bites and claws, trying to stay in place.
    Right now this took precedence over every other law to be passed. Meaning, we, once again, as always, make no progress towards any even remotely important laws, until we get rid of Arseniy. And for now we don't have enough votes to kick him. Last voting got 194 out of 226 needed votes, so I guess there will be new try later.
    This, once again, serves 2 purposes. First of all, it distracts the country's population from noticing how they are being fucked. Secondly - it's a move to put all blame for how we fucked up last your on the Prime Minister (and that cocksucker was actually responsible for a lot of bullshit), and then go to Europe and try saying "we got new parliament now, give us some more money". We'll see how that stunt would work if we can actually get rid of the PM. And to find someone in his place.

    Lastly, this is totally fucked up, but it was kinda to be expected. I talked a lot about Right Sector organization. Basically a volunteer army of neo-nazis, coming from line of traitors going back from WW2. Well, they finally started attacking the government army.
    No joke. Recently Ukraine army convoy was attacked by right sector combatants. Fun fact is, right sector also got local police help in the attack. Seriously, they just went to local police, said "there's an army column going, it's the Russian forward forces invading Ukraine!" and police, being stupid and new an inexperienced as they are... or maybe just intimidated... well, they went and joined and helped to shoot at their own government army convoy.
    But that wasn't a single incident. After that, in another region, right sector forces attacked police. Another attacked occurred, again, against army forces... I think, that one may actually still be ongoing. All that happened within this week. And I am pretty sure stuff like that happened before... but this now goes public, and this is very active series of events.
    My guess is, right sector is looking for money and supplies, so they want to attack armed forces of the country to get weapons and ammo. To use and/or sell. And they don't care about their methods cause they are already being painted by bad by the government, after there was no more use for them.
    Which is good, really, because right sectors are total fucktards. But what this means is, all other volunteer neo-nazis - and we have a ton of those - can now just try and do the same. Meaning, there will be possibility of fighting on every street of every city in the country.

    Well, not like it's anything new though... we have people with RPG launchers running around already. Now they will just start shooting at each other more actively.

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    Ah, good old DnD alignments. I think, whoever writes one - should tag people mentioned, too, so they would come see it.

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