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  • In The One Billion Dollar Question

    Quite honestly, having that much money would made me extremely uncomfortable. First thing I would know is that I can get killed for it in a second if any fucker would ever find out I have it.

    So, first thing to do would be to call up me uncle, who is a financial genius and knowledgeable about how to work with money. Using him I would make money disappear out of sight - some of it would be in stock, some of it would be in a lot of different banks. I would try to make it so not all accounts are tied to me. I would run into a risk of technically giving some of the accounts with the money to someone else, but that would be to beat the risk of all the money being taken by attacking me personally in any way. So that's an okay trade off.

    When, and only when, I would feel comfortable enough... I would improve my comfort. I will buy me the best PC money can buy, I will buy me a good clean apartment where I will want it, and I will redecorate the whole fucking thing so everything is convenient for me. And looks good. Then I will spend money for some small quality things I want but I can never get enough money fore - better food, new razor, some medical care, stuff like that. Other than that... most likely, I will never have a lot of money on me ever again - everything will stay in accounts, some of those would be growing, some would be dwindling. In the end I would probably not need anything ever again, and soon enough I would stop knowing how much money I would have. I'd imagine at least half would get stolen eventually or lost in some other way, but I wouldn't really care. But yeah, I won't do anything useful with it beyond providing for my own comfort.

    Also, here's a thing. I actually thought about what would I want to do with A LOT of money... And I found out that billion is not nearly enough for any kind of a serious planning.

  • In RWBY

    Major forces are gathering. I always like it when major forces are doing that - means we are just one step from them starting to kick each other. Looking forward to that, now with mecha.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Well, them US/EU people gone and done it. They pissed off Russia. So not Russia made its own sanctions against them, the ones that actively hurt.

    I am pretty sure you all know this from the news already, but still. After last batch of sanctions against Russia (which were completely without logic btw, it was pretty much like 'we have no evidence about who downed the plane, but let's sanction Russia for it!'), Putin gave out the order to find out how Russia can sanction those countries back. And they did find a way.
    They pretty much banned all agricultural imports from countries that participated in sanctions against them. Meaning food. A lot of food.

    Since Russia was the second largest buyer of EU food, these sanctions hit EU for 6.5 billions of dollars.
    Norway got hit for 1.2 billions.
    US, while being the most active about sanctions, was obviously less dependant on trade with Russia - they got hit only for 800 millions $.
    Canada got hit for 373 millions.
    Australia - 182 millions.

    The trade goods that are were on the Russian border, getting ready to get in the country, will be allowed in, but nothing after that. And this is pretty damn serious, what just happened. Both for sanctioned countries and for Russia. Obviously, sanctioned countries will right now lose money, since they now have to urgently find buyers for stuff, a lot of which doesn't keep that well. So that's obviously a big hit.
    Russia on the other hand is also hit, naturally, since now they aren't getting a lot of different products. Some say that this was a very dangerous move that can also fuck up Russia's own economy pretty fast. Others are more optimistic, seeing this as an opportunity for Russian products to get strong position on the domestic market. Plus, one of the big food importers to Russia is Brazil, apparently, and they are part of BRICS alliance together, so that trade will keep going strong.
    All in all, this will have some long-term effects on Russia - one way or they other - but for sanctioned countries, especially for EU ones, this is a big change that is happening right now.

    Well, those were obviously big news, but here I am, as many people before me, in danger of changing the thread about Ukraine to the thread about Russia vs West. Easy mistake to make, seeing how the world goes about it all. So anyways, let's get back to Ukraine.

    War is still going, so everything is fine there. Actually, while we had the war, the number of separatists grew rapidly. Obviously, I have no idea how many there were initially, but right now Ukraine media gives numbers like 15000 separatist soldiers, and separatists themselves claim that there are about 10000+ of them.
    And while those numbers are good for the fighting, because Ukraine army still has more people and tech, right now separatists are having a big problem with supplies. Pretty much, it's hard to support an army of that size in a region there there's almost nothing left and nothing works. Ukraine army is getting supplies from other parts of the country, and separatists do not have that luxury. Right now they are asking for humanitarian donations and the like.
    I can't judge the state of fighting, but separatists themselves are saying that Ukraine army is taking more and more territory and cutting off more and more routes.

    Speaking of Ukrainian army. The fate of 180 soldiers that went back to Ukraine remains a mystery. They were supposed to be in Kiev... and some reports say that they were there, but other reports claim that right after that they were shipped out. One thing is certain - Ukraine government have them back, but what will they do with them... that is very uncertain for now.
    On the other hand, Russia is not just letting the remaining soldiers stay comfortable too. It was already known that every soldier had a talk with FSB agents, and they were actively seeking confessions about Ukraine crimes against civilian population. You can imagine how strong would a confession by Ukrainian soldiers be. But now in addition to that, they detained some people. Numbers vary - from 5 officers to 40 officers and soldiers. Detainment is based on Russia's criminal case, opened up some months ago, about prosecuting for war crimes some particular members of Ukrainian army and government, as well as unspecified officers and soldiers, who participated in the acts. I mentioned this in one of me posts here. So, it seems, this thing is used again to detain and question.
    I am not sure what would be the reaction by Ukraine and/or western countries... for now I only saw reports about that, but nothing about any reaction. We'll see, I guess.

    Final news are the ones I always want to hear now and always laugh about. Maidan shenanigans. Right now in Kiev riots are starting again, with current government are finally actively starting to get rid of the free loaders, and maidan people actively resisting. There are reports of maidan actifists throwing stones and small fireworks at police, and police using flashbangs. It is also said that one activist tried to throw molotov, but he was stopped before that.

    It doesn't look like much, really, it's nowhere near the magnitude of riots we had before the government was overthrown... Which is understandable, since nobody is sponsoring maidan now. Still, it is always funny and ironic to see maidan activists being thrown out when they server their purpose and became a bother.

  • In Long Term friends/ bff

    So, this one sent me a PM today. Unexpectedly decent PM too.

    While I very much disapprove of this whole sunny and hopeful disposition, this newfag seems to be more reasonable and inquisitive than the most of what we are usually getting. So at least this one has that going.

    Let's see where this will go in the end.

  • In Long Term friends/ bff

    @MyogiWarrior34 from what it typed in the first post, it is supposed to be 18 years old and Swedish. And hey, even Lycan, being Swedish and pathetic and horrible as he is, never had English problems. Actually, hey, English is not the first language for you. And for me. So, you know, how come this one should be any more special?

    @NoTuPo really, have you ever thought about typing properly or making some actual sense? In the very first post you used terms like 'long term friends' (something you can't have here until, you know, you have been here for a long time), 'bf' (without telling your own gender even) and 'pen pals' (which is 1. stupid when you are already on the internet and 2. not something you even meant).
    And now you make believe like what you want is someone to hold your hand while exploring the goddamn site? Read the fucking guide and ask mods/rangers when you have questions.

    @all_the_rest_of_you you acting like this here is a nice and friendly place is just sickening. Especially since most of you wouldn't care to even learn stuff about the damn newfag in the first place.

  • In Long Term friends/ bff

    So, horrible writing, for one thing.



    if you are to use some goddamn weaboo term, provide an explanation.


    us who rejects that and rebels against it are the ones considered weird

    Nope, that's actually the new ordinary.

    All in all, as I said, this is just horrible writing, and also horrible mashed up thoughts. And is that is written with an idea in mind to promote... penpals? Those are the people who write to each other, right? One really would imagine that ability to write would actually benefit this area greatly. I hope you won't rebel against that idea.

  • In CLpodcast Art Contest: We Have a Winner!!

    Well, there are things that could have been drawn much much better in any of the variants, but I'd say @Ecstasy did the best job here. Mostly I feel it is best for the general radio-station feel and good calm colors.

  • In CL Short Story Project 5: Supernatural - Submission Window Closed, Editing.

    Okay. I have just finished me goddamn story, with 3855 words in it. Can't say I am overly happy about how it went, but what the hell, this may as well do. Now, as usual, I will wait for a few days, then I will look over the goddamn thing with a fresh eye, edit it out and hunt for typos. So yeah, the story is ready, but I'll send it over a bit closer to the deadline.
    All in all, took me three days to do, few hours each day, doing about 1/3 of the story each time.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    A short update to my previous post.

    Heard some addition to the rumour about soldiers, who were previously in Russia. It says that they were detained and held for some time, but now they are, for some time now, already back at the war territory. Well, again, if one is to throw away all rumours, fate of the soldiers returned from Russia previously remains unknown. However, since there are 180+ soldiers returning to Ukraine from Russia now, it may be easier to follow what would happen to those now.

    News from the official separatists site. It seems that some news site published information about 702 people from Ukraine army surrendering to separatists. But separatists themselves write that this is false information.

    It is said that some (no idea, if only some, many or even all) soldier among those 180+ going back promise not to participate in the fighting any more. Obviously, that would be a lie for some, as I am sure that among those 180 there are people honestly wanting to get back into the fight.

    And lastly, speaker for Parubiy finally made official statement and said that all information about Parubiy's retirement is false and he will continue to work as he was. Which really makes me wonder where other media channels got their info from.

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    Some major news. Well, I will give two news here now, and I will add some speculation on those. I will mark where facts start and where they end.

    The big news is that during the night from Sunday to Monday almost 500... ah, fuck it, let's be precise here - 438 Ukrainian army soldiers crossed to border to Russia to escape fighting.
    Now, this episode is called 'Southern Cauldron', and it started back in the beginning of previous month, when Ukraine army sent troops to - and this is the good part - cut separatists from Russia. Well, this didn't work too well, because there was still an uncontrolled corridor left, but the main thing is that separatists managed during this month to push the army back some. Separatists took high ground, and soldiers found themselves in a pretty damn horrible position. About 1500 people were on lower ground and as vulnerable as one can get in a war. So... as they say now, commander of 72-th brigade gave order to his people to go to Russia and seek help there - which was exactly what they were trying to prevent separatists from doing.
    Obviously, Russia let them enter, provided them with food and medical help, and at the end of a day there are now reports of about 180 people being transported back to Ukraine.
    Those are facts. Now let's see what it can all mean, and how people react so far.

    Obviously, first thing I thought about was that the document published by separatists - the one about treating prisoners nicely. However, this is not exactly right, because soldiers didn't surrender to separatists and, even more, they didn't surrender to Russia. They just went there for assistance. (This fact alone is interesting because Ukraine tries very hard to paint Russia as the most evil thing since Hitler, and yet, in need of help, almost a whole army brigade went there) Now, the legal side of this is being discussed actively on the net.
    Apparently, there's this thing called internment which allows neutral countries to detain armed forces waging war if they are caught in the territory of those neutral countries. This is what was not done to the 438 soldiers that crossed the border. Reason being - while Russia obviously thinks that what we have here is actual war, Ukraine and western countries are not accepting the fact that this 'anti-terrorist operation' is an actual civil war. So, here Russia pretty much agrees to play by the rules and treat soldiers almost as normal guests of the country. I mean, in spite of all that tension between Ukraine and Russia, we can still travel the border without visa, you know. And I think that's actually what was done - 400+ soldiers went to the border and passed through the border checkpoint normally, presenting their passports for stamping.

    While some people, who are just a blood-thirsty as some Ukrainians on the internet, are yelling that this is a sign of weakness, others are not so quick. It is being said now, that every soldier was processed, meaning members of Russia government structures talked with each of them, taking some form of statements. Also, 180 people who now will be transported back - those are the ones who asked to be transported. Which possibly may mean that quite a lot of them has no desire to return, not yet at least. Also, there is a rumour going, that Russia already returned some soldiers to Ukraine during a similar but smaller incident, and those soldiers now are not back on the battlefield, but they are actually, without any trial, detained in prison or similar facility. So they couldn't spread any word about kind treatment they received from Russia. Again, this is a rumour, and is not confirmed.
    In the aftermath of the event, there are now rumours that even larger number or Ukrainian military, including some high-ranking officers are contacting Russia and talking about going there. This is not confirmed also, however, after this event, I will try to watch out for news from the 'Southern Cauldron'. It is said, that there is about a thousand people left there. It is said that some of them would also like to surrender, but there is a large number of Ukrairian national guard (extremely right-wing people) present, along with (again, rumours, unconfirmed) some Polish mercenaries. So those people can't surrender because they hate Russia and/or it would be a big scandal is their presence would be confirmed.

    Well, that was a lot of conjecture, really. But facts remain - 438 Ukrainian soldiers left fighting peacefully, at least for now, and separatists are closer to breaking the rest of the blocade between them and Russia. Some more heavy fighting may soon happen in that area.

    Second news I have got much less facts to back it up, but I feel it is still important to mention for various reasons.

    I mentioned Andriy Parubiy in my previous post. That man is currently Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine and formerly the commander of maidan during the 'revolution' time. Now, the former head of Ukraine Security Service (the one who held that position during Yanukovich, after revolution he ran to Russia) named Parubiy as the one man who, during the 'revolution' time received his orders directly from US. This does seem logical if you support the theory, as I personally do, that Orange Revolution (2004-2005) was orchestrated and paid for by US, and the last maidan we had was supported and supplied through the same old channels. And, as I said, Parubiy was the most important man on the maidan - commanding and organizing people.

    And now some Ukraine media courses are stating that Parubiy is getting ready to retire his position. For now I can't really state this as certain though, because, when asced directly, Parubiy's press-office refused to comment. So, for now the most possible explanation is that there are talk in the corridors of power, but no exact and definite plans - not by anyone yet. Still, I wouldn't pass these news because it's pretty much unthinkable for Ukraine media to even mention something like this without at least someone talking about it.

    Well, all possibilities aside, there are some versions about why it can happen. For now there are three main versions. Well, more like one rumour and two plausible possibilities. Rumour states that Parubiy was ordered to announce about another cease-fire, and he refused, so now he's being quietly removes from his position. This I don't believe in, because I can't really imagine anyone in our government wanting for another break in the fighting. Two other versions are more possible and involve the president. First version says that president may remove Parubiy because of generally bad results of the war. Which is understandable. Another version says the same, that Parubiy can be soon removed by the president, but not because of the war, but because Parubiy is the Timoshenko's man, and Poroshenko is now wanting to clean the government of those with close ties to her to avoid internal power-struggle.