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Twice moderator, twice retired, five times permanently banned. All posts before 17.11.2012 were deleted by previous administration. Wielder of the Blood-Stained Shovel and the local sick evil fuck. Owner of the CL News, oldfag, terrorist, slayer of admins, veteran lurker and the person who gets things done no matter how many people would die in the process. Approach at your own risk.

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1811 posts that are still accessible today, 70 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2170 upvotes, and was last online on May 2nd, 2016.

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    ^ this is pretty much how I expect most of CL members vote anywhere in internet and in life.

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  • CL popularity contest 2015

    So, hello one and all. A lot of things happened this year, and may still happen, we had changes in staff, some are quite radical like getting second admin and all, artbook project changed hands... hell, some crazy person even decided it's a good idea to unban me. So yeah, lots of happenings. Along with that - a lot of interesting people doing interesting stuff here on site. Or boring people not doing anything good at all, we have a huge amount of those too. With all that, I decided, this is a good time for a CL popularity contest.

    So, let's look at the list of our participants, arranged alphabetically:

    @123-456-7890, @AshitoKenji, @Clever, @CloudVariasKira, @Coldu, @Dark-B, @Gwynn, @--Jack--, @Kip, @Kirn, @Lieutenant, @Momimochi, @MrTingles, @Poro, @PureBoredom, @Rebel, @Rinneko, @Warlock, @Wolfangle, @Zach

    Now, you may ask "why all those people exactly?". Well, it's simple. First, we obviously have our dear two admins. Can't really have CL popularity poll without them, can we? Next we have moderators. Not current moderators, but more like the staff list we had over the past few months. That's why we got recently demoded Pure and also MrTingles who stepped down. I feel, they also deserve to be on the list as, even if they aren't around much, most of us remember them well enough. And also there's Rin, who is our latest mod. Lastly, there's a group of seemingly almost random people. Well, it just so happens, that the rest 13 people are those who applied for moderator position during last mod applications time. Of course, it's purely coincidental that they all are on the list, so just consider this like a totally random pick of CL people.

    So, rules are simple. There's a poll listing all those members of CL, and it's up to you to decide who's most popular or who you just like or who do you think makes most work for the site... The criteria is completely up to you. You may pick the ones who are the funniest for all I care. And, to make things easier, it's a multiple-choice poll, so you may vote for however many you want. You are totally allowed to vote for yourself even.

    Feel free to vote without comments, however, every and all commentary would be greatly appreciated!

    Let the contest begin!

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    @Lieutenant I have no recollection about this conversation at all.

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    Some more updates, today with funny videos.

    Situation in the country is getting more strained again. Military situation, I mean. There are talks about returning all weapons back to the border, which will effectively fuck up the Minsk-2 agreements completely, there are talks about the 7th wave of mobilization, which kinda baffles me a bit - apparently, we had 6 waves of mobilization already for conflict that started 1.5 ago and is still called "Anti-Terrorist Operation" seriously. Though, to be fair we did jump up few dozens positions in global terrorism rating.

    Speaking of terrorism, there's actually a lot to say about what happened in France, and what happened with Russian plane, and even how it can affect Ukraine. I may explore that topic in some of my next posts.

    Well, back to Ukraine. We are still fucking about with that 3 billions of debt to Russia. Russia currently offered with its own proposal. We would have to pay just 1 billion per year. Yeah, that simple. Full sum, but over the longer period of time. However, Russia agrees to that only if someone else would guarantee that agreement and would be able to shoulder the responsibility in case of Ukraine not paying. Someone like Europe or US. As far as I know, noone stepped forward yet.

    While this happens, tensions between government members are still raising. For example, few days ago, during a meeting on anti-corruption matters, member of "UKROP" political party attacked a general from the Ukraine Security Service. Kicked him right in the head. I guess, we still have to work on that security...

    But that's just minor childish games compared to people claiming they will soon start hanging people in Kiev squares. Which is exactly what members of one of those voluntarily battalions are saying. You know how everyone already putting up Christmas trees too early? Well, those guys put up one in the middle of Kiev, with photo-shopped pictures of politicians, making them look very much hanged. Including a picture of the president Poroshenko. When asked a logical question "you don't really mean you want to hand them, do you?" them fucks replied that after next revolution they will organize a swift tribunal and will do exactly that, without a legal process. Video is not in English, sorry, but I will put it up just for credibility.

    Most of all, however, I want to share with you an interview, in English, with the president Poroshenko. This is a type of interview you would never ever see on TV here, and, most importantly, it's a type of interview our president is not used to because, well, he's actually asked provocative questions in that one. I won't comment on it, I just urge you to watch the whole think and make your own opinion.

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    Kinda funny to write about a book by the same author that was mentioned in previous post.

    This book I picked up after watching a movie by the same name, and you can just go and watch the trailer of that. The book is about a guy who can see ghosts and different otherworldly things. And is compelled to act on his knowledge. In particular, he needs to try and prevent a horrible tragedy that's about to happen.

    The book is narrated from the point of view of main hero himself. And you know... I have to say, that it's interesting in its concept, and at times quite gripping and morbid. Generally, it's nice supernatural work. However, I somehow feel that writer suffers from the need to be overly-descriptive. And I don't mean that there are some overly described gruesome scenes there. Well, there are, but they are described alright. I mean that author takes a lot of time - and, by proxy, the hero takes a lot of time - to describe things, events, maybe even feelings that are not really needed, and feel like they are there just to make more pages. It's not too bad, and the book is enjoyable, but because of this, at times it's hard to keep track of what is going on in the scene.

    Still, I will be reading next books of the series.

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    While chat is dead again/still/whatever, here is more AMV goodness.

    Did I hear One Punch in video above? I did, so here, have a One Punch Man AMV, with music "Deeper Deeper" by One OK Rock. This isn't the only AMV for this anime/song mix, but this one got the most drive. Which is what it is, pure damn drive. So, this one is perfect for any action AMVs fans. Also, credits at the end are funny.

    Next one is for Kyousougiga anime, music is "Save It For Later" by Harvey Danger. I do enjoy when there are good AMVs for less known and more weird animes like this one. And video combines the anime and song in near-perfect rhythm. Very damn enjoyable.

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    I am happy and proud to be the one to post this. Up yours, America!

    (Also, hey, now I know how that thing works out there)

  • In How many tourists will Ukraine get this year?

    So. More stuff happened. Both related to Ukraine, and not. For example, Putin was called number 1 most powerful guy in the world this year, as stated by Forbes. In responce to that, Obama was called ally of the year by pro-LGBT magazine. I guess, to each his own achievements.

    And yes, it doesn't really concern my country much, but I really just wanted to point that out that much. Now, to actual Ukraine happenings.

    I want to start right away with what happened in my own city. As you may remember, on May 2th, 2014 we had people burned down during a confrontation. Well, on November 2nd some activists were commemorating 1.5 years since that date. However, as they gathered near the building where it happened, maidan activists showed up, and fight ensued. This is how even started...


    and this is how it ended


    By the way, the building itself is still covered with fence, probably to show that it's still a "crime scene under investigation". Which is something that, also, isn't happening. After 1.5 years no responsible people were found. By the way, after 2 years, there's no results of investigation into who killed about a hundred of maidan idiots in Kiev, which is what prompted most violent reaction that, in the end, brought down the Yanukovich administration. "Heavenly Hundred" those "martyrs" are called here. Well, as I told before - those poor pro-maidan sods were shot down by the same people that organized maidan exactly to bring about such violent reaction. And those same people, who are now in government, made sure to remove all evidence long ago. Oh, and those same people are responsible for investigating all those incidents.
    By the way, Europe is also starting to notice the lack of any progress. Yeah, well, too little too fucking late, but that's something, at least.

    Additionally to that, it seems like Ukraine is losing the support of its main backed - US. It all comes down to 3 things, in my opinions. First of all, the completely moronic actions of our own government that can't even efficiently kill off its own people. It's just not productive to back people like that. Second, Russia is being strong now, unshaken by sanctions and actively moving into bombing scene in Syria. It's important for US to deal with that country diplomatically, so it's not profitable to support Ukraine rhetorics. And US is having elections next year, so now every candidate should think hard about what to promise. With all that, Ukraine is just being cut off from resources and even from chain of command. Though, I imagine, US ambassador is still the most powerful man in my country.

    Here's a bit of local news - we are shooting each other again, yay. Yep, after prolonged peace, it seems, war may get re-started again. Currently, heavy weaponry and artillery is moved away from Ukraine-Novorosia border on both sides, however, I see more and more reports about firefights. And not just random shootings - no, fights concentrated around specific villages, meaning it's very much deliberate and someone orders that stuff. Currently, war isn't back in active phase, and with coming of winder all military activity may cease, because it would be too fucking cold, but we'll see.

    Speaking of cold. If last time this was a concern, then this time it's a full certainty - we currently do not have enough fuel (gas or coal) to keep country warm through all winter. Obviously, country got some moneys, and can buy gas as needed (from Russia, lol), however, here's the fun part: all money currently active in country is already just barely enough to give back to western people that gave us credits this year in the first place. And that's not even counting that 3 billion Russia gave us and wants back 'till the end of the year. So we can't spend our money on gas because our money is now not ours to spend.

    And with all that happening, how do you think, what does out government do?

    Well, first of all, there's still in-fighting. Ruling party currently tries to arrest prominent members of other parties, who did well in elections, on some made up charges. Just to discredit them, keep them from working, just generally harassing them. But that's just part of the circus, the one we are used to. More important and fun is out question of European integration.
    Because that was, like, the main promise two years ago, and in sounded pretty much like "give up power and we will be part of Europe next day". Yep. Even though it would be extremely inconvenient for Ukraine to be part of Europe, usual moron doesn't understand that. So maidan people bought that. And they are still waiting. Though, after 2 years of no Europe and situation in country worsening, I think they may start to suspect something.
    Well, in attempt to distract people from everything, out parliament is now working hard on voting on euro-integration laws. Which is very misleading. Again, regular morons seem to think that when all laws will be voted on and passed, Ukraine will immediately become part of EU and we will be able to drive to Europe without visas. In truth, voting on, passing and actual implementation of all required laws would be just a reason for representatives of European Commission to start thinking about reviewing possibility of initiating the process for Ukraine to some to terms with all European norms with aim of meeting requirements of joining the EU. Maybe.
    Thing is, our politicians understand that well, so they are trying to drag the process of voting however they can. For example, our latest drama is about one politician (woman) being hit in the head with a bottle by another politician (man), so they are now arguing about that, demanding to remove the guy from the parliament, bargaining over terms, etcetera. To great delight of out citizens and pop-corn manufacturers. By the way, that wasn't a separate incident. After "bottle to the head" incident, during the meeting of some Ukrainian city counsel one member of the counsel hit another one with kielbasa.
    But really, this whole "euro-integration" thing is just smoke and mirrors, and what we are not told is that Europe doesn't even want us there. While we are being told that they are expecting us as brothers, in truth, we were recently given a reason on why there's no chance of Ukraine joining EU soon. And that reason is truly priceless - before joining Ukraine to EU, EU must work on public opinion on that matter. Meaning, quite literally, that Europe isn't quite ready to welcome monkeys with RPGs. Really, though, every other EU country leaders got enough problems to deal with, so they won't even try to vote for Ukraine because that would make them less popular with their own citizens. Actually, Dutch are holding referendum against ties with Ukraine, so yeah, you can see how popular we made ourselves during those 2 years...

    Well, that's about it for now. Quick re-cap: things are horrible, we are going to hell, oh, and hrivna to dollar exchange rates are now 24,20, yay, we are so fucked. Tune in for more news later.

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    Загугли прижизненные могилы.