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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1371 posts that are still accessible today, 58 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 1725 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 2nd, 2014.

  • In Saints Row IV: Reviews! Game is AWESOME!

    Nice video that. Well, I don't always agree with looking too deep into such things, really, but if the game makes people want to think deep about it.. Well, that's some sort of win for the game there already )

  • In Child of Light: A Modern Fairy Tale

    I played this a bit this late night. I very much liked it. The game has a soul.

    Style I obviously like. I love hand-drawn things, and here it mixes with just the right amount of 3D. At first I was really worried about the main character model being 3D, because I played a quest recently where the similar method was used - 3D model in drawn world, and it really didn't work well at all. Here it actually works and looks alright.
    What really made me wonder is the fact they all talk in rhymes there. Hell, they even write in rhymes. Which, quite honestly, still gives me some troubles. See, that's not my native language, so at times when I try to read it I get stumbled... not on the words themselves, but on the pacing of the verses if that makes any sense. Well, I kinda try to read it like I red Hamlet, because even if you read Hamlet you have to rhyme an pace it properly in your head. Anyways, I guess, I will get used to it. And it certainly is something unique.

    And you know me, I can forgive a lot if the game is just interesting in style or story. But here the gameplay is also pretty solid. I think the thing here is there are a lot of mechanics. They are very simple, but there are a lot of them. There's flying, which allows you to look for pretty much all secret areas right away. And you should. There's firefly companion which is your mouse cursor and you can open chest, solve puzzles and gather healing lights with him. And the mix of side-scrolling world and turn-based battles works.
    And I was afraid that it would not be so and battles would be boring, you know. But you have to follow a lot of stuff in battle. Again, the firefly can pick up healing and mana during fight, and he can blind enemies, slowing them down. And you have to follow both your and enemy turns and try to interrupt their actions and no let them do that to you. It's quite fun, actually.

    So, all in all, a very nice game. I am playing normal difficulty and for now it feels quite easy, but maybe later the enemies will get more challenging. But anyhow, it's good fun.

    PS. Pro-tip. Create diamond as soon as you can and upgrade it as soon as you can. When put in middle slot, diamond boosts the exp gain for that character. So obviously, I am keeping that on main character for power-leveling purposes )

  • In Godzilla (2014 Movie)

    Here's also an extended trailer.

    This one goes for explaining some of the main character story. Though, to be fair, it's a giant monster movie and we don't give a fuck. We just want to see stuff blowing up.

    I also noticed an interesting thing. In the trailer in the first post there's a line about nuclear weapons being used not as tests but to try and kill that creature. This seems to me like a nod (or maybe an evil taunt) to the Godzilla (1998) movie. Like, you made this thing a result of nuclear tests, well, here's how we change that around.
    I am also worried about Bryan Cranston there. He doesn't seem to be his lovable evil self, and instead he feels like a somewhat ordinary man experiencing drama with a giant monster as a background... Or, to put it simply, he is obviously in the 'hair and no beard' mode instead of 'beard and no hair' mode we love so much.

  • In The Blackwell Bundle

    Oh. And while I was searching for screens for that previous post, I found out that they did a few short cartoons too. Like, promotional or something, I guess. Anyways, same voice -actors, same studio as a producer. Short clean fun.

    The videos came out in 2009, so I guess that's around the time of the third game.

  • In The Blackwell Bundle

    I just finished the Blackwell Epiphany, and holy hell...


    So alright, those of you who played previous games, know that last time we had a pretty major opponent to deal with, so I am pretty sure everyone was wondering what would we be up against now. Plus the screens of the game that were shown before made it pretty clear that the game will be much darker. And hey, throughout the whole series we are dealing with dead people whom we have to smash with the fact that they are dead, and let me tell you, it's already sad most of the time.

    But you know what? They did it. They topped themselves and they said 'that's it, the end, there can be nothing else now'.


    Well, from a technical point of view, this is still your simple pixel-style quest. Very nice designs, I have to tell you, they really improved their stuff over the games. Gameplay has all the familiar elements - you want around, talk to people, switch characters, combine notes and search the net for clues. The game is not very challenging, but there will be places where you may get stuck for some time before realising you missed that or should probably try this.
    The game is longer that previous ones. I didn't really time it, but it feels twice as long as previous titles. I guess the reason is that in previous games, after initial tutorial, you are presented with a set problem that you have to deal with, and you are done when you are done. This time the events come at you in stages. You got tutorial, you got the initial mess, you got the more horrible mess later and then what you think is the final showdown suddenly switches into a next game stage. It's really nice, actually, because those game felt quite short before. This one does not feel so.

    But still, the main thing that is going for this game is the story and the characters. And if you liked the characters in previous titles, you will love this game. And the story here finally ties up all the history of the game. I mean, hey, we even get to know how Joey died - can you ask for more than that? So that's one thing about the story - you are finally presented with a complete picture and you know the reason for everything. Another thing about the story is that it's even darker than the places we visit. And I do mean that. The whole thing starts with something tearing ghosts apart - effectively stopping them from being guided into the light. The ultimate non-existence, you may say, and that's what you have to solve. And in the end it grows into something even bigger. And along the way there are some disturbing things, I can tell you that. No, really, even I thought at one point 'well, that's mildly disturbing', and that's saying something.


    As I said, the series are done now. The end just couldn't be topped, really, and they pulled a real deus ex machina on us there... which is not always a good thing, but since it is the end of the story, I guess it can be allowed.

    By this time you probably guessed that I really-really liked the game.

    I am not the one to replay games a lot, and I am pretty sure I won't be doing it any time soon, but I will replay the whole series at some point just to see through all the connections the games have. And, obviously, for the characters. And you should to. If you like good old point-n-click quests - you have to play this. If you like engaging supernatural story - you also should try this out.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    I figure, I'll throw a bit of info here again. I should watch it, though. We have a lot of shit happening, some of it is pure bullshit, and it can end up with me writing here daily... And I am not really interested in that.

    But anyhow.

    Kharkiv mayor is first on the list today. His condition is now better, he is fit to be transported... and he is. He is going to Israel for some medical care. Which actually makes me giggle a bit.
    See, with just the info about someone shooting him, there were two possible versions. One would be our current government shooting his preventively before he would rile up people and start the same thing that is happening in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. That's a possible theory because they already hounded him to no end with bogus charges and we all know he is actively against them. The second theory would be him being shot by some secret Russian forces (yes, I am not above thinking that way, you know), so that people would think that was an attack from the current government - and that way the region would also rise up. See? Also seems possible.
    However, now I am thinking about the third theory. The guy might have shot himself. Or just lied about being shot. I mean, it's easy. Pay the surgeon and the doctors, lie to press, get some bullets and some blood on the scene. Doable. And what is the goal? Well, to have a reason to go to Israel - meaning to get the fuck away from here. Possible? Extremely possible motive.
    So there you go. Pretty much noone really have any solid info, so all three scenarios are to be considered here.

    Now, some humorous notes. I already wrote how our government deals with problems - makes some government act declaring that things are so and not so. Pretty idiotic, really. And they did it again, with Crimea.
    As you know, Crimea now belongs to Russia. Well, the act by our current Ukrainian government states... that it's not so. Alright? They just decided to make believe that there was no referendum or anything and that Crimea is still a part of Ukraine.
    That alone was funny enough, but now they assigned a special status to Crimea. They say it is an 'illegally occupied territory'. Occupied by Russia, which probably should mean that we are in a proper state of war with Russia by that point... Riiiiight...
    That's not all, btw. What they claim is 1) Crimea is still part of Ukraine, and 2) it's illegally occupied by Russians, and the best part is 3) all responsibility for the state of the territory and its citizens lies on the occupants.
    Let me state this clearly. They pretty much say "Crimea is still ours, but while you are there you have to take up all expenses 'till our western allies would help us kick you out or something". Quite honestly, it's not something surprising coming from a country that at some point told Russia that Russia should pay for the gas it gives us... But really, this is a very bad time for our politicians to be complete idiots.

    And something serious.
    If any of you follow the situation here, you may already know about fight in Donetsk between two groups of protesters. Apparently, a protest against separatism (about 1000 people) was started in Donetsk, and a protest for separatism (about 400 of them) got into a fight with them.
    This is, as I said, a very stupid situation. People here these days think that protests (violent protests, I have to point that out) are a way to get something they want in this country now. And after it worked for west, east is also following that notion. So, the people who decided to protest separatism in the most heated region of this country are idiots. And people who decided to get a protest against their protest and fight them are also idiots. In total, 25 idiots got injured. Noone is dead though.
    I am not sure about the police response on that one though. What I heard last, at first someone took a few people from the anti-separatism protest hostage. I am not even sure if that was people from the separatism protest or even the local police. What I know is that hostages are now free, but police now arrested the most violet people from the protests. They aren't telling, which protests, so we are to assume that they arrested a bit on both sides. But really, it's all very stupid and confusing. And not a good thing to be happening, when we expect a proper military operation to be conducted against other separatists in that very region.

    All in all, as you can see, we are still happily fucked-up.

    I really should stop writing here for a while, so if I would decide to do the next update - it won't be before the next week. I need to relax, really. Maybe I should go to Israel...

  • In CL Short Story Project 4: Discussion Thread

    Momi, I think you are thinking about the wrong thing here. You are thinking about co-authors. Which can be, yes, quite challenging to amateur writer. Then again, I did a huge project in 2003 with two other co-authors, and it was great and we worked pretty fast sharing the workload... But anyways, it's not something I would recommend here.
    However, what we are talking about here is just having an editor to check up on your typos and possibly plot-holes. Which is really something that would help any aspiring writer out there. And the only problem I can see there is having to write your story fast enough so that editor would have time to check it and you would then have time to change the text around. Which is pretty much impossible for people of CL, yes, because 50% of you are sending your stuff in last few days and another 45% are whining about extending the deadline.
    But really, it's actually a beneficial thing making the process easier. Really. Like, believe me, I know of what I speak.

    Also, I think it's just not a good time for big writing thingy. I think people who are in college have a lot of tests these days, so they can't really think about writing anything else or even picking the theme. That's why we aren't seeing many people here, in my opinion.

    And about the theme... as I already said, I liked the saga idea... But hey, I am willing to go for other genres like crime, mystery or whatever. Well, I don't think I would be able to do romance, because obvious reasons. But most of the rest I can at least think about.

  • In new here, be my friend ^-^

    Cali kid? I am not even surprised. How about next time before first posting your excitement about your existence, you actually read the damn forum and see that we have a thread for new people right on the very goddamn top of it? Or is it really too much to ask for these days?

  • In Weird World News

    The lady must feel a tad embarrassed that she didn't notice.

    Nah, I don't think so. The article I linked says that pretty much noone recognised him. I guess, you just don't expect to find an actor like that on a street, so even if they see him they would rather think 'hey, that bum looks a bit like Gere' or something.

  • In How many tourists Ukraine will get this year?

    While things are still calm in my city, things in the east are escalating further.

    In addition to separatists holding people hostage and Ukrainian army amassing to zerg-rush them, another region is talking about referendum now. And additionally we are now going to the area of political shootings.

    The protest in Lugansk region ended up with local separatists proclaiming Lugansk republic and talking about also holding a referendum. As far as I know, for now that's all that is happening there - talks about it and protests against the current government. Still, higher officials are claiming that this position is not official and should not be treated so. And you can understand why.

    Because, as I said, in addition to government using army to deal with separatists, we are now apparently shooting politicians. Kharkiv city - which is another important regional centre in the east of Ukraine - just had their mayor shot. For now he's alive and is now being operated on.
    Information is sketchy atm. There were talks about him being shot twice. Also I am not sure about where he was when that happened. Also no real idea about the weapon, though some claim it was a proper Dragunov sniper rifle. Still, he is in a hospital right now in critical condition.
    That guy was one of the politicians actively voicing his position against the current government. Earlier this year he was made a subject of criminal investigations. Charges were pretty ridiculous - up to torture of people, I think. Apparently that didn't end up in anything...
    Quite honestly I have no idea why was he shot now, but this is not a good tendency we are now having.