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"Believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" - Charles Manson Shovel from Hell badge by @OneDollar

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Kirn joined on May 4th, 2010, since that has made 1899 posts that are still accessible today, 72 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kirn has given 2262 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 2nd, 2016.

  • In Gangsta. [Anime Discussion]

    Finished watching that.

    Pretty nice! As was said already, this has a sort of Black Lagoon feeling to it - city that lives by its own rules. And is full of evil sadistic bastards. Actually, it is so nice to have anime about evil sadistic bastards for a change instead of some fucking schoolkids. I mean, shit, most of the cast is some sort of maniac.

    Another thing to note is how people seem to coexist there. Like, Nico and Doug have fight nearly to the death, and after that they can talk normally at doctor's place. (Btw, fuck, that is one intimidating doctor...) Like, we are all friends here, unless we have to kill each other at some point. And that is why you get immediate feel of dislike for the group that attacks at the end of the show - they are outsiders to this nice cozy setup, and they are breaking stuff.

    Last thing to mention is... Since I think the show is pretty good, and I like the characters... And it end on a huge fucking cliffhanger, I guess I will be reading that manga now.

  • In Screenshots 2

    Oh yeah, I sure did that. Good times in McDonalds.

  • In CL Song Covers

    Because SC is a fucking bitch, part 2

    Because previous one was so fucking popular for some weird reason. Though, this one we actually did before the previous duo recording.



    First of all, in general - stop fucking necroposting. I see you bump stuff from 2014 already.

    Second, if you take time to actually look at the dates, you may realize this thing is dead even before it was born.

    While over the years there were many attempts to make a sort of CL abridged group, the harsh reality of the problem is that for that you need actual dedicated users and not a bunch of random lazy-ass anime-watching fucks. That's exactly why we only even had one acting project take off, which I told you about.

  • In WE ARE THE 1%

    With every passing year the 1% mark becomes more and more worthless...

  • In Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

    So, let me ask you. What do you do when God - your creator, whose name is Elohim - talks to you? Will you perform all the tasks he commands you to? Will be obedient and not do the one thing he tells you never to do? And will you listen to the fucker inside the computer terminal who tells you you aren't even a person? What is a person, actualy?...

    Okay, this game came out a year ago, and I only just now got around to trying it out. What I red about the game is that it's a FPS quest game, and combined with game screens... It all reminded me of an olde quest series "Myst". Which I didn't like. So I passed on the game, and only tried it now. And turns out, it's less of a quest game as "Myst" was, and more of a Portal-like game.

    The core of the game is simple enough - you solve puzzles. Beautiful landscapes you travel are sectioned off into separate puzzles which you solve to get "sigils", which look very much like tetris blocks, that you use to open further doors and unlock puzzle-solving items. From what I see, game is separated into "worlds" that are representation of different ancient ages.
    Puzzles don't involve portal, as far as I can see, but they are quite varied. You are met with force-fields, floating mines and sentry turrets, and you have to deal with them using array of jammers, boxes laser beam conductors and even, occasionally, axes.
    Additionally to solving obvious puzzles, there are a lot of secrets out there to be collected. Or just watched. Or red.

    So here's the big spoiler. You are a robot. Deal with it.
    Just as Portal, this game got rich story hiding behind the puzzles. First of all, yes, you are a robot. You are a high-version model (still not version 1.0 or higher, though), created, apparently, to run these simulated puzzles. You are urged to do so by God. Along the way you find QR-codes left by earlier versions trying to do the same thing you are doing, and you can even leave some messages yourself. You will see glitches in system that will make you doubt the world being correct or even real. You will encounter user terminals where you can read old texts or engage in conversation with a strange entity who is either Satan or system administrator. And eventually you will have to make a choice and decide if you want to travel up the great tower, which is something God tells you not to do.

    This game is seriously good. It has solid interesting gameplay, stretching over a serious number of puzzles (you probably didn't see what I did there), and it has rich story that will keep you interested and wondering all the way to the end. Game also has 3 endings, from easier to hardest, and you apparently don't have to re-play the game to see them all - just load the last checkpoint before the ending and go for bigger challenge.
    Game is made by Croteam, which is a studio that became popular by making Serious Sam games, and they didn't lose their touch! And they plant some nice easter eggs there that their fans will surely recognize.

    All in all - good choice for everyone who loves puzzles. Or is troubled by big existential questions.

  • In The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

    Time to bump this for the new year.

    First of all, here's an AMV that is a really interesting mix of One Piece and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun with song "Let's Go" by Tiesto. Gotta say, music here doesn't have a big part and is there mainly to provide the rhythm for the video. But the idea of video is damn nice. Nozaki-kun is a character that draws manga. And in this video that manga is One Piece, for which he gets inspiration from his school friends. Very cool concept and nice music clip!

    Now, second AMV I want to show you... features a shitton of anime, and the music here is "New Wave of Mutilation" by Huoratron. And let me tell you right now - I fucking hate it.
    However, there's also a proper reason to post this. I dislike this AMV, but I cannot ignore the sheer amount of work put in this. This thing is fucking shite, but it's extremely highly tenchical pile of fucking shite. And therefore, it is something one should know is one is interested in AMVs. Enjoy and try not to puke.

  • In Weird World News

    This is exactly what you get when you go on the internet without proper experience! Serves them fuckers right!

  • In New Years Resolutions (2016)

  • In CL Song Covers

    @Taro_Tanako that's part of the song. If it was a real proposal, I would be like "marry me", and she would be like "fuck no!"