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98th percentile

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Kitto joined on Jun 8th, 2011, since that has made 6 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kitto has given 8 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 24th, 2017.

  • In The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

    Oh sorry I've been gone for ever. April 13 is the deadline? Yeah I'll try to make one up by then since I'm on break I have lots of time.

  • In The Afterlife.

    To the people that don't believe in spirits,what do you have to say about people who say they have had encounters with spirits or people that say they have been possessed by a demon/evil spirit?

  • The Afterlife.

    So,one of my relatives had just passed away and I started to wonder do we just rot in the ground after we die?Or do we really have souls and after we die we live in a world that most people can't see?

    Please give your insight on this and if you could give actual reasons on why you believe in it.

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    Playing Dead Island

  • In New Year's Resolutions?

    Become a better person in general.

  • In Skyward Sword and Skyrim; Two sides of the same coin.

    I've played both games but I honestly think Skyward Sword is more fun :/ Skyrim to me is sort of like Grand Theft Auto,you just go around killing shit then if you ever want to actually make progress you load your real save file.

    Even though I liked Skyward Sword better I really like the good ol stats and skill progression.

    Linear just so it won't take years to finish or maybe after linear a non-linear save file.

    Fantasy,if I wanted something life like I wouldn't be playing games.