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Kuro_Light joined on Apr 11th, 2012, since that has made 12 posts that are still accessible today, 6 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kuro_Light has given 40 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 30th, 2012.

  • In Code Geass: Akito The Exiled

    @T-man Moral codes or not, the original japanese seiyu are best. While I agree that some english voice actors are good, but japan does it better.

  • In Code Geass: Akito The Exiled

    @T-man yeah mate, just google it and you'll find lots of places to download or watch it.. unless you're the kind of guy with strict moral codes and will only buy the official BD's

  • Code Geass: Akito The Exiled

    Finally! The first movie of Code Geass: Akito The Exiled will be coming to Japanese theaters on August 4th. The movies are set to be released in select theaters across Japan before becoming available in Blu-ray.

    What I know is that the story takes place in 2017 a.t.b. so thats during or after the events of R1. Euro Universe is being invaded by the Holy Britannian Empire and is on the verge of losing. The story centers around Akito Hyuga, a young knightmare pilot, who is part of the Wyvern Knighmare corps assembled by the E.U.

    How will the story unfold? Will it be be less entertaining now that Lelouch isn't the protagonist? Will we be seeing a return of the other characters? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

  • In Know any good anime/manga

    boku no pico.

    dont trust the wiki article ^^

  • In What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

    @PigBoss I guess the most memorable anime I've seen are:

    Darker Than Black Code Geass NGE FMA Mirai Nikki Death Note InuYasha

    Of course there are a few others that I could put on the list but that'd make it too long. dont judge me

  • Darker Than Black Season 3

    Rumors have been going around that there might be a season 3 of DTB. As of now, these are just baseless rumors but seeing how well received the series is, I don't see why not.

    Personally, I was a little disappointed with the second season due to the focus of the plot shifting away from the Black Reaper. Hopefully the third season will redeem the name of DTB by putting the spotlight back on to our friend, BK-201.

    Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best!

  • In Anime Expo 2012

    @toonami yea its at the LA conventions center

  • Anime Expo 2012

    I'm def gonna go, anyone else?

  • In What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

    @PBJ hah nice try

  • What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

    So yea, what anime are you currently watching? Would you recommend it to others?

    No Spoilers Please