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99th percentile

Kyuuun joined on Apr 22nd, 2011, since that has made 276 posts that are still accessible today, 2 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Kyuuun has given 321 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 3rd, 2019.

  • In Tell me about your dating life

    I’m pretty single. I don’t think I’m ready enough to be with someone full time since I’m working on having a more stable life but I have fun and I have dates and cute boys who keep me company and are really fun people.

    That being said I miss my last relationship, we broke up because neither of us could handle long distance and neither of us have been in relationships since. I miss him, but it’s better like this for now.

  • In Daily Happiness Thread

    I finally stood up to my boss!! I gave him my two weeks notice and I'm finally moving to New York in two weeks. I'm staying with a friend while I get off the ground and oh my goodness to finally live for myself and do things for myself. I worked really hard for this, so I'm proud of this and of my finally getting the hell out of LA!!!!!

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    it's my grandma's birthday and shes in france so we have this joke where i call her grandmere in an exagerated american accent and she says petit grande fille! and shes been really sick so she hasnt been able to be on the phone much so when i called her to wish her happy birthday thats how she greeted me n im happy shes better

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    i fixed it lol

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    My boss tasked me with uploading tons of products on Amazon and it's been a whole month of failed attempts and frustration. I'm literally on the phone with Amazon for 5 hours a day every single day, getting told COMPLETELY different stories by different people. I've worked with spreadsheets for over a year and I KNOW I'm not at fault. Uploaded a spreadsheet that a man from Amazon made me upload, was wonky, then I call back and another woman told me that template doesn't work on Amazon anymore. SO WHY IS IT UP? Why is this the LEAST user friendly website in the UNIVERSE. We have our products on tons of websites that are very popular for shopping and Jesus FUCKING Christ. I know Amazon is a H U G E business. So is every fucking business I deal with and they're not as SHITTY as amazon is. I can't handle anymore stress over this. I haven't thought or done anything but deal with Amazon for a whole month now.

  • In Daily Venting Thread

    @Enami I know it's fucked up but the Maghrebi countries have a lot to work on, especially Morocco which is crazy because they have the most sane king in that area. Either way, what happened to her shouldn't go untold and I'm glad you heard about it. Also more Moroccans always im proud ur moroccan and you speak up because our countries are kind of bullshit

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    i couldn't get home from work any sooner

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    are you talking about the morocco one? bc im moroccan and it was horrendous

  • In The Undateables

    @DarkChaplain didn't start smoking to be attractive to the rest of the world! actually started because my job wouldnt give me breaks (middle eastern owned, you could take a million cig breaks but god forbid you go to the bathroom)

    on another note, dont come here. everyone really fucking sucks

  • In The Undateables
    • Mental Illness - Or the lack of willingness to care for it, I've dealt with years of mental illness as well as family who have and if you're not interested in taking care of your mental health, neither am I. It's not my job, I'm not your mother. You would take care of your physical health by taking medication every day if you had Crohns but you won't take your anti-depressants? mood stabilizers? no thank you.

    • Mothering - Men who expect me to cook for them when I come home, do all the dishes and laundry. Absolutely the fuck not, I have a full time job, and am not, again, your god-damn mother.

    • Obviously Drug Abuse - You can smoke weed and cigarettes, take a bump here and there but if you need something to get you going in the morning and at all hours, I'll past. Have dealt with addiction in the past, it's impossibly hard to deal with and I'm not ruining myself for anyone, already been there done that.

    • Actors/Directors/Musicians - I'm from LA so I feel like people from big cities will get this. I don't want! Someone who's going to be an uber driver until he's fucking 40 because he got into one commercial 3 years ago and his acting dreams are "happening soon", I need someone with actual goals who has realistic views on how life is going to play out.

    • Australians - Also, specific to LA, there are always fucking Australians here tryna get their Green Card, homie go through your bullshit alone. (Deftones ill help u tho)

    • Ego - Again, relative to living in LA, a lot of the guys here think that they're god's gift to women, earth, and everyone they've ever met. I'm not interested in the fact that you're loaded if you're still living with your parents and you being loaded is your dad having a successful business. It's not impressive.

    • Entrepreneurs - Self explanatory. Don't talk to me if you're doing your own start up that's clearly fucking stupid.

    • Judgy Assholes - I know that cigarettes cause cancer, I'm from the same century as the rest of you. I don't need to be reminded that I'm going to die every single time I put a cigarette in my mouth, chances are you're gonna die of rectal cancer, so who gives a fuck? There's a difference with caring for someone and being a naggy asshole.

    • Argumentative/Disrespectful - By no means do I want my partner to shut the fuck up or never speak up, but I've dated some assholes who tell me I'm "too young, how would you know that?" or, my favorite, "you're so tiny it's so cute when you're mad" get the fuck out of here like, yesterday. I cannot stand being treated like a kid because I'm small. I don't need you to constantly try and teach me things. I know. Also, if you're trying to pick fights over dumb shit - get out of my face lol.

    • I'm sick of dating in LA someone fucking save me