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@NGH's Madokami

Lumiex joined on Sep 25th, 2013, since that has made 432 posts that are still accessible today, 15 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Lumiex has given 469 upvotes, and was last online on May 9th, 2015.

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]

    ^ Salt is real, get learning slave.

  • CL meetup AX 2015

    Hi Ho Nerds
    @Someone173 and I will be doing a meet up at AX.

    If you'd like to hang out with us oldfags please give us a heads up so we can plan a meeting time accordingly! Thanks, we will be there all 4 days and Day 0 (Day 0 might be hard because we'll be trying to settle down and get our tickets)

  • In [CL Chorus] Your Feels in April **UPDATED DEADLINE** [Hikaru Nara]

    Hi nerds, don't learn from the youtube video btw. She makes an error she doesn't sing "wasureru" she sings "fureru" that girl sings her "sureru" weird. she sticks it all together in the studio version. so don't get too confused guys. Learn off the studio (basically the CD distribution single version)


    I realized I nominated no one. @Warlock, @Ponta done.


    Oh. I'm so late because I never fucking come here.

    Voice Recorder >>


  • In [CHORUS] Star Driver Maiden Medley [COMPLETED]

    Gj everynyan especially our gingabishounen lol

  • In Art Thief witch hunt. Please help <3

    Yeah actually the witch hunt was bigger than I thought. All's well! Thanks guys

  • In Art Thief witch hunt. Please help <3

    Totes cool. Try not to look through Cowcat's art too much your eyes might burn lol. I mean it's not bad..but preggerart errwhere

  • In Art Thief witch hunt. Please help <3
    Someone's telling me that the link doesn't work it should. Here it is again
  • Art Thief witch hunt. Please help <3

    Someone made a Miley Cyrus meme out of a fellow Artist's art work. We need all the help we can get to remove it from Facebook.

    They even removed the original watermark and didn't give any credit and even put their own Watermark on it!

    Burn them.