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99th percentile

Hey. I'm Lycan and I'm a 22 year old dude from Sweden.
I like girls

Things you should check out:

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Lycan joined on Apr 29th, 2010, since that has made 865 posts that are still accessible today, 34 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Lycan has given 1311 upvotes, and was last online on May 28th, 2015.


    My plan was to do the elevator scene with @Noodle and just kind of casually record anything we come up with on the spot. So there will be extra material from us, just so you know Pigboss.

  • In @Mod we don't have enough posts as it is

    Dear mister or miss @9mm could you please explain more in detail why you think we are not doing our job properly? We can't do a better job if you're only giving us two sentences of your own opinion.

    If we did what everyone wanted us to do, then what do you think would happen?

  • Colorless shipping thread

    Shipping I bet most of you guys have either a waifu/husbando among the colorless users, or wish to have one and haven't told anyone about it yet because it's too embarrassing. Maybe you (secretly?) want two (or more?) users to get together? This is where it all comes out, though. This thread is about all pairings, "canon", non-canon and whatever else kinds there might be out there. How serious they are is up to You.

    Here are the rules:

    • There must be at least one real CL user in the ship.
    • You cannot have the same user in a ship more than once.
      (Example: Lycan-Trev-Lycan is a no-no)

    Oh, and try to add in their kind of relationship. Like simple uke/seme, or more detailed like who's a tsundere, stalker etc. and what quadrants and who would be genderbent.... anything could happen in shipping.

  • In Le New Tinychat Screenshot thread
  • In THE COLORLESS GANGNAM STYLE VIDEO PROJECT (1st GIG) [signup deadline: Sept 24th, 2012]

    Oh hush. We can deliver things.


    Jag råkade vara i närheten av Rencon i Leksand förra helgen. Jag var och hälsade på min farfar för han hade 70-års kalas. Väl där berättar min morsa att det är konvent i närheten och jag typ

    Så jag drog dit på söndagen och fick komma in gratis eftersom de höll på att avsluta anyway. Gick runt lite random och kollade in stället och hittar rummet där de höll avslutningen. När vi kom in så höll de på att dansa Gangnam style-dansen på scenen. Sen höll de tal och grejer, någonting om att det var det absolut sista Rencon. Jag typ klappade händerna jätteengagerat och typ kände mig helt "WELL DONE, PEOPLE, WELL DONE" "A VERY FINE CONVENTION I MUST SAY" etc.

  • In THE COLORLESS GANGNAM STYLE VIDEO PROJECT (1st GIG) [signup deadline: Sept 24th, 2012]

    Dude let's totally do the elevator scene together

  • In THE COLORLESS GANGNAM STYLE VIDEO PROJECT (1st GIG) [signup deadline: Sept 24th, 2012]

    I would love to.

    Edit: I am Lycan this idea very much.

  • In Homestuck

    What are these cosplayers doing in my IKEA?!

  • In 9/11

    Just to make this clear: The joke wasn't funny and there will not be a party at my place.

    Can I lock the thread now?