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Banana milk and corgi butts give me life :3

MacV joined on Nov 25th, 2017, since that has made 22 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, MacV has given 28 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 27th, 2019.

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    Slice of life https://i.imgflip.com/vf38l.jpg

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    To myself,

    Hey, I know life is tough, but enjoy every moment. Be true to yourself and stop running away. Learn to think about yourself for once and speak up if it hurts. Don't become a people pleaser cuz they won't be satisfied. Whatever happens, know that you are going to be okay. Stop overthinking na and have faith. Also, start having some alone time to do the things you love and keep growing. Learn as much as you can, and PLEASE read more to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and general knowledge. You'll need it for Australia lol xD

    With Love, Your older self who is a little wiser now :)

  • In Post the song that matches your current feeling in life.

    Well, this December...

  • In Are you ever going to get married?

    Lol, the idea of marriage has been shoved down to me by my parents for a while now. I get annoyed whenever they talk about doing an arranged marriage and keep telling them I don't want to get married. But honestly, I want to get married... to the right person and to the one I love. I often get scared at the thought of getting married because of my parents' broken marriage. I don't want to end up with a broken family. I think marrying the right person is important because life can suck pretty bad, but at least you know have each other no matter what. Anyways, who knows really, I'm just hoping to beat the odds and have a wholesome family in the future. :3 If not, I think I can survive dying alone lol

    Not picky with the wedding theme but it would be nice if it is outdoors. The main thing is, of course, good music... I probably would do a musical performance for my partner or would love it if we could do it together for our friends and family. :)

  • In When did you have strong feelings about smth lately?

    @niuceke thanks for the adorable comment. ^^ and yes, people can suck at times. But we have to move on. It's your happiness that matters in the end, as long as you are honest with them and with yourself. We can't all hide what we feel or want. Life is short. Just be happy by how you are growing. I am glad you believe there are more beautiful things in life for us to look forward to.. and I do too! ^^ and if all else fails, memes can be a mood boster..xD

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    B e l i e v e

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    To you,

    We may not talk as much anymore but, I hope you are doing well. I may not see you every day or text you every day, but you are always in my prayers. You may forget about me one day, but in my heart, you will always have a place. In the end, wherever you head in life, I hope you are happy.

    Take care always and remember that you are loved even if you think otherwise.

    With love '*'

  • In When did you have strong feelings about smth lately?

    I have always been a person who overthinks a lot. I end up caring a lot and giving my all to something I strongly hold a passion for. But nowadays, I've been quite emotionless and started to not give a damn about things. Maybe it's because of how life has been..? I stop crying and learned to let go. Humans are hard to understand. They come and go, its not your place to make them stay. All you can do is wish the best for them.

    Not gonna lie though, I'll alwaybe be a person that cares cuz thats just me lol.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    Haven't visited this site for so long. Quite busy with life and I guess trying to get my shit together. Feeling closer to achieving my dream. Just one more year! But yes, going through some self-discoveries. Enjoying life when I can. Got so much stuff to think about, but I rather not lol. Time will tell... In the meantime, Imma enjoy some timtams and keep chilling wew~

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    Listening to this make me think about life more... thought I'd share it with you guys since I remember this page has a lofi hip hop thread..xD